Obama About to be Forced to Defend the Indefensible

Along with all the bombast regarding personal attacks on Mitt Romney, one should fully expect Obama to ratchet up yet another aspect of his agenda between now and the end of September and, if Romney and his staff are smart, they will take today’s news and pounce on it like they have the “You didn’t build that” stance Obama has taken lately.

This news has been lost among the high profile Aurora shooting and the NCAA response to the Sandusky conviction at Penn State.

The Poverty Rate

The official numbers will not be released until just weeks before the November elections, probably in mid to late September but the predictions are, to say the least, dire.

Remember when Reagan asked so famously, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”

Well, the question Romney should be posing from now until the election is, “Are you better off now than you were 47 years ago?”

The latest census report will be made public in September and will show a rise in the poverty rate of the nation from 15.1% to as high as 15.7% but, know this…

Even a 0.1% increase will put the nation at the HIGHEST poverty rate since 1965.

Obama and liberal pundits will try to convince the public that it would be a whole lot worse were it NOT for Obama and his stimulus spending spree.

That is the oldest trick in the book.

Romney needs to get out in FRONT of this news and HAMMER on it for the next 3 ½ months.

In debates, on the campaign trail and at every stump stop, Romney must PRESS Obama to anti up and quantify what we all know will be the assertion that it would have been worse without Obama’s agenda.

It Can’t Be Quantified.

It’s exactly like “Jobs Saved.” There is no possible way to quantify the number.

Liberal/socialists and Obama all say that unemployment would have risen to even HIGHER numbers were it not for them and that the stimulus spending managed to hold it down to 10.1% and it would surely be higher than 8.2% today were it not for them.

Obama and liberal/socialists will try to downplay the fact that he said unemployment wouldn’t go above 8% if he was granted a trillion dollar stimulus and they will try to fool a dupable public into believing that had the 1 trillion been 2 trillion or 3 trillion, because BUSH made things worse than they thought, things would be better today.


Romney must grab onto this news and show Obama for what he truly is. A socialist community organizer without a clue as to how to either protect or grow an economy and worse.

Obama hasn’t passed a budget since the day he took office. He, as a Senator decreed that increasing the debt ceiling was a clear sign of failed leadership and that he believes a nation can climb out of debt by SPENDING their way out.

One of the most obnoxious and sustained personal attacks levied against Romney by Obama, liberal/socialist voters and liberal/socialist talking heads has been that Romney is “out of touch with average Americans” because he’s rich and we’re not.

THIS is Romney’s Opportunity.

Romney, as a successful businessman, should seize this opportunity to prove he IS in touch with the average American by pointing out that, just as Americans know THEY can’t spend THEIR way out of a hole, neither can a business and most certainly…A NATION, 15 trillion dollars in debt and sinking deeper…CAN NOT spend ITS way out of a hole.

Romney MUST point out, at every stop, that “Obama has made that hole deeper than all the presidents before him COMBINED and now, standing at the bottom of that deep, deep hole, he wants a bigger shovel.”

Needless to say, the poverty level is calculated by a complicated formula. To make it more simple to understand, one must realize what it is, is cash poverty. It’s calculated based on cash on hand.

What it DOESN’T take into account is the UNDER employed and those who have simply removed themselves from the job market

If  THOSE factors were added in, it would be horrifically high and, it’s growing every day.

While Obama presses class warfare, Romney should be pressing the poverty level news as it’s about to be revealed that it has risen higher than at any time since 1965.

If Romney gets out in front on this, and we, as conservatives do the same, it puts Obama and his Obamatrons on the defensive and forces them to address a code blue emergency directly related to the economy!

There are many factors of importance in this election from jobs and the economy to the deterioration  of  American exceptionalism on the world stage but, this factor, the poverty level, hits ALL Americans right where it counts.

This is exactly why Romney can and will connect with average Americans if he latches onto this and provides policy which can reverse this trend.

To do it, Romney must make clear the primary difference in ideology between himself and Obama.

Obama, as a socialist, requires higher and higher levels of poverty in order to force more and more of the populace into government handouts and government sponsored bailouts. The more bailouts and handouts, the more people come to rely on the government to supply their basic needs, the more government can control and regulate the general public.

It’s the anti American dream.

It is socialism.

Romney equals capitalism and the pro American dream which, like the republic envisioned by the founders and framers, relies on smaller government and less intrusion by the government into the lives of the people. Self reliance and a system which rewards success rather than punishes it.

Obama wants to punish success and tax our way out of poverty on the backs of those who have achieved success.

Romney wants to lessen the burden on ALL Americans and reignite the American Dream.

As Kennedy said, “A rising tide raises all boats.”

Romney needs to point out how HIS policies will remove stifling restrictions and regulations on businesses which those either IN business or wishing to CREATE a business know all too well are holding them back. Remove oppressing tax burdens and restructure the tax code to light a fire under the American economy by allowing people to KEEP more of what they earn.

As the economy improves, so too will the lot of the American people.

Obamacare and tax hikes on the rich will BOTH act to ensure that the GOVERNMENT will TAKE more of what the people earn and thus, continue to increase the poverty rate.

Under Obama, the United States has seen it only reduction in credit ratings in its history. That affects the economy in many ways and none of them positive.

Having the fed print more money, as Obama has done, drives up inflation as it lessens the value of the dollar and thus, increases the poverty rate as, you must remember, is directly tied to cash on hand.

There have also been reports that the fed would do so again.

Dependence on foreign energy rather than domestic energy also has a negative effect on the economy and jobs as do the adverse regulations put into effect by liberals ON the production of domestic energy.

It’s Just This Simple.

Obama’s ONLY plan is higher taxes and more government spending

Just as individuals can NOT spend THEIR way out of poverty using other people’s money, neither can a nation regardless of what Obama and the liberal/socialist ideology states.

Tomorrow…The speech that Romney must present.

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  1. “Populace.” Otherwise OK. However, there are still people in his regime making the silly argument that “regulations make business more profitable/successful/more willing to remain onshore.” That is an example of 1984 “Newspeak” and yet there are trolls here that will adopt that argument.

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