Somehow, This MUST Be Bush’s Fault

In truth, this week hasn’t been a great deal different that any other for the Emperor when it comes to dodging and weaving around the truth. After 3 1/2 years, it starts to blur.

This MONTH, however, has probably been the single WORST month of his reign and, it’s not going to get any better. Out of what is going to go down in history as THE worst month for ANY Oval Office occupant in an election year, THIS WEEK has been arguably the single worst WEEK of his reign.

Oh…considering everything that’s been going on leading UP to this week, it never stood a chance of being a good week but, the Emperor has only made it WORSE without any outside assistance.

While the Emperor’s worst week ever has encompassed MANY different issues, let’s just look at 2 KEY parts of it.

By now, one would have to think that the Emperor is too dizzy to swing a golf club.

It’s been quite a week hasn’t it? Obama is spinning like a lathe, doing about faces and augering  himself into quite a hole. Just how bad can one week get?

Let’s do a little exercise in comparison shall we?

THIS was Obama less than 9 months ago.

THIS was Obama just last Friday!


Last September, Obama said he could NOT do exactly what he DID last Friday. Last September, Obama said there were laws on the books which prevented it…There was a system. Of course he was wrong about living in a democracy as we, in fact, live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC…But should we really expect a Constitutional scholar and instructor to know the difference>

So…What changed? What about those laws on the books? What about the system that was in place?

Those things apply to PRESIDENTS but…certainly NOT to EMPERORS after all. Why would an Emperor allow such a pesky thing as the Constitution or separation of powers get in his way? Laws schmaws, Emperors aren’t bothered by LAWS…LAWS are those things by which SUBJECTS must abide…Not EMPERORS.

Round and round the Emperor goes,

The only thing Transparent are the Emperor’s Clothes.

Here was Obama back in 2007…

And what happened THIS week?

Ruh Roh Scooby…

Really…You MUST understand that, back in 2007…SENATOR Obama was scolding the PRESIDENT…Bad PRESIDENT…Hiding behind Executive Privilege…

That, of course, was THEN and this, naturally is NOW and the difference is…Executive Privilege vs Imperial Privilege. THEN…The American People DESERVED to know what was going on.

NOW…The Emperor’s SUBJECTS…Don’t.

Oh…Never mind that back THEN…It was all about some U.S. Attorneys getting fired and IT HAD TO BE GOTTEN TO THE BOTTOM OF!!!

NOW…More than 200 people have been MURDERED, including at least 1 U.S. Border Agent, because the Emperor’s minions handed thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels in an operation which may well have violated international treaties resulting in a cover-up, contempt of congress charges against the nation’s Attorney General, more than a year of hearings, retracted testimony, possible perjury, stone walling and apparent knowledge of it at the highest levels.

Imperial Privilege…Move along…Nothing to see here.

To paraphrase the great Tommy Roe…


My head is spinning
Like a whirlpool, it never ends
And it’s Obama, making it spin
You’re making me dizzy
Oh, I’m so dizzy
You’re making me dizzy
Yeah, I’m so dizzy

Of course, the Emperor’s self induced spin cycle isn’t the ONLY merry-go-round at the carnival.

The very same Emperor and his happy band of village idiots who believe, wholeheartedly, that nobody but NOBODY has ANY business whatsoever prying into who knew what and when they knew it regarding Fast and Furious, seem to have NO problem in the WORLD letting out such inconsequential tidbits as…

SEAL TEAM 6 took down bin Laden…

The PAKISTANI DOCTOR who HELPED identify bin Laden…

The DOUBLE AGENT imbedded in al Qaeda…


The FIRE VIRUS…or the TERRORIST KILL LIST and how it is managed.

Those, apparently, are things the entire WORLD needs to know but…details on the operation and cover up of Fast and Furious which has led to the murders of more than 200 people including Agent Brian Terry and quite possible Agent Jamie Zapata?

Good heavens…no.

To investigate the list of leaks…The Emperor has called in a couple of in-house plumbers who will report only to the Emperor’s head minion who, in turn, will report only to the Emperor.

Leaks? What leaks?

Would we expect anything different from the guy who knighted Geitner as Secretary of the Treasury?

As for Fast and Furious…

Investigation? What investigation?

Yesterday, during more than 2 hours of “opening statements” at the House Oversight Committee hearing which found Eric Holder in contempt, one liberal congressman wanted a full list of what the investigation was costing the taxpayers.


He voted NO on the contempt charge and certainly stand WITH the Imperial Privilege decree but thinks what’s REALLY important is an itemized list of investigation expenditures??? THAT’S what HE thinks needs to be made public in full disclosure???


Maybe he’s afraid the investigation has gone over budget. Oh…Wait…WHAT BUDGET??? HIS party steadfastly refuses to PASS a budget.

One would think a community organizer would be somewhat more…organized.

Next week…We’ll have the Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare and Arizona’s SB 1070 but we certainly don’t expect any…spinning…on those…Do we?

Somehow, this MUST be Bush’s fault.

6 thoughts on “Somehow, This MUST Be Bush’s Fault

  1. Oddly, I agree with both ‘Shea’ & ‘Falling’…he SHOULD be at leats be brought up under an article of impeachment, as Shea states, but won’t, but NOT for the reason Falling states…he won’t because this country still has very fresh memories of how the black population reacted to the rodney king verdicts, the OJ trial and subsequent, verdict, which allowed a killer to go free yet be held responsible financially, but that didn’t save LA, Oakland, or San Diego…and that’s all this is about now! This ‘administration’, and I use that term as loosely as is possible, has stirred up the racial divide in ways that alone ought to have brought censure from Congress and Senate, but it won’t, for the very same reason, ANY percieved attacks against obama will be seen as a racist attack against alot of blacks in this country, and in our current financial state, we cannot afford to rebuild 200 major US cities, and that’s exactly what obama’s counting on, as long as he can keep us divided, he wins this issue by default because we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t!

    Its a sadder state of affairs that the black community refuses to see him for the fraud he is, and have their color specific blinders on against any assaults against him….should he be impeached, absolutely! Will he be impeached? Nope, not unless we as a nation are willing to foot the bill for the damage ‘his people’ ARE going to do…and we all KNOW they will!

  2. We will just have to wait until Nov. 6, 2012 to get rid of the nightmare. It will be a landslide of major proportions against Obama, strictly because of the economy.
    Nothing else needs to be mentioned, except “good riddance and thank God!”

  3. I fear that someone may try to shoot him in the eye. Prophecy says he will be reanimated by satan. I pray this is not to be.

  4. @ She, I’d love to see that. But how would you get it past the Dems who will be standing arm and arm?

  5. Shea, he will not be impeached no matter how horrible his behavior becomes. In an impeachment case the House brings charges, but the Senate must take up those charges and hold the trial. There is NO WAY that Harry Reid will do either, so there is no reason for the House to bring the charges. But Republicans do need to grow a set and start standing up and speaking out against the things this man is doing! From what I am seeing most are too terrified of being called a racist to say a word. It is time to put that behind us and let the Obama administration define racism since they seem to like to throw the accusation around so freely. Obama has been a miserable failure, but the American people cannot look to impeachment to get rid of him. We MUST organize and vote him out of office and then hold the new president’s feet to the fire and force him to return to our Constitutional roots if this country is to survive.

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