A Question for the Anybody But Mitt Crowd

Over a considerable amount of time and through the ability to do copious amounts of research, I have become reasonably good at figuring out political quandaries.

I don’t always get it exactly right but, I honestly wish I weren’t right as often as I am.

Finding the answers to questions regarding political ideology, political history, how dots are connected and the end games of certain politicians have become a passion.

I’d like to think I’ve become pretty good at it.

Currently, however, the answer to a most perplexing political question eludes me.

I’m asking for your help.

There is no cash prize involved, like the sum given to the brilliant mind which created the $50.00 light bulb but rest assured, you’ll have my unending gratitude.

Please, somebody…Explain to me exactly how…

Splitting the 2012 presidential vote between Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Cain, Palin, Johnson, Dummett, Tittle and any other number of known or unknown candidates of personal choice will defeat Obama.

Conservatives agree, after all, that Obama needs to be defeated and that if he isn’t, the situation is dire.

In that, at least, there IS agreement.

Thus, the quandary…

Clearly Romney is vastly different than Obama as Obama is a socialist and Romney a capitalist. Romney is a businessman who knows that you can’t spend your way out of debt while Obama…spend, spend, spend. Romney is all about personal responsibility, smaller government, less intrusion and lessening the tax burden on all Americans while championing small businesses.

Obama on the other hand is all about bigger government, MORE intrusion, entitlements, RAISING taxes and says that if YOU have a business – YOU didn’t build that. Somebody ELSE made that happen.

Romney has the polar opposite ideology of Obama on the issues facing our nation…The economy, jobs, the deficit, business and taxes and where Obama apologizes for America, Romney LOVES America so…Saying they’re one and the same is just silly.

Now then, we know that Romney/Ryan are about to receive the official nomination and, for those who are holding out for a brokered convention where their personal choice but not necessarily the personal choice of others, will enter the nomination through a back or side door.

News flash…That won’t happen regardless of one’s personal choice as on the first convention ballot, delegates are bound by the rules to vote for whom won their vote in the primary process and, Mitt Romney has amassed more than the required number to secure the nomination.

Yes, I know there is a lawsuit lingering but, really, were it to be successful, it would negate the entire primary process and then, there would be appeals and counter suits regarding money each state and their respective republican parties spent on that process and, let’s face the fact that none of this would be settled before November 6th at which point, without a nominee, conservatives lose the white house race.

It could also be reasonably stated that should such a mess evolve, it would make it virtually impossible for conservatives to win a majority in the senate and the resulting mess might well doom the existing conservative majority in the house.

If that’s what those hanging onto the lawsuit strategy are hoping for I rather think they’re not conservatives at all.

Okay, now then, about the list of personal favorites in the “Not Mitt” category.

How many of them have the financial backing through private grassroots or PAC donations at this point, only 86 days away from the election, to mount a sustentative challenge?

We know it’s going to take several hundred million dollars to run ads, fund campaign travel, pay campaign staff etc. So, outside of the Romney/Ryan ticket…who’s got the dough?

That of course raises other questions like, who among the “not Mitt” crowd has a nationally organized campaign staff right now and…who among them has a designated VP?

It seems to me that, in order to pose a challenge one would need both.

So, if the nomination for any on the “not Mitt” list is out, and it is out, and the lawsuit strategy is the recipe for national disaster in the senate, house and the presidential election, and it is, and nobody on the “not Mitt” list has the money or organization with but 86 days to go to mount a campaign what’s left?

Write ins.

And that takes me back to the original quandary.

Please…SOMEBODY explain how one group of “Not Mitters” writing in a vote for Newt while another writes in votes for Cain and others write in votes for Palin, West, Dummett, Tittle, Johnson, Paul and on and split the votes with the guy who gets the nomination, has the financial backing, the VP candidate and the national organization winds up defeating Obama.

As there are a number of “Not Mitt” supporters out there and they all think this is possible…please enlighten us.

It becomes even more curious as many of those “Not Mitt” candidates are actively supporting…Mitt.

Palin is supporting Mitt. Newt is supporting Mitt. West is supporting Mitt.

Ron Paul is not yet supporting Mitt but his son, Rand, is.

Herman Cain is supporting Mitt.

A good deal of “Anybody BUT Mitters” out there are actually supporting a “Not Mitter” who is in fact…Supporting Mitt.

That means, of course, that each group of “Anybody BUT Mitters” is supporting a “Non Mitt” candidate that THEY believe is the ONLY one bright enough and adept enough to save the republic even though they are supporting…Mitt…which all “Anybody BUT Mitters” don’t think is the one who can save the republic.

Again, I’m puzzled.

I know I’m not the ONLY one who could never figure out how the BCS rated college football teams which is why the BCS is going bye bye but, I can only assume the same mathematical equations are being employed by the “Not Mitters.”

Here’s why.

When Bush 41 ran for reelection there was only ONE…”Not Bush” candidate and Ross Perot managed to split enough of the vote FROM Bush 41 to prevent Bush 41 from being reelected. Now, if memory serves correctly, it was the OTHER guy…Clinton…who parlayed that Bush – 1 “Not Bush” candidate split vote into a victory.

NOW…we have nearly a DOZEN, “Not Mitt” candidates to split the vote with Mitt and yet…somehow, those supporting “Not Mitt” candidate have a belief that Obama will be defeated.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

You may not get everything you want with Romney but, you’ll damn sure lose everything you have with Obama.

Again…Back to my original question.

Please use the comment box below to explain, because I know I must be missing something, exactly HOW…Splitting the Conservative vote in up to a dozen ways, leads to defeating Obama.

Thanks for your assistance.

27 thoughts on “A Question for the Anybody But Mitt Crowd

  1. I personally believe that that the “wag the dog” scenario is a very apt description of what we have going on. I was at a fair recently and I happened by a Republican Political tent. The people there asked if I was registered to vote and I said I was. I was asked if I approved of Obama’s policies and I answered “no”. Then they asked if they could inquire my voting affiliation. I told them I was voting Republican but, I was probably not supporting their candidate. I was given a wink and told that Confidentially neither were they. I think that either every one I have talked to is lying to me about their vote for Ron Paul or the Media is lying to me. At which point I have to ask myself do I trust my friends and the people I have met or the media? You see, the difference between Mitt and Bo is that Bo never claimed that he was changing America back to the way it was as the forefather intended it to be. His claim tho change was a new hope for America, more open and transparent. Mitt is an opportunist, plain and simple. He proved it with Son of Boss, His wealth, and the flip flopping. Go with the flow as long as you make a profit. The media has endorsed both candidates and as far as they are concerned it is fine with them for either to win. But with Ron Paul it is a different story. they see that little cash cow of theirs being threatened. It is the media that tells the country what to think and why.” Propaganda” You see, there really is a threat to our country and it isn’t just Obama trying to be dictator. If you look at the big picture here for a moment, and call it as you will but it is fact. In 1946 the UN was started and several US presidents alluded to a peaceful world dominant Government. Since that time the UN has grown and has almost achieved that very thing. The main problem here is that the world has gone to an almost exclusively Socialistic Democracy and The US is a Capitalistic Republic. Socialism and Capitalism are as contrary to each other as hot and cold. The US helped start this UN take over and is the attack dog of it. As it grew and the countries one by one fell to the spread of this Socialist Democracy the ever growing need to convert the US into a compatible system of government became more and more apparent. so you put a President in place that will facilitate that change. No true American, who grew up in a Capitalist society would even understand the changes necessary to accomplish this. Ron Paul wants to get us out of the UN. That would mean the end of the UN’s bid for world domination, no attack dog means they are all bark and no bite. We as American tax payers fund the lions share of the UN agenda. Ron wants to pull all troops home, that would severely hurt UN peacekeeping missions all over the world. So to acknowledge Ron or his successes would be cutting their own throat. would we be left unprotected? Maybe, but with the US out of the world domination bid the rest of the world would probably be grateful. The world dreads the USA because when we get involved regimes topple. This is not an Obama or Romney thing this is about America an her chance to stay Capitalist Republic. To go Socialist means that the constitution that our very core society is made from, would be completely removed. Our rights have been infringed and changed. the first amendment rights are contrary to this whole agenda. As things change we would protest, then would come the revolution, and then a change in government. The right to protest has been limited to specific places, and restricted from places where secret service agents may be. now all the build up of government buildings and the hiring of Agents for all the same buildings and places. A First amendment right. A revolution would be severely hampered by the fact that all our phone calls, e-mails, text and tweets are all monitored, a fourth amendment right. Any gun ban would complete the trifecta. This is how close we really are to losing America as we know it. So you see, we really have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul. If there is any chance at all that America can survive we must all act as one. Electing Mitt would not remove the threat to America, the only thing that this would accomplish is that an American would be the one to give us over to Socialism. He would not go against the money, UN, or our own Government. I am not sure that Ron would live long enough to guide us back but not to back him is to back Socialism.

    • James C.

      Once again, somebody sidestepping the question.

      How exactly does splitting the vote defeat Obama????

  2. Mr Anderson, You have touched on the single biggest reason that the US could become a socialist, possibly totalitarian, 4th rate country in our lifetimes. I am both sick and disheartened hearing conservatives talk about candidates other than Romney. I do not know if Romney will be a great President. I’m sure he will be better than Clinton or Carter. He will also be a quantum leap better than the man we currently have in the White House. But regardless of how good or poor Romney may be as President, there are three undeniable truths that every American citizen MUST understand if we want our grandchildren to share the freedoms and liberties we currently enjoy under the Constitution:

    1. The coming election is not an opportunity to put a GOOD man IN the White House. It is our final chance to take a BAD man OUT.

    2. No third party or write-in candidate has ever won a presidential election at a national level. I believe I can say “ever” but at least since the end of WW II.

    3. A vote for ANYONE other than Romney is a vote for Obama.

  3. Dennis Thompson is totally right and put it perfectly…. Dennis, I hope ya don’t mind but I’ma share on my fb wall (with credit to yu of course)….. couldn’t have summed it up better……

    and Valli, I totally agree…..

  4. I will vote against obama. I would never vote for a third party and just lose my voice altogether; that would be childish. I am not happy with Romney but i am abhorred with obama. I pray that Newt Gingrich will have a postition in the new administration and honestly am waiting to see what the convention does. I would like that brokered convention. I would rather see Newt as my nominee. I think we have so much illegal activity when it comes to the voting process and I truly do not believe all the votes were legal. I remember the hate ads in Florida and how all of a sudden Romney got more than his fair share. The vote was to be divided percentage wise and was not. I am OK with Paul Ryan; this is not my dream team. But if I must I will vote for them. I am in Illinois. Those of us who do not have mortgages have no other choice but to stay. I will continue to pray; this is what I do. I will pray for those leaders who turn to God and ask for wisdom, those who fear God and love Him and want to serve Him and return us to the principles of the constitution. He saw us through Carter and the days of Clinton and only God will get us out from under the evil hand of the obama administration.

  5. The question…How does splitting the vote defeat Obama?

    Splitting the vote will never defeat Obama. It will positively, absolutely allow him to win by a landslide.

    A brokered convention will bring death to America as we know it! This is not what our founding fathers wanted. The people supporting Ron Paul are forgetting that the Constitution calls for two parties and Ron Paul knows this. He could come out and publicly support Romney, but Ron Paul secretly has his own agenda, just like Obama does, he wants to retire King. His supporters are legion and all of them are interested in one thing……..themselves. They have almost made Ron Paul a Religious Cult Leader, yet they diminish Romney for his religion. This is the pot calling the kettle black IMHO.

    My question back to your question is how do we encourage these people to unite under the Romney/Ryan banner. If we don’t try to save our country first, we will lose everything. All of us have our dr’others but this is the time to think of the good of the whole, and not be selfish and self centered. Ron Paul should come out and support Romney to put an end to the threats that linger. IMHO. Focus on unifying the country to get Obama out of office, allow the system to work with Romney and Ryan and be prepared to hold their feet to their campaign promises. Work as hard as we can to insure that they do stem the tide of pending doom hanging over America’s head. (I’m not all that smart and politically savvy, but I think I answered your question and raised you one :0 )

  6. Amazing it is that you have once again parlayed through all the warped thinking and come out on the other side just as confused as I am! You are exactly right in your points! If the “goal” is to defeat President Obama and the Progressive machine the “Anybody but Mitt” game plan is NOT the solution! Simply put; United We Stand, Divided We Fall! We CANNOT fail in this endeavor! President Obama and these loons MUST be defeated! Our children’s, children’s grandchildren’s livelihood and beyond are at stake! In fact, the very essence of Western Civilization, in my opinion, is at stake! If freedom is lost here it will never be recovered anywhere else! This is the battle that we MUST engage and win!

  7. Another lesson from history: In 1912 an over-confident Teddy Roosevelt ran against his incumbent successor, President William Taft, thereby splitting the Party. This resulted in the election of Woodrow Wilson who went on to institute the Federal Reserve, the Progressive Income Tax (and the IRS), the League of Nations (fore-runner of the United Nations), censor the press, incarcerate and intimidate political dissenters, oppress Suffragettes, involve us in WWI, introduce racial segregation to the U.S. military & suppress reports of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 resulting in more deaths. Thank YOU Teddy Roosevelt!

    If you think Wilson’s term was a nightmare that forever changed our nation for the worse, wait til you see Obama’s second term. Sorry to all those NOT-Mitt-ers who want our candidates to be the “second coming”, but there will NEVER be a perfect candidate who is able to be all things to all people at all times. A split vote will give us worse than Wilson–it will give us an America ripped forever from its foundations by Obama and his Marxist/Socialist advisers and czars.

    Go ahead, vote for your favorite non-Mitt and pat yourself on the back because you-stood-your-ground-and-showed-those-elitists-and-did-not-compromise-and-took-the-moral-high-ground. Then explain it to your children and grandchildren who will have to live with the results.

  8. Besides the obvious fact that Barry and Romney are not the same at all, there is no way that dividing the Romney vote will help rid America of the evil presence of this illegitimate usurper who is the Number One National Security Threat to this Country!

    How can Romney and Obama be the same when Romney does not hate America?

    When Romney is not a racist; or an anti-Semite?

    When Romney will be far less likely to pick judges and/or justices that will safeguard the so-called ‘right’ to murder more and more pre-born infants (and even post-born ones … as Baby-Butcher Barry has unswervingly done)?

    And there are many, many other examples that go on and on … too many for here!

    In other words, Romney will not deliberately seek to divide American citizens against one another … and seek to destroy America!

    And, while I’ll admit that Romney was definitely not my first choice to be the nominee (I first chose Michele Bachmann … and then Rick Santorum), there is no way that any person in his right mind can equate the two!

    Yes, you can call it the lesser of two evils … once again!

    But in this case, the differences are really extreme … because Barry is so extreme (in his venomous hatred of the U.S., the U.S. Constitution, the so-called ‘white man’ bogeyman, Jews, Christians … anyone who is not as socially slimy as he is … etc., etc.).

    The differences are really radical this time … to the point that if we insist on throwing a tantrum, because the establishment forced another rino upon us, then not only are we cutting off our noses to spite our faces, we are also (literally … not just in effect) committing national suicide … for ourselves, our loved ones, and the (once) most prosperous nation on earth!

    As has already been pointed out in the above article: “Saying they’re one and the same is just silly”. Actually, it’s more like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum … deluding himself that in so doing, it will get him everything he is so irrationally demanding … just by obnoxiously demanding it (even though it is more likely to get him something way different than he is obtusely clamoring for)!

  9. I have studied Mitt Romney for 5 years now. It amazes me no one looks at his 844 vetos, of which all were conservative. I love Ronald Reagan. But if you compared his Governing in California with Romneys governing in Mass, Romneys record is greatly exceeding Ronald Reagans. Thats a fact. To me part of being a conservative is being honest enough and truthful to look at a persons record and the circumstances. A Gov has 1/3 the vote. Romney fought hard for all the conservative stances. He won a lot of the time. Balanced a budget, downsized Government by cutting 341 social programs. Is for drilling. Is against cap and trade and is against federal mandates. Believes in states rights.

    Now all of the other candidates are better thaan Obama. However, the issues and problems are way over those other candidates heads. Romney, the more I have researched him is the best Candidate in qualifications and accomplishments since Thomas Jefferson. You could add up all of his GOP Candidates together and they collectively pale to his abilities and accomplishments. Gingrich’s business just failed. Mitt is the smartest man in the room, but he doesnt need you to believe it.

    Mitt has already done what America needs done to fix our issues. He did it against an 85% liberal legislature. Imagine what he caan do with a GOP House and senate.He is not a career politician, or an insider. He is a businessman. In his world where taking over failing businesses and the average success rate is 20%, his average when he was involved was 77%. He is the best, hands down.

    Now he has paul Ryan to train, prepare to be President one day. Another Brilliant man. Both humble, strong family men who have great minds, great answers and great leadership skills. If you can not support that, then your elevator doesnt go to the top and you are a fool

    • In Truth…
      Check your facts.

      Allen West voted AGAINST the Patriotic act.

      As a new congressman, he voted for a 90 day extension so that he could fully study the PA and, at the end of that 90 days, having gained a complete understanding OF it…Allen West voted AGAINST it thus showing a thought process nearly unknown in the halls of congress.


  10. I think the notion that many of us who aren’t happy with Romney will “write in” another candidate in the election is not correct. I would like to see a brokered convention in hopes of getting a “conservative” nominee. I’ve listened to Romney with my own ears and he’s NOT very conservative. If a brokered convention doesn’t happen and Romney wins then I will be “forced” to vote for him even though I think he’s the weakest of all the candidates. This is why he’s doing so poorly in the polls. By all rights any candidate against Obama should be winning by double digits…why is he polling so close? Because not that many people like him or trust him. Yes we have to get Obama out of office and I will vote for Romney and not write in anybody and I’m sure most people who don’t like Romney are thinking the same thing. Plus I really don’t think Obama will be a factor in November because I see an October surprise coming that will devastate Obama and the entire Democratic party.

  11. Mitt Romney is the most righteous person to run for the office in our lifetimes and yet we have folks calling him Beelzebub. I’m personally offended by those comments because of know the degree to which Mitt is a good and decent man and is nobody’s chosen puppet as some outrageously suggest.

    Craig, there is only one reason people who understand the grave danger posed by Obama would vote for any other candidate than Mitt Romney. Actually, there are two reasons…ignorance and religious bigotry which is, in itself, ignorance so I guess, I’m back to one reason.

  12. You already know the answer Craig, as you have stated it several times i previous articles; A split vote CANNOT defeat Obama. So i think what one needs to do is to try and figure out why those “Not Mitt” voters cannot or willnot understand this and make a vote to oust Obama. My feeling is that for too long, we have been stuck between voting for the lesser of two evils and just as everything else has come to a head, so has this voting philosphy. Voters are now trying to make more responsible voting decisions than they have in a great while, which is a very good thing, but it doesn’t allow them to vote for a candidate they do not like not matter what there ideology is; leading to the split vote. Hopefully they will come to understand this by November and do what needs to be done to ensure Obama is not re-elected. It may help if the “Not Mitt” candidates actually came out and told their supporters to vote for Mitt like they are probably doing themselves. I can tell you that Mitt is not first choice either – hoping that Allen West runs in the next election, but the priority here is not to get the candidate in that I want, but to ensure Obama gets defeated; my vote goes to Mitt.

  13. I agree with EVERYTHING Monica said! I’m praying people will turn out and vote. If they don’t, they can’t claim to be conservative. A true conservative patriot will do whatever it takes (legally) to get Obama out of DC.

  14. A brokered convention or write-in campaign will be three recipe for an un-Mitt-igated disaster come election day! Mittens was not my first, second or third choice, BUT since those three threw in the towel, fir whatever reasons, I will vote AGAINST OBUTTHEAD, and pray Mitt brings my first three choices to the dance….he’s gonna need them to win!

  15. A choice between Satan and Beelzebub
    Alan Keyes argues against ‘fighting evil with evil’ by voting for Romney

    Recently I heard a friend of mine echo the sentiment former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker expressed in an interview with WND: “I would vote for the devil himself over Barack Obama.” People say this to make clear how deeply they abhor Obama and all his works. Sadly, for them and for America, their passionate hatred of Obama puts them exactly where the devil wants them to be. The Father of Lies chuckles with satisfaction. He gloats triumphantly at the fact that their hatred of his appearance in one form has maneuvered them into supporting his triumph in another.

    I grieve deeply as I contemplate the fact that millions of Americans are letting themselves be caught in this diabolical snare. As I tried to point out in 2008, the lesser of evils is still evil. No matter how such an election turns out, people content to choose between Satan and Beelzebub have made clear their willingness to let things go to hell. Moreover, the nature of their choice is so clear to them that they practically boast of the passionate hatred that impels them to it. With this practical boast they become the willing, proud accomplices of the very evil they profess to hate.
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    I’m morally certain this is why Christ admonished his disciples to make striving for God’s perfection the standard for their actions, rather than their hatred of evil. He thought it better to fail reaching for this standard than succeed by abandoning one’s life to the devil’s dominion. He thought it better to fail in the world’s eyes while commending one’s spirit to God (as he does on the cross) than succeed by casting one’s lot with God’s adversary.

    All this came to my mind this week as I read the excellent half-truths in David Limbaugh’s column on Obama’s intentional destruction of America. Some readers doubtless remember that I warned people of this destruction on the heels of Obama’s putative inauguration. They are probably wondering why I call them “half-truths.” The reason is simple. Then as now I hold fast to the self-evident truths that are the foundation of America’s constitutional republic. Starting in 2004 (when I accepted the invitation of the Illinois GOP to run against him for a seat in the U.S. Senate), the more I learned about Barack Obama the more clearly I saw that throughout his life and especially in his political career he has in word and deed demonstrated his rejection of those truths. On account of that, I adamantly oppose him.

    But I cannot ignore the fact that Obama’s abandonment of the principles of the American Declaration of Independence is just an instance of an apostasy now characteristic of elitist elements presently in control of both of America’s so-called major political parties, as well as important institutions in every other sector of America’s life. In many articles over the past several years I have shared the facts and reasoning that substantiate this conclusion. (See, for example, “Abandoning the Republic-a threat to Civil Peace” and the whole series of articles at my blog under the heading “Without Representation.”) Recent events have confirmed it, from the GOP’s rigged choice of stealth socialist Mitt Romney as their prospective nominee, to Chief Justice John Roberts’ all too predictable hoisting of the crypto-socialist “Jolly Roger.” (He abandoned reason, just principle and the plain logic of constitutionally limited government to pen the Supreme Court’s specious claim that the U.S. government is endowed, in pirate fashion, with an inherently unlimited taxing power, unconstrained by Constitutional provisions.)

    In light of this pervasive elite abandonment of the vision of constitutional self-government essential to America’s national identity, recognizing Obama’s intentionally destructive work admits only half (and perhaps not the most fatal half) of the threat we face. On every issue of fundamental importance to the future of the republic, Mitt Romney did, as governor in Massachusetts, what, against strong and intensifying opposition, Obama is still only struggling to do. Logically, the only people who should support Romney are those who embrace Obama’s goals, but resent Obama’s failure to achieve them. They want to replace his clumsy, bluntly socialist incompetence with Romney’s more engaging and sweetly deceptive method of attaining the same end. Moreover, they know from past experience that they can count on his GOP label to compel efforts from party-first GOP partisans to defend and explain away President Romney’s pursuit of the elitist socialist agenda. Thus his election will help to thwart and defuse the strong opposition it would otherwise continue to arouse.

    I know many people who adamantly oppose Obama because he is steering us toward an elitist, totalitarian “island paradise” that lies well within the shark-infested waters of hell. Yet they’ll vote to replace him at the helm with someone whose only factual claim to prowess is a record that promises a smoother voyage, through calmer seas, toward the same destination. In what twisted realm of existential despair does this make sense?

    As I think on it, I realize why America’s founding generation refused the path of atheistic delusion that misled the first French republic to violence and ravenous Napoleonic tyranny. People who put their trust in God need never accept the devil’s choice, fighting evil with evil. Because the kingdom of God is within them, a better choice is always near at hand. Many Americans pray and profess to believe that His kingdom is near. But in their sovereign duty as citizens they now propose to abandon their profession. It is what has made self-government possible for them. It can do so again, even now, but only if they remember it in time. As for the choice between Obama and Romney, it’s the devil’s choice either way. Only evil can come of it.

    • Chuck…

      In a column for a comment, you too have managed to ignore the question.


  16. The only presidential candidate who could get the nomination is Ron Paul..who has suspended ..not quit..Registered in all States and has the money to continue..Ron Paul is on is last campaign ..not running for a House seat again..will retire ..For Ron Paul, nothing to loose..He wants to be the Libertarian President. .He does have some very dedicated followers..maybe not enough to get him elected..Ron Paul is really a “spoiled” !!

    • An so, Cheryl…

      The question…How does splitting the vote defeat Obama is left…unanswered.

  17. OK YOU ASKED FOR IT BROSKI…..you sir have obviously become permanently stuck in the wheel. I have to agree that starting out with seven candidates makes for a messy start, but as you see, people are eventually coming around.
    I wont mention the fraud and abuse that has gone on with this campaign or the underhanded we’ll get away with it crap that has been pulled because of both “private clubs”.
    ITS TIME TO HOP OFF THE WHEEL. Ron Paul is my last ticket. If its all about money and power that ya cant take with ya when you die, what have you accomplished besides breeding enemies? Nothing gets accomplished but waste fraud abuse and dead people. See Obama/Clinton’s notorious list.
    Can we go back to the raggedy document we didnt read the first time and figure out what it means?

    • Ratchell…

      You have managed to completely ignore the question.

      How can a split vote defeat Obama?????

      Ignoring the issue is a very liberal trait. I asked a specific question…can you answer that question?????


  18. i can explain it to u, craig… (but, u already know the answer)

    ALL of the conservatives (sans the paulbots & the anti-mormons) will come together at the end (elections day); PROVIDING romney surrounds himself w/ at least SOME conservatives… ryan isn’t conservative enough to whitewash RINO/liberal/democrat mcromney… ryan might not be as much of a RINO as boehner is; but, he leans that direction…

    none of us liked the fact that, once again, the GOP establishment has forced “their choice” upon us, w/ their romney selection (not “election”; “selection”) … unfortunately, although the ryan pick has energized some; it hasn’t energized “the base” as the establishment is claiming.

    i never even knew i was a conservative until 2009 (tho, a lightbulb went off when mccain selected sarah palin). i liked & supported mccain (or thought i did); but wasn’t excited about him, until palin came on board. but, when i saw the way he & his campaign treated palin, any respect i had for him died (POW or not). his record since his reelection to the senate has verified my fears about what he really is/was (he’s thrown the vets under the bus)… romney is no different; and mccain’s jumping on mcromney’s bandwagon early validates my suspicions.

    i have ZERO interest in the presidential election now… i will vote against obama; and, i’ll vote for romney (since it is becoming blatantly apparent i have no other choice); but, i don’t, and won’t, support him… i like paul ryan. i think he’s financially brilliant; and, he might be a good choice. i don’t think it’s a deal-breaker or game-changer, tho…

    somebody better tell the RINOs that they cannot do it w/o the conservatives…. (they should have learned that lesson b4, when the conservatives stayed home on election day.) they can spend all their time & money trying to woo the blacks & hispanics & women; but, at the end of the day, if the conservatives stay home, they’re screwed! if/when mcromney gets the nomination, he’d better start announcing his team, and it better have some conservatives up there (see below).

    romney could woo everyone of the paulbots by announcing that he’d put ron paul in as the head of the fed, so that the audit could begin on paul’s declaration… he could also immediately soothe a lot of ruffled conservative feathers out here by telling the GOP to get behind allen west & help him win the primary next tuesday; and he should find a suitable spot for sarah palin & newt. the announcement that palin won’t be speaking at the convention, speaks volumes… nothing’s been said about newt either; tho there have been rumors… mcromney can continue to piss conservatives off, or he can try to bring them together…. but, he’s running out of time.


  20. Here’s your answer…They can’t.. It’s a shame but these people are butt hurt that their guy or gal didn’t do as well as they wanted… Sorry for your luck. I was on the CAIN TRAIN until they drummed him out. I for sure didn’t like the way that went down. It’s the same syndrome that affects the Obamabots. Their guy sucks but they won’t admit it. I just hope they realize that when they step into the voting booth they are struck with the realization that “MITT is IT” and not “anybody but”.. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE PLEASE !!!! LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP…You’re falling into the Obama TRAP !!!

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