Israel Readies for Confrontation, Obama Cornered

There is a VERY dangerous chess match afoot.

When pressed, one week ago by reporters regarding the situation between Israel and Iran, white house tough question dodger, Jay Carney said we must allow the, “most stringent sanctions ever imposed on any country time to work.”

He went on to say that there was still a “window of opportunity to persuade Iran … to forgo its nuclear weapons ambitions.”

Really? Allow the “most stringent sanctions ever imposed on any country time to work,” for WHO exactly?

In the LONG run, or short, when have sanctions EVER worked?

And exactly WHO’S window of opportunity are we talking about???

I’ve got some breaking news for ya Carney…Israel doesn’t have time for sanctions to work because, sanctions always work for the timeline of those they are levied against.

Iran will not be brought to their collective knees by sanctions of any kind but they WILL use the “time” provided by “diplomatic efforts” to stretch THEIR window of opportunity to produce nuclear weapons.

Sanctions are nothing but a wagging of a finger by the United Nations and regardless of how vigorously it is wagged, the offending nation always flips their own finger at the free world in response.

Window of opportunity indeed.

Obama doesn’t want any military action between Israel and Iran before the November election. He doesn’t want to risk OUR military being drawn into an Israel effort to destroy or delay Iran’s nuclear ambitions and he’s using his “diplomatic” minions to pass along the urgent, “delay any strike” plea to Netanyahu.

Obama sees a timeline and timelines can be extended.

He should be looking at this not as a timeline but, as a clock. A countdown clock. One which cannot be turned back…only stopped.

At midnight, it’s too late. Midnight is when Iran has nuclear weapons.

Right now, Netanyahu and Israel know its 11:58pm.

Obama is acting like it’s about 8 o’clock.

According to former Mossad chief Efraim Halevi, “The next 12 weeks are very critical in trying to assess whether Israel will attack Iran, with or without American backup.”

We’re 12 weeks from the November election and Halevi’s quote is a clear reference to THAT timeline.

One can easily suspect that Netanhayu believes that should Israel attack, it WILL be WITHOUT American backup given Obama’s attitude toward Israel.

While a statesman like Netanyahu would never say it, one can assume what he sees as an untenable position is a second term for Obama.

Obama doesn’t want to be forced into action against Iran NOW and, should he win in November, Obama would have little reason if any to assist Israel. In fact, a second term Obama would most likely pressure Israel into making concessions to Palestine, in his second term, to secure any U.S. assistance against Iran.

THAT is what Obama would call, diplomatic.

I’d call it blackmail.

Surely, Netanyahu knows this.

In what Halevi calls, “assessing,” is cloaked the outcome of our November election.

IF Israel attacks BEFORE November, Obama would face a stiff and quite possibly devastating backlash should he NOT commit U.S. military “backup” and to an extent, SOME measure of backlash from the “get out of the middle east at any cost” liberals who believed Obama to be the anti-war candidate in 2008.

Obama would view the latter as the lesser hill to overcome in the days leading to the election and would, therefore, most likely, do SOMETHING, if only provide refueling capabilities to Israeli bombers in the effort.

If Obama were to then, win in November, Israel would expect an immediate drawback of any American assistance in whatever fallout would come from such an attack and there would be fallout in the terms of war as Israel is nearly surrounded by friends of Iran.

Should Romney win in November, Israel could count on whatever assistance and possibly more than mere assistance from the U.S.

Netanyahu, however, knows that should he wait, should Israel NOT attack until after the November and should Obama win, Israel is completely on their own.

High stakes chess indeed.

What we are watching is history repeating itself.

In 1980, America had a failed president with our economy in tatters.

In 2012…same thing.

In 1980, Iran literally held hostages…Americans, at gun point.

In 2012, Iran essentially holds hostages…Israel, under the threat of nuclear arms.

In 1980, Reagan was on the verge of being elected and when he was, Iran, on the day Reagan took office, released the hostages.

In 2012, Romney is in the verge of being elected and Iran knows that if he is, the U.S. will do all we can to remove the hostage, Israel, from the threat.

As I have said before, there are no coincidences in politics.

In OUR political fray, the Obama camp knows that Ryan can destroy Biden in a debate on the economy SO…They have let it be known that the Vice Presidential debate will be on…Foreign Policy.

In the days following Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as his VP choice, Israel has stepped up it public actions regarding the possibility of an attack against Iran.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

While most pundits believe the reason Obama hasn’t stepped up to a press conference in over 8 weeks is because of the economy, I rather believe it is because he doesn’t want to be backed into a foreign policy corner leading into the election and with the Israel/Iran situation heating up and Syria on fire, Obama doesn’t want to be pressed on possible U.S. action.

Now, with Israel about to force Obama’s next move on that dangerous chess board, the Vice Presidential debate become something more than an entertaining match for a far over matched Biden.

Obama has stated that Ryan is very articulate when it comes to expressing Romney’s vision.

We know all too well that Biden can’t articulate HIS way out of a wet paper sack.

With the Vice Presidential debate centered on Foreign Policy and the most pressing matter on THAT front being, Israel/Iran…

Will Obama allow Biden to attempt to articulate the lies necessary to appease Jewish voters ahead of the 2012 election or, will Biden, “resign” to spent time with his family after decades in public service making way for a more articulate foreign policy liar like, Hillary Clinton?

Even in this scenario, Obama has himself boxed in as Clinton’s Deputy Chief of staff is Huma Abedin which creates a box truck load of baggage.

Huma Abedin is the wife of Anthony Weiner who Jewish voters in New York already turned their backs on and Abedin has been directly linked to some very anti-Israeli groups.

Her mother, Dr. Saleha Abedin, is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the Brotherhood’s female counterpart… She is also a member of the Muslim World League, which terrorism expert Andrew McCarthy describes as “the Muslim Brotherhood’s principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology.”

…the organization wants to get rid of laws against marital rape, permit marriage below the age of 18 and institute other elements of Sharia Law. She is also a board member of the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief (which the group she leads is part of), a group banned in Israel because it belongs to Qaradawi’s Union of Good, a network of “charities” set up to fund Hamas. The U.S. froze the Union of Good’s assets in November 2008…


…Huma Abedin’s late father, Dr. Syed Abedin, was also intimately involved with Islamists. He led the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs based in Saudi Arabia. It is backed by the Muslim World League and is an entity of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a very extreme Islamist group. The Institute also published Mrs. Abedin’s book. Huma herself was an assisstant editor of the Institute’s journal as far back as 1996 and as recently as 2008, which means she was there when it published her mother’s extremist book. This screenshot from September 2008 shows that Huma, her mother and brother were all simultaneously editors of the journal.

That somebody with such ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and close ties to al Qaeda has been allowed any sort of security clearance is astonishing, except for the fact that we’re talking about the Obama administration but, the fact that she has worked, side by side with Secretary of State Clinton for 4 years means a possible Clinton VP tap is highly unlikely, but not impossible.

There is no doubt, that in this lethal game of chess, Netanyahu doesn’t know this as well.

As liberals tried to shift the focus from Obama’s failed domestic policies by highlighting a chicken sandwich, it appears that his anti Israel roosters are coming home to roost and the sky really is falling on the cluster cluck known as the Obama administration.

For Obama, the Israel/Iran situation is purely political.

For Netanyahu and Israel, it’s a matter of survival.

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  1. I’m not worried about Ryan in a debate, either against Biden or Clinton. The man is brilliant. What he doesn’t know about foreign affairs he could learn in a day.

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