The Tea Party Effect at the Convention

With one night to go…It’s already been quite a Convention.

So far, Republicans have been showcasing the differences between  the Romney/Ryan ticket and the Obama administration’s ideology.

As it turns out, liberal/socialist loons have been all too happy to help.

It started even before the Convention with Chris Matthews yelling at Priebus about how Romney is a racist because he mentioned his OWN birth certificate and place of birth.

Then, there were the Code Pinko whackos dressed up like women’s reproductive organs.

Now, as the Convention has progressed, the bats are most certainly out of the belfry.

On the first night of speeches, the race baiting MSNBC decided NOT to show speeches made by conservatives who, just happened to be, minorities. This of course means that in the goo filled minds of liberals in control of MSNBC…If we don’t SHOW minorities speaking…They don’t exist.

This of course follows the 3 year old trick of closing one’s eyes and hence, being invisible.

We had tweets from Hollywood’s liberal tolerant left, Ellen Barkin and Sam Jackson hoping that hurricane Isaac would descend on Tampa and wash conservatives out to sea and drown them.

Since then, liberal/socialist loons  everywhere have felt emboldened to tweet THEIR most cognizant thoughts.

There was little Jimmy: Jimmy Simpson @informedblackmn

Have a good interrogation dumba$$ RT @gregorymartinez I want to murder Ann Romney right now. NO PATRIOT ACT!!! #RNC @FBI @SecretService

And this: @PCA614O

Kelly Ayotte: Cute like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. Plus the bitch is a lying ass TP ho!!!—
Perry (@PCA614O) August 29, 2012

Some guy who goes by John Doe: John Doe @Tj_JetLife

Ann Romney Need To Kill Her Husband Then Kill Herself

Ummm, really?: Jan Brewer’s Balls @FakeJanBrewer

Wow! #JanPac sure is trending! I guess everybody loves Jan Brewer’s handjobs! #RNC

Trust me when I tell you that this is but a tiny sample of the tweets and as vile as they are…they don’t even BEGIN to show how low these liberals are willing to sink but…

It’s CONSERVATIVES, according to these yahoos, who have a war on women.


I won’t even BEGIN to print the nasty vile diatribe leveled against Mia Love.

The fact is…Liberal/socialists are scared to DEATH of strong, confident, intelligent, outspoken conservative women and the only way they know to act in the face of that fear is to lash out with the most vile language and death threats they can think of.

Think what you will of the RNC and this convention, support the Romney/Ryan ticket or not but one thing is clear…

Liberal/socialists are BESIDE themselves and for GOOD reason.

This convention, like none I have even seen, is shredding the liberal/socialist concept of conservatives!!!

On full display in Tampa this week are conservatives of all colors and cultures.

On full display are strong and intelligent women.

On Full display is the compassion of conservatives.

On full display are conservative immigrants!!

And yes…on FULL DISPLAY are the women hating, violent and racist ideologies of LIBERALS.

The ONLY people showing THOSE sides of human behavior are LIBERALS.

And what are the liberals MOST terrified of at this convention?

The effect of the Tea Party AT the convention because it’s the Tea Party that WILL take them down.

Are we, as Tea Partiers getting everything we hoped to get from this convention?


Are every faction getting the speakers they really wanted?

The quick answer is no but…

Because of our values and our effect on congressional races and state races, they day will soon come that the RNC establishment will have no other choices than those candidates who we support at the grassroots level.

This is why I say, election by election…Seat by seat, grassroots  Tea Party Patriots will take over the GOP.

Where exactly do you think all those strong, intelligent women who have been speaking at THIS convention are coming from???

Who do you think all those small business owners are who DID build their businesses???

Conventions are where you lay your cards on the table.

Next week, at the liberal/socialist convention, they’ll put Bill Clinton on the table.

They will put Jimmy Carter, the FORMER worst president of all time on the table.

And with a $16 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT and new unemployment claims of 374,000…THEY will put Sandra Fluke, who believe WE need to pay for HER birth control, on the table.

It’s not a very good hand and every other card is the race card.

In Tampa this week, we’re talking about big things and big ideas. We have a debt clock scrolling numbers so fast it’s a blur. We’re talking about small businesses and how they are the backbone of the economy. We’re parading state leaders, one after the other who took on debt in their states and erased it without raising taxes.

We had Scott Walker who won his recall with more votes than he got the first time around because he took on the liberal unions and won.

We have had immigrants and minorities who have found hope in conservatism.

We had Suzanna Martinez who, along with her husband, were democrats before they discovered, “Dam…We’re Republicans!”

We had Artur Davis who, just 4 years ago, was a liberal endorsing Obama at THEIR Convention.

We’re talking about LOWERING the debt AND taxes. We have Paul Ryan leading THAT fight. WE put Condi Rice on the table to talk about leadership on the WORLD stage.

It’s a damn good hand to play and guess what? It’s the Tea Party holding the aces in that hand.

Let others be the pessimists. I see a good deal more to be encouraged about in this convention than to be discouraged about. The establishment may be in the engineer’s seat  but the Tea Party is the engine giving the train momentum!!!

If we, as Tea Party Patriots play it smart…We’ll elect OUR candidates to Congress, Romney and Ryan to the Oval Office and guess what?

A FULL HOUSE will always beat the 2 JOKERS who are running the show today!!!

5 thoughts on “The Tea Party Effect at the Convention

  1. As always, GREAT article…a woman who “needs” $3,000 a year for birth control would be better off spending that money (OURS) on sedatives, anti-hormone hormones, or an 18 volt vibrator with Sawz-All stamped on the side of it (attachments optional)…or better yet, a job and the knowledge and ability to purchase her own!

  2. I have been quite impressed by the speakers, particularly Susanna Martinez & Condi Rice! Also, I cracked up at a few of Paul Ryan’s quips, i.e. his comment about the mounting national debt to Obama..”You DID build that!”

  3. Of the two following paragraphs, I particularly cracked up at the second (as formerly expounded by the first) which reads:

    “As it turns out, liberal/socialist loons have been all too happy to help i.e., showcase the differences between the Rep and Dem tickets).

    It started even before the Convention with Chris Matthews yelling at Priebus about how Romney is a racist because he mentioned his OWN birth certificate and place of birth”.

    It went uphill from there!

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