Long Term Solutions to a 1 Term Problem

Yesterday, in our article, “Obama’s Tax Plan Unicorn” we pointed out the extreme short term thinking of the Emperor and its negative effects on small businesses. We also promised a long term solution.

To understand the long term solutions we must look back a little.

While Obama’s excuse for the economic disaster has always been, and continues to be George W. Bush, it is clearly a false notion.

Congress switched hands in the midterm election of 2006 with liberals taking control in January of 2007. Obama ran on false promises of fixing the economy and from the time he took office until the midterm 2010 election, HIS party controlled both the House and the Senate but, rather than working on the economy, Obama took advantage of his party’s control of congress to ram through Obamacare.

The following chart shows employment statistics from 2004 to the present.

Clearly, under liberal control of congress, the jobs situation tanked and didn’t start any sort of up-tick until after the 2010 midterm when conservatives retook the House.

Since those midterm elections, Obama has claimed and will continue to claim throughout this campaign, that he is up against a DO NOTHING CONGRESS which has been obstructing any attempt to right the ship.

Again, a false claim.

Since the 2010 midterm elections, conservatives in the House have passed and sent to the Senate, more than 30 bills aimed at providing a stable tax and spending situation which would spur small businesses into expansion, investment and optimism.

Each and every one of those bills are sitting on dusty back shelves in the Senate and not one has been allowed, by liberal control wielded by Harry Reid, to be brought to a vote.

Not one.

While Obama tries to portray himself as a friend of the working middle class, he is, in fact, doing all he can to make everyone equal…At the bottom.

Such is the very nature of socialism.

Without passing a single jobs bill brought forth from the House…Without passing a single budget in Obama’s 3 1/2  years at the helm, liberals are making it crystal clear who is doing nothing and who is being obstructionist.

What small businesses need…What they demand, in order to even THINK of business expansion, investment and hiring, is long term stability. Successful business people must plan for the long term and they can’t do that if they have no idea what lies ahead or how the tax code will affect their decisions.

Here is how stability will be provided.

There is no ONE election or ONE President who can correct the course. This is going to take time and hard work. NOT the hard work of elected leaders but, OUR hard work.

Electing the republican nominee ALONE isn’t going to do it and those who believe that it will don’t “get it” any more than do liberals. This is not to say we can afford NOT to elect the republican nominee. That is something we MUST do.

We must also retake the Senate into conservative control and remain in control of the House.

THAT is only the START!

Repeal of Obamacare, the single largest tax increase in American history is a must.

Simplifying the tax code so that it can be understood. As it is NOW, even CPA’s struggle with it and, call the IRS for help and you can get as many different answers to your questions as the number of people to whom you speak.

Given what we’ve seen, there’s a choice to be made. Do we want liberals rewriting the tax code or conservatives? Remember, Liberals think that your money belongs to the government and they can best decide how it’s spent while conservatives believe your money is…YOUR money and YOU can better decide how it’s spent.

Insisting on passing budgets that will cut spending and waste. A MUST.

We can’t forget that, just last month, Obama unloaded nearly 1 million ILLEGAL workers into the job market. Remember, he gave them, by decree, a 2 year pass.

2 years.

Again, a classic exhibit of short term thinking.

Are businesses going to make any long term strategy based on hiring those who, in 2 years, may very well be unable to work in this country? NO WAY.

If businesses hire illegal workers NOW only to have them face deportation in 2 years, and those businesses expand on that basis, what happens? They will then HAVE to depend on government bailouts to survive and should they do so, become OWNED by GOVERNMENT rather than private enterprise.

We must protect American jobs, in part, by protecting our borders with responsible immigration policies and adherence to existing laws.


Get the people hooked on government entitlements and in short order, they’ll depend on them. Get businesses hooked on government assistance and, in short order, THEY’LL depend on it. Take healthcare decisions from individuals and put them in the hands of the government…You get the idea.

To understand the Obama tax plan, we have to provide a definition for the 2 parts into which Obama has divided it.

Upper class and middle class.

The middle class, to whom Obama now wants to extend, for only 1 more year (again, classic short term thinking) the Bush tax cuts are those most likely to SPEND on consumer goods. That 1 year extension gets Obama through the election but, what then? He’ll end the tax breaks for them and there goes any boost in consumer spending.

The upper class, to whom Obama wants to stick it with tax hikes, are those most likely to INVEST in businesses.

Tax the rich, those most likely to invest until they don’t see the point in investing and, not only won’t they won’t be wealthy for long but their ambition will be gone…Won’t it? By the way…Obama’s soak the rich plan will only offset 8 1/2 days of government spending.

Provide government handouts to the masses and why would THEY be ambitious? The youth will see others getting something for nothing and…why would THEY want to show any ambition?

What will happen when the rich run out of money under the Obama solution?

The middle class will then be the upper class and guess who liberals will be going after then?

Under the Obama, liberal/socialist plan, we’ll see the elimination of the upper class, then the middle class and be left with nothing but the entitlement class.

Obama’s short term plans will lead to nothing but long term disaster.

Long Term Solutions

Long term solutions however, will lead to long term prosperity.

A congress under conservative control will either make the Bush tax breaks permanent or, rewrite the entire tax code to lower tax burdens across the board and simplify the system. They will cut spending. Shut down wasteful agencies. Cut restrictions. Pass budgets. Repeal Obamacare. Slash corporate tax rates and capital gains taxes.

What’s more, conservatives will work toward removing the red tape which restricts growth of America’s small businesses.

These won’t be stop-gap or temporary measures either. These will be LONG TERM solutions meant to induce stability in the small business sector, lessen the burden on individuals and spur the economy by allowing people to keep MORE of what they EARN.

Conservatives will also find a workable solution to border security and meaningful immigration reform rather than a 2 year stop-gap measure designed to fail.

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, that’s only a good start.

We have to change the way WE think about elections in order to bring about TRUE long term solutions.

Most who serve in Congress come up through local and state bodies.

WE have to become better at VETTING those at the state and local levels and once elected, we must WATCH them closely.

How do we change the way we think about voting?


Don’t think of it as voting at all.

If we do only what we’ve done, how can we ever expect a different outcome?

Voting is OUT…HIRING is IN.

If we vote for them and then leave them alone, they will soon have US working for THEM and, after all, isn’t THAT where we find ourselves today? Now…If we HIRE them, and watch them, and INSTRUCT them…THEY are working for US…aren’t they?

On November 6th, don’t go to the polls looking for a ballot…Go to review JOB APPLICATIONS and hire those who will make OUR greatest asset GROW.

OUR greatest asset being OUR NATION.

YOU and I are the CEO.

A President is OUR General Manager.

Those in the House and Senate…DIVISIONAL MANAGERS.

State and local elected officials…Mail room employees and interns.

As VOTERS, when we ELECT someone and they don’t pan out, we have a horrible tendency to ignore the problem.

As the CEO…If we HIRE someone who holds OUR business back of causes OUR business to LOSE money and consistently, despite OUR instructions, continues to make bad business decisions…WE FIRE THEM.

If WE start treating elections like entrepreneurs treat their SMALL BUSINESSES, bringing in interns and mail room clerks, moving them up the ladder if they show promise, give them more responsibilities while weeding out those who are detrimental to the business, we’ll never again find ourselves in the position of having a Community Organizer with NO business experience telling US what to do.

This November, we have THAT exact choice.

We can HIRE someone with PROVEN business success who has taken businesses on the brink of disaster and turned them into success stories and HIRE Members of congress to produce the legislation of LONG TERM solutions for his signature OR…

We can continue to allow the socialist Community Organizer to destroy our greatest asset while we resign ourselves to being big government’s ATM.

5 thoughts on “Long Term Solutions to a 1 Term Problem

  1. And on that I both agree and will continue to work feverishly to accomplish. Got a couple of Candidates I’m working with right now in the 3rd and 13th Congessional districts in my State.

  2. Craig,

    There’s no doubt your heart is in the right place. The common ground is that true change is the only answer and we will only differ on tactics to achieve it. I pray daily that the wisdom of peaceful revolution will never desert us But experience is teaching/taught me that the last peaceful means was put on display by Iceland and they are well on their way to a full recovery with added benefits because of it.

    Regardless of how the future unfolds we will always want to Hire the right representation and I truly think we will..,in time, but time is not our friend in this particular instance. In case you’re missing it, tyranny is in a sprint to the finish line… Before the next elections.

    I do not sit idly by and await someone else to initiate those changes. Working within the existing GOP structure I’m doing everything I can to make it happen and will continue to seek qualified, conservative, pro-Constitutional candidates to be placed on my counties State Ballot while at the same time speaking to the truth of the matter and one such truth is this… GA’s ballots, along with numerous other States will be sent to SPAIN to be tabulated. SPAIN!?!? This brings to mind the “Battle of Athens, TN” in 1946. Those returning war vets weren’t nearly as timid about their elections as todays modern American Male. They saw the problem and they fixed it.


    • Carl,

      I believe we agree far more than disagree on this. What I advocate is the hiring of a conservative majority in the House and Senate as well as the hiring of the GOP nominee, Romney…THIS time around.

      For the FUTURE…as I state…We must do a much better job of vetting at the local and state level and bring those who adhere to conservative principles UP the ladder and into congress. It must be a concerted effort AND an ongoing effort to provide the LONG TERM situation which will not only lead our nation FAR, FAR from the tyranny of socialism which we now face and BACK to the rule OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.

  3. There is no longer any time left to entertain the “Hiring is IN” philosophy. Shadow Banksters run the show, not the politicians and all this talk about a panacea being realized in the upcoming elections is merely more smoke being blown up your … Get real, get together and let’s this Nation, not continue to degrade and dishonor it.

    To my friend Bob,

    If they want it back there’s only one way left. Do as Iceland did. Kick them all out and start arresting the bankers. If it gets messy, so be it but hear this… EVERY OTHER EFFORT HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO FAIL! NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    The call has been placed but the alleged Patriots will not answer, will not find the glue that bonds the common American man’s goals and have yet to stand up for this Nation’s Constitution.

    All we have and continue to see/hear is TALK, TALK, TALK.., CRISIS, CRISIS, CRISIS. The time for that ended over two years ago. Doesn’t anyone grow weary of this incessant b_tching? Has Mr. Fix It been bred out of the American male?

    I have personally done every peaceful means of redress there is and now I’m left with only the knowledge that every one of the other three branches of this foreign and alien form of government are hopelessly corrupt and marching to some other un-American, un-Constitutional drum beat. There are four branches and We the People are number one. They are our servants, or were and not until the balance is restored will the direction we travel, change. This requires only two things. Commitment to the restoration of the Republic and the willingness to risk it all in order to achieve our goal.

    The Iceland example couldn’t be clearer to see or replicate.

    Other than you Gunny, who, reading this, will now admit to the problem and stand, shoulder to shoulder, with his fellow American Patriots? Who? I will stand with you Gunny and that makes at least TWO!

    If not now, when
    If not here, where
    If not you, WHO?

    Carl Swensson

    • Carl,

      Your comment exhibits short term thinking.

      Clearly, I stated that NO ONE PRESIDENT AND NO ONE ELECTION will restore this nation.
      I also CLEARLY point out LONG TERM solutions…NOT a panacea based on THIS election.


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