The Truth Behind Obama’s Immigration Decree

Well, as of yesterday morning, we have a clear and concise picture of the Obama jobs plan.

It’s stunning.

The Emperor’s plan is to drop nearly 1 million illegal aliens into the United States workforce.

Given the fact that unemployment is at 8.2 percent and the number of those dropping out of the workforce or those who are way under employed is significantly higher than the “official” figure, the Emperor has, in his unlimited and pandering wisdom, decided the best thing he could possibly do, is dump 1 million illegal aliens into that workforce.


It depends on who you ask.

Ask Obama and he will tell you because “It’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing for America.”

If that’s not galling enough, he goes on to say that “We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.”

Allow me to decode that for you.

What the Emperor means is that…

We are a nation of laws he agrees with or imposes upon us without the advice or consent of congress and that we are a nation of illegal immigrants.

The Emperor will tell you that it’s not right, not…American…to deport CHILDREN who were brought here by their parents.

Allow me to decode THAT.

What the Emperor MEANS is that…

By setting the low end of the scale at 16 rather than 18…it would then become not right or…UN-AMERICAN…to deport the PARENTS of children who are not of the age to be considered adults.

The Emperor will tell you that these are the brightest, most intelligent young people in the country who will work in our labs, become leaders and members of our military.

Allow me to decode that for you.

What the Emperor MEANS is that… the 1 million, maybe 1 or 2 percent will actually aspire to those lofty goals while the rest are more likely to become gang members, game the system or eventually become citizens and rely on government handouts.

Now, I know MANY in the Hispanic community will rile at that last comment but, think about it. Their parents brought them here…ILLEGALLY…Which means that, rather than abide by our laws, they have broken our laws. This is the precedent those parents have set for their children. There are the standards they have set since their first step into this country.

The sad fact is, that within the Hispanic community, the rates of  gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy, school drop-out and the breaking of laws is sky high. Those who are upstanding members of the community are by far in the minority and those that ARE upstanding are, by far, those who came to this country by LEGAL means.

These are facts, the way things are, not how we wish they were and we MUST deal with FACTS.

The Emperor will tell you that this is a bold and good move for the economy.

Allow me…

What the Emperor MEANS is that…

This is a bold and good move for the economy of whatever country these illegal aliens came from to begin with because, being allowed a work visa means they can make MORE money which will then be sent to their family’s country of origin.

The Emperor will tell you that these young people, these children, are American in every way. They grew up here, they pledge allegiance to our flag, they believe in America but, the only thing that separates them FROM Americans is that they don’t have any documentation.

Please…Allow me to decode THIS.

What the Emperor MEANS is that…

These same youth that he claims, say our Pledge of Allegiance, believe in and love America because they grew UP here are the exact SAME youths who his liberal/socialist party has for YEARS told REAL American youths, would be so HIGHLY offended by any display of an American flag in a school that wearing a depiction of one or having one on a bicycle has been BANNED at many schools and those who BREAK that regulation are SUSPENDED!!!

Now then…let me tell you the REAL reasons why the Emperor has made this unconstitutional decree.

1)     It’s a preemptive strike.

Timing is EVERYTHING and within the next few days, it’s a fair bet that the Supreme Court will uphold the Arizona SB 1070 bill which, in all likelihood, start an avalanche of other states enacting carbon copy laws.

2)     It’s direct pandering.

In an election year when the Emperor is feeling his support from key voting-blocks slip, he must act and fast to shore up that vote. It’s not that he’s afraid Hispanics will vote for Romney as much as it is he’s afraid they simply won’t vote at all.

3)     It’s a counter measure.

Obama is SO scared of the possibility that Romney might secure enough of the Hispanic vote if  he taps Marco Rubio as a running mate that he is attempting to counter that with this move.

4)     It’s ego driven.

Obama’s ego simply will not allow Marco Rubio, a Tea Party favorite who has been working on producing similar legislation, to get far enough with it that the Rubio measure could get support from republicans in congress. In fact, knowing that Rubio was engaged in drafting such legislation, Obama didn’t even give an advanced heads up to Rubio before unleashing his decree on Friday morning.

5)     It’s imperial.

Obama long ago decided to completely bypass congress. He knew this would not be popular on the floor and so, he has again, without advice and consent, laid waste to the Constitution and simply decreed his own edict upon the people. Obama feels this expresses his power of the throne.

6)     It’s a distraction.

Obama can’t gallivant about the country, campaigning on his economic record. He steadfastly blames Bush, natural disasters around the world and Europe’s affairs for the sluggish economy here and now. This gives him something other than his failed green energy initiatives, failed bail outs, failed budgets and sky high debt run up to talk about.

To believe this move, this open pathway toward amnesty, this soaking of the jobs market will illegal aliens is anything but political in nature or pandering to a select voting-black is absurd.

He has pandered to the environmentalists by nixing the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s pandered to the gay community by coming out in favor of gay marriage.

He has pandered to the black community by playing the race card and not objecting to anything the militant arm of the black community, the New BlacKKK Panthers do. He’s pandered to Islamists by insisting the Muslim Brotherhood have a seat at the table and by standing against Isreal when it comes to action against Iran.

He pandered to the Jews just a couple of weeks ago by telling them that he knew more about Judaism than any other president and that while in Chicago, he was considered a puppet of the Jewish lobby.

The list just goes on and on and on.

Why then would he NOT be pandering to the Hispanic voting-block?

It’s as transparent as clean mountain air.

The FACT of the matter is this:

What the Emperor did on Friday morning with this decree, the stopping of deportations of young illegal aliens coupled with giving them work visas, is clearly and completely unconstitutional. There are laws on the books, voted on BY Congress and rulings on the books by the Supreme Court that clearly spell out immigration law and clearly show that ONLY Congress…NOT the President…can make immigration law.

Those laws are NOT superseded by this edict and the Emperor KNOWS it. In fact, his Highness HIMSELF said so not but 9 months ago when he told Hispanic journalists that he COULD NOT act by himself on immigration reform BECAUSE of existing laws.

The question has been asked as to why, when the Emperor had a majority in both the Senate and the House, or before this point in time, he didn’t press immigration reform and get it passed? Frankly, there are several reasons. He wanted to concentrate on Obamacare which, next week, is most likely to be found, in part, unconstitutional. He never saw the shellacking of the 2012 midterm election coming and planned on doing it after getting Obamacare rammed through.

After the 2010 midterm, he knew that any immigration reform would have to include border security and that point was driven home when the Dream Act failed to pass.

This combination of events nullified any attempt at open borders and amnesty so, under pressure from Hispanic organizations like La Raza, he was left to act empirically and unconstitutionally.

Such a blatant act of disregard by a sitting president should be grounds for impeachment but, the Emperor is protected by a Senate sharing his liberal/socialist ideology. It simply will not happen.

The ONLY way to relieve him of his office and stop further unconstitutional acts by this Emperor and maintain the Republic, is for the PEOPLE to impeach him with their votes in November.

If this immigration decree isn’t enough to wake people up, I fear I don’t know what it will take.

Should the Emperor, at the hands of those who would vote for a write-in candidate, win in November, what he will do in the next 4 years will make his current acts of empirical power look pale by comparison. The damage will be irreversible, the constitution, destroyed and the Republic replaced by a combination of absolute monarchy and anarchy.

Believe it.

6 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Obama’s Immigration Decree

  1. A short rope and a long fall….sedition and treason both in the same decision!

    What a douchebag!

  2. Most Americans, even Republicans, are still asleep to what the Globalist agenda is. I agree with everything in this article, and I agree as well that Obama has got to go. But, if you think that all of our problems will simply vanish if Romney gets in, I have some beachfront property in Arizona I would love to sell you. The fact is that BOTH Obama and Romney are bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, and it is those banksters who have control of these men. I have to truly wonder how much Romney would really do to actually reverse a lot of Obama’s destructive actions other than the poison pill of ObamaCare.

  3. I maintain that this latest Obama decree is just one of many continuous smoke screens to befuddle the voting public over his failed White House occupancy [fake] “presidency.” We can expect more smokescreens as election day nears………

  4. WE had better DO something soon or it will be too late! If this doesn’t backfire in this a-holes face I don’t know what will?

  5. James M Murphy, I agree with you on a tax revolt. The problem is that so many of those who vote in this country are brainwashed and actually agree with the AKA, and even worse, with Romney. The citizens of this nation lack backbone and courage that they would need to stand up to the global elites of which Obama is one.

  6. Ok,
    I think it’s time we had a real Tax Revolt!
    Time to contact every TaxPayer and Every Employer in the Country and STOP PAYING ALL TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENTS STATE AND FEDERAL … NOW!
    Stop collecting the Taxes and Stop paying them ALL NOW!

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