The Commencement Address Grads NEED to Hear

Well, another May is half over and another year gone by without any asylum of higher learning asking me to provide sage wisdom to graduating seniors.

I don’t know why.

Dressed in caps and gowns, young people are heading out into the world and they need advice. Not the sort of advice they’re likely to get but real advice. They need the sort of advice that will help them face reality and cope with it.

On the off chance that even one “Future of Our Nation” graduate will see this, allow me to offer such advice.

Young people…YOU are the future of this great nation and I shudder at the very thought of it.

You may well not like my advice and many of you probably won’t follow it, but, someday, you will realize you should have.

Arm yourselves…While you still can. The Constitution says you can and you should. For your own protection against those who would rob you of your life, your loved one’s lives and your property. I’m talking about your government and so were our founders. If we continue down the path we’re on, they will come for everything you hold dear. Arm yourselves with knowledge and that doesn’t mean the sort of knowledge your heads are filled with today but the knowledge you can gain from what has happened in other countries.

Once that sinks in, you’ll understand the purpose in arming yourselves with bullets.

If you’re more concerned with being politically correct than with being correct, you’re part of the problem. Political correctness is a mental disorder and the constant attempt at being politically correct should be enough to get you a special parking place. If you prance about the issues for fear of saying something which may or may not offend someone, there is a pretty damn good chance you have nothing of any importance to say and you should keep your mouth shut.

Don’t prance about as that, too, will garner you a special parking place.

Apologizing for things that people did 150 or 200 years ago is stupid. It does nothing to make you more enlightened and that “feeling better” feeling is bogus. History is history, and history is full of dumb mistakes that we can never change with apologies. Rather than apologize, how about this? Don’t make the same dumb mistakes. 2 wrongs don’t make a right but 3 lefts do. If your actions from here on out are in opposition to the mistakes of the past, the future will be better than our history.

If you advocate against the death penalty but see nothing wrong with abortion you must think an unborn baby has lees a right to live than a murderer and that’s just sick.

If you’re black or brown or yellow or red or some other color…maybe orange because of your fake tan…Get over it. Your skin color is not the end of the world and it’s not who you are. There is a pretty good chance that if you judge yourself by your skin color, others will do likewise. The only time your pigment really comes into effect is when somebody is trying to describe you to the police.

Until you can explain how humans caused the ice ages, to recede don’t get mad at those who think man made global warming is a joke.

If you think the world owes you something because you’re you and you’re special, you’re not and it doesn’t. At that point, expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. Nobody who thinks they’re special is and nobody who goes about telling people they’re special is. Actually BEING special requires earning it and only other people who reach that conclusion about YOU can make it so.

Pull up your damned pants you look like an idiot.

Respect the members of our military. Those in the military who, through misguided and abhorrent behavior, don’t earn that respect don’t deserve it but the rest of them do. You may not agree with what they’re sent to do but that is not their choice and it should never be held against them. They keep you free. If you ever decide to burn our flag remember two things. 1) Those who protect your freedom to do so wear that flag. 2) There is a proper way to burn our flag in protest…First…soak it in lighter fluid…Second, wrap it around yourself and third…Light the match. THAT should get your point across AND thin the herd.

Getting a sex change operation doesn’t really change your sex it just gives you a costume to wear in the shower but you knew that…Right?

I believe there is a God, a Heaven and a Hell. Maybe you don’t, but I would advise you to believe as I do and for a very good reason. If you’re right and there isn’t a God, a Heaven and a Hell, I won’t be anything when I’m dead except dead. If I’M right, eternity is gonna suck for you.

If you are the type of person who, upon returning home and finding someone inside who doesn’t belong there, would call the cops but you see nothing wrong with illegal immigration…You are a moron.

Make your career choices carefully but don’t expect to be the CEO on your first day. Work your way up by learning everything about the job. Learning every job in a company will afford you the opportunity to later run that company or start your own. Sitting in a park being upset with those who have achieved success is not a career. Remember, any tattoo you get from the shoulders up will limit your career options to a place that creates tattoos or a venue where everything you eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner is served on a stick.

Sticking up for dictators like Chavez and Castro or wearing a Che T-shirt does not make you enlightened, it proves you to be a really poor judge of character.

Finally, if you think everything in this address has been heavily political, it is because you are a victim of liberal thought and liberal instruction. You have been programmed to ignore reality and abandon common sense. The vast majority of those who have instructed you believe in isms and ists which have, the world over, failed. Communism, socialism, Marxism, Maoism, progressivism and liberalism.

These isms and the ists who practice them require professional victims and will create them where they do not exist; and where real victims are on the verge of losing that status, these ists will attempt to put out the last remaining hot embers with a bellows. If you are not yourself a created victim, the ists require of you to empathize with them and be offended on their behalf.

The personal responsibility gene possessed by all people has been repressed in liberals.

Entitlements and social programs, highly regarded by liberals were created by the above list of ists are, like their isms, are failing. Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, Social Security, food stamps, Wefare and free birth control  are all meant to create a sense of need among people that only the government can satisfy. They are addictions and as it is with all addictions, the addicted need more and more and more of them. Government programs are substances and those who begin to tweak out at the mere thought of doing without them are substance abusers.

Nobody has even been cured of a crack addiction by getting hooked on heroine, and just like a junkie who pays every dollar they have to a pusher until they have to steal from others to support their habit, liberals will do likewise with taxes.

It doesn’t need to be fatal. There is a cure. Amy Winehouse said “No, no, no,” but you CAN go to rehab. Occupy common sense. Occupy personal responsibility. Occupy opportunity. Occupy the Constitution. Occupy capitalism. Occupy exceptionalism.

Don’t worry, there are black, brown, white, red and yellow conservatives, but they are nobody’s victims. There are gay and straight conservatives, but there are no parades specifically tailored to either kind. There are good conservatives and ba,d but the good would rather not have the bad stick around and, unlike liberals, good conservatives frown on the idea of promoting the bad conservatives to higher positions.

The greatest conservative of my lifetime went to rehab. Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood elite, the  head of a Union and came up admiring one of the ists who created a number of entitlements. Reagan saw the shining light on the hill and crossed the aisle to champion what was right with America rather than extol what was wrong.

While its much easier to make everybody equal at the bottom of the ladder than it is to climb to a position of equality at the top, despite the insistence of the ists who have instructed you, the view from the top is as great as the rewards gained by getting there.

Young people, you ARE the future of this great nation, and the future is as much what you make of IT as it is what you make of yourselves.

As you graduate from this asylum of higher learning be aware of this: What you have learned here over the years of your incarceration has been gleaned from the hard work of others, read from books and taught primarily by ists. What I have told you in this address has been gleaned from life and, regardless of your present ideology, is the truth.

Whether you aspire to greatness or choose to wallow about in the muck at the bottom of the barrel is up to you, but nobody owes you a damned thing either way.

The diploma you receive is tangible proof that your head is full but not that your mind is engaged. Go forth with common sense and your future and the future of our nation is indeed bright. Go forth without it and enjoy the view from the back of the pack as those with it leave you in the dust of time.

Go…Face reality…And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


8 thoughts on “The Commencement Address Grads NEED to Hear

  1. Okay, okay. So you put money into Social Security, and you are only taking out what you put in. Fine and dandy, take your share, but don’t you dare stand in my way of improving the system and ensuring that I am not left working until the day I die because the money I put into the system has been sucked out by all you today who claim to be only taking your share.

  2. Continue from earlier post,— Politicians used these programs to buy votes, keep letting more and more people become eligible pissing away the money we paid. Aliens, legal and illegal can collect.
    Excuse my rambling but I boil over when this subject comes up. Craig this could be an essay topic for you on day. Being the guifted writer that you are.
    Maybe you have already, i’ll check your your posts from before I found Thenationalpatriot.

  3. I agree with Eileen and Mary, many think of entitlement as welfare. This has been a sore spot for me since I retired. We and millions have paid into these schemes all of our working life, now in our golden years feel we should enjoy a little of our EARNED ENTITLEMENT. It is unjust to be cast in a pot with all the WELFARE ENTITLEMENT reciepients. Now I have compassion for the truely disabled on SSI and food stamps but we all know how much fraud is involved. People can claim disability for mental illness if they cant find a job, this after claiming 99 wks unemployment. Throw in food stamps, medicaid, free celphones, and programs I don’t even know of and you have WELFARE ENTITLEMENTS. These people have paid little if any into the scheme .

  4. Craig,
    Yes, this should be archived for mandatory viewing. Unfortunately, it may be relevant for a few more years still.

  5. Craig, Eileeen is correct but so are you. Social Security is a government scam because we were forced into contributing whether we wanted to or not. But since we did pay into it we are “entitled”. Welfare recipients didn’t pay in one dime.

    • The problem is…We’ve been led to believe what we get back is our own money. It’s not. Because of the government and the way it was set up, we get other people’s money. The sad fact is, the system is broke. There is not enough coming in to pay for those who have already paid in. It’s a ponzi scheme at best and the government, rather than allowing people to fund their own retirements has used this system to create an older generation of entitlement needs while they indoctrinate a younger generation into entitlements. The money they stole was ours indeed but that money is now gone. If we were “entitled” to anything, it was to keep what was ours to begin with.

  6. Craig,
    That was awesome! It should be required listening for all students, prior to graduation.
    I have only one complaint. Medicare and Social Security are NOT ‘Entitlements’, and should never be lumped in with Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, etc. We (seniors) have contributed to these programs our whole lives, and fully expect to receive at least what we were promised. Had we been allowed to add that money to our own investments, rather than being forced to contribute to a government scam, we would be in a far better financial situation now! So, please stop referring to these as ‘Entitlements”.

  7. Craig,

    I enjoyed this tremendously!! I only wish you HAD been asked to speak at ..say, UNC or Stanford or ..even Princeton. You know, the ivy on their buildings are getting older by the day yet common sense and the VALUE of Individualism is absent from their premises. We assign values to things-thoughts, work, art, why Gold is just another shiny rock in the ground–WE make it VALUABLE!! We are capable of God-Like achievements-yes, we are! And, I am NOT by any means usurping God’s awesome power but addressing what we actually do daily. We change properties of matter!! We reach beyond our planet! What else in our world can do that?? therefore, we are challenged to utilize these Supreme gifts from God for the betterment of mankind while pleasing God–& we ARE capable of doing that DAILY if we are of the mindset!! May we PRAY that we ake up and become what God intended us to be!! That will require effort, discipline, focus and dreaming and working BIG!! Entitlement cannot exist in this pursuit. The value is in the endeavor!!!

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