The Palin Effect Felt in Nebraska

Reports of the death of the Tea Party have been greatly exaggerated.

One can easily suspect 3 things.

1)      Nobody who ascribes to the Tea Party values ever thought they were dead.

2)      Liberals knew the Tea Party wasn’t dead but they were hoping beyond hope against another shellacking in November.

3)      The Republican establishment is failing to relegate the Tea Party to the sidelines.

Proof of these things comes first in the results from Indiana where long time establishment mainstay, Sen. Lugar, lost his bid for another term and now, from Nebraska.

On the Husker Nation’s home turf, 2 establishment choices had been considered the odds on favorites for Ben Nelson’s soon to be abandoned Senate seat. Nelson’s Cornhusker Kickback doomed his career as Obamacare relied on bribes to secure votes.

Nebraska, a red state, was all but set to nominate either Don Stenberg of Jon Bruning to run against former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerry.

That was before the force known as Governor Palin endorsed State Senator Deb Fischer.

Stenberg had been endorsed by Jim DeMint and Bruning, Nebraska’s Attorney General, both ran expensive campaigns and outspent Fischer.

Then came Palin.

A late endorsement from Sarah Palin, just a matter of a few weeks ago, launched Fischer’s surge; and yesterday, Fischer emerged victorious and ready to take on Kerry.

My prediction…Deb Fischer should win hands down and I don’t make this prediction lightly.

In any other election cycle, Bob Kerry would be a formidable opponent and against either Stenberg or Bruning, it would be a tight race. Both Stenberg and Bruning are establishment picks and neither was doing much to excite the conservative base in Nebraska.

Fischer, on the other hand, has both the Tea Party and Sarah Palin behind her and that excites the base.

Kerry, a former Navy Seal,  Governor and Senator won his Democratic primary with much fuss but there is a reason for that.

Nebraska liberals have 2 people to blame for the upcoming Kerry loss. Obama, who introduced bribery into the Obamacare process, and Ben Nelson for taking the bribe.

Nebraskans of a liberal bent pressed Kerry back into the fray when no one of any consequence would run for the tainted seat. Kerry was a desperation choice by his party hoping his name recognition could carry the day on November 6th.

The problem is, Kerry’s hard-left “progressive” stance is TOO well known to Huskers, and they have had quite enough. Nebraska voted for Ben Nelson, once considered a conservative Democrat, because, as Governor, he often bucked his party’s line.

The Cornhusker Kickback showed his true color.

Nationally, this is a very important race.

The Senate, currently a liberal majority, has 23 liberal seats up for election in November and their majority is thin. To liberals, every seat counts and Nebraska’s open seat, falling into the conservative side of the aisle, means their grip on power is waning and is a key to tipping things to Republican control.

That is November…This is May and this primary in Nebraska is telling.

Fischer’s victory signal’s that State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s primary victory in Indiana 1 week ago over 36-year Senator Dick Lugar was no fluke.

The Tea Party, responsible for the 2010 midterm shellacking of liberals in the House, has not gone away; rather, they have been reloading the cannons and what has happened over the last 7 days in Indiana and now in Nebraska should serve as shots over the bow of the Republican establishment as they zero in on the broadsides on liberals.

Palin can provide a quantum shift in any race, but in Nebraska, I suspect she won’t be the only force applied.

I suspect joining Deb Fischer and Palin on Nebraska’s campaign trail will be Senator Mike Johanns.

Johanns started his political career in Lincoln as a City Councilman. He then became a 2-term Lincoln Mayor before running 2 successful campaigns for Governor. Johanns did it all by knocking on doors. First in neighborhoods then city wide and, eventually, statewide. His 2nd term as Governor was interrupted when he was tapped by George W. Bush to become the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. After that, United States Senator.

Mike Johanns KNOWS Nebraska and Nebraskans not only KNOW him, they RESPECT him, and it will come as no surprise if he hits the trail and starts knocking on doors for Deb Fischer.

So, Who IS Deb Fischer?

She’s a small town, Valentine, Nebraska, cattle rancher who gets things done. She’s tough having beaten 2 lawyers to win her seat in the Unicameral and formidable enough to take on the Attorney General and State Treasurers of Nebraska to win the Senate nomination.

Fischer opposes Obamacare and wants it repealed, she favors the Keystone XL Pipeline, wants smaller government, reduced spending and a balanced budget.

Liberals, and not only those in Nebraska, will attempt to run against Fischer’s stance on fuel taxes (she has in the past advocated raising them to pay for Nebraska road projects) and a land lease deal she and her husband Bruce have for their ranch. That’s all they’ve got, but believe me, with Nebraska being a swing state for the Senate, the DNC will get involved.

Here’s the problem for the DNC…In Nebraska, people are not very impressed by big spending campaigns and Fischer’s successful primary was done on but $300,000. Nebraskans are more impressed by actions.

As a Governor, Bob Kerry was a moderate left leaning Democrat. As a Senator, he leaned harder in that direction, and upon leaving the Senate and becoming the President of NYC University, he veered hard left.

Deb Fischer has the support of The National Patriot!!!

Politically, Nebraska in November will emulate the Huskers in Memorial Stadium.


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