Obama’s Contempt for Israel Continues

It’s hard to believe that Obama’s support among Jewish voters is not eroding. Of course, the Jewish vote going traditionally to the left has always been something of a point of confusion.

This past weekend, Mitt Romney once again visited Israel and any comparison to Obama’s visit there nearly exactly 4 years ago as a candidate can be quickly dispelled.

In July of 2008, candidate Obama stopped in Israel but the visit was far, far different than Romney’s.

In 2008, Obama told the Israelis that, “I’m here on this trip to reaffirm the special relationship between Israel and the United States and my abiding commitment to Israel’s security and my hope that I can serve as an effective partner, whether as a U.S. senator or as president.”

Obama, at the time, also stated, “A nuclear Iran would pose a grave threat and the world must prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

And, of the Palestinian issue, Obama said, “Israelis desire a secure peace in which both they and the Palestinians can fulfil their legitimate aspirations: a strong secure state of Israel living alongside a viable and peaceful Palestinian state. We must support Palestinian leaders who share this vision.”

So…Over his time in office, how has Obama done regarding these promises?

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The Great Chicken Sandwich Debate of 2012

Last week, the Mayors of Boston and Chicago let it be known that, because the COO of Chick-Fil-A supports traditional marriage, his company isn’t welcome in their cities.

Boston’s Mayor, Thomas Menino, in a letter to Chick-Fil-A Coo Dan Cathy stated, “I was angry to learn on the heels of your prejudiced statements about your search for a site to locate in Boston. There is no place for discrimination on Boston’s Freedom Trail and no place for your company alongside it.”

Exactly why IS that Mayor?

Is it because Cathy gave an honest answer to a question in an interview?

Is it because Mr. Cathy has the right to speak his mind?

Could it be because Mr. Cathy as the owner of a private company did what he wanted to do with his money by donating some of it to organizations which believe as he does?

Perhaps it’s because he feels differently than do YOU Mr. Mayor.

Ahhh yes, that’s it isn’t it.

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Obama IN Context – OUT OF Time

Code words. Liberals are full of them.

Liberals are full of a great many things, most stink out loud and code words are certainly on that list. What liberals don’t want anybody to know is what certain code words really mean and, when exposed, they deny the definition with vigor.

Today, we reveal the secret behind one of their favorite codes.

We hear it all the time and, frankly, we’re sick of it.

Liberals have nobody to blame but themselves.

Here it is…

“That was taken out of context.”

Clearly, there are variations…

“That was taken completely out of context.”

“You can’t take something out of context and try to make people believe in something that was never said.”

“You have to quit taking things out of context.”

And an all time favorite…”Conservatives are always taking things out of context.”

It’s code and, now, because of this article…Not so secret any more.

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Friday Fume

Well, here we are…At the end of another week and the beginning of our 2nd year at The National Patriot!!!

Liberals really are the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to absolute stupidity…Aren’t they?

Just when you think they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel…You discover that the barrel has a BASEMENT and a MINE SHAFT under THAT!!!

Why they keep thinking they have to give the SHAFT to the rest of us is quite beyond comprehension but…THEY DO PERSIST…

AND SO DO I!!!!!

My friends…It’s Friday and, you guessed it…

I’m fuming.

Oh, for GOD’S sake!!!

Liberal/socialists are having a COW over Chick-Fil-A!!!!!!

Liberal/socialists and some in the gay community have now labeled Chick-Fil-A as…ANTI GAY!!!

As usual…the libs are LEAPING to FALSE conclusions.

Here’s what Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy said when he was questioned about donating money to a group that advocates against redefining marriage:

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The National Patriot Celebrates

Friends and Fellow Patriots, the time has come to do something we clearly don’t do often enough.

We need to say…THANK YOU.

It’s just 2 words and they don’t come close to what we owe you, our readers, for all you have done for us at The National Patriot.

Tomorrow marks our 1 year anniversary.

Yep, The National Patriot is 1 year old and we  hope that you’ll indulge us as we step just slightly away from politics for just 1 article.

Because of you, our Patriot readers, The National Patriot has become one of the fastest growing new conservative sites available and we thought it might be time to let you in on why we do what we do here.

In February of 2011, my cousin, Patty Robichaud and myself decided to try our hand at writing political articles for a website called, Politicular. After 3 months, the purveyor of that site decided to go in a different direction although he did offer to sell us the site which we built for him.

It didn’t seem like a good idea and besides, nobody knew how to pronounce the name of that site.

Heck…Neither did we.

Patty and I took a month or so off but, to be quite honest, we missed it.

In Early July of last year, I approached Patty with the idea of starting over. Our OWN site.

A Name which could be pronounced even if my own last name eludes most people.

We enlisted Joe Ammendolia to assist with the technical aspects and within a couple of weeks, we had a site empty and waiting for content. Well, Patty had, with great foresight and wisdom, managed to archive what we had done at Politicular and so, she added that to our new site…Which explains why our archives at The National Patriot go back a few months deeper than our 1 year anniversary.

We recruited a few friends to contribute when they could and, on July 27th, 2011, we launched The National Patriot!!

The idea was simple.

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On the Brink of the Socialist Abyss

Just one week shy of the proposed signing of a “treaty” with the United Nations which would cede our 2nd Amendment rights to foreign countries like Iran, we had a mass killing in Aurora Colorado.

The rebuke by liberals was easy to predict.

It’s the guns they tell us. It’s the bullets.

We need stricter gun laws. We need gun bans. We need to restrict gun sales.

Oh the list of predictable responses by the liberal/socialists just never ends.

Then, along comes Mayor Bloomberg.

“I don’t understand why police officers across this country don’t stand up, collectively, and say, ‘We’re going to go on strike. We’re not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe.”

Well, I have something to say to Bloomberg and I’ll say it, wringing every ounce of respect out of myself that he deserves.

Bloomberg…You are a socialist and an absolute idiot!!!!!

The IDEA of having cops go on strike until GUN CONTROL is in effect is as stupid  an idea as I have ever heard.

It’s downright un-American. It’s socialist in nature and it PALES in comparison to what’s about to happen.

I’m going to explain the history of this nation in terms that most people would never consider…

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Romney’s MUST Give Speech

It’s time for Mitt Romney to start telling it like it is. Like it really is. It’s high time he took off the nice guy gloves and started laying it on the line with respect to our economy.

What follows is the speech he needs to start delivering.


My name is Mitt Romney and I’m running for President.

Next month, our party will hold a convention and, I expect to receive the Republican nomination at that convention but, there are some things you need to know and waiting until after the convention might be too late.

My opponent, Obama, is running about telling stories. He’s on the attack. Okay. We, my staff and I, expected that. I would hazard to guess that some of you expected it too.

His plan is to attack…ME. Early in our republican primary race, his campaign issued the order…”Kill Romney.”

Now, I’m not just speaking to those in my own party when I ask this question: Is that what a president, immersed in the worst economy we’ve seen in many, many decades and a skyrocketing debt should be doing? To those who voted FOR Obama in 2008…Is that what you elected him to do?

Please, correct me if I’m wrong but…Didn’t you elect Obama to change things? Change them for the better? Didn’t you elect him to fix the economy? Didn’t you elect him to cut the debt in half? Didn’t you elect Obama to bring transparency to the government? To mend the divide between parties?

How’s that working out for you?

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Obama About to be Forced to Defend the Indefensible

Along with all the bombast regarding personal attacks on Mitt Romney, one should fully expect Obama to ratchet up yet another aspect of his agenda between now and the end of September and, if Romney and his staff are smart, they will take today’s news and pounce on it like they have the “You didn’t build that” stance Obama has taken lately.

This news has been lost among the high profile Aurora shooting and the NCAA response to the Sandusky conviction at Penn State.

The Poverty Rate

The official numbers will not be released until just weeks before the November elections, probably in mid to late September but the predictions are, to say the least, dire.

Remember when Reagan asked so famously, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”

Well, the question Romney should be posing from now until the election is, “Are you better off now than you were 47 years ago?”

The latest census report will be made public in September and will show a rise in the poverty rate of the nation from 15.1% to as high as 15.7% but, know this…

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Election 2012 – Don’t Tap Dance in the Mine Field

When it comes to this election, the most important election since 1860, far too many conservatives are asking the wrong questions or, I believe, taking the wrong stance.

It’s a problem born of far too many years and decades of complacency.

It’s exactly what liberals have been laying the groundwork for throughout those years and decades.

To avoid the trap, one must first realize there IS a trap, see the trap and then take the proper steps to avoid that trap.

As we are but 3 ½ months away from this election, the time is NOW to identify the trap and steer conservatives away from falling prey to it.

Conservatives…Put your bias aside and open your eyes. Open them WIDE and you too, will see through the darkness.

Here we go.

I hear and read far too many conservatives asking, regarding certain issues, “So…Who will do anything about it?” There are, of course, variations of this question. “Why won’t congress DO something?” “Congress KNOWS about this but they won’t DO anything about it.” “What good is it to point out what we all already know since nothing will be done about it?”

You get the idea.

Here’s the Deal…

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Friday Fume

Friends and Patriots…Today is a special Friday!!!

This is our 52nd FUME which means…NEXT Friday is The National Patriot’s 1 year anniversary!!!

Do you KNOW what that means???

THAT means that TOGETHER…We have survived a FULL YEAR’S worth of liberal INSANITY and to celebrate…I left a little video fun for ya at the end of this Fume!!!

So what do you say we strap ourselves in TIGHT and wrap this week up with yet ANOTHER review with ATTITUDE???

If you’re ready…SO AM I!!!

It’s Friday and…

I’m fuming.


Say it’s not so…

Guess who’s ready to throw his pants back into the political ring???


That’s right, THE PETER TWEETER wants to run for MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY!!!

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