The Wisconsin Effect on Liberal/Socialists

Last night, liberal/socialists were crying in their beer. Governor Scott Walker won Wisconsin…Again…in stunning fashion. Walker becomes the first Governor to face a recall and win which makes his victory historic.

This morning, liberal/socialists will stop crying and start denying.

It will start with the fact that conservatives outspent liberals in the Wisconsin reelection. Of the 63 million dollars spent in total, only 14 million was spent by liberals. To this, liberals will say that most of the money favoring Walker came from outside Wisconsin while his opponent Barrett, garnered most of HIS money from WITHIN the state and THEREFORE…Conservatives BOUGHT the election.

Nice spin.

While it’s true that Walker’s coffers were filled in a large part from outside the State of Wisconsin, the bulk of his donations came in $50 increments. Yes, big donors DID put in, but this was a grassroots-level funding machine; and what liberals KNOW and won’t ADMIT is that Walker’s support from OUTSIDE Wisconsin signals a conservative Tea Party element HIGHLY engaged…NATIONWIDE.

That does NOT bode well for liberals in November, and they are in denial.

Next will come the liberal spin on the ramifications of last night’s Wisconsin vote. It’s already started. Last week, Debbie What’s-Her-Name-Schultz tried to spin it this way: I think, honestly, there aren’t going to be any repercussions.”

Starting today, expect Jay Carney to give the official White House spin that Wisconsin is only one state and that they are confident they will carry Wisconsin in November as they did in 2008.

The fact is, Wisconsin is now IN play and the conservatives have a solid ground game in place there. Yes, Obama is leading the polls there over Romney, but that’s about to change. Bolstered by last night’s victory and last week’s poor jobs numbers, expect a shift in those polls. As summer drags on, if unemployment figures do not DRASTICALLY turn around, Obama’s rating in Wisconsin will drop while Romney’s numbers rise.

To say the State of Wisconsin means nothing puts liberals in a state of denial.

Then, we will see liberals trying to sidestep the broader issues of what led to last night’s conservative victory and THIS is VERY important.

Liberals will do everything in their power to recast the recall into a Walker vs Barrett vote but NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Yes, those were the names on the ballot; but names are just names and this wasn’t about names.

THIS was about ideology.

THIS was about Capitalism vs Socialism.

Walker stood straight and tall for capitalism. He put into place, measures which took Wisconsin from a 3.6 billion dollar deficit to a $154 million dollar surplus. His measures saved Wisconsin state and local governments 1 billion dollars. His measures opened the door for the creation of more than 30,000 new jobs.

Walker’s opponent, Mayor Barrett, stood for socialism. Socialism in Wisconsin led to the 3.6 billion dollar deficit, over spending by state and local governments and a stagnant jobs picture. Barrett wanted to maintain entitlements, larger government and more spending.

The reason this has NATIONAL implications despite the liberal spin is that Barrett wanted exactly what Obama wants and Obama is a socialist. What happened in Wisconsin last night is NOT confined there…The entire NATION watched it unfold.

The entire nation now KNOWS, via Wisconsin, that socialism doesn’t work and capitalism DOES. Put another way, a conservative in office made thing BETTER in Wisconsin while a liberal is making things worse nationally.

This was about a socialist takeover of the nation and last night, they watched Wisconsin slip away and they KNOW their socialist dream for the rest of the nation is in deep, deep trouble.

This was about unions.

Unions in Wisconsin, notably, public sector unions, were a BIG part of the problem. Union pensions, paid entirely by taxpayers, were breaking the bank and they were unsustainable. Union Membership was a must regardless of what workers wanted and their union dues were mandatory. Unions had, for decades, bullied the workforce and run roughshod over Wisconsin politics.

Then came Walker.

Due to the Walker reforms, union membership is no longer mandatory and union Membership there is falling. Now, those who remain IN the unions are forced to pay part of their OWN pensions and insurance costs taking the burden OFF of taxpayers and the state.

Those unions are now seen as paper tigers and can no longer control the political landscape in Wisconsin. For all their hype, busing of protesters and thug tactics, Wisconsin’s public sector unions discovered they can’t compete against Tea Party capitalists.

This, I believe, will also have a nationwide effect.

Now, other states, facing the same issues as Wisconsin faced and bullying by the unions, know they can fight and win against them. Public sector union reform is now very much in play across the country and I believe we will soon start to see the domino effect take place.

Here is another union effect and this is squarely aimed at Obama.

Unions, behind closed doors, are going to be pissed. Obama didn’t raise a finger to assist them in Wisconsin. Oh, he did use his thumbs, to text a less than 140 character message to support Barrett but, that’s IT. HE DID NOTHING and UNIONS, being BIG TIME socialist entities, heavily backed Obama in 2008. They can NOT be thinking of pouring money into his campaign now.

Don’t forget, unions WANTED Obama to okay the Keystone XL Pipeline and he didn’t do that either…Now…THIS snub.

The ramifications of this will go well passed November 2012.

As more states follow Wisconsin’s lead, and they are now emboldened to do so, union Membership rolls will drop nationwide and with that drop comes a drop in union money. As their accounts dwindle, so too does their power. If Unions raise their dues to cover their losses, more will leave, accounts will further fall and more and more power will be lost.

Unions are the strong arm element of socialists and prime financial and backers of liberal/socialist political campaigns. Liberal/socialists in office protect them and allow them to maintain their hold on the public sector. It’s been a match made in hell for a very long time.

Wisconsin is the beginning of the end of that corrupt partnership.

Today, in the bowels of the white house, various pieces of fecal matter will gather to discuss everything outlined in this article, trying to find a way out. As bad as last night’s cheese blockage might be,  a couple servings of crow will make it worse. In a couple of weeks, the Obamacare and Arizona SB1070 cramps will hit. The problem is…Their heads are blocking the exit.

Exactly 5 months from today, conservatives will provide a massive dose of laxative.

Mr. Obama…Flush twice, use the air freshener and don’t forget to wash behind your ears.

If you missed last night’s breaking announcement of the Wisconsin Reelection, please CLICK HERE!!

2 thoughts on “The Wisconsin Effect on Liberal/Socialists

  1. I am just exuberant about Scott’s win – and with such huge numbers! My faith in the American people has been restored and I look forward to November when the second dose of Ex-Lax takes effect in Washington DC!!!

  2. I think they should show the crying man on Fox at least once a day. End of democracy! Here is a real part of the problem. The voting process is democracy in action and who spent the most has nothing to do with it. What a whiny little wimpy man. I would have had to slap his face…a little slap, that’s about all it would take. Okay, just a kick in the shin where the cameras couldn’t see. He is already crying anyway. Ugh. This was a VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY and a DEFEAT FOR SOCIALISM.

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