When it Comes to Syria, Obama is Pounding Sand

Every day, for months and months, we have watched, horrified, as Assad in Syria murders his own people. Women, children, men…Innocents slaughtered in the streets, in their homes, day and night.

Many have been outright executed.

Now, over the past 2 days, we have heard that the Russians are sending helicopter gunships to Assad in Syria.

Helicopter gunships is a gross understatement. These are killing machines designed not to pinpoint targets but to literally wipe out everything and anything in front of them. These helicopters are built to fight tank battalions in the field. In an urban area, they can and will rain death and destruction from the sky.

Assad, of course, claims he won’t be using them for that purpose – but then again, he claims it’s not HIS government killing his people.

Through it all, through the death, the murders, the destruction…We wonder why? Why is Obama doing…nothing?

Let me try to explain what Obama doesn’t want you to know.

He can’t do anything about Russia sending these death machines to Syria. He can’t and he has no one to blame but himself.

This all started last November when a NATO-led mission killed 25 Pakistani soldiers.



That caused Pakistan, in response, to shut down our supply lines into Afghanistan.



With those supply lines closed, how would we supply our troops and what do Pakistan and Afghanistan have to do with Obama’s inability to get Russia to stop supplying death copters to Syria?

Well…in order to supply our troops in Afghanistan, Obama had to cut a deal with…Russia…to run supplies through THEIR countryside.

Now…Putin has Obama right where he wants him. Helpless.

Syria is Russia’s one and only Arab ally.

Syria is also Iran’s one and only Arab ally.

THAT is a very, VERY dangerous combination….Especially if you are Israeli or a Syrian citizen.

When Obama put our interests and our military missions into NATO hands, he gave up control. When Pakistan, already cheesed off at us for the bin Laden raid closed the supply lines to Afghanistan, Obama was in no position to do a thing about it.

He essentially painted himself into a corner.

To avert a complete retreat from Afghanistan ahead of his already well publicized early pull out date, a move that would not allow him to play the part of a foreign affairs and military genius, Obama had to make a quick deal with Putin to get supplies to our troops in theater.

The genius obviously didn’t look any farther forward that his own minute-by-minute reputation and wound up cutting off his nose to save his face.

Have you noticed how, since the end of last year, Putin has snubbed Obama over and over again?

Why wouldn’t he?

Putin knows exactly what the rest of the world knows…That Obama is weak, incapable and unqualified to be a player on the world stage.

Putin plays chess like a master, thinking 6 moves ahead while Obama sits in a park, deciding whether he wants the red or black checkers.

Now, with 4 1/2 months to go to November 6th, if Obama tries to pressure Russia into stopping their assistance of Syria…Russia is in a position to shut down the Afghanistan supply lines and force Obama, who has been doing EVERYTHING possible to look as tough as can be on the stage, into a hasty and embarrassing retreat.

NOW, you also have some insight on why the national security leaks have been so pronounced and coming so rapidly.

Obama is trying to get out in front of what he sees as a coming disaster…Retreat from Afghanistan because of the Russians!

Tough guy has SEAL Team 6 at his disposal.

Leak, tough guy, leak.

Tough guy has a kill list.

Leak, tough guy, leak.

Tough guy had a double agent in al Qaeda.

Leak, tough guy, leak.

Tough guy has cyber viruses at his disposal.

Leak, tough guy, leak.

Tough guy had a doctor helping us get bin Laden.

Leak, tough guy, leak.

Guess what, tough guy…You’re leaking up a rope, you can’t intimidate Putin and he has you pounding sand in the Syrian desert.

Obama, completely unable to run on his domestic record has instead, made his tough guy foreign policy his platform. Well guess what? Anybody willing to leak national security and military details to prop up his desperate reelection campaign doesn’t have much of a platform.

So…what OTHER country COULD pressure Russia to cease and desist?

China…but…Hu always has Russia’s back in these matters?

Sorry…That should have been a statement rather than a question.

With Russia, China and Iran backing Assad in Syria, where does that leave US? Via our Arab allies, we are slipping supplies and small arms to Syrian rebels through the back door.

Sitting in the park playing checkers while the rest of the world is engaged in a high stakes chess match.

Out in the desert pounding sand while the people in Syrian towns get massacred.

Turning our interests over to NATO? Genius.

Leading from behind? Genius.

Come on, tough guy…Whatcha got left?

Are your Hollywood pals gonna get ya out of this? How about your union thugs? Are THEY gonna get ya out of this? Are you gonna have Holder sue somebody?

Come o,n tough guy…Whatcha got?

This ain’t exactly community organizing is it…Genius?

3 thoughts on “When it Comes to Syria, Obama is Pounding Sand

  1. Also, just think of all that Foreign Aid tax money being fed to these Middle Eastern Islamic ingrates.
    Thank you for posting this info.

  2. Pakistan is going to get the war it has been praying for.. Iran too.. Russia and China can come kicking and screaming, hooks will be placed into their jaws and they will be reeled in.. 😉 … Its here..

  3. Some of this is just so plain as the nose on BHO face one has to think? Does he want the Russian’s to do this for undisclosed reason’s or ( and more like it ) Is he just to ignorant to get the picture here. I am giving serious thought to going on sedatives due to BHO,after all he surly is truly taking something for his delusions . . . .?

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