The REVEREND’S Racism Rants


The REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton has imparted upon us his deep thoughts regarding Eric Holder and Fast and Furious.

“As I marched this past Sunday with tens of thousands in New York in opposition to the abhorrent practice of stop & frisk,’ I couldn’t help but think of our attorney general. Tattered down and publicly humiliated, AG Holder has been mishandled just like the young Black and Latino men (and women) who are demonized on our streets everyday.”

“The highest officer of law and order in this nation has been ridiculed, scapegoated and handled as some sort of criminal throughout this ‘investigation.’ Turning over thousands of documents and overextending himself, AG Holder was spoken to and mistreated as if he were a child, and reminded that despite his esteemed position, he can and would be profiled.”

“Not only did Issa and his counterparts never go after previous attorneys general or the Bush Administration itself, but they continue to treat AG Holder as if he is indeed guilty of the most egregious crime. It is the same sort of tactic we see utilized against the hundreds of thousands of innocent individuals stopped and searched by police. They have no weapon, haven’t committed an offense, yet somehow ‘appear’ as a culprit.”

Yes…according to the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton…the victim in the Fast and Furious operation is…Eric Holder.

And WHY is Eric Holder the victim?

Simply because he is…black.

The REVEREND (of what ,we do not know) Al Sharpton has a long history of taking on cases of overt racism.

Back in 1987, the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton and his hair, which at that time he bragged of spending $2000.00 per year upon at Brooklyn’s Prima Donna Beauty Salon, both stood tall for Tawana Brawley, a 15 year old who claimed she had been raped by 3 white guys.

The REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton made it into a clear cut case of racism in America but…as it turned out, his victim of racism was lying. No rape had occurred and she made it all up to avoid being punished for running off to visit a boyfriend who was in jail at the time.

To this very day, the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton refuses to apologize for whipping up racial division over a hoax telling 60 Minutes last year, “I don’t know that. I have thought about that a million times, I just don’t believe they treated that case fair.”

This can only mean that “fair” in the hair product boiled mind of the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton, would have been the prosecution and conviction of 3 white people who had not a single thing to do with Tawana Brawley’s hoax because…Tawana Brawley was the real victim.

She was black after all.

And then, of course, there was the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton and the Duke Lacrosse case.

In 2006, Crystal Gail Mangum, a stripper and an escort who was the “victim” of rape at the hands of 3 white Lacrosse players from Duke University.

Early in the going, the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly and started off by saying he was proud of,  “blacks and whites who stood vigil and to come together in that community to stand up for this girl.”

O’Reilly said there were reports that alluded to the possibility that Mangum had made the whole thing up to which the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton responded, “First of all, the authorities have charged there was a crime. … When the prosecutors went forward, they clearly have said this girl is the victim, so why would we be trying the victim?”

At that point, O’Reilly pointed out that there was no DNA link whatsoever to the 3 Lacrosse player accused of this “crime” and the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton piped up with, “I think that all of the facts that you have laid out the DA had — and I know this DA is probably not one that is crazy. He would not have proceeded if he did not feel that he could convict.”

Finally, O’Reilly stated that the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton wasn’t even there and could not possibly know what, if anything, really happened.

The REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton’s response?

“I don’t know yet and I think that the proper thing to do is to support those that want justice.”

As it turned out…the charges were dropped as there was not a shred of credible evidence to point to Mangum ever being assaulted in ANY way by the accused Lacrosse players or anyone else but…JUSTICE…in the hair product boiled mind of the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton must have been the conviction of 3 young white men who were neither racists nor rapists and had not a single thing to do with Crystal Gail Mangum’s hoax because Mangum was the REAL victim.

She was black after all.

It would appear that the most conclusive evidence that one is nothing but a “victim” of their own making and that racism has NOTHING whatsoever to do with it is when the REVEREND (of what we now know is the Church of the False Charge of Racism) Al Sharpton takes up their case and is backed by the choir of the Congressional Black (no racism there) Caucus featuring a few desperate-to-be-seen-as-diverse white soloists like Nancy Pelosi while the REVEREND (of the Church of Usurpers of the Message of Dr. King) Jessie Jackson passes the collection plate.

Today, there are nearly 1,400 weapons unaccounted for that were walked over our southern border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels which have been employed in the murders of more than 200 people of various skin colors on both sides OF that border including Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry, both United States Agents.

The evidence of how it was allowed to occur, who signed off on it and who participated in covering it all up is contained in documents, emails and memos which Eric Holder has REFUSED to hand over to Chairman Issa and the House Oversight Committee for well over a year despite subpoenas FOR those documents.

Charges f contempt, already leveled by the House Oversight Committee, will be voted upon tomorrow because Eric Holder has stone walled, misled, lied to and obstructed the investigation for more than a year but, never mind the body count or the weapons we can’t find or the 2 dead U.S. Agents or the cover up…Eric Holder is the REAL victim here.

He is black after all.

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  1. Let us also, not forget the tears running down the face of REVERAND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton’s face, on national lame stream media, when he was ranting about racism and the death of the criminal, that looked like what Obama’s son would look like, if he had a son!

  2. Good blog today… Let us not forget that the REVEREND (of what, we do not know) Al Sharpton owes the IRS $2.5 million in back taxes. I shudder to think what would happen if I owed the IRS anything…

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