Obama’s Contempt for Israel Continues

It’s hard to believe that Obama’s support among Jewish voters is not eroding. Of course, the Jewish vote going traditionally to the left has always been something of a point of confusion.

This past weekend, Mitt Romney once again visited Israel and any comparison to Obama’s visit there nearly exactly 4 years ago as a candidate can be quickly dispelled.

In July of 2008, candidate Obama stopped in Israel but the visit was far, far different than Romney’s.

In 2008, Obama told the Israelis that, “I’m here on this trip to reaffirm the special relationship between Israel and the United States and my abiding commitment to Israel’s security and my hope that I can serve as an effective partner, whether as a U.S. senator or as president.”

Obama, at the time, also stated, “A nuclear Iran would pose a grave threat and the world must prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

And, of the Palestinian issue, Obama said, “Israelis desire a secure peace in which both they and the Palestinians can fulfil their legitimate aspirations: a strong secure state of Israel living alongside a viable and peaceful Palestinian state. We must support Palestinian leaders who share this vision.”

So…Over his time in office, how has Obama done regarding these promises?

He has failed at every turn.

An “abiding commitment” to Israel’s security?


Exactly how “abiding” was his commitment to the security of Israel? Well, As president, Obama told Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel should go back to their pre 1967 borders which, as anyone would tell you, and Netanyahu told Obama, are completely indefensible borders.

In fact, SO committed to Israel’s security has been Obama that, as Egypt’s Mubarak fell, Obama publically stated the Muslim Brotherhood should have a seat at the table in forming a new government. The Brotherhood now owns that table and they’ve pledged to eliminate the decade’s old Israel/Egypt peace accord.

“Abiding commitment” to Israel’s security my gentile arse.

During his 2008 candidate’s visit to Israel, Obama not only met with Israeli officials but, he also paid a visit to Palestinian officials.

Palestine, as we know, is entwined to the nth degree with Hamas who has within their charter, to eliminate Israel and the Jews.

A “viable and peaceful” Palestinian state indeed.

Then there’s Iran and their nuclear program.

By ALL accounts, Iran is now MUCH closer to obtaining nuclear weapons than they were when Obama took office so, what exactly has Obama done to “prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon?”

He’s turned to the U.N. for sanctions which ALWAYS work so well. Outside of that, Obama’s done nothing but assist Iran to buy more and more time.

Yes, Obama ordered OUR computer nerds to afflict Iran’s computers with various viruses but, he then let the program LEAK thus insuring such covert ops would NOT be nearly as successful in the future.

Since visiting Israel as a candidate, Obama, as president, has not returned. He has traveled to 30 other countries but, not Israel.

Netanyahu HAS come to the United States and on the first of those trips, Netanyahu was made to wait for his meeting with Obama who left early to dine with the family and Netanyahu was shown the back door exit from the White House.

In their meeting last May, Obama told Netanhayu that Israel should, hand over to the Palestinians, lands that would require walking back Israel’s borders to where they were prior to 1967. That would require Israel to give the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, or at least major portions of those lands to the Palestinians and Hamas.

This is particularly interesting because, on his 2008 candidate visit to Israel, Obama stated that, he supported Israel’s claim to the city of Jerusalem as its capital.

“I continue to say that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel. I have said it before and will say it again … but I’ve also said that it is a final status issue that has to be dealt with by the parties involved.”

Can it be any wonder at all that White House bather point man, Jay Carney, has no idea what city Obama believes is the true Capitol of Israel?

Obviously, Jerusalem can NOT be Israel’s Capitol if it is separated and any part of it is in the hands of Hamas and the Palestinians.

Pressed as to WHY Obama has not made the effort since taking office, perhaps Barney Frank can offer insight.

“This close to the election I would think it would not be a good idea.I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think what’s important is the policy, not the tourism.”

When a sitting president travels to Israel, it is never as a tourist regardless of what Barney Frank seems to think and for that matter, Mitt Romney’s visit was not a tourist visit either and while Israelis understand that clearly, Jewish voters in America should recognize it also.

A sitting president or a candidate on the way to becoming president sends a message when visiting Israel and the message Romney sent over the weekend is the exact opposite of the message sent by Obama’s failure to travel to Israel and the exact opposite of his failed policies.

In the first 2 minutes of his speech in Israel, Romney left little doubt in the minds of Israelis or their enemies where HE stood and WITH whom he stood. There was no hesitation and no waffling like in Obama’s 2008 statement…“I continue to say that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel. I have said it before and will say it again … but I’ve also said that it is a final status issue that has to be dealt with by the parties involved.”

If it’s about the policy, as Frank states, Jewish voters HERE must understand that Obama’s policies in the region are an abject failure.

Egypt is now in the hands of a government hostile toward Israel and so is Libya. Iran, while working toward nuclear weapons has been testing medium range missiles which can reach Israel. Syria is on the verge of becoming a vacuum which will no doubt be filled by those opposed to the existence of Israel and Syria, with their stockpile of chemical weapons is less than a short range stone’s throw from Israel.

Jewish voter in America have a decision to make.

Will they cling to Obama’s broken promises as a candidate in 2008?

Will they vote as a bloc for him again based on his promise to visit Israel “sometime” in his 2nd term?

That all depends, I suppose, on whether there will still BE an Israel should that day arrive. As Israel is perfectly able to defend itself, amid a building Iranian nuclear threat and the threat of chemical attack from the likes of Syria, one must wonder what the outcome might be and the level of devastation that Israel might suffer in the process.

This past weekend was not the first time Mitt Romney has visited Israel and most certainly, it won’t be the last either. Romney and Netanyahu have a long and friendly history and Romney’s stated desire to stand WITH Israel and AGAINST common adversaries should not be taken as an empty promise either by Israelis or those adversaries.

It should also not be considered hollow by Jewish voters in this country.

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  1. Israel should ship Palestinians back to Jordan, Turkey and Egypt where they came from. But they were evicted weren’t they? Hmm, I wonder why?

  2. It is beyond my comprehension why American Jews still support Obama when he has proven he is an enemy of Israel…..I just don’t get it…..

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