Indoctrination Propagandist Suspended With Pay

North Rowan High School teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely, has been suspended…WITH PAY…for her misinformed tirade against one of her students.

Misinformed? No…not misinformed.

Flat out wrong.

Tirade? No again.


Here, in North Caroline, in a high school, we have a classic example of liberal indoctrination caught live on tape. It’s pathetic.

In a class room which this teacher, Neely, obviously has no control over, she starts a topic by bringing up Romney’s alleged “bullying” prank in high school. A student, Gunner Rogers, asks a simple question. “Didn’t Obama bully a girl in high school?”

The correct answer would have been that yes, Obama, by his own admission, while in high school, bullied a girl. That is NOT the response garnered from Neely. It’s not even close.

Neely goes OFF on the student. Ranting and raving.

Neely started uttering nonsense immediately stating, “Stop, no, because there is no comparison Romney, is running for president. Obama is the president.”  

As the student tried to get his point across that Obama is not a God, he’s just a man…

On she went with, “Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.”

The student, being correct said he would say what he wants and Neely shot back, “Not about him you won’t.”

“Let me tell you this: you’ve got to realize this man is wanting to be what Obama already is, OK?”

The more the student tried to point out that he was merely asking a simple question the more Neely screams, “That’s disrespect! That’s disrespect!”

When the student says, correctly but not politely that when Bush was in office, everybody talked shit about HIM Neely’s true BLUE colors came out as she responded, “Because he was shitty!”

I have a few things I would like to tell this Tonya Dixon-Neely.


You are obviously trying to fundamentally transform your Social Studies class into a SOCIALISM STUDIES class and the only way you can accomplish that is to try and fill the heads of your students with propaganda.

You are lying to them.

You clap your hands to add emphasis to each word or syllable of your socialist agenda. You SHOULD be clapping your hands tightly over your mouth.

Romney’s “bullying” is alleged and not supported by his alleged victim’s family. Obama’s bullying is ADMITTED in his book. Learn the difference.

By raising this question, your student was pointing out something valid.

By ranting on with your response, you showed that your student is taking YOU to school and YOU don’t like it.

YOU claim that anything said against the president is “disrespect” and yet YOU then tell your class that Bush was “shitty” which, I’m sure in YOUR mind, shows no disrespect whatsoever.

Hypocritical much???

Then…YOU drop the bombshell by telling your student that he could be ARRESTED for saying things about Obama and that people WERE ARRESTED for saying things about Bush.

First of all you hyphenated nut, name ONE person who was ever arrested for saying something bad about Bush and DO NOT try to bring up the shoe thrower in Iraq because he was NOT arrested by ANY member of UNITED STATES LAW ENFORCEMENT. Name ONE.

Now…under the OBAMA administration…FREE SPEECH, criticizing or protesting the president within EARSHOT of the Secret Service…IS NOW A FELONY!!! YOUR BELOVED OBAMA MADE THAT SO. Got that…OBAMA had made free speech a felony.

In North Korea, you CAN be arrested for criticizing the “president” but YOU don’t live in North Korea…YOU live in NORTH CAROLINA!!! Maybe I should say you don’t live in North Korea YET because YOUR chosen leader is certainly trying his best to shift OUR nation in THAT direction.

YOUR ranting and frothing displayed on tape makes YOU as much of a disgrace to your profession as Obama is to the Constitution!

The problem is, this teacher’s behavior is not confined to one class room in one high school. It’s taking place in varying degrees from kindergarten through college in schools across the country. We’ve seen 1st graders singing the praises of Obama. We’ve seen schools doing away with the Pledge of Allegiance.

We hear of teachers and schools championing the liberal agenda and dismissing anything conservative so often it’s ridiculous.

In Wisconsin, we watched as teachers took their classes to the state capitol to march against Governor Walker and they did so without parental permission. While there, we watched as teachers stood in line to get fake sick notes to excuse them from their jobs as teachers.

This “teacher,” Tonya Dixon-Neely is much closer to the rule than the exception.

Now, she has been suspended WITH PAY as punishment. PUNISHMENT? Really?

In today’s politically correct union run, nanny state liberal/socialist world, doing the RIGHT thing must be pretty hard. Liberals look at this as a “teachable Moment.” This is there standard “OUT” every time one of their own messes up. “It’s a teachable moment.”

Judging by Tonya Dixon-Neely’s lack of control in the class room, I rather doubt, strongly, that she would recognize any sort of “teachable moment” if one came along and bit her. Let me tell liberals what kind of “teachable moment” this really is.

THIS episode teaches students to ALWAYS be prepared to RECORD anything that happens in their class room. It’s sad that it has come to that. If teachers would teach and teach facts rather than spew forth propaganda, from either side of the aisle, it wouldn’t be necessary.

There is a reason why liberal/socialists don’t like private or home schooling and it’s simple.

Any child in a private or home school is not receiving the indoctrination programming into which liberal/socialists have invested political and so much other capital. If too many children go to private or home school, from where will future generations of brain washed voting block come?

5 thoughts on “Indoctrination Propagandist Suspended With Pay

  1. A good teacher is worth a great deal! They have the ability to reach the kids they are teaching without brandishing their political ideology. Those who adhere to the educational standards are an asset to their student’s futures by informing them in a way that prepares them for THAT future. These are the teachers who should be rewarded for their accomplishments. Unfortunately a lot of the teachers are just spending time in the classroom filling the students heads with all kinds of useless trash because they apparently don’t have the real knowledge to help the children attain a good education. Instead they rely on the unions who stand by those less suited for the job, because the unions are just interested in the dues they collect for the incompetent teachers as well as the ones who have inspired their students to strive for bigger and better futures. Any teacher who has been suspended should not be getting any pay during this suspension. There should be tests that all teachers have to take to validate their teaching degrees every year or so.

  2. Please note that the President picked on a girl. Not even bullied another boy! Which is worse? His fake War on Women started in his own actions!

  3. One way or the other Unions Must be Abolished. The education system has be run by Parents and Local Districts like it used to be. That’s the ONLY way to get Good Dedicated Teachers again! The Federal Government has NO Constutional Right or Authority to Dictate to the Education system!!

  4. Suspension with pay,= more vacation days. Charter schools, Home schooling and Vouchers for private schools are the answer to the Public INDOCTRINATION system. Eliminate the DOE.

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