The Emperor’s Mistimed Misdirections

What’s an Emperor to do when he fears something bad is about to happen?



“Ooo, Ooo…I’m the Emperor!!! Look over here. Here. Right here…Pay no attention to what’s about to happen over there…Look over here!!! This is MUCH more interesting than anything that’s going to happen over there!!!”

The thing about misdirection is that it has to be perfectly timed.

Make no mistake…Mistime your misdirection and the misfortune of your misadventure will NOT be…missed.

In the last week, the Emperor has employed 2 misdirections. One was well thought out and well planed in advance while the other was hastily thrown together.

The problem is, both were mistimed in their execution.


Imperial misdirections must be big and flashy. They must be so…out there…as to force people to talk about them and in order to KEEP people talking about them…They must be controversial. The longer people talk about them…the longer they are distracted.

Timing people…Timing is EVERYTHING.

Misdirection Number 1.

On a FRIDAY…The Emperor suddenly and without warning, by Imperial decree, alters immigration policy. All of a sudden, children up to 30 years in age will no longer be deported by the administration who has bragged about deporting more illegal aliens that any other administration in history.

Somewhere between 800,000 and 1 million illegals will NOT be deported and WILL be given a 2 year work visa.

The Controversy.

The Imperial decree violates the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution as, Constitutionally…It is the Congress, NOT the President that has control over immigration and THAT is backed up by Supreme Court rulings.

Misdirection Number 2.

On the following WEDNESDAY…The Emperor enacts Imperial Privilege over the Fast and Furious documents.

By Imperial decree, those documents subpoenaed and withheld from the House Oversight Committee which led to the contempt of Congress vote against Eric Holder were, at the absolute last minute before that vote, deemed to be under Imperial Privilege and therefore, protected from the eyes of Congress and the American people.

The Controversy.

These are documents which we have been told, did not involve the Emperor, regarding topics upon which, we were told, Holder and the Emperor never held discussions and ONLY such items that DO contain evidence of presidential knowledge can be held under Executive Privilege. Either the Emperor KNEW about and had high level discussions regarding Fast and Furious which ARE contained within the documents in question OR…The Emperor is flat out, bald faced lying.

In fact, according to a judicial ruling going back DECADES…Documents containing evidence of governmental wrong doing can NOT be sealed under Executive Privilege and Fast and Furious, which is responsible for more than 200 deaths, thousands of weapons being walked into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and the murders of 2 U.S. Agents…most definitely falls into the category of…Governmental wrong doing.

The Timing of the Misdirections.

The First (and much more well planned) misdirection took place on a FRIDAY. Had it taken place EARLIER…it would have lost steam by the end of the week. Had it happen on Saturday or Sunday…people with better things to do rather than be glued to news updates would have missed it completely and by the following MONDAY it would have played 2nd fiddle.

The second (and hastily cobbled together) misdirection occurred the following WEDNESDAY. This was a misdirection born of desperation at the last minute taking advantage of a story already in the news cycle for well over a year…A story which had, on that very day, become so big that even NBC and ABC could no longer ignore it to protect the Emperor.

The Object of the Misdirection.

The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare.

Think about it.

The Emperor knew, when the Supreme Court announced it would HEAR the case against Obamacare, that he MIGHT need some sort of distraction…MISDIRECTION…if things failed to go his way.

CLEARLY, after his Solicitor General stammered and stumbled his way through the presentation of the Emperor’s case while the assembled 26 Attorney’s Generals NAILED their case…The Emperor knew a misdirection was in order.

KNOWING that the Supreme Court rulings, not only on but primarily on Obama care (and the Arizona SB 1070 case as well) would come down in mid to late June…

The Emperor unleashes his most well thought out and highly planned misdirection…the Imperial decree regarding a sudden and unconstitutional shift on immigration and deportation policy…


Earlier that week would have been too soon. Saturday or Sunday and it would have been lost and by Monday…Had the ruling come down that Monday…the misdirection would have played a distant 2nd fiddle.

Timing is EVERYTHING people!!!


The Supreme Court did NOT issue their ruling on the Monday morning following the Imperial decree on immigration!!!

The next possible day the Supreme Court rulings could come down was…THURSDAY. The Supreme Court always issues their rulings on Mondays and Thursdays so…The THURSDAY following the MONDAY it DIDN’T come down would be the day and…HOLY COW…The Emperor needed ANOTHER misdirection!!!

Hurry…Cobble SOMETHING together!!!

What did they have with which to work?

Fast and Furious.

On Tuesday evening…Holder had a meeting with Issa.

Holder offered the most silly, inane “Deal” in the history of deals didn’t he? Holder told Issa that if Issa would DROP the entire investigation AND drop any notion of holding Holder in contempt of Congress, he…HOLDER would, in what he called an “Extraordinary Accommodation” ummm…”Brief” Issa on what was in the documents.

This “DEAL” was one which NOBODY involved in an investigation would even REMOTELY consider…and both Holder and…THE EMPEROR…knew it.

The Emperor needed just a few more hours before he could let loose his next misdirection and, he needed it to be something which, again, would be talked about for days. Make a big deal of Holder’s SILLY offer and then…

The next morning…



The Emperor exerts Imperial Privilege with the full knowledge that such Privilege has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING where governmental misconduct is involved but…Boy, oh BOY…surely people will talk about it and it’s illegal last second application…Won’t they?

Well…When you only have a couple days to hatch a plan of misdirection…Ya use whatever ya got.


Of all the ROTTEN timing!

Not once but TWICE the Emperor MISTIMED his MISDIRECTIONS!!!


Was it really…Rotten luck?

WHEN Supreme Court rulings are made public is the prevue of but one person.

The United States Supreme Court Chief Justice who, in the here and now, is Justice John Roberts who is no fan of the Emperor.

Roberts’ issues with the Emperor started when the Emperor, in his first State of the Union speech, tossed the high court under the bus. It has continued ever since and may well have been brought to the forefront when, after the stammering and poorly presented case by the Emperor’s Solicitor General was finished, the Emperor fired not one but two threatening shots across the Supreme Court’s bow.

Rotten luck or were the Emperor’s carefully planned and coddled together 1st and 2nd misdirections FOILED by Chief Justice Roberts???

We may never know for sure but, I’m willing to bet the “F” bomb was dropped more than once in the last week in the oval office and I’m also willing to bet those “F” bombs were followed by the name…”ROBERTS!!!”

In the employ of misdirection, timing IS everything. The Emperor knows it and, I suspect, so too does Chief Justice Roberts and ultimately, the timing here is controlled entirely by the Chief Justice.

Last Friday there was no attempt at misdirection nor was there any attempt on Saturday or, so far, today. Any attempt at it, yet today or tomorrow by, say, issuing official congratulations to the Muslim Brotherhood candidate become the President of Egypt,  would be reduced to playing 2nd fiddle.

Make no mistake…Mistime your misdirection and the misfortune of your misadventure will NOT be…missed….On MONDAY MORNING!!!

4 thoughts on “The Emperor’s Mistimed Misdirections

  1. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on Wednesday, June 27th. It will likely be a whopper.

  2. Very good Craig..I do believe you have stated exactly what is happening.. Bet Jarrett is coming unglued as well. I didn’t see Ax on any talk shows today unless I missed him…they are out of excuses….I am concerned about their reaction when the election gets closer. There is no limit as to what the will do to retain power and the WH. I think it is going to be a scary summer not to mention what actions he would take during a lame duck session if he loses.

  3. Hi Craig,

    Lets hope Obama’s attacks continue to be ill timed. Obama reminds me of FDR in this regard, his disdain of the Supreme Court is a reflection of his radical policies and his arrogance. My small way of fighting back has been to create an American history game called We The People Fight Tyranny. In it I seek to teach folks about those principles that have made our nation great, and expose the enemies of the republic, both past and present. Let me know what you think.

    Best of luck to you — keep up the fight!

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