“Ex-Patriot Act” Would Criminalize Freedom and Success

The American Dream…To start with nothing and become a success in the land of opportunity. Wealth, fame and the trapping which come with them both. Those who achieve it, in the process, provide opportunities for others, create jobs and foster innovation.

That is the American Dream.

The Liberal/Socialist Dream…To lurk about, waiting for others to achieve the American Dream and take from them, a majority of what they have gained in wealth. It’s simply not fair for one to have more than another and when one does, the bulk of it should belong to the government to be doled out, at the government’s whim, to those they deem worthy.

That is the Liberal/Socialist Dream.

Scoff if you want to liberals but you scoff at the truth and two of your own are proving it.

Liberal senators, Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey have introduced a bill, the  “Ex-Patriot Act”  to punish those who, for the very reason this nation was born, have decided to leave this nation for another and with them, take their wealth.

This week, we learned that Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, has renounced his American citizenship to become a citizen of and live in, Singapore.


Because Saverin, already wealthy due to his ties to Facebook, is about to become a great deal more wealthy as his company goes public.

While there is a better than average chance Saverin voted for Obama and thus, liberal/socialism, he knows that his wealth is targeted by liberals under Obama’s “fair share” campaign harping.

Saverin is not alone.

Over the last 7 years, more than 4000 people have renounced THEIR citizenship and of them, the number has increased greatly over the last 3 years.

Schumer and Casey now want to punish those who, in order to keep more of what belongs to them, would seek refuge elsewhere.

According to Schumer and Casey, the rich, like Saverin, who flee are guilty until proven innocent. To avoid a 30% capital gains tax, on future investment earnings, those worth 2 million dollars with a tax liability of $148,000.00 in recent years, will have to PROVE they did not renounce their citizenship to avoid high taxes.

THIS, is absurd.

Via the “Ex-Patriot Act,” the government need not prove they DID but the individual charged must prove they DIDN’T.

There is so much wrong with this one barely knows where to start.

Up until now, in this country, a person was considered innocent until proven guilty but the mere idea of the  “Ex-Patriot Act” would change that.

Though highly doubtful that this should become law, if it did, such a law would set an extreme precedent in that the government, given an inch and taking a mile, could accuse a person of nearly anything and it would then be upon the individual to carry the burden of proof of innocence.

This  “Ex-Patriot Act”  would hold citizens hostage to the crown.

This “Ex-Patriot Act”  would force taxation upon citizens of other nations.

These are the exact scenarios which were in place causing those who saw a better way to declare independence in 1776.

As desperate times call for desperate measures, liberal/socialists are indeed desperate enough, at the thought of losing their grip on other people’s money and the waning acceptance of the socialist ideology that they, Schumer and Casey, have put it on paper.

No longer is the case of the Tea Party vs Socialism an overwhelming circumstantial case, it is now one with direct forensic evidence.

To the liberal/socialist, people like Saverin and some 4000 others, are stealing from the government what belongs TO the government…Their own earnings.

The lifeblood of socialism is slipping away and what, exactly, is Schumer’s and Casey’s cure?

Putting a tourniquet around the neck and tightening it to stop a nosebleed.

Those who flee the socialist taxation here, scatter to the 4 winds but this law of Schumer’s and Casey’s is in direct response to Saverin and where is Saverin going to live?

In Singapore.

Saverin is leaving the “as yet” freedom of the United States to live where:

1. It is against the law and a public caning offense to not flush the toilet after using it. Again, that’s common sense, but in Singapore you might be getting a large fine for that, too, as the police officers randomly check on public checkrooms.

2. You Litter You Pay-Big Time. A litter law dating from 1968 is the country’s way of keeping clean. Disregard the law, drop trash on the ground in this Southeast Asian city, and you’ll pay $1,000. On top of that you’ll also be forced to do community forced labor. And if you do it three times, you’ll have to wear a “I am a litter lout” sign. Along the same lines, it looks like Singapore has a law saying that relieving yourself in an elevator is particularly forbidden.

3. Chewing gum sales forbidden. If you had some garlic and on your way to a meeting or a date, you may be out of luck if you plan on having some chewing gum to get rid of the scent. Apparently Singapore prohibited the sale of gum after authorities have noticed a prolific amount of chewed gum being stuck in subway stations and on cars. As weird as it may sound, Singapore allows you to actually chew gum. Just make sure you stick it at the trash can, otherwise great fines are applied.

4. You can’t walk around your house naked. In Singapore, pornography is illegal, and anything to do with it may result in imprisonment or hefty fines. Along the same lines, the country thinks that nudity has to do with pornography, too, so better watch out carefully when you undress for bed — someone might see you. Also, make sure you don’t hand anyone a Playboy magazine. It’s the same.

5. No hugging without permission. Haven’t seen your loved one for a long time, just make sure you’re not over affectionate when you guys meet in a public space as you could be charged for outraging modesty and end up in jail. If lucky it’s juts a fine.

6. No poking adverse comments at religion. If you’re not really into God or you have your own deity to believe in, keep it to yourself as in Singapore it’s a highly serious matter and you can be cited for sedition.

7. Crooks go to jail. Of course they do, it’s common sense, but here’s something weird to think of. Apparently, if you’re introducing a stranger as your good friend, speak well of him and it proves to be false, you’ll be convicted for abetment. Watch out who you endorse as you can’t fool these guys!

And, perhaps the most relevant to a guy who made his fortune with Facebook…

8. Connecting on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots means hacking. Need just “some” Internet to read mail or reserve some train tickets? Better go to an Internet cafe shop rather than logging in on an unsecured network. In Singapore it’s called hacking and you could end up in jail, or if lucky you’ll be paying a pretty huge fine.

These are just SOME of the laws by which those who live in Singapore must abide and while it’s hard to believe that Saverin will spend much time, bodily, in Singapore, that IS where his citizenship will reside because one thing they DON’T have there, is a capital gains tax.

So why, other than the capital gains tax would Saverin choose to live in a place where not flushing the toilet, hugging or selling gum  are considered crimes?

Because, over here, according to Schumer, Casey and the liberal/socialist ideology…

Success is a crime and freedom, will cost you a King’s ransom.