Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” to Imperial Rule

America is poised to the razor’s edge of an abyss the depths of which have no measure. Make no mistake, this is a fact.

We currently have a “president” who stands at that deadly precipice and orders the nation…”FORWARD.”

If what Obama did last Friday, with his immigration decree doesn’t wake you up, you are forever lost.

Allow me to be as clear and succinct as is humanly possible.

In November, there will be 2 names on the presidential ballot.



That’s it. That’s it no matter who would rather have someone else’s name there instead of Romney. I am one of them as of the field which ran, I would have much preferred Newt Gingrich. No matter what thread of hope onto which I hang, there will be no brokered convention. Newt will not be the nominee.

The exact same is a fact for the followers of Ron Paul. The supporters of Sarah Palin, Allen West, Perry, Cain, Santorum, Pawlenty, Bachmann and on and on.

It is just as true for those who support candidates who have never been heard of by people outside of their circle of friends. John Dummett Jr. comes to mind…A candidate with no name recognition whatsoever outside a small yet determined band of social media advocates.

None will be the nominee to face Obama but Mitt Romney.

That is a fact and those who don’t believe it had better start.

In November, on the presidential ballot will be 2 names. Obama and Romney.

Those who would cast a write in vote for someone other than Romney and then stand their ground and state that they voted for liberty are fools.

That too is a fact.

Every vote NOT cast for Romney in November IS a vote for Obama in that each such vote is a vote not in the Romney tally and THAT allows Obama to gain a crucial step ahead of the only other name on that ballot.

One need look no further back than Ross Perot.

Perot siphoned off enough votes from Bush 41 to keep Bush from defeating Clinton. Perot was just 1…JUST 1… “other candidate and this year, in the most important election since 1860, there are too many “other” candidates to count.

Each “other” candidate…All those different write ins, will garner, maybe, 1 or 2% of the vote IF they’re lucky. 10 “other candidates would split 10%-20% of the vote.

That is exactly the same as spotting Obama, 10%-20% in a race that has THE most dire consequences in HISTORY.

Those who would vote a write in and declare that they voted for liberty might just as well buy the bullets for the firing squad facing them and proudly declaring that they cleaned the rifles for them.

Here it is, straight forward and with no apologies.

Obama, less than one year, made this clear statement.

He knew on September 28th, 2011 that he had NO authority to enact the Dream Act imperially and he damn well knew the same thing last Friday, June 15th, 2012 when he DID decree, by IMPERIAL edict, that the very same Dream Act was now the law!!!

We ALL know this is NOT the first time Obama has ignored the Constitution but I tell you…THIS is DIFFERENT. Far different.

This time, we have him, in his words, his voice, ON CAMERA, explaining WHY he can NOT enact the Dream Act alone and on Friday…We have him doing EXACTLY what he said and knew he had NO authority to do!

By sending Napolitano to a conference call in the morning and then, just hours later, appearing, HIMSELF, in the Rose Garden of the white house, he has provided an OMINOUS foreshadowing of what a 2nd Obama term would be.


With his actions on Friday, June 15th, 2012…



Who amongst the myriad of conservatives wishing someone other than Romney were to become the nominee will STILL, knowing THIS, employ a write in on their ballot?

Let me put it this way:

You may well not get everything you want with Romney but you DAMN sure will lose ALL YOU HAVE with a 2nd Obama term.

You will lose your freedom. Your liberty. Your rights. Your protections. Your future votes. Your privacy. Your ability to speak out. Your ability to protest. Your religious protections.

Without the Constitution and with an imperial ruler, all of those things are gone. Gone not just for a while but, gone for all time.

Your income will belong to the government…ALL of it. You will have NO choice as to what you buy, what you eat, how you raise your children or where they go to school.

You will have no choice as to what news you hear or read and the internet, your websites, videos and social media will be controlled. If you think you are being censored NOW…just wait.

THIS is what imperial rule will do and last Friday, Obama made it CLEAR that he is bent on being such a ruler. A president must be accountable to the Constitution and abide by the separation of powers. An empirical ruler has NO need for those constraints.

Last Friday, Obama made it clear that HE will, at his whim, do away with the Constitution.

Liberals and others who would scoff at this dire warning are either blind fools or so driven toward socialism that they simply do not care whether we live in a Constitutional Republic or an Absolute Monarchy.

Do NOT count on or ask why, congress doesn’t do something. Obama should damn well be impeached but, it takes 2/3 of the senate to do that and the senate is in the hands of those who, like Obama, want socialism and they, like millions of voters, and bent on doing whatever it takes to ensure that socialism becomes the American way.

Elect a majority of conservatives to both the senate and the house but allow Obama to remain as Emperor and nothing will change as an Emperor has no more use for congress than for the Constitution. They will be disbanded.

At that point, the final vestiges of representative government Of the People By the People and For the People, will vanish.


For those who believe there is no difference between Romney and Obama…Think again. For those who refuse to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon…Think again. Whatever your reason, as a conservative, to NOT cast your vote for Romney…GET OVER IT because with Obama…you are screwed…completely, 100% screwed.

What Obama told the nation and the world from the Rose Garden on Friday, June 15th 2012, was THE most dire admission I have EVER heard from a president. By implementing the Dream Act, which was voted DOWN in congress 2 years ago, Obama may as well have said, “I am no longer the president. I am now your ruler. I am no longer to be held accountable to the Constitution nor to the laws of the nation nor to the people over whom I preside. 9 months ago, I told you I could not do this. That is when I was a president. As your ruler, I can and will do as I choose. Congress is no longer necessary and if they won’t pass MY edicts, I will, henceforth, ignore them.”

“How DARE you question me on my decree! You will wait until I am finished before I either choose to answer or ignore your question.”

Anyone, with his ego, his arrogance, his ideology and his desperation to hold onto power, who would do this, in public, on camera…Blatantly disregard the constitution and the laws of the nation…Truly believes that he is ABOVE the law, ABOVE the Constitution and ABOVE the people.

This was NOT a slip up, a gaff or a miscalculation. This was NOT finding a loop hole, this was NOT a trial balloon.

This was COLD, CALCULATED and done SO publicly for one utterly despicable reason…To send a clear and unavoidable MESSAGE that he will NO LONGER be accountable to the very FOUNDATION of this nation.

Remember, back in 2008, when a campaigning Obama told us that he would, “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM” America? DO YOU REMEMBER THAT???



16 thoughts on “Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” to Imperial Rule

  1. I cannot believe that “millions of stupid American’s” voted for this “marxist-communist” bastard!! My father fought the communst’s along with,many American’s,back in 1951 to 53. Had it not been, for the United States, standing-up to the “evil socialpathic” Joseph Stalin, all of Europe and Asia,would today,be under “communist” tyranical rule,now. Obama, is a “Sal Alinsky” communist change agent! His whole reason for living,is to “destroy the United States of America,”and thus real freedom and democracy! “I pray” that,”patriotic” Americans,can “remove this Manchurian candidate” before he, plunges the “whole world” into a new,DARK AGE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  2. Wake up America. Do you not see what this ego maniac, illegal, Muslim, constitutional republic hating, Chicago hood is doing to America? He wants America, as we know it, destroyed in favor of European style Marxist government with the so-called elite in charge of ONE world order. This radical philosophy has been around and gaining momentum for decades. Referance the CFR and the Trilateral commission and others that expound this world domination–it’s nothing new. Obama is a puppet for these radical people and they will not stop at anything that gets in their way. Big money and powerful people are behind this world movement. Can it be stopped? Only if the masses become aware and resort to what they have to do to stop it!

  3. World War Two was Fought to stop the Hitler`s of the world. And Now we We have a Black Hitler to fight LAWMAKERS STAND TALL in order to save our Nation, REMEMBER ITS STILL ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE. He Will Be Arrested for Fraud and Treason soon.

  4. dang ,all the lawmakers need to do is to arrest obumer for Fraud and Treason and that will Remove all he has Placed and it will remove all the People he has placed.

  5. The last E.O. order that came from the White house is yet another defiance of Obama against the American people and the Constitution . Presidents have not the authority to state ” I SAY THIS IS LAW ” ( concerning over riding the nations law concerning making millions of Hispanics legal to vote for him. One would wonder why he would again wipe his butt with this nations constitution again with full knowledge it is not with in the power of his office to do so? The answer is painfully clear.
    The VOTES to win a election were he knows he is hated by most of Americans so he makes non Americans legal to vote for him, the MOST SCARIEST thing out of it all is he knows he can not do this legal but as a DICTATOR he can. He WILL attempt to take full power over this nation as a dictator . If it is in November or not he WILL take dictatorship over the USA. It is his goal and always has been his goal .
    SAVE AMERICA. Arrest him for tress ion while we still can. This free nation including are write this blog is soon to be gone.
    Signed. Scared American

  6. We all know that the candidates are seldom as conservative as they advertise themselves to be. It would be good if the republicans could learn to EARLY support the most conservative candidate out of the many offered. There has to be unity at the beginning to keep the votes from being split in the primaries. America has some great leaders, just waiting to serve.

  7. Barry and Romney are not the same at all!

    Romney does not hate America!

    Romney is not a racist; or an antisemite!

    Romney will be far less likely to pick judges and/or justices that will safeguard the so-called ‘right’ to murder more and more pre-born infants (and even post-born ones … as Baby-Butcher Barry has unswervingly done)!

    There are many, many other examples that go on and on … too many for here!

    In other words, Romney will not deliberately seek to divide American citizens against one another … and seek to destroy America … in order to make it (and ‘we the people’) more pliable to his dictatorial rule over us! !

    And, while I’ll admit that Romney was definitely not my first choice to be the nominee (I first chose Michele Bachmann … and then Rick Santorum), there is no way that any person can equate the two!

    Yes, you can call it the lesser of two evils … once again!

    But in this case, the differences are really discernible!

    Why? Because Barry is so extremely so way outside even the pretense of being willing to stand by the oath he took to defend uphold the U.S. Constitution, that one has to be blind (or worse) to still try to make excuses for this most lawless of charlatans ever to have seized control of the white house (legitimately … or NOT … in his case)!

    Never has there been one with such open hostility and bile against the nation he claims to represent … but who is instead, in his lust to empower himself, seeks to totally obliterate the U.S. Constitution that is still standing in his way.

    And so, the differences between Barry and Romney really are, in light of these extreme circumstances, truly radical this time!

    In other words, if we insist on throwing a tantrum, because the establishment forced another rino upon us, then not only are we cutting off our noses to spite our faces, we are also (literally … not just in effect) committing national suicide … for ourselves, our loved ones, and the (once) most prosperous nation on earth!

  8. Over 900 executive orders in the last 3-1/2 years. When did he have time to golf? The reporter who interrupted his “edict” on Friday was chastized for not respecting the prez. All he did was ask the question of legality, and the prez shot him down like a naughty child. Is this congress so afraid of the emperor that they won’t do anything to stop him? I try and figure out what is getting in the way of truth and freedom in DC, and come up empty ever time.

  9. Republicans are so fragmented because we have come so far from the origins of this experiment called America. Those on the right are divided between those that want to jump right back to the fundamentals of the Constitution to those that just want to get the budget under control and differing levels between them.

    That is why we have so many displeased with the direction of the Republican party (I, myself, registered as Libertarian during Bush’s second term). The party has no coordinated direction. The RNC liked the Tea Party in 2010 but now seems to think they are a bit radical. I would like to see us moving back to the Framer’s intention. But i also know it will have to be the same way we got here. Incrementally. It has taken 150 years to screw things up. It will take at least that long to get back to personal responsibilty.

  10. This, without a doubt, is the most wonderful example of great journalism. So well explained, no words to look up…just great common sense. Thank you so much for this posting. I will be sending to all I know and pray that they will read and adhere. My saying is “I’d rather be mormonized than muslimized”.

  11. Craig, this very well may be the most important article you’ve ever written.

  12. Patriot – Excellent web posting!. Excellent commentary!

    My wife said:

    “It’s a choice between voting for a closet Muslim and a person whose personal religion believes that Satan was Jesus’ brother.”

    But, as you point out, the choice is clear. Isn’t it always the practice of voting for the lesser of two evils?

    Unless the whole Obama Identity Scandal and / or the Eligibility issues knock Obama off his White House occupancy high horse, I sadly think that Obama will be re-elected for another 4 years.

    I think that the GOP is so fragmented because of those at the top who have ignored Obama’s non natural born citizen “presidency.” Those birthers and others who feel so betrayed by Republican complacency over Obama’s lack of presidential requirement credentials, will help tilt the election in Obama’s favor. Should this happen, I don’t blame them but blame the Republican Karl Roves and Ann Coulters – and others for ignoring Obama’s Identity Scandal and unconstitutional “presidency.”

    Finally, I do see hope for our country, if and when there would be a military coup to set back America’s clock. However until that happens, if it ever will, Obama will continue to molest our country. Here, following is a sample of what he’s already done – and, it hasn’t even been updated as it would become too long to read:


  13. The People do NOT nor every have voted for the Pres – that was CLEARLY delegated to the Electors.
    Furthermore, the Electors are NOT required to vote in the way the majority wants.

  14. And yet, Congress sits by and allows an illegal to be the PO T U S , they sit by and allow treasonous acts go unanswered. They sit by and ignore one flagrant assault upon our constitution after another. There is something wrong here alright and it most certainly isn’t just this one office.

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