With the Wisconsin recall election a mere 2 weeks away, set for June 5th, all political eyes are squarely on the Badger state.

Many are calling this a microcosm for the national election in November but, I’m not sure that’s accurate.

Micro seems far too small a comparison to me.

A foreshadowing is maybe more appropriate.

With two weeks to go, Governor Scott Walker’s lead in recent polls, is growing. Just two weeks ago, the race between Walker and liberal rival, Tom Barrett was a dead even heat. That is no longer the case. In a poll conducted just a couple days ago, Walker has a 6 point lead and indications are that his lead could grow to around 9 points by recall election day.

If there is a microcosm involved it comes from liberals.

As Governor Walker and the state legislature implemented measures to remove collective bargaining rights from public unions, liberals went into orbit and showed their true colors.

What happened at the State Capitol was disgusting. Liberals “occupied” the capitol, inside and out, hurled slurs and written threats to legislators, Governor Walker and any who stood with them.

11 liberal senators fled the state and hid out across state lines to disrupt the voting.

Unions turned out and bussed others in to protest.

Doctors outside the capitol handed out fake sick notes to public sector union Members to excuse them from missing work.

Teachers took class rooms of students to the protests and required them to join in without permission from parents.

Those engaged in the protests at the capitol did some 8 million dollars in damage to the building and property.

With their absurd actions, they did their side of the argument no favors whatsoever and in fact, may well have turned many on the fence against their cause.

Adding to the union and liberal/socialist woes were the measures put in place by Governor Walker and conservative Members of the Wisconsin legislature. Those measures, just as Walker said they would, are working.

During his 2010 campaign, Scott Walker promised to do exactly what he did once elected and, in the Tea Party fueled election, he was swept into office over his now, recall opponent, Tom Barrett.

While Walker now admits he may not have implemented those measures in the best way possible, I tend to disagree. I believe he did it the ONLY way possible. To have eased into those measures or to have softened the approach to them would have done his state no favors.

Wisconsin was quickly sliding down hill economically and their debt was growing deeper. The Walker measure were necessary and now, because those measures were employed quickly and without a lot of soft shoeing about the issues, Wisconsin is seeing their employment numbers rise along with their revenue.

Initially, Obama stood with the unions in Wisconsin and praised their efforts against Walker and conservatives. In 2007, during his campaign, Obama said of attempts to ban collective bargaining for Unions, “I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I’ll will walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States of America.”

As the situation in Wisconsin heated up, Obama said, initially, that the collective bargaining issue in Wisconsin was, “an assault on unions.”

Behind the scenes in Wisconsin, the Community Organizer in Chief’s machine, “Organizing for America”  helped organize the protests via social media and Obama himself said, “Some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where they’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions.”

This week, in support of Tom Barrett Obama said, “



And in support of the Wisconsin public sector unions he had THIS to say, “



Can you hear the crickets? Obama has said not one word.

The Democratic Governors Association has spent upwards of $2 million dollars on the recall effort. Unions and big labor have, so far, poured more than $7 million dollars into the effort to recall Walker and 4 GOP Wisconsin senators.

But the real question is…Where’s Obama?

It is highly unlikely we will see or hear much of anything from Obama with regard to this Wisconsin recall of Governor Walker and the reason for that void is clear.

For Obama it’s a losing effort.

Supporting the Wisconsin big labor and public sector unions NOW would most likely add to Obama’s own problems.

June is set to be a HUGE smack down for Obama already. His Obamacare  mandate is likely to be struck down at the Supreme Court in mid June leaving the whole of Obamacare without any means of financial support.

The Obama administration’s lawsuit over Arizona’s SB1070 looks poised for defeat in the hands of the Supreme Court in June as well.

By publically backing the Wisconsin recall effort against Governor Walker and the measure implemented BY Walker, which ARE working and bringing Wisconsin back from the brink of financial disaster, Obama could well complete the hat trick of June disasters in his OWN reelection campaign.

What may well be even MORE telling is the silence itself. How long has it been since we’ve heard Obama trumpet Obamacare? Did he proudly blow out the candles on Obamacare’s 2nd birthday? No. Not since Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer wagged a finger in Obama’s face on the tarmac in Phoenix have we heard a word from Obama regarding SB1070 or the issue of illegal immigration with the only exception being the DOJ lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Obama’s silence regarding Wisconsin’s recall adds up. All three, Wisconsin’s recall, SB1070 and Obamacare, are being viewed by Obama and his reelection machine, as losses ahead of the fact.

No matter. His silence on Wisconsin can do nothing to distance Obama from his deep ties to labor unions or his previous backing of them IN Wisconsin. By the end of June, it seems that Obama will most likely be dealing and reeling from 3 substantial losses with but 5 months to go until November.

While losses on Obamacare and Arizona’s SB1070 will be blows against Obama’s policies, a Scott Walker win in the Wisconsin recall will signal a growing electorate against Obama and the liberal/socialist agenda in November and will likely give rise to similar efforts to Walker’s measures in other states.

As many view Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and a few other states as the swing states for 2012, I believe the foreshadowing from Wisconsin may indicate we won’t need to wait until November 6th to see in what direction the nation will go.

On Wisconsin!