Shhhh…There’s a Paraceratherium in the Room

There’s a Paraceratherium in the room.


Don’t talk about it. Just ignore it and maybe nobody else will notice it.

Maybe it’ll go away.

WhatEVER you do though…don’t talk about the Paraceratherium in the room.

THAT is what we’ve seen for a LONG, long time now from the media regarding the Emperor’s hidden and buried past.

Not even Fox News wants to talk about the Paraceratherium in the room.

Okay…so what exactly IS a Paraceratherium?

It’s a prehistoric giant hornless rhinoceros.

Like so many other prehistoric beasts, the Paraceratherium has evolved. It’s much smaller now and can be found in the halls of Congress, state legislatures, some Governor’s offices and yes, its spirit seems to have found its way into the control rooms at Fox News.

Today, we simply refer to them as…RINOs.

With today’s upcoming press conference in Phoenix Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead Cold Case Posse investigator, Mike Zullo, are promising not only “shocking revelations” regarding Obama’s long buried and well hidden past but, they are also promising “indisputable proof” that the very birth certificate shown by Obama in late April 2011, and regarded by liberals, the mainstream media and Fox as proof that Obama was, at the very least, born in Hawaii, is a forgery.

That’s INDISPUTABLE PROOF that the Obama long form birth certificate is a forgery.

No matter what the proof, one can count on liberals to dispute it but that’s what we’ve come to expect of liberals.

Zullo could produce sworn affidavits from whoever forged that “birth certificate” and trot out the forger to make a full confession and explain exactly how he or she did it and still, liberals would dispute it.

The most puzzling aspect of the whole thing is why not even Fox News is covering or, for that matter, questioning Obama’s past.

It has come to a real head in the last week and the silence is deafening.

Last week, Obama and his campaign, accused Mitt Romney of a possible FELONY regarding Bain Capital and his departure date.

Obama and his campaign, in concert with liberal talking heads have been DEMANDING that Romney show his records, his tax returns.

And how does Fox News respond?

They respond by demanding Obama turn over the Fast and Furious documents and in rather hushed tones, they have managed to ask about Obama’s college transcripts.

They are completely ignoring the Paraceratherium in the room.

Alexrod called Romney the least transparent candidate since Nixon and, again, Fox holds up the Fast and Furious documents for comparison.

Shhhhh…There’s a Paraceratherium in the room…don’t talk about it.

Last March, Zullo and Arpaio talked about it. They showed the forensic evidence of how the “birth certificate” was created and why it didn’t match at all with how scanned documents look forensically. Zullo and Arpaio talked about probable cause and how such probable cause existed to believe that “birth certificate” might well be a forgery and they talked about having a person of interest in the forgery.

Zullo and Arpaio also talked about the Selective Service registration card bearing Obama’s name and how, forensically, it appeared to be forged.

They talked about the Social Security Number as well.

Last March, Zullo and Arpaio talked about the Paraceratherium and the blogosphere lit up.

WND has led the charge. We at The National Patriot certainly have talked about it and so have many others including attorneys in court cases regarding Obama’s eligibility.

So far, all of the media and judges in those court cases and yes, even Fox News, have ignored the Paraceratherium in the room.

Today, in Phoenix, Zullo and Arpaio have vowed to do more than talk about it. Today, they have promised to SHOW us the Paraceratherium in all its massive glory.

There are some who think today’s press conference and indisputable proof is going to be nothing more than a rerun of the March Zullo/Arpaio press conference and they wonder why Zullo and Arpaio don’t just put this on the fast track and turn their evidence over to the proper authorities?

First of all, the “proper authority” would be the U.S. Attorney General. Holder can’t be trusted and we all know that.

Next in line would be Congress but, as it takes a GREAT deal of time for Congress to act on such things, Fast and Furious has been investigated by Congress for more than a year and a half and while action is being taken, I think we can all agree that the wheels of Congress grind slowly.

No…at this point, I believe Zullo and Arpaio are doing exactly the proper thing. They are bypassing those who can’t be trusted and those whose wheels grind far too slowly and placing their evidence directly into the hands of the jury.

We The People.

Obama is campaigning for a 2nd term and that election is barely over 3 months away.

There is scant time to render a verdict and Congress can’t possibly do it in time. Holder won’t do it at all.

We The People, those who vote and those who can affect the ballots through measures taken at various state levels CAN.

We will know a great deal MORE after today’s revelations than we know now but, one thing we DO know is that, in Arizona, a letter from the Hawaii authorities compelled Arizona to place Obama on the Arizona ballot for November.

THAT letter said merely that Obama was born in Hawaii.

It contained no date of birth and no verification aside from stating Obama was born in Hawaii that he actually WAS born in Hawaii. What’s more, the “signature” on that letter was a rubber stamp signature. We also know, from investigator Mike Zullo, that there are a number of stamps floating about Hawaii’s Department of Health offices bearing the likeness of Hawaii’s Department of Health Registrar, Alvin Onaka.

Onaka did NOT sign that letter sent to Arizona…His “signature” was STAMPED on it and next to that stamped signature are the initials of someone else.

Why? Was the top dog in the Hawaii Department of Health too busy to sign a letter of such significance regarding the President of the United States or did he, as Zullo wonders, refuse to sign it or even initial it next to his stamp because he needs plausible deniability?

Until today’s press conference, we won’t know what indisputable proof Zullo and Arpaio have. Will it be signed affidavits from the forger? Will it be the forger in person? Official documents showing Stanley Ann Dunham arriving in Hawaii with a baby Barack? A forensically tested and verifiable birth certificate from another country for Obama?

Time will tell.

Perhaps the larger question is…Will the mainstream media, just as they were finally forced to talk about Fast and Furious and Holder’s contempt of Congress, be forced to talk about THIS? And will Fox News finally mention and draw attention to…

The Paraceratherium in the room?

Or will today’s RINOs remain silent regarding their prehistoric giant hornless ancestor?


7 thoughts on “Shhhh…There’s a Paraceratherium in the Room

  1. Caught the end of pressles conf. First word out of a CBS reporters mouth was How much money are you making on this and on books. Turned it off.

  2. Good points Craig. It should be evident to any honest American that we no longer have a Constitutional Republic anymore. Let’s all be adults about this and admit that what we now have is a sophisticated Banana Republic. Maybe the sooner we admit it, then the sooner we can get to work restoring it to its former glory, minus all the corruption that seems like a given where governments are concerned.

  3. Patriot – You’ve outdone yourself with this fine piece!

    Excellent commentary! Spot on! And, I do agree with your assessment that it would do no good for the Sheriff Arpaio investigative team to forward their findings to Congress and / or to the failed US Attorney General.

    What Sheriff Arpaio is doing with this news conference is the best that can be done. Shed more public light upon these atrocious Obama scandals. The news media have already discredited itself with its sworn malevolent code of silence. Another proof of that willful silence is the following:

    Carnival Barker Birther’s Case Before the Supreme Court

  4. Congress and the SCOTUS are in cahoots. The Senate was supposed to assure eligibility but they did not. Talk about them working slowly, they still haven’t checked it.

  5. This is my prediction….***crickets***….(response from MSM, CNN, et al)

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