Holder’s “Extraordinary” Contempt

And so we now know exactly what Eric Holder meant when he stated that he was ready to make “An extraordinary accommodation” to avoid a contempt of Congress vote in the house.

In an “extraordinary” meeting, at 5pm EST yesterday, Holder arrived empty handed.

Congressman Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee had instructed Holder to produce some 1,300 documents, emails and memos pertaining to subpoenaed documents related to the cover up of the Fast and Furious scandal.

The number of Documents had been severely diluted from the subpoenaed 80,000 such documents by Speaker John Boehner who, reportedly, would like the entire investigation dropped because in his mind, it will be harmful to the republican party in an election year.

Yesterday’s meeting lasted an “extraordinary” 20 minutes and Holder told Chairman Issa that he was willing to…”brief” the committee…regarding the 1,300 documents in question but ONLY if Chairman Issa would first agree to drop any vote regarding contempt of Congress.

In other words…

What Holder is ready to do is, hand over ONLY hand selected documents with no number predetermined and then TELL the committee what is contained within OTHER documents but not SHOW them those documents and BEFORE he does ANY of that, Issa would be REQUIRED to agree that the subpoenas would then be completely satisfied!!!

THAT…According to Eric Holder…is “An extraordinary accommodation.”

This is the same fellow who, just last week, when Congressman Chaffetz READ a couple of emails, word for word TO him, both of which referenced Fast and Furious BY NAME…Insisted that NEITHER of those emails had anything to do with Fast and Furious.

In the corruption addled mind of Eric Holder, the Committee should simply take his word for what is in those documents, emails and memos.


After the meeting, Issa commented that he still hopes Holder WOULD deliver the documents and that he and his staff would be ready to accept them throughout the night. The fact that he didn’t toss Holder out of the room and slam the door behind him is, in fact, “extraordinary.”

With the vote regarding Holder’s contempt of Congress STILL on the schedule for TODAY, it seems that only further interruption of the process by Speaker Boehner could possibly delay it.

In that regard, Boehner should be made aware that, by conservatives, he is viewed as a RINO skating on a VERY deep pond covered with a VERY thin layer of ice.

As absurd as it is that the head of the Department of Justice has been obstructing justice in this case for more than a year, the absurdity is compounded by a Speaker of the house seemingly willing to assist in the obstruction.

Boehner needs to remove the handcuffs from Issa and the Oversight Committee and slap them on Eric Holder.

Along with more than 200 dead civilians across both sides of the border due to Fast and Furious, we have a murdered U.S. Border Agent, Brian Terry, and Boehner wants to drop the whole thing or just limit the scope to the cover up without holding anyone responsible?

Absurd is a gross understatement.

There should be absolutely NO further delay. The vote regarding Holder’s contempt of Congress needs to be held as soon as possible TODAY. It has been reported that there are more than enough votes to move that vote through the Committee and it has also been reported that there ARE enough votes to seal the deal in the full House.

Once Holder has been found in contempt, he should be removed from his post immediately either by his own resignation, being fired by Obama or at the hands of Impeachment. At that point, his Deputy, Lanny Breuer, also a key figure in the Fast and Furious scandal, should be ordered to immediately turn over ALL the 80,000 documents originally subpoenaed or face immediate contempt charges himself.

This approach should be repeated until either the Department of Justice is manned only by a custodian with a broom or until the documents, emails and memos are lock, stock and smoking gun barrel in the hands if the House Oversight Committee.

As for John Boehner…HE should be busted from House Speaker back down to Town Crier and replaced by someone with the intestinal fortitude and brass nuts to do what must be done to restore integrity to the House and any agency under its oversight.

Chairman Issa is leaving the door open for Holder to walk in and produce some 1’300 documents all the way up to the committee vote on his contempt of Congress this morning at 10am EST but judging from Holder’s chat with the press last night after the meeting, it’s doubtful that will happen.

Holder looked like a man either ordered not to comply or simply completely astonished that Issa would not agree to the “deal” outlined above. In what may have been the most arrogant moment of the evening, Holder actually said that the ball was in Issa’s court and that Issa and the committee still had the ability to change their minds indicating that if the contempt vote went forward, Issa would have no one to blame but himself.

There are 2 things Holder needs to know.

1)      If the vote takes place at 10am EST today, it includes all 80,000 documents, emails and memos originally subpoenaed not just the 1,300 demanded last night.

2)      The ball is most definitely in HIS court.

3 thoughts on “Holder’s “Extraordinary” Contempt

  1. The only “deal” I’d ever give him (or his boss) is to choose between 90 and 95 years in prison.

  2. OMG! …Holy Crap! Holder just wrote a letter to the White House asking Obama to cite EXECUTIVE PRIVLIDGE on the F&F Documents!!!! and O. just signed it!!

  3. No wonder Secretary of State HILLARY (no last name needed and don’t forget she’s named for Sir Edmund) is the most traveled Secretary of State in history. Also notice as she globetrots to distance herself from the “present leader” so as to keep the dismal foreign policy off her back, the media never points to her failure as Secretary of State, associated with this thoroughly corrupt and criminal administration.

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