Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Genuine Forgery


That SHOULD be the headline on every newspaper and the top story on every newscast around the country today.

It SHOULD be but, it won’t be.

Obama told us it was real…it was official…He either didn’t know it was a forgery or…He lied.

Obama said we wouldn’t be able to solve the nation’s problems if…”we are distracted…If we just, make stuff up, and pretend facts are not facts…”

Well…SOMEBODY just “MADE STUFF UP”  in creating  his birth certificate and the FACT is…That birth certificate is a FRAUD and a FORGERY. The only people “pretending” otherwise are Obama and the liberal/socialists who support him.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Investigator Mike Zullo held a press conference in Phoenix to announce further findings regarding the Cold Case Posse investigation into Obama’s birth certificate and the findings were stunning.

After Zullo, Jerome Corsi and 1 Deputy spent 11 days in Hawaii, their findings were not only stunning, they show a great probability that Hawaii and their laws regarding birth certificates pose a real and present threat to national security.

On the document, presented by Obama and on the White House website in April 2011, there are small boxes with hand written numbers next to boxes filled in with typed information. In 2 of those boxes, the hand written number 9 appears corresponding to boxes filled in with typed information.

One of those #9’s appears next to where the race of the father is recorded as “African.”

Those hand written numbers correspond to Hawaii’s Department of Vital Statistics and are used for coding. Those codes are double checked and supposed to be recorded on magnetic tape by the federal government.

To be clear…”African” was NOT used as a designation of race on Hawaii birth certificates until 1989. Obama was born in 1961 and therefore, his father’s race would NOT have been listed as “African.”

In the 2nd place…there is that box with a hand written 9 next to the race designation. That #9, hand written, according to Verna Lee, the now 95 year old registrar whose name appears on that document, designates that the information was, “Not Stated.”

THAT means that either there should be NO hand written “9“ in that box OR, “African” (which was NOT used as a designation until 1989) nor any OTHER race designation should be on that document. However BOTH appear on the document.

The “9”, designating information “Not Stated” also appears next to Obama’s father’s Kind of Business or Industry” box where it clearly shows, “University.” Again…IF that box had been filled out with “University” the “9” would NOT have accompanied it AND…If the “9” was there, which it IS…There should be NOTHING typed in the Business or Industry box.

This is just ONE of the ways this document is in direct conflict with itself.

The National Security Issue

From 1955, when Hawaii was a territory until 1982, any person could declare a birth of a child from a region outside the direct jurisdiction served by a hospital in Hawaii and receive a birth certificate for that child as long as they could prove they were a resident of Hawaii.

In 1982, that law was EXPANDED so that anyone who could prove they were a RESIDENT…not a CITIZEN of Hawaii, could obtain a HAWAIIAN birth certificate for ANY child born ANYWHERE in the WORLD and even an ADULT could do so for themselves.

THIS means that virtually NO Hawaiian birth certificate can be used as PROOF of United States Citizenship.


When Zullo and the Deputy went to see Alvin Onaka, who’s stamped name appears on the document sent to Arizona’s Secretary of State to verify Obama’s Hawaiian birth, they were told that Onaka does not speak to the public.

Instead, they spoke with a Deputy administrator in that Department of Health office who, when asked to verify that the document in question was the exact document they provided to Obama’s attorney in April 2011, refused to answer the question.

Zullo and the Deputy WERE however, able to verify that the Hawaii Department of Health does NOT issue PDF copies of documents.

THAT is of great interest as the document purported by Obama to be the “official” birth certificate IS, indeed, a PDF.

Zullo was also able to verify that any document which is officially altered in any way by adding, at any time, information NOT on the original MUST be stamped, “Amended” and, as the document in question has CLEARLY been altered and CLEARLY does NOT bear an “Amended” designation…

It CAN NOT be, in any way, considered a valid document and it would NOT hold up in a court of law as such.

Zullo and the Deputy were also able to confirm that the serial number on the purported Obama birth certificate IS indeed out of order with the certificates of the Nordyke twins. Those serial numbers are sequential and Obama’s number is HIGHER than the numbers of the Nordyke twins whose dates of birth are AFTER Obama’s reported date of birth.

As these numbers, like the coding numbers, are double checked by the registrar, this too calls into question not only the authenticity of the document itself but, it can also be used to call into question Obama’s actual date of birth in respect to the purported certificate.

During their Hawaii investigation, Zullo and the Deputy asked to see the book containing names of women who gave birth in the hospital. That book is kept at the Hospital archives. Every mother who gave birth there had their name written in a book. Those books covered a 2 year span each and were then placed in the official hospital archives.  Zullo and the Deputy were denied access upon identifying themselves and their investigation.

It should be noted that normally, those archives are available to the public.

As Mike Zullo put it during the press conference…

“It’s time for this charade to stop!”

Probable cause to suspect has now been erased.

The “birth certificate” presented by Obama, on the White House website and held as proof positive by liberals everywhere, is a 100% forgery. A fake and a fraud. It is in contradiction with itself and with the laws of the State of Hawaii. It cannot pass verification nor would it pass in a court of law.

In fact, after the March 1st 2012 press conference held by Arpaio and Zullo, Zullo commissioned 2 separate forensic document experts to try and reproduce the sort of layering they described in that press conference.

Between the 2 of them, and through some 1,200 tests, neither could reproduce, at random, the sort of layering seen in the Obama document, using ANY software available on the market.

Between the layering anomalies and the evidence found while IN Hawaii, there is now full certainty that the document, the one Obama said was his “Official birth certificate” is nothing of the sort. It is a produced fraud and, apparently, not even a good one.

One more thing of note.

That paid Deputy. The one who traveled to Hawaii on the taxpayer’s dime…

Donations were given to repay the taxpayers for that Deputy’s travel but…The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors…REFUSED to accept that repayment and have offered NO reason FOR that refusal.

After the press conference, Members of the Phoenix local press, most notably CBS affiliate Channel 5 and NBC affiliate Channel 12, predictably attacked Zullo and Arpaio and called into question THEIR qualifications rather than address the issue of a forged birth certificate.

CBS 5 and NBC 12 should be scorned for their attacks as it was THEIR political agenda on display…NOT a political agenda of Investigator Zullo or Sheriff Arpaio. Channel 12 tried “gotcha” questions regarding the conversation with 95 year old Verna Lee and the Posse’s attempt to see the book at the Hospital in Hawaii.

Given all the evidence regarding the document and its obvious issues of fraud, listen to how Phoenix CBS 5 covered the event on their 5:30 newscast.

Well, we certainly didn’t expect anything different, did we?

Here’s the bottom line:

The birth certificate Obama presented is a forgery and of that, there is now absolutely no rational doubt.

The letter sent from Hawaii to Arizona to verify Obama’s status verifies nothing as it lacks a date of birth.

The fact that Hawaii allows anyone from anywhere to get a Hawaiian birth certificate means that NO Hawaiian birth certificate can be used to verify U.S. Citizenship.

Liberals will continue to dismiss these findings and those who report on them. They will, as KPHO 5 did, continue to attack the messengers but will NOT deal with the facts discovered. They can’t deal with the facts as they are now indisputable. Attacking Zullo, Arpaio and others are clear signs that liberals, who have attached themselves to Obama and his “birth certificate” are desperate to perpetrate fraud in order to NOT admit they were wrong.

To read the Official Cold Case Posse report…CLICK HERE!!

15 thoughts on “Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Genuine Forgery

  1. It now been three weeks since Sheriff Joe’s press conference and nothing has happened. Rush Limbaugh still does not want to discuss it. Nor do Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck or Bill O Reilly. Obama’s name is still on the ballot in Arizona, and in all the states. Nobody from Congress is calling for an investigation. No Attorney General or District Attorney has taken up the case. Apparently they all believe the birth certificate from Hawaii and the officials in Hawaii and the Index Data and the birth notices, and they do not believe the sheriff.

  2. It has been a week since the Sheriff’s press conference, and nothing has happened. NOTHING. Nothing at all.

    No member of Congress (and there are 535 of them) has called for an investigation. Not even Rush Limbaugh wants to discuss it. John McCain, who is one of the Senators of Arizona as well as being the former Republican candidate for president, has recently called the Sheriff crazy. The CONSERVATIVE secretary of state of Arizona, who accepted Hawaii’s confirmation of the birth certificate and put Obama on the ballot has not reversed himself and taken Obama off of the ballot.

    Could the explanation for all this be that the whole world is part of the plot? Or, more likely, is it that they believe the birth certificate, and the officials in Hawaii, and the Index Data, and the birth notices in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers——and they do not believe the sheriff.

    They have good reason not to believe the sheriff:


  3. In response to admin:

    Re: “You see…the “9″ is clearly visible where the race of the father AND the business or industry boxes are filled out.”

    I hate to call names, but you are not showing much intelligence. The codes were DIFFERENT FOR THE DIFFERENT SPACES. The code “9” for the Father’s race space mean “other nonwhite.” For the University category it meant something else.


    You will find the complete published “Vital Statistics of the US – 1961 – Volume 1: Natality” in an Adobe file at that site. All you have to do is to look (1) under race of father and (2) under other categories, such as University.

    • tnugent,

      How BRILLIANT of you…YOU have, by posting this comment and link…let us ALL in on a little secret.
      Next to the “Business or Industry is another hand written “9” which means…”UNIVERSITY” is classified as…”OTHER – NON WHITE” and is a racial job.
      You see…the “9” is clearly visible where the race of the father AND the business or industry boxes are filled out.

      BRILLIANT…I believe now we can all dismiss tnugent and his link.

  4. Patriot –

    I would hope and pray that those who clearly see what is the obvious, point that out to all the [so-called] “Conservatives” and tell them to “get with the program!”
    They need to attack Obama’s Achilles heel – that, being his fraudulent birth certificate and his other scandals. Hannity, OReilly, and a host of those FOX people need to be told by Conservatives, birthers and Constitutionalists to stop being hypocritical and come out with the news about Obama’s fraud………..

  5. We are TIRED of being LIED 2 by the Liberal Democrats. I supported the Cold case Posse’investigation FINANCIALLY, because I want to know why we have a USURPER ,Forger & FRAUD Dictating UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS to US. Why didn’t OUR MONEY SUPPORT the INVESTIGATION? Does the Only AMERICAN HERO in the NATION Sheriff Joe need more money, I’ll DROP he& ROMNEY a check this afternoon? The US PRESS REFUSE 2 REPORT THE BIGGEST HOAX ever perpetrated on the AMERICAN PUBLIC. They refuse 2 COVER THE FACT that Barry Obama is FINANCIALLY SUPPORTED by SUNNI MUSLIMS,the SAUDI ROYAL FAMILIES, PAKISTANI HAMAs who is the PAKI’S tied 2 the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD-SINCE the FRAUDnTHIEF has STARTED his DESTRUCTION of our ECONOMY IN 2008,he has FUNDED the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD EVEN after Congress TOLD HIM NOT 2 SEND 146BILLION$’s(of our BORROWED&PRINTED$money$$$$) 2 the JIHADISTS -he “BYPASSED” CONGRESS AGAIN. WE NEED A CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION into the TRY IDENTITY of Barry Obama—the 1st AFRICAN DICtator of the USA. NO MORE BO HE HAS GOT 2 GO……..CONGRESS can you STOP BEING OUTRAGED by OLYMPIC UNIFORMS& WORRY ABOUT A COUP that has OVERTAKEN OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT———we are PISSED that DIRTY HARRY& the WEASEL PELOSI pretended 2 vet BO, when in ACTUALITY they LOOKED the OTHER way. BO LOST license 2 practice LAW IN ILLINOIS———Y? HE LOST IT 4 FRAUD

  6. Mary B, you’re right! My understanding is that everyone up in Washington already knew this info but have agreed to keep silent as long as he “stays in line”. However, that’s sheer insanity considering the position and power the guy holds and his agenda — as we see playing out right before our eyes. Taqiyya has been and is being implemented in “stealth” so as not to alarm the public until everything is in place and ready to go. All of those helping him and funding him will find out just like the rest of us, should his plan play out, that their heads will fall too! tRemember those teenage years of his he couldn’t remember? Well, it seems he was in an Islaamic school in Russia! His closest friend that he spends all his time on his Blackberry with is the current head of the Muslim Brotherhood, the leader of Turkey (I know it, but his name escapes me at the moment — sorry). His very first action upon taking the WH was to write a 20.3 M dollar check from taxpayers money to Haamas as a “thank you” for helping raise $4 for his election! Upon “Executive Order” of course. We’re in HUGE trouble here as a nation, and although plans have already been made for us, I think we need a plan of our own — sooner rather than later!

  7. I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that his father wasn’t a citizen (which makes him totally ineligible) yet they let him run. All this crap about where he was born doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. A natural born citizen is not the same as a naturalized citizen. I can’t believe we allowed someone with dual citizenship be president. It’s totally illegal but he gets away with it. God help us all.

  8. so now what ??? MORE proof of fraud, that is not a surprise. What can we do with this info if the top government official has TOLD everyone to ignore this proof?? The government has ridiculed us as crazy “birthers” like we have seen UFO’s Now the media just writes it off as crazies. With this new information can AZ refuse to put Obama’s name on the ballot? I met Sheriff Joe in Las Vegas with Chuck Muth recently and I admire his courage however we need a new plan as to “now what” AND before November please!!
    Thank you Joe and your wonderful Posse!

  9. So now what?? More proof of fraud. But with the government calling us birthers and making us out to be crazy no mainstream paper will report it. What legal steps can AZ take now??? Can AZ keep his name off of the Ballot?

    Thank you Sheriff Joe!!


  10. @SpeakerBoehner ,Investigate Obama’s fraudelent Birth Certificate! call Sheriff Joe, he has all the evidence you need.

  11. The Manchurian Candidate in the WH is under the control of Iranian Communist Valerie Jarrett and progressive billionaire George Soros. The illegal president is purposely overloading the system and destroying America from within while GOP stands by helplessly and MSM looks the other way.

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