Israel in the Balance as Syria Nears Collapse

Syria is primed and ready to fall. The clock is ticking on Assad and his brutal regime and it’s now in the 11th hour.

If Assad is lucky, he’ll be killed outright either by rebel troops in a gun battle or by the sort of bomb attack which took out 3 of his top thugs yesterday.

If he’s lucky.

A little less luck would have him meet the same fate as Saddam…at the end of a rope after being tried for crimes against his own people.

Or…He go out as did Qaddafi…captured, beaten and shot in the street like the cur that he is.

Assad’s one and only chance would be to leave on his own and flee to a friendly Iran but even that comes with risks. What are the chances he can escape alive? Slim. What are the chances that, given the opportunity, even Iran would want him?


Iran already has Ahmadenijad and that raises the question…Is Iran big enough for 2 rabid dogs?

Yes but it comes with conditions. Iran could well accept Assad IF Assad brings his weapons of mass death along with him.

Anyway you look at it…Assad is near death from naturally occurring unnatural causes.

What then of his civil war torn nation? What becomes of Syria itself?

Sadly, Syria will not fare much better that their soon-to-be former dictator.

Once Assad is gone…Syria becomes a vacuum and, as we’ve said so many times before…Nature hates a vacuum.

Forget nature…Islam LOVES a vacuum more than nature hates one and is also quicker to fill one and the vacuum in leadership in the white house is seen by Islam as a willing accomplice.

Just ask Egypt or Libya.

Egypt’s vacuum was filled by the gift of a seat at the table. The Muslim Brotherhood, which PROMISED not to seek power or the Egyptian presidency, did both and won. They have promised to end the decade’s old Egypt/Israel peace treaty and go to war against Israel as well.

In Libya, the vacuum was filled quickly by al Qaeda. The black al Qaeda flag was flying over the courthouse in Benghazi before Qaddafi’s remains, displayed in a grocery meat cooler, were marked down as a manager’s special.

What gangs of thugs like al Qaeda and the Brotherhood lacked before the vacuums presented themselves was landmass. Sure, they had an ideology but no real base of operations. That has now changed.

With Syria about to fall, both see an opportunity.

Syria’s placement on the map is a key position for any and all who wish to literally launch attacks against Israel and both al Qaeda and the Brotherhood so wish.

It has also, because of its geographic location, become attractive to a 3rd party.


Think Iran isn’t interested in expanding their reach? Iran has been testing medium range missiles which, FROM Iran, could reach Israel and, from the southwest portion OF Syria, those Iranian missiles wouldn’t even need to be medium range.

Iran has already exerted a fair amount of pressure in Iraq which was bolstered by Obama’s hasty removal of troops.

It doesn’t take a BIG vacuum for Islamists to weasel in. Any country that sucks just a little is a prime candidate. Syria sucks a whole bunch.

Now, to be sure, the people of Syria wouldn’t like Iran moving in but, they’re war weary after 16 months of this and Assad didn’t have the expanse of military might as does Iran.

It’s a trifecta of terrorism. Iran…the Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

Little by little, fallen nation by fallen nation, the scourge grows.

It’s like the bumper stickers slapped on the south facing ends of north bound camels and goats all over the region says…

“It’s Never Too Late For a Caliphate!!”

So…What to do?

Well…What passes for pure GENIUS in the bastion of exceptional behavior know as the United Nations…Kofi Annan…Says that IRAN should be considered a major component of stabilization and a solution for Syria.

Oh really?

Iran would have the exact stabilizing effect on Syria as a hurricane would have on a house of cards.

Then there was Leon Panetta yesterday who, in a most timely fashion, warned that, “this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control.”

Hey Leon…Wake up and smell the Kofi!!!!

The situation in Syria has been “out of control” for at least 16 months!!! Thousands upon thousands of Syria’s people have been murdered by their own benevolent dictator and last week, Assad had his chemical weapons on the move.

Now, he’s a cornered pig with his finger on the trigger. He won’t go quietly and this won’t end well.

As for OUR Dictator…

Obama’s laser focused on ridding the world of the evil Romney and any remaining vestiges of capitalism and far too busy proclaiming that business owners didn’t build their businesses themselves. Obama has left lesser trivial things, like Assad and Syria to Hillary.

Ahhh…Our Secretary of a State of Confusion.

Hillary gleefully latched on to the PROMISE of North Korea’s Lil’ Kim that he wouldn’t shoot off any more missiles.

He promptly did.

Can a person would have let Dahmer off the hook had he just promised to turn vegetarian and not use the cutlery be trusted to rein in the reign of Assad?

The very thought perishes faster than the people of Syria.

While Assad is singing “Should I Stay or Should I Go” those “Rockin’ In the Free World” are contemplating whether or not to “Rock the Casbah.”

It seems the last man of action and voice of reason in the region has had enough and for good reason.

Yesterday, an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria was bombed by a homicide bomber carrying a fake Michigan drivers license and Netanyahu, citing Iran as the perpetrator of the terrorist act, has set his, and his nation’s sites on reprisal.

Michigan? Yes…That’s where one would find Dearbornistan.

As Iran prances about with their missiles hanging out, their nuclear weapons program refining its way to higher and higher grades, their continued arming of Assad and their ever present desire to alter the map forever, Netanyahu may well be poised to fire more than a shot across their bow for which he will be roundly condemned by the brain trust at the U.N.

Screw the powder blue helmeted cowards and their oh-so-fearsome sanctions and spine shivering resolutions.

Bombs away.

What we have here are 2 terrorist organizations vying for legitimacy –  al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

2 murderous dictators – Assad and Ahmadenijad.

1 community organizer who has given up golf to fight a pitched battle against the American Dream – Obama.

And a warrior turned statesman who has allowed the usual suspects to “lead” through applied appeasement will, with the heart and soul of his prior occupation, take them all to school – Bibi Netanyahu.

The opening graph from a Fox News report says it all.

“U.S. policymakers are bracing for a potential “collapse” of the power structure inside Syria, as the Obama administration closely monitors the intensifying violence in the capital.” 

“Bracing” and “Monitoring” are code words for “HOLY CRAP…WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE’RE DOING!”

And what DID the Obama administration do?

Well…They “slapped financial sanctions on a huge swath of top members in Assad’s government, targeting the prime minister and 28 other cabinet ministers and senior officials.”

Because all the OTHER sanctions have had such a positive effect?

With an election in the wings and Americans concerned with the economy while Obama hasn’t met with his own Jobs Council since January 17th because he’s been too busy trying to save his OWN job by attending 100 fund raisers, having yet ANOTHER regional barbarian fall and his nation’s vacuum filled by yet another terrorist entity is NOT going to look good and people WILL take note.

Egypt in the hands of the Brotherhood, Libya in the hands of al Qaeda and now, Syria on the brink of being up for grabs. Kofi thinks Iran can help stabilize the region, Barack braces for collapse by imposing meaningless sanctions and the only one who actually “gets it” is Bibi.

Bibi, one can suspect, knows all too well that peace is not on the table, stabilization with unstable Islamic Jihadists is not possible but a show of strength, a concept which eludes the community organizer completely, is the only chance of holding despots and their and their U.N. enablers in check.

In about 10 days, Mitt Romney will visit King Abdullah of Jordan and Netanyahu in Israel and as far as we know, Obama has no fund raisers to attend on Tel Aviv.

Gee…I wonder what they’ll talk about?

Romney already knows what Obama doesn’t and that is that a peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is still possible and a 2 state solution there is also but, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s enforcement bureau, can NOT be actively trying to destroy Israel for that to happen.

Netanyahu knows that until he has a President Romney standing WITH him, there’s no chance it will happen either but to get to that point, Israel will have to act to protect itself.

Do whatever you must do and do it now Bibi, and know that regime change in OUR country is coming this November. Come January 20th, you will have a true partner.

In the meantime, Assad will fall, the vacuum will be filled and Obama will brace himself for another fund raising dinner with the Hollywood elite.

3 thoughts on “Israel in the Balance as Syria Nears Collapse

  1. Did the Egyptian military not paint a square in the corner and forbid the new Brotherhood national “leader” to leave it? Not saying that crisis is over, but they are still the real power behind the new Pharaoh, and they are still Western secular allies. I would expect Israel is the best judge of this.

  2. Patriot –

    Your assessment is correct. These are nasty vacuums ready to be filled with the malevolent enemies of Israel, salivating like there is no tomorrow. The Middle East is crumbling with a usurper US putative president, on one hand, doing what he can [and, won’t do] weakening, Israel while (at the same time) strengthening his Muslim brothers…..

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