Liberals in Full-On Meltdown Mode

There are a few things from the start of the Republican National Convention which should surprise nobody.

First, we had Chuck Todd from the Obama propaganda wing known as NBC, stating that, “There are folks with the Romney campaign who think, ‘Boy, Romney can’t catch a break ever since he named Paul Ryan. He got a little momentum after the Ryan pick and then he’s disrupted by two storms. One, a political storm in Todd Akin which we just brought up. But now an actual storm, and when you think when this storm moves to and closer to Louisiana, the specter, the sort of shadow of Bush and Katrina does hang over this convention.

Seriously? THIS is where the liberal media wants to go?

If there is ANY specter or shadow of Katrina it casts itself directly over liberals.

Louisiana had a liberal governor who did NOTHING in the face of the COMING storm and woefully dropped the ball in its wake. The liberal media has, since Katrina, blamed Bush for not sending in the National Guard to evacuate people when, in fact, it would have been illegal to do so without the request of the state’s Governor. She failed to make that request.

It was also the prevue of New Orleans’ Mayor, another liberal, who fled the city for higher ground…IN DALLAS.

And let’s not even get started on the 10s of MILLIONS of dollars given to New Orleans to shore up their levies over the decades which decades of liberal officials spent elsewhere.

In fact, so egregious was the liberal Governor’s inaction that she was replaced, by a solid Conservative in Bobby Jindal who today, stands ready to handle the oncoming Isaac while not leaving New Orleans to be at the Convention in Tampa where he WAS scheduled to speak.

Chuck Todd is little more than a pathetic puppet but he was not the only one making inane utterances at the onset of the Republican National Convention.

Next up…Ron Paul.

At a self -aggrandizing rally, Paul actually said, “Somebody… said the other day on the Internet, ‘if those Paul people had been in charge, Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. But you know what I think the answer is? So would the 3000 people [killed] on 9/11, be alive!”

What a self-absorbed maniac.

That statement is a key to why, in 3 runs for president, Ron Paul has never won a single primary or caucus.

Ron Paul’s answer to any foreign policy issue is isolationism. Somehow, he either believes that by isolating the United States, nothing bad would ever happen OR, is he alluding to his distaste for Israel, were HE in charge back in 2001, which would have kept America hating terrorists from attacking?

Paul is on record stating that, with regard to Iran who wants to wipe Israel from the map, that he would offer them “friendship.”

Of course he would. No doubt, someone who exhibits no unity with our greatest ally in the Middle East WOULD offer both their enemy and ours, “friendship.”

Just as appeasement had no positive effect when employed by Chamberlain regarding Hitler, appeasement will have no positive bearing against Iran, Syria or the Muslim Brotherhood.

I suspect this is exactly why there are Ron Paul lemmings that prance about social media trying to convince others that there is no difference between Mitt Romney and Obama. It’s nothing but a bait and switch because, in fact, in matters of foreign policy, it’s pretty damned hard to tell Obama from Ron Paul.

The fact that Paul’s lemmings wildly cheered his 9-11 comment, combined with their insistence that they will vote for Paul in November, thus splitting the vote, makes them pretty hard to distinguish from liberals too. In  voting for Paul, they are doing all they can to ensure a 2nd term for Obama and they, like the rest of the liberals, will happily follow the Emperor and their lead lemming, over the cliff.

And then, there’s ol’ “tingle up the leg” Matthews.

Yesterday, Matthews, in absolute desperation, started yelling at RNC Chairman Reinse Priebus

“You can play your games and giggle about it but the fact is your side playing that card. When you start talking about work requirements, you know what game you’re playing and everybody knows what game you’re playing. “It’s a race card and yeah, if your name’s Romney, yeah you were well born, you went to prep school, yeah, brag about it. This guy has an African name and he’s got to live with it. Look who’s gone further in their life. Who was born on third base? Making fun of the guy’s birth certificate issue when it was never a real issue except for the right wing.”  

Really Chris? You and the left are going to accuse ANYBODY outside yourselves…Of playing the RACE CARD???

Somebody is going to have to explain to me exactly what is racist about a birth certificate. It’s a piece of paper.

In this case, we have the pot shilling for the kettle.

Since the day of Obama’s nomination, liberals have been playing the race card at the drop of a hat.

Say anything against Obama and you’re a racist. Say anything against Eric Holder and you’re a racist.

If you hold Rangel accountable, you’re a racist.

Liberals tried and tried to label the Tea Party as racists. They will tell you that if you have a problem with Islamic terrorists that you’re a racist.

Just ask Juan Williams.

They assert that anybody against ILLEGAL ALIENS is a racist.

Good grief. If it wasn’t for a deck of race cards, people like Sharpton and Jackson, who, granted, are not playing with a full deck to start with, wouldn’t have a job.

Of course, this is the exact same clown car full of liberals who can’t bring themselves to see a single thing wrong with Joe Biden making slave references or the New BlacKKK Panthers intimidating voters or offering “dead or alive” bounties against people who have substantially lighter skin.

But…if you are a state trying to implement a voter ID law…Guess What?

Yep. You’re a bunch of racists.

There is no need to explain to liberals that Obama’s birth certificate has nothing whatsoever to do with race and everything to do with citizenship and nationality. They know that full well and that’s exactly why they feel a need to try and MAKE it about race.

Just as liberals can’t run on their or Obama’s record, they also can’t deal with Obama’s nationality or the issues being uncovered by Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse. Liberals must try to offer a distraction rather than deal with the actual issue.

Along with liberal idiots like Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews and the Pied Piper of closet liberal lemmings, Ron Paul, a number of other liberal fools made jackasses of themselves.

Pardon my redundancy.

There were the Code Pinkos dressed up as what MUST be the new Democratic Party symbol… Female reproductive organs…Trying to agitate Conservatives.

First of all, they were better off with the jackass and second, the city is Tam-pa, not….Tam…

And there are  planned disruptions by the previously mentioned New BlacKKK Panthers, Anarchists and Elizabeth “I’m-Really-A-Native-American” Warrens Occupiers all supposedly waiting in the wings dressed up as what, we have no idea.

From Hollywood, we had barkin’ mad Ellen Barkin retweeting, “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC

Within 140 characters, we now know that Barkin has the vocabulary of an adult combined with the ability to pitch a 5 year old’s tantrum and she exhibits sociopathic tendencies.

And Samuel L(iberal) Jackson tweeted: “Unfair Shit: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly Fucked Again! Not understanding God’s plan!”

Hey Sammy…That’s NOT how ya spell Isaac #illiterateliberalmoron and, I suspect there is a great deal you don’t understand.

If you’re a liberal, such tweets are what passes for the high road in public discourse.

For our part, Priebus opened the Convention asking for a moment of silence to pray for first responders charged with protecting people in the path of the oncoming hurricane Isaac.

Obviously, the mere occurrence of a Republican Convention brings out the very best in liberals which, in fact, is also the very worst in human behavior and intellect.

As for Ron Paul and his “Revolution”…A true Patriot would defend his nation against a government bent on its destruction, not assist them  and any “revolutionary” who’s “revolution” is bent on seeing to it that the nation goes to hell in a socialist handbag if HE can’t be the nominee is…Revolting.

Ron Paul is to the Tea Party what Benedict Arnold was to the War of Independence.

As we prepare to restore America to greatness , those who prefer full-on socialism are in full-on meltdown mode and, it was only day ONE at the Convention.


3 thoughts on “Liberals in Full-On Meltdown Mode

  1. Seems Ron Paul has it backwards, Bin Laden was killed 10 years after 9/11 how would not killing him save 9/11 when he was killed for 9/11? Mathews has no creditability anymore he is working for Obama’s reelection. Jackson and Barkin live making believe they are someone else. Reality is not part of their world.

  2. Excuse me! It was Ron Paul HIMSELF who stated that about Osama and the 300 people killed that day…he is just as narcistic as Obama and as deadly and troublesome as well….

  3. This statement confuses me… “Somebody… said the other day on the Internet, ‘if those Paul people had been in charge, Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. But you know what I think the answer is? So would the 3000 people [killed] on 9/11, be alive!”

    OKAY, confusing IF PAUL PEOPLE HAD BEEN IN CHARGE bin Laden would still be alive??? Why the F would we want him still ALIVE???

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