Obama’s Catch and Release of Taliban Fighters

THIS is not going to end well.

It has been uncovered that certain prisoners at Parwan Detention Facility in Afghanistan…Taliban fighters, have and are being released.

It’s not the Afghans releasing them. It’s US.

Of course, all the enemy needs to do to secure their release is…


Oh boy. Well…If you can’t trust the Taliban who have been caught trying to kill us…Who CAN you trust?

Nobody in this administration will say how many have been released thus far but the program has been in operation for a few years. The administration says releases are rare and there haven’t been that many.

It seems to me, if even one has been released, it’s one too many.

The administration also says they have no idea how many, if any, who have been released, have returned to the Taliban fold, taken up arms and reengaged to kill Americans. We are, it seems, NOT tracking them.

This administration is also trying to find a way to release 5 top Taliban leaders from GITMO but that takes something that releasing them from Parwan does not.

Permission from congress.

Releasing Taliban fighters from Parwan, we’re told, is something of a peace offering to the Taliban itself. Those released or in line TO be released are bargaining chips and their release is supposed to calm down tensions.

Remember Biden stating that the Taliban were not, “per sey” the enemy?

Along with the questions surrounding how many and what has become of those released, I have a question which I believe should have been asked long ago.

Why? Why release them at all?

Is there ANY military data showing ANY bit of success along these lines? Is there any reason to believe for the blink of an eye that those who “promise” not to rearm and rejoin the fight will honor such a “promise?”

This is the United States and We Now Negotiate With Terrorists.

Well, if THAT doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of those who are not, “per sey” our enemy, I don’t have a clue what would. Is there ANYTHING this administration WON’T do to placate and abet our enemies?

We make sure they know, well in advance, when we will be leaving the theater. We see to it that they have a seat at the table to form new governments.

Speaking of that…In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood “PROMISED” that if THEY had a seat at the table they would NOT run any candidates for the presidency of a new Egypt.

Well…they promised.

They got their seat at the table and, shocking as it might be, they are running several candidates for the presidency of a new Egyptian government.

Obama led from behind to oust Gadaffi from Libya and now, an al Qaeda flag waves over the courthouse in Benghazi.  Obama hasten our exit from Iraq and now, Iranian insurgents are gaining a foothold there.

Obama has backed Palestinian statehood at the United Nations and suggested that Israel pull back to their indefensible pre 1967 borders.

Over in North Korea, Lil’ Kim PROMISED not to launch another missile test and Hillary believed him, patted him on the head and told us that all was well.

He promised. And then…just a few weeks later…He launched another missile test.

When one of our most top secret drones “accidentally” landed in Iran, Obama asked, politely, for its return only to be met with the gift of a small plastic toy drone. Of course, Iran was the venue for an uprising of the people to overthrow their government but Obama did nothing to support it. Iran was and is already in the hands of radicals.

In Syria, the Assad government has been killing citizens for a year and other than a single statement that Assad must go…What has been done there? Nothing. Why? Because, the main source of opposition to Assad is, the Muslim Brotherhood and while nothing, it seems would please Obama more than helping them as he did in Egypt…This is an election year and too much of a good thing at the wrong time could lead to a backlash against Obama.

The Brotherhood in Syria can take heart however, as it comes to light now that they are working with Marxists from France to strengthen their political position.

France…yes…That is where a Socialist President was just elected which could well mean a reversal of anti Islamic measures in that country.

Aside from a simple phone call and a heavily lawyered memo to a Nave Admiral, placing in his hands, the mission for taking out bin Laden, Obama’s foreign policy seems dedicated to “Pretty Pleases” and the acceptance of false promises.

Heavily lawyered? Indeed. That memo was written as legal plausible deniability. Had bin Laden not been there…Had he escaped…Had things gone the way of Carter’s rescue mission with the Iranian hostages, the Admiral would have been to blame. If things went right…well…we are now seeing and hearing the self pats on the back.

None of this should come as any great surprise as this is the administration which felt the best way to deal with Mexican drug cartels was to arm them and cover up involvement in it once it went publically horribly wrong. Now, some of those very cartels, just 6 miles from OUR border, are engaged in murder at an alarming rate and just last week, the hanging bodies from a bridge there and several decapitated heads below it, bore witness.

This administration, Obama and his ilk, have also decided that killing the “not per sey” enemies is far better than capturing them and as a result, we are gaining no usable intelligence. Not only that but, the Taliban, like al Qaeda, is fluid, ever changing, always morphing. Any vital intel we garnered when we WERE capturing the enemy is now, obsolete.

No president’s sum total of foreign policy could possibly be this inept. To achieve this level of ineptitude, one must be employing these disastrous measures on purpose. This is a concerted effort to undermine and dissolve our Nations once overwhelming presence on the world stage.

Remember, this is also the president who began his reign with an apology tour for American exceptionalism and abundant bowing to foreign leaders. It has steadily progressed to the point now, where we release captured Taliban fighters on a wing and a promise.

20 years ago, in the first Gulf War, the most feared fighting force in the region, the Iranian Republican Guard, was surrendering to American JOURNALISTS in the desert of Kuwait out of a sense of overwhelming might in the face of American and allied military.

After 8 years under Bill Clinton, al Qaeda was emboldened enough to hatch and carry out 9-11 because they saw, during those 8 years, a lack of resolve in democrat leader matched by a depletion of the American military.

George W. Bush on the other hand, had resolve and upon the 9-11 attacks, set that resolve into motion. Afghanistan was a direct response to 9-11 and Iraq was a no more dilly dallying around with United Nations resolutions, 16 of which Saddam ignored in 12 years, response to a regime claiming to have, and previously used, weapons of mass destruction.

This is an election year and nobody outside liberal/socialists and dead people still registered to vote want a 2nd term for Obama more than do terrorists. In Obama, they see the Clinton lack of resolve on steroids. They know that Obama will not only NOT stand in their way, he’ll hand them the world stage on a platter.

2 weeks ago, a senior State Department official engaged in Mideast issues told the National Journal, “The war on terror is over. Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”

5 months ago, Joe Biden told us, “Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical. There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy because it threatens U.S. interests.”

Clearly, by looking at the sum total of his policies, Obama is as much a threat to our national security and the security of our allies as the terrorists themselves and his “strategic release” program of sending terrorist fighters back to the battlefield with a “promise” that they will not reengage, is but the latest in a long line of coddling the enemy policies which puts us back into the position we were in during the Clinton administration.

While terrorists are clearly at war with us, we are clearly not at war with them.

THIS is not going to end well.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Catch and Release of Taliban Fighters

  1. I think those of us in the Ron Paul camp have learned that the RNC and the phone hacking President of Fox News Rupert are highly capable of dirty tricks, propagandizing and offering slanted news in favor of their candidate Mr. Romney.

    As much as we disagree with our current President, I just can’t bring myself to buy into their current attempt to terrorize Americans into believing Romney would be a “safer” President than one they would have you believe is a “terrorist”. It is time for everyone to get off the couch and read through a lot of this BS. We need people who want to unite not those who would malign and destroy for their own personal gain. We need to stop paying the folks making the big bucks in Afghanistan. We need to get the hell out NOW then we wouldn’t have to worry about how many Taliban get out of jail. They could go back to growing dope and we could go back to feeding our hungry.

  2. Please tell me they were hypnotized, and programed, to go back to camp, to blow themselves up along with their superiors.

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