Cokie Plays the Race Card…GO FISH!!!

In What can only be described as a desperate attempt to brand the 2012 election as racist and/or to keep some hope of racial division alive, yesterday, Cokie Roberts made a bazaar statement on NPR.

“You remember well the Reagan Democrats, those ethnic white voters who had been Democrats for many years, turned out for Ronald Reagan and have been fairly predictable Republicans since then Now, it’s a smaller percentage of the population, of the voting population than it used to be, but white voters are still much more Republican than any other group in the electorate. 

“They went for McCain in 2008 by 55 percent, and I think that, you know, getting those ethnic voters excited is really what Romney has in mind here. It’s more for the folks at home, the descendants of the people that he will be speaking to in Poland.”

So…Cokie is saying that the only reason Romney went to Poland and gave a speech was to excite…”WHITE ETHNIC VOTERS.”



As Cokie Roberts IS part of the 4th Estate, she SHOULD know more about why Poland was an important stop on Romney’s trip BUT…As she works at the shallow end of the press pool, ABC and NPR…perhaps she needs some assistance with research.

Poland was SNUBBED by Obama by agreeing with Russia NOT to put anti missile defense systems IN Poland. In fact, Obama put an end to the defense system in Poland directly on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion OF Poland…September 17th, 2009.

Let’s not forget that on an open mic, Obama told Russia’s Medvedev that, on the topic of future missile defenses “possibly” to be deployed in Europe (maybe Poland) he’d have “More flexibility” after the election.

There are no coincidences in politics.

On the economic side of things, Poland did NOT enter the Euro zone and’ as a consequence has thrived economically while the rest of Europe has been sinking fast. That makes Poland a strong economic PARTNER of the U.S. and well worth strengthening.

In fact, Poland’s GDP is expected to rise nearly 3% this year while OURS, under Obama’s policies, struggle to rise past 1.5%.

Poland has been a very strong ally of the United States in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would NOT be the case were Poland a Socialist nation and, both Poland and the United States can thank Lech Walesa FOR that.

Remember, just a short time ago, when Obama gave a posthumous Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, the Polish Underground leader who was a hero to Poland and the allies in WWII?

Well…Poland requested that Walesa accept that Medal of Honor on behalf of the late Karski BUT…Obama said NO because Walesa, Poland’s modern day freedom fighter who led them from communist oppression, won a Nobel Prize and became Poland’s President, was deemed to be…”TOO POLITICAL.”

At that same ceremony…Obama placed a Medal of Honor around the neck of Dolores Huerta…THE HONORARY CHAIR OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA.

No coincidences…remember?

Then, just a few months ago, Obama “misspoke” while IN Poland and blathered something about “Polish death camps” in WWII.

Somehow, the smartest man on earth had no idea that there WERE no…”POLISH” death camps.

The NAZI regime placed THEIR death camps in Poland and MANY Poles DIED because of it.

And lest we forget, the absolute insult Obama dealt to Poland when, on the day of the funeral for Polish President, Lech Kaczynski…The Polish First Lady and some 94 Members Senior Members of the Polish government who had tragically died in a plane crash…

Obama, rather than being there OR making ANY sort of observance over HERE…

Went golfing.

Since the day he took office, Obama has, time and time again, insulted, dismissed and snubbed our friend and ally…Poland.

Since one can be fairly comfortable in discerning none of Obama’s bird flipping in the direction of the Poles was either noticed or reported on with more than a brief blink of an eye by those in the dusty remnants of the mainstream media…And because Poland is militarily, economically and strategically important to the United States…One can understand why Cokie Roberts is so completely out of the loop.

Mitt Romney’s trip to Poland has been one of repairing the damage done by the current occupant of the Oval Office. If it gains notice by voters here, so be it but Cokie needs to understand something VERY important…

It is the LEFT…The PROGRESSIVES…The LIBERAL/SOCIALISTS who see this election in terms of skin color…NOT Romney or conservatives.


The tried and false accusation of the liberal/socialists, that conservatives are racists, is ridiculous.

In the liberal/socialist mindset, one who opposes Obama is a racist. One who opposes Holder is a racist. One who opposes illegal immigration is a racist.

BUT…What of those who are “of color” who oppose the same?

Well…Liberal/socialists tend to call THEM Uncle Toms or claim they are pandering to WHITES.

As conservatives, we are opposed to socialist, big government, tax hiking, class warfare, entitlement policies. We oppose appeasement policies toward our enemies and we oppose turning our nation’s back on our friends and allies. We believe the Constitution is the foundation of the republic and we oppose those who would trample upon it.

As conservatives, we don’t give a damn about the skin color of those we vote for and we don’t give a damn about the skin color of those who vote with us.

In the 2010 Mid Terms, Conservatives elected 10 people who were NOT “ethnic whites” to Governorships, Senate Seats and House seats to the liberals 8. But…Conservatives are RACISTS aren’t we?

The only colors we care about are Red, White and Blue. We love our country, our flag, our Constitution, the Patriots who entrusted US with their vision, our military and the American Dream.

We bleed the colors we care about.

In fact, just last night, the Tea Party Faithful gave the Texas Senate Primary win to Ted Cruz, who is NOT an “ethnic white” over Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst who IS!!!

Liberals, on the other hand, are SO fixated on skin color that THEY labeled the pasty Bill Clinton as “America’s First Black President,” and Elizabeth Warren has been SO desperate to be “of color” that she lied to a major college in order to be invited to Native American parties.

Remember this…To liberals, those who are “of color” and are conservatives are pandering Uncle Toms accused of “acting white” BUT “ethnic white” liberals who accept or promote their inclusion to an ethnically NON white demographic are called…

Keynote Speakers at their convention.

For Cokie Roberts to assert that Mitt Romney is in Poland to excite the ethnic white voters is as ridiculous as it is racial and on both counts it exceeds the highest end of the scale.

Liberals just don’t get it…When you make race the basis and focal point of your own statements and actions and, at the same time, try to label others as racists…You lose complete credibility on both fronts.

Here’s what Cokie and other liberal/socialists really abhor about Romney.

He’s acting in the absolute opposite manner of Obama by PRAISING our allies and their democracies and extending the hand of FRIENDSHIP and PARTNERSHIP to them.

Their only way to counter such behavior is to claim that it is somehow racist.

While the ilk of Cokie Roberts, Hugo Chavez and Mariela Castro  stand with Obama…Those the likes of Lech Walesa, Bibi Netanyahu and Michael Reagan stand with Mitt Romney.

It’s not about ethnic anything.

It’s about ideology.

5 thoughts on “Cokie Plays the Race Card…GO FISH!!!

  1. When one has zero accomplishments of their own to stand on and prop up, attacking your opponent is really all you have left!

    I’m still waiting for barry’s meltdown, you know, the one where he absolutely unloads on whites Americans two days before the election…I CAN still hope, right?

  2. It is just mind numbing (or lying like hell)that so many jerkweeds are still fawning over this fraud in the whitehouse and will go to any extent to see that he is reelected even after a disasterous 3.9 years. My mother always told me that the worst thing you could do was to think people were stupid. Mom lied to me and the democrats are living proof.

  3. The left is falling apart..amazing to see so called leaders even to makeup such craziness,,,but, with many Americans still under the devil’s hoodwinked eye, most of the weak liberals and weak independent’s are easily pulled to the dark side (evil) and will vote for the devil Obummer versus Romney…the blind leading the blind…

  4. I’ve tried a few times to see things from the left’s view and failed miserably. The way they act makes absolutely no sense

  5. It looks like the left is coming unglued. They ALWAYS resort to calling their oponents liars, racist or stupid. All of this shows in many on the left wing news.
    Which amounts to almost ALL the news. The ignorant willfull blindness of the msm helped elect Obama is 2008. I pray to God they don’t succeed a second time!!!

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