Presidential Portraits Unveiled…

Today, in the White House, the official portraits of George W. Bush and Laura Bush were unveiled.

In attendance were friends and family of President Bush including his parents and daughters as well as many members of the White House staff. It was a lighthearted and respectful ceremony.

Official Presidential portraits always try to capture the true essence of the President and First Lady and the images revealed today certainly did just that.

While watching the televised unveiling, one could not help but wonder how the true essence of Barack and Michelle Obama would be captured in a few short years.

First, an artist will be commissioned and that artist will then take input from the Obama’s.

The official Obama portraits will attempt to show them, their personalities and their true character.

May we humbly suggest…

With our thanks to The Looking Spoon…This looks about right.

8 thoughts on “Presidential Portraits Unveiled…

  1. President and Mrs. Bush are the epitome of elegance and grace. I miss them so much….the other two who are usurping the WH now are a disgrace and laughingstock of the world.

  2. To realy capture the O’s personality he should have a Joint and she a Big Mac.

  3. Love the photos of George and Laura bush Craig. Don’t know the other two Imposters

  4. The current occupants have been an embarrassment to America in almost every picture…how sad…

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