Election 2012 – Don’t Tap Dance in the Mine Field

When it comes to this election, the most important election since 1860, far too many conservatives are asking the wrong questions or, I believe, taking the wrong stance.

It’s a problem born of far too many years and decades of complacency.

It’s exactly what liberals have been laying the groundwork for throughout those years and decades.

To avoid the trap, one must first realize there IS a trap, see the trap and then take the proper steps to avoid that trap.

As we are but 3 ½ months away from this election, the time is NOW to identify the trap and steer conservatives away from falling prey to it.

Conservatives…Put your bias aside and open your eyes. Open them WIDE and you too, will see through the darkness.

Here we go.

I hear and read far too many conservatives asking, regarding certain issues, “So…Who will do anything about it?” There are, of course, variations of this question. “Why won’t congress DO something?” “Congress KNOWS about this but they won’t DO anything about it.” “What good is it to point out what we all already know since nothing will be done about it?”

You get the idea.

Here’s the Deal…

Since when do we place the quest for solutions solely in the hands of Congress or “whomever?”

This is EXACTLY what liberal/socialists have groomed us to do….Place our trust in GOVERNMENT or…”whoever” rather than taking responsibility OURSELVES. After DECADES of being led to believe that NOTHING is THEIR fault…WE have adopted that stance.

Obama and the liberal/socialists whine about a “do nothing congress” and blame EVERYTHING on Bush or…”whomever” and what do WE do???

WE are now looking for Congress or, “whomever” to FIX it.

See the Trap?

Patriots…It’s NOT up to CONGRESS to fix the problems…It’s up to those who ELECT Members of Congress to FIX the problems with our…VOTES.

What’s it going to take to “fix” Obamacare? To “fix” border security? To “fix” the deficit? To “fix” out of control federal agencies? To “fix” tax hikes, bring about energy independence and all the other issues?


If we, as conservatives, elect a majority of conservatives to the Senate and maintain the majority in the House…who fixes the problems? WE do. And, if those we elect don’t “fix” the problems…WE can FIX that too by voting them out and voting new Members IN until we DO hire those who will take the proper direction from…US.

Look at it this way…

Let’s say YOU own a Pizza joint. Half of your employees want to make Greek food instead of Pizzas and half of the half that DO make pizzas, won’t use the right recipe for them. What would you do?

You would try to REPLACE those making Greek food and those using the wrong recipe and KEEP those following your directives. Right? Eventually…after several bouts of rehiring…the pizza joint that YOU BUILT…will become a success.

Members of Congress are OUR EMPLOYEES…Right? So…Keep the good ones and work to replace the BAD ones. Left to their OWN devices…YOUR pizzas will resemble GYROS…THEY won’t “FIX” the problem.

YOU can.

OTHER stuff I’ve Heard Far Too Much of Lately.

“Romney is no different than Obama.” “A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.” “I’m going to vote for Newt or, Paul, or “whoever” but NOT Romney because I’m voting for liberty.”

“We’re going to have a brokered convention and MY candidate WILL get the nomination.”

First of all, the chance that we’re going to see a brokered convention is slim to none and, slim just rode out of town. If it happens, so be it but, don’t hold your breath or you’ll turn as blue as a New England state.

A week or so ago, I had a phone conversation with Samm Tittle. She’s running for President and she asked MY advice regarding an upcoming speech she was giving. She wanted to know how she could get people to vote for her.

Here’s what I told Samm.

She has the right ideas. She’s a constitutional conservative and I don’t disagree with her platform. I told Samm that because there will be 2 candidates with nationwide name recognition on the ballot in November, whether or not she makes it on a ballot as a 3rd party candidate or as a write in candidate…the BEST thing she could tell people in her speech was, “Hello. My name is Samm Tittle and I am discontinuing my candidacy for President effective immediately. I will also begin to put together an exploratory committee to run for congress in my home district and I would welcome your support for that congressional run.”

If you don’t think there is any difference between Romney and Obama…Rather than go into each and every issue…Consider this…

If we hire the right people in congress, a majority of republicans in both the House and the Senate…Guess What?

Romney will sign legislation passed by them into law.

Obama won’t.

Romney will sign a budget which is passed in the house and instead of being shelved in the Senate…passed there too.

Obama won’t.

Romney will, with the assistance of a willing congress, repeal Obamacare.

Obama won’t.

Romney WON’T bow to foreign leaders, WON’T turn his back on our allies, WON’T offer encouragement to our enemies and WON’T apologize for American exceptionalism.

Obama WILL.

Still think there’s no difference between the two?

If you, as conservatives, vote for Paul, Tittle, Dummet, Palin, Newt or “whoever” this November…congratulations…You will be stepping directly into the trap. Obama is COUNTING on you. YOU are his ONLY chance to win. ANY vote that SPLITS the vote is a BLUE vote.

Each and every vote for someone other than Romney helps Obama win and HE knows it.

The KEY Opens 2 Doors.

WE need to hire the right people to shift the balance of power in the Senate and maintain the current structure in the House AND weneed a republican president.

Should congress remain as it is today and Romney gets elected…nothing changes.

If congress remains as it is today and Obama wins…nothing changes except that it gets worse and the end of the republic is at hand.

If republicans are the majority in both the Senate and the House but Obama gets a 2nd term…He’ll just continue ignoring the advice and consent of congress and act as Emperor and the Constitution loses.

BUT…If the Senate and house are controlled by the right AND Romney is in the oval office…THINGS WILL CHANGE…see above.

Best Advice.

Think of Romney as a 4 year hire, Senators as a 6 year hire and Members of the House as 2 year hires.

Keep close track of what they do and understand their reasons for doing what they do. DON’T leave them to their own devices.

Ride them like a rented pony.

Don’t get caught up in single votes. Look at the whole body of work for each and every one of them.

If they do a good job, extend their contracts.

If they don’t, fire them.

Restoration of Order.

Without a republican majority in the House and Senate coupled with a republican president, the republic falls.

It’s just that simple.

If WE begin to lead CONGRESS…Congress will lead the president.

That too is simple to understand.

Regardless of who we, as individuals believe is the perfect candidate for president, there IS no PERFECT candidate.

A simple truth.

Only ONE candidate will have the infrastructure, the momentum, the financial backing and the name recognition to adequately fight for and win the white house against Obama.

A simple fact.

That will be the GOP nominee.

Like it or not, a conclusive truth.

If we remain divided…we lose the republic.

An absolute truth.

If WE, as conservatives, UNITE with the GOP nominee…We don’t put up the mission accomplished sign but…

WE have STARTED the process.

Those who refuse to unite with the nominee are tap dancing through a mine field while wearing a blindfold and clown shoes…

And Obama is counting on you to take the rest of us with you to oblivion.

18 thoughts on “Election 2012 – Don’t Tap Dance in the Mine Field

  1. I have shared this page with several political groups on Facebook and received favorable responses. America needs to realize the importance of the upcoming election and any information I can put out for voters is my way of trying to help our nation heal. Thanks for a great blog.

  2. Craig, I received an e-mail which appears to have been copied and pasted, and sent to me as an “interesting thought”. I forwarded it to my list agreeing. It was a list of a proposed “Romney Team” for 2012. It said:
    “Instead of simply Nominee X against Obama we would have Nominee X vs Obama…
    Congressman Allen West vs.Joe Biden…
    John Bolton vs.Hillary Clinton…
    Sarah Palin vs.Stephen Chu…
    General Petreaus vs.Leon Panetta…
    Pam Bondi vs.Eric Holder…
    Michele Bachmann vs.Tim Geitner…
    Ron Paul vs.Ben Bernake…
    Bobby Jindal vs.Ken Salazar…
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs.Janet Napolitano.

    Think about that… Let that sink in…”
    I thought it was brilliant. One of my email recipients suggested this be forwarded to the Romney campaign. I’d like to forward your list (if it is your team list) to MI. Rep. Dave Camp who sits on the National Advisory Council on Romney for President, inc. What article did your “Team List” appear in? I’d like to incorporate a link to your article and list. Pls respond to me at
    rbutkowski5@comcast.net. Thank you.
    Rick Butkowski

  3. Craig, I understand where you are coming from and will vote for Romney although Newt was my pick. These hardheaded imbeciles that are going to vote “for their man” irregardless of whether he can win or not, are just that, hardheaded imbeciles with a stiff upper lip and a “to hell with the country ” attitude.They have the impression that they are being TOLD who to vote for instead of ASKING them to help the rest of us, who love this country, to get rid of the garbage that has been dumped at the whitehouse. C’mon people, our Republic needs you!!!!!

  4. Yes Craig; we’ve got to hang together with Romney, or we shall most assuredly be hung separately by Obama.

  5. “I know some people who need to read this …. over and over again …. until it finally sinks in. There are times for idealogy, and this isn’t it.”

    Garbage like that is what led me to vote for McCain… he was a loser, too. Look at all the hope and change his loss ushered in. Instead of trying to corral everyone into the RINO corner, how about encouraging the nomination of a conservative candidate in Tampa?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog for some time now, Craig. Now that I fully understand exactly how you feel about me and ‘my’ vote, I will kindly stop promoting you. Good luck in November… if you get what you are pushing for, we’re all going to need it. Sincerely ~Kerri

    • Kerri,
      The only “ideology” with which I am concerned is the American ideology and I an convinced that, should Obama win a 2nd term, we will have nothing left to fight for or with. Romney isn’t my 1st choice but, he is the only one who will have the momentum, organization, financial backing and the title “Nominee” who can beat Obama.

      You do not identify YOUR candidate of choice but, I assure you there are many others who do not want Romney and are in different camps than YOU are. They TOO intend to vote for THEIR candidate of choice and, it’s not YOUR candidate of choice. And for that matter, there are yet OTHERS who do not ascribe to YOUR candidate, OR the 2nd OR 3rd candidates of choice over Romney and THEY too will vote for THEIR personal choice.
      That is exactly the point. There will be Romney or any one of nearly a dozen OTHER republican or libertarian candidates SPLITTING those votes.

      If THAT happens, and you lead me to believe it WILL, neither YOUR candidate nor any of the nearly a dozen OTHERS will win but, they will pull JUST enough votes away from Romney to prevent HIM from winning as well.

      So…in that case…OBAMA wins AGAIN and the republic falls.

      MY first choice was Newt. YOUR’S is at this point unknown. Others want Palin, some want Paul, there are those who will vote for Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Allen West, John Dummett, Samm Tittle and on and on and on.

      No SINGLE election or SINGLE candidate will turn this nation back to greatness but…ONE candidate and ONE election is all which will be needed to FINISH the republic once and for all and THAT candidate is OBAMA and that election takes place this November.

      Electing Romney is NOT the end of the mission…It’s the BEGINNING of the solution.


  6. she’s already said it once and it still will never stop us for voting for her even if she said it a million times we will NEVER vote for the moron mormon. that is too has evil a cult as islam is. America needs to watch out for the second TRAP falling for the gop nwo plots with mutt rubbish as their puppet. there is nothing you will ever do to make us palinistas change our mind an vote for the white obama we who were under him in massachusetts know what a fake liar he is no how no way never NEVER will we have him PERIOD. SARAH PALIN OUR NEXT PRESIDENT

    • Belinda,

      When MORMONS start flying planes into buildings, beheading innocents, beating and stoning women, advocate honor killings etc. THEN and ONLY then can they in any way be compared to Islam.

      As much as I like Sarah Palin, I know she will NOT be the next president.

  7. Stopping by from your posting at a group, Craig–and had to break my pattern to take time to read your overview. TERRIFIC. You covered all the bases, and you do it in simple terms, loved reading it. Right attitude, too, for all Constitutionalists to take notice. I’ve always said I will vote for Romney as the official GOP Convention Nominee–a vote for a third unofficial candidate indeed, is a vote for the Blue party, not the RED. Splitting the vote got us in serious trouble back when Bush H.W. ran for re-election, when Ross Parot ran as a third-party candidate. Maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today, had Bush Sr. won re-election and had had the opportunity to finish his leadership, putting off perhaps the inevitable, I do recognize. It’s been since the 30s the radical liberal extremists have inchwormed our government and culture, too, to where we are today. However, everyone, listen up to what Craig outlined above–it’s simple, it’s true math in logic, AND we MUST Unite to take back Washington D.C. Then especially, Craig has pointed out clearly: we MUST watch and give feedback to those WE ELECT for our Districts, and our STATES at all levels of government. God Bless America!

  8. Patroit –

    Good advice!

    Voters need not only to vote Obama out, they need to recognize the political races before their very local eyes. Last week I attended a cook-out fundraiser for Conservative Republican candidate Tom Wassa, who is looking to be the primary winner to go against the Dem candidate family relative of long-time US Congressman, lib – Dale Kildee from Michigan.

    Conservative patriots need to get behind their local candidates to change the whole rotten mess in Washington!

  9. And, for all you Ron Paul fanatics: Vote for Romney like I will or we will ALL LOSE.

    Pushing for Ron Paul, though I would love him to be president, will only result in a lost vote.

    Romney is far better than living under Obama for four more years. That is if that is the least of our country’s worries if Obama wins.

  10. The one thing that conservatives need to understand and ALWAYS REMEMBER: the left will only put up one person for any election and their voters will ALWAYS vote only for that person.

    Conservatives are the only voters that will split their vote. Thus, the left will always win because we conservatives will ALWAYS find something wrong with every candidate except the one we agree with.

    It is far past time that conservatives realize this and agree not to sling mud against their brothers and sisters who they are running against in primaries. By doing so, they may end up being the one on the ballot but then, not every conservative will vote. But the liberals will and they will always win because we shot ourselves in the foot.

  11. I know some people who need to read this …. over and over again …. until it finally sinks in. There are times for idealogy, and this isn’t it.

  12. Damn! Someone who actually gets it!!! We each are personally responsible for who runs our country, WE are responsible not only to elect our representatives in congress, but to also stay on their arses, and make them follow our wishes. If they do not, it is our responsiblity to vote the out of office. This is supposed to be a government of the people, BY the people, and for the people, but We the People have taken ourselves out of the equations thru complacency and laziness.

  13. I like what you’re saying, and I posted it on my wall on FB, BUT.. I told my readers to PLEASE ignore what you say about Romney, we are RON PAUL supporters, and according to the RNC rules, RON PAUL WILL BE ON THE BALLOT in the first votes, and up for NOMINATION… I refuse to stand by a lesser of 2 evils. As far as I am concerned, ROMNEY IS EVIL… Ron Paul is the ONLY one who will fix this country and has fought for us through the years. RON PAUL HAS MY VOTE in 2012!

    • Mindy,

      Please DO enlighten us all and explain how a person who have never won a single presidential primary or caucus and who quit campaigning more than a month ago and who admits he will NOT win the nomination…Someone who didn’t even get enough delegates to automatically secure a speaking spot at the convention will BE the nominee?

      I believe there is room for Ron Paul in the administration and I believe he deserves an invitation to speak at the convention however…he will NOT be the nominee.


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