Obama’s Back to the Future Campaign

Scare tactics and conservative conspiracy theories?

Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong but in order to have a valid argument, you’ll have to prove how past actions don’t lead to future reality.

If the Emperor maintains the throne, what can we expect in the next 4 years?

Liberals will laugh at you if you share this with them but, it’s always been a poker “tell” when they stary laughing. They’re tipping their hand. The faster they start laughing, the closer you are to the exact truth and the harder they laugh, trying to drown you out, the more spot on you are in what you’re telling them.

When the name calling starts, you have exposed their truth and they don’t like it not one little bit.

When they start slapping labels on you like…Racist or…Certifiably crazy or…Birther…it’s a tell that they are absolutely desperate to make YOU the focus rather than the TRUTH.

To predict the future of America under another 4 years of Obama we first need to examine his past behavior.

Everything he’s done in the last 3 ½ years is a foreshadowing of the future with the Emperor on the Throne.

He has, for his entire term, unilaterally decided what laws would or would not be defended. He started with the Defense of Marriage Act and has run it all the way to Immigration. Existing laws mean nothing compared to his agenda.

If you haven’t been a fan of his existing law sidestepping and Imperial Orders thus far…Oh just wait…

In the NEXT 4 years…what he’s done up to now is going to seem like a Church picnic because…if he wins in November…he will not be hindered by the need to raise money for a future election and that is being optimistic that there would even BE a future election.

It’ll be even worse if, after November, conservatives win the Senate and hold the house.

In his next 4 years, holy cow is the spending going to ramp UP.

He’s already driven the national debt higher than at any time in history, spent MORE than anyone in the history of the PLANET and accumulated MORE debt than all the presidents before him COMBINED. He’s accomplished all this without the constraints of a pesky budget.

If the congress goes to a conservative majority in November…starting in January…Budgets will…WILL be passed but, to an Emperor, budgets are like existing laws…there to be ignored and don’t think for even a MOMENT he won’t find a way to subvert a conservative congress to find ways to spend, spend, spend.

If budgets pass, he’ll veto them and unless conservatives have a veto proof majority, which is doubtful, well…we’ll be stuck with the same budgets we’ve had for the last 3 years.


If you think what he did a couple weeks ago to Arizona with regard to immigration is abysmal…in his next 4 years…Its open borders time for ALL of the United States. Illegal immigration enforcement will be a thing of the past. The drug cartels will never have to sneak in again and the rising levels of violence will not only force Americans OUT of border states, it’ll help create the social and race wars he’ll need to suspend future elections…First in those border states and then, nationwide.

With Obamacare, the Emperor has established government control over churches and religious organizations. Look for him to expand on that and don’t for one minute think it’s only going to affect the Catholic Church.

By Imperial Orders, the Emperor will mandate to ALL religions things which go directly against their doctrines and you can believe that, eventually, saying a prayer in your own home will become illegal. Don’t think so? How do you explain the whole idea of banning smoking in one’s own home?

Can you say…Trial Balloon?

At that point, you can add religious uprisings to the race war scenario.

Have you noticed the problem at the top of the Department of Justice? What will another 4 years under the rule of the Emperor bring in THAT department?

If Holder is hauled in cuffs…the Emperor will simply appoint someone as bad or worse. What’s that you say? It’s up to congress to okay such an appointment? Of course you’re correct but, consider the Emperor facing off against a conservative congress over appointments.

It wouldn’t matter a lick if the congress was really in recess or not, the Emperor would make recess appointments and besides, in a move that might stun everybody, he could adhere to the Constitution where it says a president can call congress in or…send them home.

Aside from THAT…the Emperor could, be it the DOJ or any other agency, simply continue to appoint those with no chance whatsoever of being confirmed. Why would he do THAT? Simple. That way, the Emperor could be pulling the strings in those agencies while a subordinate is the “sitting” head OF the agency.

In this way, the Emperor, a puppet in his own right, also become a puppeteer.

Nice huh?

Isn’t fundamental transformation fun???

Given another 4 years, the Emperor can stack the court according to his personal agenda and while you may of may not think that’s the situation we’re in now, just know that, those court appointees are there for LIFE and their decisions will effect generations to come.

There won’t be a governmental overreach they won’t absolutely LOVE.

Taxes? Well we’ve already seen the future of taxes too. 4 more years and there is simply no telling WHAT we might be required to purchase or do under threat of impending doom from the IRS.

Hmmm…Foreign policy. Now THERE’S a bag of worms in the control of an asp.

Again, looking back on the last 3 ½ years, we can foresee what’s to come were the Emperor to remain in power over a second term.

Virtually all of the Middle East and North Africa will be under the control of 2 groups. The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Allies will be overrun like Jordan, Kuwait and others.

Israel will simply cease to exist as the Brotherhood takes control of an Iran in turmoil and a Syria sans their current murderous dictator. Consider the peaceful approach of a Muslim Brotherhood with nukes in their arsenal. It ain’t pretty.

The Emperor will, of course imposed back-breaking sanctions like…Refusing to export sand to Iran and Syria but, oh well.

North Korea will either have electricity and food because they take over South Korea or…South Korea will be without food or electricity for the same reason. Toss a coin.

Remember how liberals laughed at those who said Russia was our greatest geographical enemy?

Well…consider A Russia with their largest ally, the Caliphate, working together. Under Emperor Obama, the Caliphate alone may well NOT be the biggest problem.

Now, combine the Emperor’s open border policies with the Russian Brotherhood and all those Islamists in Deerbornistan Michigan are going to look like a herd of Girl Scouts with a wagon load of cookies.

The Emperor is a socialist.

Congressional liberals are a combination of socialists and communists. Congressman Allen West was absolutely correct and you want to know how I know that?

Because when he let loose with the Commies in Congress information, liberals started laughing, laughing louder, they called him names and then…THEN…they slapped a few labels on him.

They even kicked West out of an NAACP event which, in reality, is a lot like refusing to export sand to Syria.

Now then…Not ONE BIT of what I’ve outlined here is anything BUT an expansion of what this Emperor has already done and to be frank, I’ve only scratched the surface. Obama has already laid the groundwork for ALL of it and the dismissive behavior of liberal/socialists when confronted with it will prove the point.

Ask yourself why the Emperor has been railing against what he, and liberal/socialists call an “Obstructionist Congress?”


The republicans, be they true Red, White and Blue conservatives or even RINOS, are the ONLY thing standing between the Emperor’s agenda of socialism, a world dominated by Islam, race wars, wide open borders and an entire nation of entitlement teat suckers and an America we still recognize.The ONLY thing to keep what we can easily foresee in another 4 years of the Emperor’s reign from becoming reality is…


We can’t restore the nation to greatness with one president or a single election but…Come November 6th, 2012…

We sure as hell can start the process.

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  1. I received an email reading “choices . . . very interesting”. It contained the choices that Mr. Andresen thought would be instrumental in choosing candidates at the Republication National Convention that would help the election of Mitt Romney. Can that be verified? I will send a copy of that email if requested.

    Arthur Tracy

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