Even amid allegations of voter fraud by liberals, Governor Scott Walker has WON reelection in Wisconsin

Some of the allegations included 4 bus loads of unionists from MICHIGAN heading into Wisconsin to cast votes for Walker’s challenger, Barrett.

Also up for reelection in Wisconsin today were Senators, Scott Fitzgerald, Van Wanggaard, Terry Moulton and Pam Galloway along with Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

As we said earlier this week, the Wisconsin vote would be a foreshadowing of the national vote in November and it is easy to predict such fraud allegations some 5 months from now.

Liberals, socialists and unions are, for the 2nd time in 2 years, on the losing end of a Wisconsin election and this will have ramifications in the presidential, congressional and local elections this November.

This is also a warning over the Obama bow.

As the November elections approach, expect a flurry of illegal voter registrations, union thuggery, increased activities by the New BlacKKK Panthers and more. NOTHING will be deemed off limits by those fearing the loss of their grip on power and the nullification of their socialist agenda.

Not only should those names being registered to vote in November be watched but so too should activities at the polls as well as those COUNTING the votes be watched and watched closely.

Case in point: A Madison County (heavily liberal county) Clerk told a radio host, Amy Barrilleaux of WTDY ,  that turnout in that county could hit…119% and that such a turnout would be unprecedented.

How far exactly is Madison from Chicago? Of course, in Wisconsin, people CAN register to vote AT the polls which, of course, would NEVER lead to silly antics.

Don’t expect liberals to roll over on THIS loss either. By mid day in Wisconsin TODAY…Word had gotten out that a “NO MORE STOLEN ELECTIONS” rally was set for tonight in Madison signaling that liberals knew they would lose before the votes were even counted. This loss, naturally could not be pinned on their socialist policies, entitlement agenda of a poorly run campaign by their candidate, who by the way, also lost the same election 2 years ago.

No…This loss would be pinned on a stolen election. Ummm….Liberals…How did that work for you after 7 recounts in 2000?

So delusional are liberals that they just can’t fathom more people voting in favor of a capitalist agenda which is working that a socialist agenda which has failed.

Just days ago, Wisconsin Congresswoman, Gwen Moore, who represents part of West Allis, St. Francis, Cudahy, Milwaukee and apparently, several breweries, was captured on camera giving this stirring message to a crowd of liberals, socialists and union entitlement junkies:

While Governor Walkers delivered messages of success, a 154 million dollar surplus rather than the 3.6 billion dollar debt  when he took office less than 2 years ago, a business atmosphere which created more than 30,000 new jobs and a savings of just over a billion dollars to local and state entities and an unemployment rate well below the national average…Gwen More was…warbling away and liberals can’t figure out why they LOST?


For a week now, liberals have been trying to downplay the effect of a Walker win in Wisconsin on the November general election. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said last week, I think, honestly, there aren’t going to be any repercussions.”

Liberal columnist Steve Kornaki said,So, given this polarized, high-interest climate, if the numbers end up breaking the GOP’s way on June 5, how could it not be some kind of harbinger for the fall? Actually, there’s a good reason to think it won’t be: The same polls that have Walker well-positioned to fend off Barrett don’t give Romney quite the same strength.”

It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe in the coming days and weeks, these false views will be echoed far and wide through the canyons of liberalism but know well that the more they say it and the louder they say it, the more they know it is indeed a foreshadowing of November.

The mere fact that they started a week before to dismiss what they saw as a coming loss proves it.

This of course is NOT to say that conservative need do no more than revel on the Walker victory. Quite the opposite is true.

Conservatives must now double and triple their efforts leading into that all important November election. Conservatives must become even MORE guarded in looking for fraudulent activities by liberals and MORE determined to root out and draw attention TO those issues.

Another thing that today’s Wisconsin reelection of Scott Walker proves is that, come November, an unprecedented turnout at the polls by conservatives is going to be necessary. In Wisconsin today, the overall turnout was VERY HIGH.

The desperation of liberals to maintain their socialist grip on power in November means THEY will be energized, whether legal or illegal, alive or dead to cast their votes. Believe it. Staying home or voting for a write in candidate in November is the same as casting a ballot for Obama and liberal/socialists are counting on you to do so. That is their only real hope.

The importance of the election in November goes well beyond the white house. It is equally important to maintain a conservative majority in the house and reestablish a conservative majority in the senate. Think what you will of Romney but remember this, the next president will be making federal court nominations and most likely, at least one Supreme Court nomination and it is the SENATE who will be charged with conformation of those nominations!!!

In this November’s election, writing in a name other than the nominee running against Obama and then stating proudly that you voted for liberty is the same as buying bullets for the firing squad in front of you and proudly proclaiming that you cleaned their rifles.

Tonight’s results in Wisconsin ARE a clue to what November brings and Obama knows it. This could well be the first strike against Obama in what could well become the worst moth ever for a sitting president in an election year. Obamacare and Arizona’s SB1070 loom in the hands of the Supreme Court and those rulings will come down in just a couple of weeks.

Tonight, conservatives can rejoice in a Walker victory.

Tomorrow, we need to get to work and work hard to deal Obama and liberals in congress a decisive blow.



  1. I think this Wisconsin recall vote with Gov. Walker winning, illustrates how rank-in-file taxpayers prevail when they finally become fed up with all the union bullying and big money [type mobster] influence.

    Just think of all the nasty things union influence perpetrated when they didn’t get their way with the initial election process. Now, they must eat crow and realize their selfishness. Hopefully, (at least some of them) will now learn to work for the common good of Wisconsin, rather than again grow their malevolent sour grapes.

    • Can we take, from your statement Pavillion, that liberals will NOT be advertising for the November election??

  2. Great Post, Succinct and to the point!
    Victory is the Goal, and to Release our Children and Grandchildren from the Government’s,
    Indentured Servitude to Unsustainable Debt Gulag of the Socialist Goals!

    Keep Hammering it Home, Come What will, With Honor, Integrity, Duty, and
    Determination, With Undiminished Courage and an Undivided Loyalty to the Constitution,
    And the Bill of Rights, and The Message Will, Get through All the Way Through November!
    “That We The People, Are the Majority!
    It is Our Nation that Those who Serve, Served and Fought, Bleed and Died Who have Sworn to Preserve and Protect, The Republic of the United States of America And The Constitution for which it Stands, to Defend All of the U.S. Against “All Enemies Foreign or Domestic!”
    I, Truly, believe this Includes, Those From the Minority of Radical Marxist,
    Union Thugs, OWS Etc. and Anarchists in the White House and this Administration!”
    So, Don’t let U.S. be unprepared, like the Nursery Rhyme of “My Son John, One Shoe Off and One shoe On!”

    For Want of a Nail, The Shoe was Lost!
    For want of a Shoe, the Horse was Lost!
    For want of a Horse, The Message was Lost!
    For Want of the Message, the War was Lost!
    Be the Nail, and Stick to the Point!

    Now, You Know you are going to get Hammered going in!
    And Stomped on throughout the Ride! Just Hold On, to the Message, and Keep driving Forward!
    So Keep Your Head on Straight! And Sticking Justly, to the Point! Be the Tip of the Spear!
    And Then We The People Can, Throw All the Bums Out!
    Impeach, Indict, Prosecute, and Incarcerate in that Order!
    From Holder to the White House, and All the Czars,
    And All the Rest, of the EPA, HHS, NDAAA Etc, Unelected Usurpers of Our Rights and Liberties!
    Be Strong, and Hang in there, It’s going to be a Rough Road to Hoe till Jan 20 2013!

    And the Job Won’t be Done then Either, There will be Another Culling Due During The Next Election and The Next, for the Rest of the House and Senate,That Will Not, Does Not and Did Not Uphold their Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the Constitution and Americans Bill of Rights from the Unconstitutional Laws and Usurpations of this Administration!

    Kerry L. Marvin/USN/DAV/68-77.

  3. Bravo Wisconsin Tea Party and conservatives for defeating the socialists, the union thugs, the communists, the illegal aliens, the NEA, and Obama operatives once again by turning back their fraudulent recall election! Great job! The Founders are proud of you!

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