Lobotomized Shepherds Tending Their Flocks

They do walk among us. Really, they do.

Stupid people.


Pardon my redundancy.

A couple of days ago, in what can only be seen as a non partisan, clearly not racial, and certainly a prime example of the separation of church and state they liberals so heavily preach in favor of sort of event, Eric Holder spoke to a group of black religious leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus about…

How they could use their pulpits to help reelect Barack Hussein Obama.

So…there he was, the Attorney General of the United States, who is under investigation and possibly facing contempt of congress charges, speaking to black preachers and black caucus members.

The Attorney General who has been, for more than a year, stone walling congress, presenting false documents and withholding all but about 7000 of the 80,000 documents demanded of him by a congressional committee.

All of this trouble in Holder’s lap stems from the walking of guns over our southern border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Those weapons have been identified as having been used in the murders of more than 200 people from both sides of the Mexico/U.S. border.

Some of those guns were used to kill U.S. Agent Brian Terry.

More than 130 Members of Congress have publicly called for Holder to be fired over this.

Those weapons, the vast majority have not been found, will continue to be used in drug related murders for years if not decades to come.

And the man at the head of that operation, the man now under great scrutiny for it, the man who could and should be held in contempt of congress for refusal to cooperate with them in their investigation, the man who lied about what he knew and when he knew it regarding that operation, just finished his reelection of Obama advice to this assembled group of race card carrying non racists.

That is when, in the euphoria of the post non partisan, non political presentation of propaganda, the Daily Caller, may God bless them, sent a reporter and camera into the enlightened masses to ask a simple question.


These are now the enlightened who will scatter to the winds to encourage their flocks of sheep to praise the Messiah and live their lives by the good book.

These are they who will spread the word of Obama.

From the countryside to the inner cities, from the plains to the mountain tops, from sea to shining EPA and United Nations protected sea, THESE are the people whose calling will reveal to the pew sitting voting block the virtues of their knowledge.

From the pulpit and behind stained glass windows, advocating a political ideology is most appropriate but, is in not that same ideology which preaches against “Under God” and files suit against those brazen enough to pray before a city council meeting?

Is this NOT the same ideology which brings to court those who offer a word of prayer at a high school football game and won’t allow a manger scene in a public park?

Perhaps were conservatives MORE enlightened, the double standard would seem silly.

Oh, but I digress. This article isn’t about the hypocrisy of it all. It’s about the sheer brilliance of those in attendance.

Go forth, lobotomized liberals and gather your flocks and do likewise to them.

They do walk among us. Really, they do.

Stupid people.


Pardon my redundancy.