Today, after a group of MORE THAN 100 liberal/socialist Members of the house arose and walked out in protest, thus showing THEIR contempt of Congress, Eric Holder WAS indeed held in contempt BOTH CRIMINALLY AND CIVILLY by a vote of the House which included both republicans AND democrats.

On a day when the Supreme Court affirmed that an administration, through taxation CAN force upon the American people a good or service and order the IRS to go after those who choose NOT to partake, The House of Representatives DID indeed hold the Attorney General in criminal contempt of Congress for withholding tens of thousands of documents, emails and memos from the House Oversight Committee investigating the Fast and Furious operation and its cover-up.

Both the Supreme Court ruling AND the contempt vote against Holder SHOULD serve to ignite conservatives and mobilize them against the scourge of this administration.

Tea Party Patriots, Conservatives, Republicans and yes, Independents should now realize that this administration is so solidly aligned against the American people, American values and the very foundation OF America that they will unite, in mass, to vote Obama and his ilk from office.

Regarding Holder, this nation can no longer stand idly by while the head of the Department of Justice stalls and subverts justice from his post.

With more than 200 dead as a result of Fast and Furious, including U.S. Border Agents Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry, with more than 1400 weapons walked into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and there exact whereabouts now completely unknown, the Attorney General has done everything in his power, including asking for and receiving the cover of Executive Privilege from Obama to keep the telling documents from Congress and the American people.

Holder’s actions in this matter are far beyond unacceptable.

His actions and the actions of Obama in this matter are an outrage.

Liberal/socialist backers of Holder and Obama have called the investigation into Fast and Furious everything from partisan to a witch hunt to racially motivated and an attempt to suppress the vote in November.


Today, in protest of the contempt vote, a large number of liberal/socialist elected Members of the House, stood and marched OFF the floor and OUT of the House chamber rather than face the music of what and who they have so steadfastly placed upon a pedestal.

If by running away from the reality of Holder’s actions, they truly feel they are providing solid representation to their constituents, clearly they are representing none but cowards.

If by playing the race card they feel they are providing solid representation to their constituents, surely they are representing racists.

If by standing in support of Holder they feel they are providing solid representation to their constituents, there can be no doubt, they represent those in contempt of justice.

Conservatives in the districts of those who removed themselves from the floor of the House in protest today should with haste and determination do all in their ability to see to it that those representatives are removed from the House permanently this November and those who vote from the left in those districts who are NOT cowards, racists or hold personal contempt for justice should join in that effort.

Conservatives should NOT view the contempt vote against Holder as a victory.

Instead, they should view it as yet another motivating factor regarding the removal of this entire administration from power.

Sometimes, in the effort to restore our nation, it becomes all too easy to do a victory dance after claiming but a single hill on the battlefield. This should not be the case any more than losing a hill should be reason to concede defeat.

Hills are but hills whether they be a skirmish won or lost but BOTH can and should be elements of motivation and momentum to win the war.

Make no mistake, we are at war.

State sovereignty, individual sovereignty, justice, the Constitution, the principles of the founders and framers, freedom, liberty and the future of the Republic itself are at stake and to preserve them all, We The People must fight with the steely determination of those who gave birth to this nation 236 years ago.

Today, Republicans, be they Tea Party Patriots, or RINOs, joined by a handful of Democrats voted in the House, to Hold Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress and in doing so, took a bold, courageous step toward holding this administration accountable for their actions.

They cannot win the war alone and if we, for any reason, place OUR hopes in THEM and THEM alone, we will surely lose.

Today’s two decisions, one in the Supreme Court and the other in the House are neither victories nor losses but momentum builders.

Our founders entrusted to us, not just a nation but also the will to preserve it and should we act in any way divided in that pursuit, we will not only be an accomplice to the destruction of all we hold dear but we will violate the trust of the founders in the process.

United we Stand.

Divided we lose and in losing…

The Founders will surely weep.

10 thoughts on “1 DAY, 2 DECISIONS – THE BOTTOM LINE

  1. I agree with Beverly Huffman. Is there some place we can get a list of all thosw who left in protest. If I am represented by one of them, they will hear from me.

  2. Great truth, thanks.

    RP is not as constitutionalists some people try to portrait him to be, he’s part of the problem, not of the solution, as a man in congress for 30 years, has nothing to proof of accomplishments, except with his party base, he’s part of Congress as well from 02-08 to witch on those years, both houses has try with out avail to destroy the clause of the Constitution, that a president must be a Natural born citizen to be such, in 2008 when his voice and the rest of the traitors serving their interest were to stand up and speak up, upholding the Oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution, from foreign and domestics enemies, he didn’t do it, he seat in silence allow this muslim,marxist, traitor, piece of crap, criminal among many other things, to take control of this Nation, he’s for that alone, a traitor as the rest of both houses… enough said!

    I see only one person running as president who is try to do the right thing, by exposing the corruption of the DNC and stop obama name for being in the ballot, a person who’s constitutionalists, conservative and a true patriot, John Albert Dummett Jr, who’s placing his life and his family life in harm to protect this Nation, this is a man with back bone and guts, something that those in the spot light don’t have, if any is interesting, this is his webside http://www.johndummett.us/ I hope people start doing the right thing, is going to take all of us to turn this Nation around and save her from despair and destruction.
    God bless you Craig, thanks again.

    • Enigmatia,

      Again, as Dummett will NOT be the nominee and clearly has no chance of winning…a vote for Dummett is a vote for a continued Obama socialist administration. It’s just that simple.

  3. After watching this deplorable action from the progressive left in the Democratic Party it is easy to see why there was a civil war two hundred fifty years ago.

  4. Do you think that Romney is going to turn this national Titanic around? He’s a puppet for the ‘Simon Says’ rulers like every president since Kennedy’s assassination. But more importantly, whatever crimes against humanity are carried out by those we help elect, we stand complicit with them in their crimes! That is a judicial fact, whether of secular or religious mindset. This is why I know I am Constitutionally safe with Ron Paul and no one else. Otherwise I just elect another head to the same multi-headed beast that devours without remorse.

    • Gary,

      Paul will NOT be the nominee and even HE admits to that…Therefore…a vote for Paul is a vote to reelect Obama.
      Do NOT claim you are voting for liberty when you write in Paul. To do so is the same as buying bullets for the firing squad you face and declaring that you cleaned their rifles.

      At least we now KNOW you want MORE socialism.

  5. We need names of all who left in protest, we need to make their names and states available to all voters and they need to be removed from office. I will support the replacement of all liberal senators and congressmen, we need to rethink our positions if we are supporting Romney as a replacement for Obama, while Romney may be the republican pick, he is another socialist, America needs to wise up and stop trading one for the other, it is time to get a Constitutional American that understands that we have been under siege from the communist factor, if we refuse to open our eyes we will indeed lose all our rights as Americans..anyone that doubts what I am saying kindly go to “The communist goals of 1963” study them and connect the dots..pay particular attention to goal #15…Capture one or BOTH political parties in the United States. it is time to step out side the communist box and look for real conservative replacements, if America truly has had enough, do something about it..we are a nation of fools we repeat the same mistakes nominating the least conservative candidates and expect to change the countries horizons..Please people this is no time to continue socialism…and no I am not a Ron Paul supporter, I have always been a registered Republican and a very conservative individual, but I see the writing on the wall, my vote will go to the only other candidate on all 50 state ballots, I hope you elect to stop the socialism too.

  6. Thank you for the info. You’re right that it’s not really victory at all, but it’s enough that we can keep up the battle. The battle is to save our Constitution, which means freedoms, and that’s a long, hard battle when you have an administration that dislikes the Constitution and many other things about America.

  7. Even if they had stayed and voted nay it wouldn’t have made a difference. Were they hoping there wouldn’t be a Quorum?

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