A Fox, a Weasel and 2 Badgers Now on Guard

This is perhaps the most obvious case of the fox guarding the hen house ever.

In this case, it’s worse than that.

Here, we have a weasel, guarding the hen house and reporting his findings to a fox.

Eric Holder, perhaps the most corrupt Attorney General in our nation’s history, has appointed 2 investigators to look into leaks coming from the White House. Those two investigators report only to Holder; and he, in turn, reports to perhaps the most corrupt president in our nation’s history.

Seal Team 6.

The doctor who helped identify bin Laden.

The CIA double agent who helped nab the 2nd underwear bomber.

The cyber virus that hit the Iranian nuclear program.

Obama’s drone kill list.

Somebody high up…VERY high up…Can’t keep their mouth shut.

Last week, Obama in a press conference, stated that to insinuate that the leaks were coming from his administration was both wrong and offensive.

Let me restate that…Last week, the Fox stated that to insinuate that a Member of the Fox’s team was stealing chickens from the hen house was both wrong and offensive and now he’s ordered the Weasel to investigate.

Here’s the question: Where else BUT from within the administration could such leaks POSSIBLY be coming?

Somebody who is routinely in the room when Obama shuffles the deck of terrorist playing cards and chooses who will live and who will die has to have handed that story to the NY Times.

Somebody who is routinely IN the room when Obama discusses whether or not to shut down the cyber virus program related to Iran has to have handed that story to a reporter.

Is Panetta NOT a part of the Obama administration? He IS the one, after all, who first outed the Pakistani doctor.

Who let it out that a CIA agent had infiltrated al Qaeda and stopped the 2nd underwear bomber when that agent was still trying to gather information?

It just goes on and on.

So, the deployment of 2 investigators to discover the source of leaks is nearly unnecessary except to get a precise name or two. Those are, without a doubt, internal administration leak sources and to infer otherwise is wrong and offensive.

Here’s another question and one we are VERY unlikely to ever get an honest answer.

Why? Why leak these bits of what should be HIGHLY classified information?

Who benefits from such leaks?


Why Obama?

Because Obama’s domestic policy is failing at every turn. Unemployment is still high. The economy is still in the ditch. His anti oil policies are failing, his pro green energy policies are failing, Obamacare and his stand in favor of illegal immigration are both about to fail at the hands of the Supreme Court…It’s a very long list of failures.

Obama can’t prance about the nation talking about his domestic policies during these last 5 months of campaigning, so he feels his only chance is to talk about his foreign policy.

Obama’s foreign policy stinks out loud as well.

Al Qaeda has their flag flying in Libya after Obama led from BEHIND to oust Gaddafi.

The Muslim Brotherhood is about to take power in Egypt and will most likely end the decades-old peace accord with Israel.

Obama told Israel to return to their indefensible pre 1967 borders.

Obama has done NOTHING regarding Syria.

Putin has publically SNUBBED Obama.

Obama told Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after the election regarding missile defense.

Obama has done NOTHING to stand up against North Korea.

Obama has done NOTHING to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Oh, liberals will say that the cyber war program is proof that he HAS done something, but…now that THAT program is in the OPEN at Obama’s hands…it is no longer viable as an offensive against Iran OR as a liberal arguing point.

Obama KILLS terrorists but doesn’t CAPTURE them for information purposes, and now that a CIA agent who WAS on the al Qaeda INSIDE is OUT…from where do we get future information?

The Pakistani doctor was also thrown under the bus.

Who will step forward under this administration’s policy of outing informants to help us in the future??

On the world stage, Obama is seen as a weak actor and little more than an extra. He’s not a leading man…just a minor member of the chorus without a solo to sing.

Obama knows this and needs to make himself look strong. He is desperate to put forth a fearsome persona.

To do that, Obama must let it be known that HE is at the helm. He knows nothing can repair his loser image on the world stage but, at HOME, he believes it will allow him teleprompter talking points leading up to the November election and he DESPERATELY needs SOMETHING.

Who ELSE benefits?

That’s easy.

Our enemies benefit.

You don’t think al Qaeda is grateful to know we had an agent on their payroll?

You don’t think the Muslim Brother is grateful for THEIR seat at the table?

You don’t think the Taliban is grateful for Obama’s catch-and-release program and for the info regarding the Pakistani doctor?

You don’t think the Palestinian Authority is grateful for Obama’s anti Israel stance?

I’ll bet Iran is grateful for the super secret drone AND to know where that computer virus came from, don’t you?

But…What’s a little treason when the Emperor’s THRONE is at stake?

So, now the Fox has employed the weasel who armed Mexican drug cartels and who has been showing blatant contempt for congressional committees investigating the debacle to hire a couple of badgers to investigate the leaks and that weasel will report his findings to the Fox.

How convenient.

Here’s the down and dirty…

The frequency and scope of these leaks can easily be believed to be part of a manufactured crisis.

Who benefits from THAT?

The Fox and the Weasel.

Create the crisis by allowing such leaks then have the Weasel appoint a couple of badgers and report back to the Fox so that it LOOKS as if the Fox AND the Weasel are working to STOP the leaks. Call any insinuation that the leaks are coming from within offensive and you’ve marked your territory.

Alpha Fox.

The Fox benefits because he acts offended and acts like he wants to get to the bottom of it and the Weasel benefits because amidst a storm of criticism regarding Fast and Furious, HE looks like he’s trying to uphold ethics.

The Weasel has been feigning amnesia for more than a year on Fast and Furious while stonewalling Congress, and that investigation is going nowhere. Expect results on Leakgate within the next couple of months.

That allows the Fox to howl about how he got to the bottom of a national security debacle quickly.

The only question remaining is…

Who in this administration will end up as road kill under the wheels of the next passing Canadian-built campaign bus?

3 thoughts on “A Fox, a Weasel and 2 Badgers Now on Guard

  1. “Obama knows this and needs to make himself look strong. He is desperate to put forth a fearsome persona.”
    Well he’s doing one hell of a job at putting “forth a fearsome personna” cause him and his fellow travelers are scarring the sh*t out of me, He is the most lying, unrepentant person it’s been my displeasure to deal with. What he is doing with his desire to appear strong, is showing the world how WEAK he is and has made the US, look weak as well. If we don’t get rid of this guy in November, we will assume the position, for a full cavity search.

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