From Fast and Furious to Slow and Curious?

Congressman Issa and the House Committee investigating Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious scandal has given Holder until Memorial Day weekend to cough up the rest of the 80,000 documents, emails and memos regarding their investigation.

Waiting in the wings is a contempt of Congress charge against Holder.

Last week, Utah Congressman, Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the Oversight in Government Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations introduced an amendment to the Justice Department’s appropriations bill to cut dollars from the DOJ budget and another measure which would cut $1 million dollars from the DOJ over its stonewalling and stall tactics regarding Fast and Furious.

Said Chaffitz, “You shouldn’t be using federal taxpayer dollars to lie to Congress.”

The vote on the measures passed, 381-41 and all of the 41 are Democrats.

This, of course means, there are 41 liberals in the House who believe that the DOJ and Eric Holder have every right TO use taxpayer money to lie to Congress.

That is shameful at every level and at every turn.

Congressman Chaffetz also stated, “Congress has got to stand up for itself. It has to hold the DOJ accountable and they need to fulfill that subpoena. We were trying to reaffirm that the whole notion that the administration needs to come clean on Fast and Furious with that amendment.”

Chaffetz stood tall on the floor and delivered a stern lecture.

Perhaps a more appropriate question rather than, “Where are the guts in this body to stand up and say, “we’re not going to put up with that,” would be, “Where are the guts of Republican leadership in this body to file contempt of Congress charges against Eric Holder?”

We are now hearing that Republican leadership may be reluctant to file those charges and the reason for that reluctance is nothing but fear.

One GOP aide has suggested to Roll Call there is also concern that going after Holder, the first black attorney general under the first black president and that a racial backlash against Republicans could result. That aide added, “Especially after Trayvon.”

How true this aide’s remarks are is, at this point, unknown but, should there be ANY truth to it, the fear of House leadership to be labeled racist over that which is clearly everything BUT racist is as shameful as the Fast and Furious operation and it’s cover up put together.

If House leadership, Speaker Boehner, allows himself and, therefore, the House itself, to be held hostage to false charges, then Boehner has no business in that leadership role.

It would also send a clear message that this administration can get away with anything it wants, regardless of its outcome, up to and including intentionally lying to congress, covering up failed and disastrous operations, ignoring Congressional subpoenas, arming Mexican drug cartels, and murder as long as this administration plays the race card.

The message which must be sent instead is that the founders and framers intentionally provided the weakest powers to the Executive branch to avert the very sort of situations we now face.

The investigation into Fast and furious, regardless of Holder’s own words, “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” Holder said, according to the Times. “Both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American,” is not a matter of black or white but right and wrong.

Laws have been broken. An operation allowing weapons to walk into cartel hands has taken place. International treaties may well have been broken. More than 200 people from both sides of the border are dead because of it. At least 1 and possibly 2 United States agents have been murdered because of it. False information regarding it has been provided to Congress. The Justice Department and Eric Holder have stalled the investigation. Congressional subpoenas have been intentionally ignored. More than 80,000 documents have been ordered turned over to the Committee of which barely over 7,000 have been delivered.

As the proposed contempt charges deal specifically with Holder’s attempts to cover up the operation by purposefully denying to Congress what they have subpoenaed, color is not, in even the least bit, a consideration.

Since Holder started stonewalling this investigation, more than a year has passed. Clearly, he has and continues to show contempt.

Now, a deadline has been presented and it is up to Speaker Boehner to enforce that deadline. Speaker Boehner will either enforce it on June 1st and give the go ahead for the filing of those contempt charges or he will attempt to sidestep the deadline, offering Holder more time and/or ask the Committee for more details or more evidence.

As the contempt charges deal directly with stonewalling, why then would a stalling tactic by the House Speaker be any different? At that point, why couldn’t Holder simply say that he is doing nothing that the House leadership isn’t doing?

If Boehner resists or hesitates in giving the okay for filing contempt charges, the 130-some-odd Members of Congress who have advocated the firing of Holder should march to the Speaker’s office and demand to know why?

Anyone, in a leadership position or otherwise who would claim to be hesitant because of such transparently false allegations as “it might be considered a racial witch hunt” either needs their head examined, or they are providing cover for something else.

There are 3 options here.

1)      Holder forks over everything the committee has demanded and that seems unlikely.

2)      Contempt of Congress charges will be filed against Holder shortly after the Memorial Day deadline passes.

3)      Regarding Fast and Furious, we will see a Slow and Curious mass cover your ass maneuver by Speaker Boehner.

If it comes to the third option, Boehner should be removed from his position, a new speaker named and should dirty tactics be employed by Holder which would exposes corruption on either side of the aisle, let the chips fall where they may.


6 thoughts on “From Fast and Furious to Slow and Curious?

  1. Consider the criminality that has occured since the beginning of this award winning stonewall episode. Across the board the elected ones have multilayers of cover ups, threats, bribes, more current event cover ups,slander of private companies, threats if you are giving donations to the wrong party, etc. Etc. Etc. Does anyone know where the law went? How about the msm? Anyone know where those folks telling the truth went, the honorable news anchors that told it the way it was?Just the amount of money spent this week alone is criminal. Holder’s favored black panthers are ready to kill more crackers. Fully armed soldiers bust into social security office in Lake Co. Fl. Scaring the old and infirmed. The powers now who are truely in charge are winning my fellow Americans. If you don’t want to spend your money being lied to perhaps a media campaign would convince you it is alright if your government used tax dollars to lie to you. If you can’t be convinced there is an interment camp that will convince you. Paid for by our taxes.The hiring and training also our tax dollars. They are not waiting. There is no waiting. It is a show for some people who still think there is rule of law. Please convince me I am wrong. I am missing the music of the freedom I once knew. Can anyone in the know let us old women know. We have lost husbands and sons and countrymen to keep this land free.

  2. Oh Craig, they can give Boehner the boot and let him take Cantor with him. They are narcissistic egomaniacs of the first order. The Speaker Gavel should have been given to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann! And let her be the 1st Republican woman Speaker. How Boehner got it is beyond my comprehension. He can shove his tears where the sun doesn’t shine. He must have SO much junk in his closet it’s probably sickening. Bye bye Boehner & Cantor! Yeesh and don’t let the door hit you in the arse.

  3. The 41 must be the card carrying communists who are also members of the muslim brotherhood and caliphate. That would be a good watch list for Congressman Chaffetz’s committee to keep a close eye on. I love Congressman Chaffetz, Utah is SO lucky to have him (and Congressman Mile Lee), as Kentucky is lucky to have Rand Paul and Florida is to have Congressman West! These are honest men who care about the Country and aren’t narcissistic egomaniacs.

  4. No Elected Official in Washington D.C. (starting with the President) has the right to throw the “RACE” card. There have been African-Americans’ in the House and Senate before one was elected President and they where elected by the Taxpayers, who are brown, white, black, cooper, red, yellow, or even pink with purple polk-a-dots for all they know. There is not and can not be any such thing as ‘Racist’ when You WORK for the People who put you into office. My ex-Boss made it a habit to remind me and the others in the office, that we can be replaced and he doesnt care if its by a monkey that will work for bananas; just so long as the job he assigns gets done correctly. So if the President or the Speaker of the House or even the Attorney General can’t or won’t do the job that ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ expect to be done as ‘OUR EMPLOYEE’ then ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ can and will replace you.

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