Obama’s March of Treason on the World Stage

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Obama’s dealings on the world stage are NOT inept. He does what he does…On purpose. He is intentionally trying to wreck any and all ability for the United States to protect our one national security and the security of our allies.

Obama should NOT be trusted…By ANYBODY except our and our ally’s enemies.

Right now, Obama and his administration are trying to work a deal…Placate…Iran over their nuclear weapons program. Israel should NOT trust, or wait for, Obama to make the situation better. The ONLY entity which will benefit from Obama’s actions in this arena is Iran.

What we have learned THIS week should make this Obama doctrine VERY CLEAR.

We have learned that the Obama administration, in the days following the bin Laden raid, started their victory lap and spiking of the football by allowing Hollywood unprecedented access to information about how that raid was accomplished.

Judicial Watch obtained records through the Freedom of Information Act which show that a Hollywood Director and producer were taken to a building so secure that its name had to be redacted from the documents. They are making a movie which has been set to be released right before the November election and which will be VERY complimentary of Obama. While we don’t know what all information was given to Hollywood, we know they had MORE access than ANYONE should have.

This compromises national security REGARDLESS of the nature of the information, notes, plans etc turned over as Hollywood is incapable of even keeping the PLOT of their next movie a secret.

We have also learned, this week, that Obama and his administration blew the cover of a double agent who halted the latest underwear bomber just a couple of weeks ago. This guy was CIA, undercover with al Qaeda and working closely with British Intelligence. The British knew they could keep this guy on the inside, picking up MORE information for several more weeks. That is…UNTIL…An Obama administration gum flapper OUTED the guy ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Now, al Qaeda knows what we’ve been doing and they know what ELSE this guy may know and they can alter plans, scrap plans or simply, change targets. Who does THIS help?

Al Qaeda. That’s who.

Now, over the last 2 days, we are learning of Dr. Shakil Afridi,  Pakistani doctor who ran a vaccination program in Abbottabad and was collecting DNA samples. His work and cooperation with the CIA was a key to pinpointing the existence of bin Laden at that compound in Abbottabad.

Dr. Afridi has now been sentenced to 33 years in a Pakistani prison for treason by his government as a traitor.

It was Obama and the Obama administration who outed Dr. Afridi.

Instead of, on the night of the bin Laden raid, extracting Dr. Afridi and his entire family and bringing them to safety in the United States, Obama threw him under the bus for his assistance in taking out bin Laden.

Again, this is as far from ineptitude as it can possible be.

Obama KNEW that the Pakistani government could not be trusted and were not true allies. That is exactly why Pakistan was NOT informed of the bin Laden Raid. Our military had contingency plans in case Pakistan moved against the SEALS during the raid itself.

Obama and his administration KNEW how Pakistan would react to the raid. Pakistan had been hiding bin Laden for YEARS and the bin Laden compound was a stone’s throw from Pakistan’s version of West Point.

Obama KNEW all this and yet he outs Dr. Afridi?

Oh yes, of course, NOW, the state department is demanding Dr. Afridi’s release. NOW they say he was working as much on the behalf of Pakistan as he was for US and that the doctor’s actions were providing security for Pakistan. NOW they say all this.

It’s CYA time.

Dr. Afriodi and his family should have been out of Pakistan by the time our SEAL team left the compound.

SEAL Team 6? Who outted the team that works from the shadows and likes it that way?


Who demanded that the Muslim Brotherhood have a seat at the table in Egypt?


How led from behind to remove Gaddafi from power so that an al Qaeda flag could fly from the courthouse in Benghazi?


Who would rather kill terrorists with drones than capture them to retrieve intel?


Who is engaged in a catch and release program with the Taliban?


Who did nothing as Iraq released a top Hezbolla terrorist who is tied to the deaths of Americans?


Who has been telegraphing troop movements and pull out dates to our enemies?


Who told Netanyahu to revert back to his nation’s indefensible pre 1967 borders?


Who told the Russians he would have more flexibility in regard to missile defense systems after his reelection?


Who backs Palestinian statehood at the United Nations?


Who did nothing when one of our top secret drones “landed itself” in Iran?


Who is willing to accept a wink and a smile from Iran that it won’t enrich uranium past the point needed to produce domestic power?


Who outed the CIA’s inbedded agent who foiled the latest underwear bomb plot?


Who outed the Pakistani doctor who played a key role in taking out bin Laden?


Who allowed unprecedented access to Hollywood of top secret locations and quite possibly the plans used to take out bin Laden in order to secure a big screen kiss on the ass just a week or two before the 2012 elections?


Who is inept?

NOT Obama.

There is no possible way to believe all of this can be chalked up to ineptitude. Obama has, over 3 ½ years, engineered this series of events.

Finally, who benefits from Obama’s actions? US? Our allies? Or our enemies?

Well…It’s not us and it’s not our allies.

7 thoughts on “Obama’s March of Treason on the World Stage

  1. There are no words to describe the anger I feel towards these traitors that inhabit our White House. Obama has surrounded himself by America hating people and he hs given them power to implement regulations “laws” with no oversite by congress. Congress is made up of ignorant cowards who allow him to funnel taxpayer money to all his friends who in turn contribute to his re election. But even worse than that he has embraced muslim fundamentalists who are writing training manuals for our military and police. Whose responsibility is it to call him out on his many acts of TREASON. He has alienated our allies and supports our enemies. What is it going to take to wake America up?? We are being governed by a community orgainzer who is taking advice from two females one a Chicago slum lord and the other a person who dumped poor patients in order to make room for rich patients at the hospital she worked at before becoming first lady. When I read that he is likely to get re elected that his approval ratings are in the 40’s I am stunned that the people are so indoctrinated. This election if he wins will be Americas last. GOD HELP US ALL.

  2. In just 20 days, Agenda 21 Sustainable Development will be converted from lofty goals to hard International Law. Couple that with the pending Law of the Sea Treaty, the Children’s Treaty and the Indigenous People’s Treaty and International Law erases our sovern as a Nation and as a People. Furthermore the enforcers of the Treaty will be Native American Indians and the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club will be granted $10 million per case to ensure that the International Law is followed.

  3. Releasing enemy prisoners to return to the battlefield? Requiring warrants to conduct raids on insurgent hideouts? Implementing so-called “sustainable development” in the armed forces at the expense of combat readiness? Barack Obama might be the Commander-In-Chief (hopefully for just a few more painful months), but his inane and destructive policies, both foreign and domestic, present a clear and present danger to the security of the United States and every last one of its citizens and soldiers. Our Congress, our judiciary, and — most importantly — the electorate this November, must hold this man accountable.


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