A Clarion Call to True Patriots

My friends and Fellow Patriots,

It is now official.

We have a Nominee for President and Vice President.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were officially placed in nomination at the Republican National Convention yesterday in Tampa Florida.

No more conjecture. No more grasping at straws or hanging by threads hoping that somehow, someone else would be nominated.

We, as conservatives, have one chance. One chance to start the process of restoration. We have One chance to start the process of rebuilding this nation. We have one chance to begin again.

One chance.

While we applaud those who, over the long and sometimes contentious primary season and through the weeks leading to yesterday’s roll call vote in Tampa, who steadfastly supported various candidates in their efforts, those campaigns did not bear fruit.

For my part, as an early endorser of Newt Gingrich, and as one who, before that, had held out hope of an Allen West candidacy, I put aside my own adherence to a single candidate for the greater needs of this nation.

As a Patriot, a Tea Party Patriot, a student of history and a Reagan Conservative, I know that no single president or single election will finish what must be done to restore this nation to its rightful place as a world leader and economic power.

This election, on November 6th, 2012 is no exception.

This will not be the mission accomplished but the mission beginning.

Today, our nation is at the very precipice of socialism and our current administration is doing all they can to push us into an abyss from which there can be no return.

From the decades old creation of entitlement generations to a national debt which nearly defies definition, from turning our nation’s back on our allies while offering support and encouragement to our, and our ally’s enemies, from punishing success to apologizing for American exceptionalism…our current administration has brought us closer than ever before to the destruction of the ideals, the vision and the trust of our founders and framers.

While there are those who claim that the “right” president could change all that, they are most certainly wrong as it is not those whom we elect who are to be responsible for the direction we take into the future, rather it is up to those who elect them to determine the course.

From the House to the Senate to the White House, We The People must remain ever vigilant and always involved. If those we elect do not heed our direction, we must replace them, election by election, seat by seat until We The People are again the true leaders of our own destiny.

We, as conservative Patriots, took a step in the right direction in the midterm election of 2010.

This November, we have the opportunity to take yet another step on the path toward restoring American values and the American Dream but, it is only a step and that would not change regardless of who our nominee is.

However, should we squander this opportunity, most likely the last such opportunity we will ever have should Obama win a second term, by voting for any other candidate rather than the nominee, our path to restoring our nation will come to an abrupt halt.

Any 3rd party candidates who, at this point, continue their campaigns can no longer be considered Patriots. If they truly wish to contribute to the process of restoring our nation, they should end their campaigns for the presidency and begin a campaign for either the house or senate in the next election cycle.

To continue on their current quest will only draw votes from some independents and away from the Republican ticket of Romney/Ryan while leaving Obama to reap the rewards of their efforts as history shows us that such a candidacy leaves the liberal candidate nearly unscathed.

As for the electorate at large, those who stubbornly refuse to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket are only serving to reelect Obama in November.

With so much at stake and but a single opportunity to begin the process of taking our country back, true Patriots must now set aside their individual bias for the greater good.

Indeed, at the birth of our nation, not all of the 13 Colonies were in agreement but, those who believed in a different path stepped forward and voted with those who set our course for independence. In fact, Jefferson’s original draft of the greatest document ever penned by man underwent so many changes before it was signed by 56 courageous men that its author later referred to the process as vulturous.

Contained in his original were ideals and ideas which were edited or removed completely and additions were made in which he did not see value. When the Declaration was presented in its final form, Benjamin Harrison rose to his feet and said: “There is but one word in this paper which I approved, and that is the word Congress.”

It is my belief that if, with their lives on the line and consequences of their actions so dire, with the very birth of a new nation and it direction for centuries set forth, our founders and framers could leave their long held and deeply rooted positions behind them to put forth an idea and a course of action which we, now 236 years later wish to restore, it is not only incumbent upon us but our Patriotic duty to do likewise in order to preserve the Republic.

Our founders and framers knew all too well that the Republic was fragile and but a single election from dissolve. Not since 1860 has their apprehension been so close to fruition and not since that important election has our nation been so close to its demise.

Had our founders and framers adhered with unwavering resolve to their individual ideologies in 1776 as some would today, we would not have a nation to restore.

It is for the very existence and the future of the Republic to which we Pledge our Allegiance that I call on those who would cast their vote for any other than the nominated ticket to set aside THEIR proper ideology to begin the process of taking our country back by voting for Romney/Ryan as Patriots rather than to,  by proxy, reelect the current divisive and destructive administration.

I submit that those who claim to be Patriots but intend to vote for those who have not won the nomination of the Republican party are not true patriots any more than are the individual candidates for whom they would vote, in refusing to support the nominee and continuing their candidacy.

I will leave you with the words of a Tried and True Patriot and, upon reading them, urge you to honor his final clarion call.

In his last public speech, from which he had to be carried, too week to even stand and, just two weeks before his death, Patrick Henry stated:

“Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.”

12 thoughts on “A Clarion Call to True Patriots

  1. Patriots would not vote for either party and their bald face corruption! Patriots would not call for the voting in of a fascist party. There will never be a chance for a third party until ‘patriots’ get over their fear and get willing to take bold action to overthrow those who liars and thieves that run the GOP. You and those like you have been using this lesser of two evils line for decades now. You’ve also been saying that we will work on a third party if things don’t change after the election for just about as long. I’ll say it straight up, those who spew out that tired party line are liars and are wholly responsible for the fall of America. You voted for it. You acknowledge the corruption of the party, yet tell us to vote for it. You lie and tell us that more evil will win, when there is no real difference between the two parties. You give us a choice of either a socialist Marxist leader or a fascist police state which you apparently support and demand that we vote for. Actions always speak louder than words. I’ve heard what Romney and Rand have said. Their actions are directly opposite of their words. Words do not hurt me. Their actions have turned America into a police state. It didn’t happen with the dems alone. It required and was done with overwhelming support of your evil GOP! You are supporting a police state. You are no patriot.

    • Ken,

      Easy there little riled up Paulbot. We Tea Party Patriots understand that you’re upset that your lemming leader wasn’t able to create anarchy and steamroll over the will of the people. We get it. Really we do.

      Maybe if you and your leader had one even a single primary or caucus in 3 tries you’d have some ground on which to stand but…sadly…that didn’t happen.

      I will vote to keep the republic from dissolve.

      You, by refusing to do so, give a very thinly veiled nod of approval to Obama to finish his destruction of the republic and the constitution which you CLAIM to believe in.

  2. I respectfully disagree with your challge of my patriotism. I am an Oath Keeper and as such would give my last breath in the preservation of my Republic.
    Ron Paul is and was the best choice for President, he is the only man (politician) I have given my hard earned money as a donation. I have however arrived at what must be the logical conclusion: He’s TOO good for the job, the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, the lobbists and corporate America would probably assasinated him if he was elected… SO since my primary goal to to rid us of OBummer, I will place my vote in November for Mittens and company; not because I support him, but because I remember how little good the votes for Nader and all other third party nominees did…. The goal friends, at least for the moment is get our friend of Islam and enemy of the American way of life, the unvetted idiot out of the office today! I’m voting against OBummer, by voting the Republican nominees. You should too!

    • Thomas,

      I have challenged nobody’s patriotism here. In fact, I never used the word.

      Patriotism means one believes in one’s country.

      A Patriot takes action to preserve it and therein is the difference.


  3. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. I vote my conscience and let God do the rest. That mr. obama is sitting in that office is a show of just how far that voting for the lesser of two evils philosophy has gotten this republic.

    Time and past time for true patriots to stop using the easy button of party politics top select their candidates. Shame on us as a nation. We can do better.

    • Call Me,

      If God is a registered voter…ACORN signed him up and he’ll vote liberal.

      Vote your conscience but if it’s not for Romney…YOUR conscience is telling you to reelect Obama.


  4. Yawn, blah, blah blah. More of the same old tired rhetoric that the GOP has been spewing for the last twenty, thirty years. Vote for us or the other guy wins. Both parties have willfully commited treason by passing the patriot act, NDAA, hr 347, and the presidential appointment act. Police state acts have been overwhelming passed by both parties and your solution is to close ranks and vote for more of the same. Your solution is incorrect for a patriot wanting to turn this country around. The response of a patriot is to stand and fight the corruption of both parties. A patriot will not vote for the lesser of two evils as a patriot knows that voting for either evil is what got us here. The only way to effect change is to stand up and say, NO! You do not have my consent to govern! I refuse to play your evil game anymore. Just like the GOP changed the rules to make sure their candidate was selected without any contention, I change the rules. I won’t play by them like you and your evil drones insist that I must of the other guy
    wins. I will vote for who I chose and no one else. No evil supporter like you can or will take that right away from me. The corrupt actions of you grand old party have made the unsupportable to a patriot. Your a fool if you think for one second that our founding father would have voted for the GOP as it operates today. A warring police state party? Get real. In your last sentence you quote Patrick Henry. Let us trust God he says. What do you think God would say about voting for the lesser of two evils? I think that he would say instead, vote for goodness and light and trust me to make it happen. Voting for either evil only begets evil. And your no patriot for calling on us to vote for it.

    • Ken,

      I believe the correct order should be God…Country…Man.

      This is why I put my faith in GOD…Will do everything I can to preserve the Republic he so graciously provided and never adhere so tightly to any man that I loose sight of the other two.


  5. While there are some thing I agree with you on, I can’t help but to call BullCRAP!
    Challenging my patriotism while you dance the dance of buracrats.
    A true patriot would have taken a stand against Obama not presenting documents proving his nationalism BEFORE the fist election.
    A true patriot would not take the debacle of the primary elections/caucases and get a true meter of what the citizens want without the dead people voting for Romney/Santorum, entire state delegates being dismissed because of who they want to represent.
    You are a tool. Someone pissing all over true patriots for staying the course and voting for liberty and not giving into Big Government backed lies.
    Go ahead a sell your soul to the RNC. I won’t.

    • Robert,

      MY loyalty is with my country, not with the RNC or any one individual. If you can explain to me how, exactly, splitting the conservative vote will lead to ousting Obama I would love to hear it.

      As Patrick Henery stated, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

      If you would vote for any but the nominee in this most dire election, I am not challenging your patriotism, I am pointing out your absence of it.

  6. Excellent Mr. Andresen. I have sent this link to every fellow conservative in my mail list. Hopefully by your efforts, most of the voting nation will see the light.
    Thank you….

  7. Dear Mr. Andresen,

    This is one of the most beautifully written letters I have ever read.

    It expresses the emotion of our loyalty, the dedication of our ancestors and the urgency of saving our country that many people have not yet realized.

    Thank you for writing it and thank you for your patriotism.

    From a family of patriots since 1750,
    Holly Hale

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