Liberal Media Creates a Scandal

Last Friday, the Emperor stepped up to the microphones in the rose garden and issued a decree that illegal aliens, brought here by their parents and under the age of 30, would no longer be deported and would be given a 2-year work visa.

In the middle of it all, Neil Munro, a reporter from the Daily Caller, interrupted and asked a question.

Munro was scolded by the Emperor and has since been the target of the liberal media for his rude behavior.

Yesterday, former ABC White House correspondent, Sam Donaldson, piped up stating, “Many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices [sic] and political view but for who he is, an African American!”  

Of all the lame brained…..

Donaldson played the race card. That much is blatantly obvious. But why?

That, too, should be blatantly obvious.

Just as Obama is unable to run on his record, those who defend him can’t defend the record.

Rather than go into ALL the policy decisions and Obama agenda items over the last 3 ½ years, let’s just focus on the one which cause Donaldson and the rest of the liberal/socialist media to collectively wet their panties last week.



This is clearly how they intend to behave from now through November and, most likely, well beyond. It’s all they have.

Donaldson and the rest of the liberal/socialist media know, just as Obama knows, forcing immigration reform by Imperial decree is unconstitutional and illegal. It breaks the laws on the books regarding deportation.

They know it and they know it FULL well. Obama, less than 9 months ago STATED that he COULD NOT enact the Dream Act BECAUSE THERE WERE LAWS ON THE BOOKS AND BECAUSE THE CONSTITUTION DOESN’T ALLOW IT.

But…Neither Donaldson nor the collective race-card-playing panty wetters can go there. They just can’t. Doing so would go against their liberal/socialist agenda.

So what are liberal/socialist members of the media to do???

Attack the questioner not the decree.

It matters not whether Munro waited until the Imperial decree was finished or whether he interrupted mid decree…questioning the Emperor is simply not allowed and any who would are racists.

Here is the question in question: “What about American workers who are unemployed while you import foreigners?”


Here is MY questions to the liberal/socialist media and masses…Was this question “racist” because Munro interrupted when asking it? Was it “racist” because Munro interrupted a BLACK president when he asked it? Would that question have been “racist” had Munro interrupted a WHITE president when he asked it?

In fact, the question was valid. How and when Munro ASKED the question may not have been politically polite, but Munro is aggressive and knew that the Emperor would more than likely issue his decree and split so…considering the current unemployment rate, the latest jobs numbers and the current state of the economy…Munro’s question was more than valid…It was IMPORTANT…and needed to be asked.

Aggressive? Damn straight. Impolite? Maybe.

Racist??? Only in the liberal/socialist mind because they too know Munro was spot on with the question and there is no possible way to defend Obama on his trouncing of the Constitution and subversion of the law by ascension to Imperial Rule OTHER than to attack the questioner.

Here’s what Donaldson and the rest of the race-card-playing liberal/socialists are ignoring: By playing the race card where it has no business whatsoever being played, they themselves are the racists. THEY are the ones making an issue of the Emperor’s skin color. The fact that the Emperor is black means something to THEM.

To play the race card where it clearly doesn’t belong dilutes issues of real racism.

Munro’s question was clearly a policy question, and questioning a president’s policy is exactly what reporters are supposed to do. To insinuate that questioning Obama’s policies is racist is, in and of itself, racist.

How many liberal reporters, over the years, have questioned a president’s policies? ANY president’s policies? Were they ALL racists for doing so?

Of course not.

In this case, the liberal/socialists are attempting to divert attention. Rather than deal with the scandal of a man who swore to uphold the laws and defend the Constitution acting in a way diametrically opposed to that oath, they instead try to create a scandal out of thin air.

Scandalize the reporter asking a policy question rather than expose the scandal of Imperial Rule.

Sam Donaldson should be forever remembered for outing his colleagues for no longer reporting the events of the day and for putting their concerted efforts into providing cover for an Imperial Ruler by making race their number one priority.

Before Donaldson or anyone else plays the race card in this manner, they need to ask themselves one very important question: If the president were a black Republican and THEY question THAT president’s policies, will they charge racism against THEMSELVES???

6 thoughts on “Liberal Media Creates a Scandal

  1. IF we take back this country in 2012, the first actions will be defensive to protective our nation for the outside forces of financial, military and terrorist threat. Once that has been put into place, ALL THE LIARS, CHEATS, SELECTIVE EDITORS OF 911 calls and YouTube videos, not to mention flat out lying on government numbers and thinking theirs was ice cream and not enough cones to go around, are in for a hard landing. There will be a new FCC Commissioner and he is charged with making sure content is correct and necessary and informative for the public. When repeated occcurrences of blatant lies, editing etc are proven, many stations can and will lose their licenses…..or perhaps clean up the personnel if they wish to continue. MAN UP and do what is RIGHT for AMERICA!

  2. Obama is a Mulatto. He is half white and mostly Kenyan African, – at least it is from his story record. But, perhaps, that is a reliable as his forged birth certificate.

    But, be that as it may I personally think that the mainstream news media are running scared. As Obama’s identity scandal continues to reignite, the media has to be very uncomfortable knowing that the public is aware of their cozy (inside) relationship with the White House Occupier. They are all rats onboard the Obama sinking ship:

  3. My problem with Obama has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with his policies…He is a Marxist and a danger to our country…it’s that simple.

  4. Such an educated man should not forget about his Caucasian mother, or did she just never exist, like his birth records, or his high school transcripts, or his social security number, etc.

    Why can we not be against his policies, since before he was even elected? Because, you Sam Donaldson, are the racist antogonizer.

  5. Donaldon has always leaned toward the left and he still wants to take a bite out of the so called right wingers who he and his like minded reporters only think liberals are capable of making a meaningful statement. Still trying for a few moments of fame and attention Sam? Go back to sleep. You were boring and obnoxious in your hayday, and with this statement you truly are out of touch. Take a day off, inhale, then exhale and think about what you said and why. huh. Best to ya Sam, but pleeeze get a reality check huh?

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