Obama’s “Private Sector’s Doin’ Fine” Dance

Last Friday, Obama gaffed BIG time.

That’s what the media wants you to believe. That he gaffed when he said that the private sector was doing fine.

Mainstream media of course went into damage control using liberal talking points. Obama himself “clarified” his remarks as soon as he could.

Now, a few days later, some conservatives are questioning whether it was a gaff at all. Now they are speculating that he simply slipped up and spoke aloud what he really believes regardless of the political fallout.



Not a gaff???

A show of hands please…Who would like to know what last Friday’s Obama statement REALLY was???

Okay…Here we go.

To understand it one must listen to it again. Listen closely.

Okay…there it was…IN CONTEXT for any liberal out there wanting to claim it was taken OUT of context.

Here is what nobody else has put together because, in a 24 hour news cycle, people don’t think beyond the immediate last 24 hour cycle and believe me, that was EXACTLY what Obama was counting on when he made that statement last Friday.

Last Friday…THAT is a key to understanding this…Last Friday.

I’ll get back to that…trust me.

Now let’s have another look at Obama’s clarification of his remarks, again, IN CONTEXT.

There…Did you catch it? Did you catch the slight of hand shift of focus??

Did you?

In his press conference on Friday MORNING Obama said the PRIVATE SECTOR was doing fine. In his chat on Friday AFTERNOON…He said that obviously the…ECONOMY…was NOT doing fine.


Obama tried to shift the focus from “private sector” to the economy.

Now…From Friday morning, go back a few 24 hour news cycles. Go back 1…2…3 cycles.

What happened on TUESDAY?

On Tuesday…in WISCONSIN…liberals lost the recall election didn’t they? Yep.



During the entire run up to the Wisconsin recall…WHERE WAS OBAMA??? Nowhere to be found. He refused to get involved. Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot poll. That election, as we have said before, was not between Walker and Barrett, it was between capitalism and socialism…between private enterprise and PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS.

We also know, because Trumka and Andy Stern have bragged about it, that UNIONS have meetings on a regular basis IN THE WHITE HOUSE. It’s not at all hard to figure out that the unions would be VERY upset with Obama for NOT getting involved…NOT campaigning for their cause…PUBLIC sector unions in Wisconsin.

Who was one of the main financing arms for Obama in 2008?

Unions and yep…PUBLIC sector unions.

One can easily believe that sometime between Tuesday NIGHT and Friday MORNING…PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS started pulling Obama’s strings.

Obama was, no doubt, told to start standing up FOR public sector and AGAINST the PRIVATE sector or risk NOT getting a dime for his reelection coffers.

What is the primary political arm of the unions?

The socialist party of course. Just look at Wisconsin and all the socialist signage and support. Look at the Occupy protests. Who was backing those??? The unions and the socialist party.

So…On Friday MORNING…Obama says that the PRIVATE sector is doing fine but we need to do more for the PUBLIC sector. More cops, more fire, teachers…PUBLIC SECTOR…The same public sector which had their collective bargaining hats handed to them on Tuesday night without but a middle of the night tweet from Obama to help them.

Dance puppet dance.

Obama did not gaff on Friday morning. That was his attempt to dismiss the private sector and draw attention TO the public sector and on Friday afternoon…He didn’t clarify ANYTHING…He tried to shift the focus away from the private sector and onto the economy in general.

It is clear that, between now and November, Obama will continue to press for more support for public sector unions in order to get union money for his campaign.

The problem is, that little sound byte should haunt him relentlessly.

“Read my lips…” cost Bush 41 his chance at a second term and “The private sector’s doin’ fine…” should have the same effect on Obama.

Every republican candidate at every level needs to incorporate that into their material and Romney needs to hammer on it every day for the next 4 ½ months.

They also need to point out the fact that Obama is a union puppet.

Obama wants exactly what cost the unions the Wisconsin recall. More public sector entitlements. Look, cops, firefighters, teachers…we need them and they are important but, under current collective bargaining agreements, local, state and federal governments simply can’t afford what they have now, much less to hire more in the future.

The more you hire under current agreements, the more it’s going to cost the taxpayers for their pensions. The only way to pay for them is to hike taxes giving people less money to spend. The less they have to spend, the more they will come to rely on the government for their needs. The more government has to provide for them, the higher the government will hike taxes.

It’s a vicious circle, like an ever tightening spiral going down a drain toward socialism.

For Obama to say that the private sector’s doin’ fine but the public sector needs more support is NOT a gaff…

It’s the means to an end.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s “Private Sector’s Doin’ Fine” Dance

  1. We don’t need no more cops
    We don’t need no more cps
    We don’t need no more politicians
    To take what we hold dear to us

    We have lost all of our savings
    Most of us have lost our home
    We have lost all of our jobs
    And we know we are not alone

    We need some cash at the bottom
    So we can built our way back up
    We cannot rebuild our lives
    With your empty half full cup

    We know there is corruption
    We know that there is crime
    Running our government system
    And we know that it’s about time

    We must end the criminal faction
    That steals from the taxes we pay
    We don’t want to spend it on wars
    We want to create a better way

    So give us back our children
    Stolen by CPS
    And give us back our savings
    And we will do the rest

    I will start a business
    The homeless will have a plan
    We’ll build houses so they have a place
    To start their lives over again

    Those with power and money
    Help those with money and power
    We live in the streets and cry for our babies
    And it gets worse with every hour

    Our lives have been destroyed and
    Our families ripped apart
    How bad does it have to get
    Before we get a new start

    So, we know what the problems is
    And we know what needs to be done
    But we are the 99%
    And you are the powerful ONE…

    When will they tyranny and corruption end
    And what will those criminals do
    When we ask them to STEP DOWN or BE REMOVED
    Will they still depend on YOU

    Do not let them run our country
    Into the ground til we all die
    Our children will be here to suffer
    And we all get the reason WHY

    So you can get on with your business
    Of hiring more police and waging more war
    But you won’t do it using our money
    Cause we can’t pay taxes any more

    When will you end the corruption
    When will you end the abuse
    But you just turn our abusers loose

    The world is run by narcissistic psychopaths
    And mothers and children don’t sleep
    We are afraid we are going to be separated forever
    Because your promises you don’t keep

    Now, get down to earth with the rest of us
    And realize what is being done
    We are your tired, your poor and your hungry
    When will you stop being the ONE

    Give us back our FREEDOM
    Give us back our RIGHTS
    Give us back our CHILDREN
    So we don’t have sleepless nights

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