Obama to Biden: “Oh…Cabin Boy…”

America now has a choice.

Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden.

The former stands for everything the latter doesn’t and liberal/socialists know it.

Yesterday, I predicted the liberal/socialist response and it wasn’t hard to see coming. Liberals are scared and they’re trying to do everything they can to fake glee over the announcement that Paul Ryan is the VP choice.

It became very obvious very quickly that the pre-approved liberal talking points went out in a hurry and equally clear that liberal pundits had been sweating it out waiting on those emails.

One by one, each repeated the exact same line. Word for word.

“The Paul Ryan plan will end Medicare as we know it.”

Interview after interview, pundit after pundit, the liberal/socialist line was repeated over and over again.

“The Paul Ryan plan will end Medicare as we know it.”

You’re darn right it will and what liberal/socialists don’t want you to know is exactly what Paul Ryan DOES know…

If we don’t end Medicare…”AS WE KNOW IT…” it will come to an end altogether.

Medicare is on it’s last legs, “AS WE KNOW IT” and will, within 12 years, go bankrupt and disappear completely. The Ryan plan will alter Medicare by introducing vouchers and turning it over to the states rather than the federal government BUT…If you happen to be age 55 or above…NOTHING CHANGES!!!

It also puts  choices in the hands of SENIORS and NOT the government.


You can go with Obamacare, which slashes Medicare by $500 BILLION dollars and installs  the Independent Payment Advisory Board, unelected bureaucrats all, to decide what will and will NOT be covered on a case by case basis.

THAT my friends…is a CLEAR CUT CHOICE!!!

So, is that all ya got liberals???

“The Paul Ryan plan will end Medicare as we know it.”

Is that all ya got?????

Indeed, liberals and the Obama campaign are attacking Ryan’s budget proposals.

This is a failing tactic.

In doing so, Obama and liberal/socialists open the door wide enough to drive a planet through as they, even when they controlled both the house AND the senate along with the white house…HAVE FAILED TO PASS A SINGLE BUDGET AND, OBAMA’S BUDGET PROPOSALS…HAVE NEVER GARNERED A SINGLE VOTE IN THE SENATE!!!

That’s right…Not even senators of Obama’s own party have cast a single vote in favor of an Obama budget and yet…They have the Chutzpah to attack Ryan’s budgets???

As Paul Ryan said at a rally Saturday afternoon in Virginia, “Hope and Change has become attack and blame.”

In fact, as the Ryan VP announcement was being made, I received this email from Obama’s campaign blatherpiece, Jim Messina.

“Friend —

Paul Ryan will be Mitt Romney’s running mate.

What you need to know right now: This election is about values, and today Romney doubled down on his commitment to take our country back to the failed policies of the past.

Congressman Paul Ryan is best known as the author of a budget so radical The New York Times called it “the most extreme budget plan passed by a House of Congress in modern times.” With Mitt Romney’s support, Ryan would end Medicare as we know it and slash the investments we need to keep our economy growing — all while cutting taxes for those at the very top.

Over the next few days, Romney’s campaign and its allies will tell a very different story about Paul Ryan.

Our job is to make sure Americans know the truth about what Romney’s choice says about him as a candidate and leader, and to stand with President Obama and Vice President Biden at another major moment in this campaign.

Say you’re with them:…”

It was followed by a website where you could give money to the Emperor’s campaign.

Good grief. There it was…the liberal/socialist talking point… “Ryan would end Medicare as we know it…”

One thing Messina got right was, “This election is about values…”

It sure is.

This election is about Obama/Biden socialist values that extent the size and scope of government to control the people through entitlement programs and bailouts, government run healthcare and higher taxes vs Romney/Ryan capitalist values of personal responsibility, smaller government with less intrusion and regulations, the American dream and rights given NOT by the government but by the Creator.

Messina also states that, “Our job is to make sure Americans know the truth about what Romney’s choice says about him as a candidate and leader…”

Let me help ya out on this one Jimbo.

Romney’s choice for VP says a great DEAL about him as a candidate and a leader. It says he’s not going to sit back and play it along establishment lines. He chose a Tea Party favorite and one who is bold enough to state his case and stand by it. It says that. As a candidate, Romney wants a VP who will help GOVERN and CREATE policy rather than a Bidenesque VP choice that will spend his days waiting for a wreath laying ceremony between making idiotic comments at inopportune moments.

And leadership? Come on Messina…You really want to go THERE???

Romney’s VP choice says that he’s the type who WILL lead and make the tough choices. It says that Romney embraces not only the future of the nation but the future of his party. It says that, as a leader, Romney will surround himself with those who are best suited to face the issues which plague the country, the economy, the deficit and the tough decisions it will take to make America great again.

Mitt Romney learned about leadership from his  father who who knew the right choices weren’t always the easy choices and he did the right thing anyway.

OR…We could stay with the type of “leader” Jim Messina shills for who “leads” from behind if he “leads” at all and blames others for his choices.

There are still conservatives who think we need a Ferrari and they think their individual “other than Romney” choice IS that Ferrari but, let me tell you something…

The road ahead is full of potholes, twists and turns with a steep cliff, not a ditch on either side. Nobody in their right mind would put the peddle to the metal in a Ferrari right now and we’ve all seen the result over the last 4 years.

In Romney/Ryan we have a bus with the suspension necessary to navigate this road and gain speed as we go. The time for Ferrari’s will come and Romney knows it because he chose a race car driver as his co-driver.

Paul Ryan is the most natural choice to take us, as conservatives, from the bus on the road to restoring our Values, our Republic and our Founding Principles to the race track.

4 years ago, liberal/socialists thought they had themselves a Ferrari and ever since, they’ve been giving cash to a clunker.

Within 7 hours of the announcement, more than $4 million grassroots dollars poured into the Romney/Ryan campaign and the Obama camp is sweating bullets. That warm squishy feeling they claim they have is nothing more than a pants full and they know it.

There’s an old story about the pirate who, whenever he went into battle against another pirate ship, asked his lowly cabin boy to bring him his red shirt.

One day, after several such battles, the lowly cabin boy asked the pirate why he always wanted that red shirt?

“Because,” said the pirate, “if I’m injured, the men will not know I’m bleeding and will continue the fight.”

Then came the day when the pirate saw the entire King’s fleet at battle ready, sailing towards him and…

Well…Let’s just say that the dread pirate Obama just asked Joe Biden to bring him his brown pants!!!

5 thoughts on “Obama to Biden: “Oh…Cabin Boy…”

  1. The only thing I wish is that Ryan was in the front seat. A debate between him and BHO would be stellar!!!

    However, I will say that Ryan IS spot on about Medicare. Watch YouTube to see his take on Obamacare and how much it REALLY costs the American Taxpayer…..BHOs crew double counted and neglected to count (both deliberately) a BUNCH of costs and never sent the TRUE and FACTUAL numbers to the CBO. Ryan caught them doing it and called them all out on it TO BHOs FACE. He’s gutsy and SMART—-two things BHO doesn’t like because he is not able to pull out his smoke and mirror tricks.

    I’m voting Romney/Ryan 2012—-Ryan is the reason.

  2. Ya know what I like most about Ryan as a pick?? He is one of BO’s most disliked people……

    Kudos to Romney for psychologically getting into BO’s head, with a bold decision…It just goes to show ya, GOD really is in control, lol. We got this one BIG GUY!! Thanks for the support!

  3. America needs to stand Firm and Tall again and take back Washington from the corrupt politicians who have controlled it. We need to clean up all the political Houses and bring back American Values and Honor. it’s time to sink the pirates ships and Raise Our FLAG HIGHER once again ! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  4. Im at a loss my friend, as Romney?Ryan is not my candidate—however as for Obama and Biden playing Admiral and Cabin Boy, it is no longer a “Big F’ing Deal” it is a “Big F’ing Mistake” !!!

    • Ratchell,

      If Romney/Ryan is not your candidate…Obama/Biden IS. It’s just that simple.


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