Obama’s Strategy Exposed

As we head into the back straight of the 2012 election, speeding toward November 6th, expecting the dirtiest campaign in history, one thing is clear.

Obama only needs about 2 dozen more.

2 dozen more…what…exactly?


About 1 per week should do it. 24 weeks…24 distractions.

This week’s distraction is, of course, gay marriage. He’s for it again. Oh yes, Obama was against it then he was  for it before he was against it  again and then he was evolving and now…he’s for it…again.

In this week’s distraction, he rolled out a new pre-distraction distraction. Joe Biden who went on the Sunday shows and let it slip that he had no problem with gay marriage. OH THE HUMANITY of yet another Biden gaff. This was no gaff. This was a planned distraction to pave the way FOR the distraction.

How do we know THIS? Because Biden made  his distracting non gaff, gaff on Sunday but Obama TAPED his brief discussion backing gay marriage with Cokie Roberts on…FRIDAY.

The reason Obama needs distractions is because he can’t run on his record. It’s a disaster. Obama’s domestic record is full of over-the-cliff policies and he has managed to surround himself with idiots. Geitner…BIDEN…Holder…Immelt…Chu…it’s endless.

His policies have been abysmal. Green energy? Solyndra and a host of other green companies handed taxpayer money and going bankrupt at an alarming rate! Fast and Furious and the impending contempt charges against Holder? Unemployment…the economy…no budget passed in more than 3 years…skyrocketing national debt…Again, the list is endless.

Obama’s foreign policy isn’t any better than his domestic policies.

This is a candidate who NEEDS distractions.

It has been announced that a lawsuit will be filed against Sheriff Joe Arpaio regarding civil rights violations.

Who cares to bet against that suit being filed at about the same time as Arizona’s SB1070 is upheld by the United States Supreme Court?

June…about a month from right now, will potentially be the roughest month for Obama as the Supreme Court will announce their decisions on both the Arizona SB1070 AND Obamacare. While it’s nearly impossible to predict a Supreme Court decision, neither of these two are looking good if you’re Obama and distraction will most definitely be necessary.

Arpaio, in fact, is set to make even MORE information known regarding his Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s hidden, buried and fraudulent past around the end of this month..an announcement Arpaio made more than a week ago. That of course, makes the timing of the federal lawsuit against Arpaio more than a little suspect.

At this point, we don’t know what the Cold Case Posse is set to reveal but it would come as a great surprise if any national media picks it up and runs with it. Obama’s eligibility and his past NEED to become a big part of this campaign, and if the Posse has something earthshaking…NOW is the time to let it loose.

Obama, naturally, has surrogates in the distraction business. The New BlacKKK Panthers, ACORN…the SEIU…that is also a nearly endless list. There can be no doubt that in the ramp up to the election, he’ll dispatch as many distracters to as many venues as possible.

Liberals beware, Obama is certainly not above throwing some of YOU under his Canadian built campaign bus. Debbie What’s-Her-Name Schultz is already on notice as Obama has told her SHE works for HIM. Any liberal in the House or Senate could well become distraction fodder and some will, no doubt, be pressed into action to float trial balloons and make incendiary comments to create distractions where none exist.

Republicans…NOW is the time to start making an issue of things BEFORE Obama does. There are some 30 or more bills, passed by the House…gathering dust in the Senate. MAKE AN ISSUE OUT OF THEM before Obama starts running against the “Do Nothing Obstructionist” Congress. GO ON THE OFFENSIVE rather than sitting about waiting to be put on the DEFENSIVE.

The House Committee investigating Holder has basically given the head of the Department of Injustice until the end of this month to fork over more than 70,000 pages of documents, memos and emails. If he doesn’t do it…If Holder doesn’t comply FULLY…File those contempt charges on June 1st!!! He is in contempt NOW and giving him a seemingly ENDLESS timeline and seemingly ENDLESS chances to comply is NOT a dog that hunts!!

Since Obama cannot run ON his record, he WILL run AGAINST anything, entity or person he feels is a threat to the FORWARD advance of socialism. In this aspect of his campaign, he also will employ surrogates.

Obama’s PAC’s will attack, smear, and attempt to assassinate the character of anyone on his enemy’s list. This, of course, will include those running for office and those supporting them. Obama and his ilk have already started trying to run down private individuals who donate to Republicans. The goal in this tact is to try to make OTHERS the issue rather than HIM being the issue.

Know this…The deeper the Cold Case Posse digs into Obama’s past…the deeper Obama will dig into the past of those who oppose him and the harder he will go at Arpaio.

Perhaps the most important part of the Obama strategy is divide and conquer. This we can see happening before our eyes all over social media. If conservatives, especially after the convention, remain divided, willing to write in a candidate who is not on the ballot regardless of  the Republican nominee might be…The divide and conquer strategy will turn into the WINNING strategy for Obama.

Many conservatives are working hard to achieve a brokered convention. Okay. If we have a brokered convention…So be it. Paul followers are convinced that a brokered convention will nominate Ron Paul. Newt supporters are convinced that a brokered convention will nominate Newt Gingrich. Others are convinced a brokered convention will nominate whoever they are supporting whether or not that person has even been in the running thus far.


At the convention…SOMEONE will be nominated. At that point, like the nominee or not…if we, as conservatives, do NOT close ranks and close them FAST around that nominee…REGARDLESS of who it might be…WE LOSE…Not only do we lose the election…Obama’s divide and conquer WIN and WE LOSE OUR COUNTRY.

My advice…Work as hard as you can leading up to the convention for YOUR choice…be respectful of others who don’t see it YOUR way and no matter WHO gets that nomination…work as hard as you did for YOUR choice to UNELECT Obama.

Obama can and will dodge, duck, bob, weave and use any and all distractions he can find or manufacture between now and November to keep the focus off of HIS record, HIS policies  HIS failures and HIS socialism . The ONLY way Obama can win is if WE, as conservatives, HELP him by snatching our own defeat from the jaws of victory and HE knows it.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Strategy Exposed

  1. I saw Obama for what he was during the Primary years of 07/08.

    I recognized his Alinsky tactics, and didn’t believe that they would work with our society, as a whole, as they did for him in less educated venues.

    Yet, even after three years of his failures and lies, many otherwise seemingly intelligent Americans still intend to vote for him.

    Romney was not this years Primary choice for me, but no matter who runs against Obama, they have my vote.

    I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now. This is the first time that I’ve commented. I agree with your views 100%, and LOVE the Friday fumes !

    Thanks for your work.

  2. obama is a clever guy- its a trick he for it-hes againist it- obama cnanot fool all american voters-people- a tricky guy he think he is a king- wish all american people knows his dispecable attittude domestic and foereighn policies.
    obama is very extravagant- vacation in hawaii and his wife ha da vaction in foreighn countries. spent lots of money million dolars our money tx oayers money- jesus chrsit.TOO WISE-TOO CLVER- MOTOR MOUTH BIG VOICE INDECENT- AMERICAN PEPLE TIRED OF OBAMA.-ROMENY IS A REAL USA BORN CANDIATE-HES A CEO- AND HA SA BUSIENSS SENSE- GOOD MAN. ROMENY.

  3. What I think would be beneficial would be to write-up an article that lays out the 30 or so Bills that are mentioned in this article. That way, we can call our Senators Offices directly and ask them why they have not been voted on. Even though they may not do a thing about, at least we put them on notice that we are watching them. It’s high-time to throw these bums out…they no longer represent us. They only serve their own interests.

  4. Yep, he has them lined up waiting for the best time to spring em. None of these distractions need be a winner for O., if we get the truth out to combat the MSM bias.

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