Now that charges have been made there are new questions which must be considered and primary among them is the question of where this trial will take place.

Can Zimmerman get a fair trial in Sanford or, for that matter, in the state of Florida?

I suggest this question now has two parts which must be considered.

First, George Zimmerman. Can HE get a fair trial in Florida?

Zimmerman has been tried in the media and by the public. The New BlacKKK Panthers put a bounty, dead or alive, on his head. A Congressman wore a hoodie on the floor of the house while others have appeared with Martin’s parents and at rallies.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton among others have already convicted Zimmerman in the court of public opinion.

To be fair, not ALL in the court of public opinion have been swayed by race baiting but, also to be fair, many have.

The New BlacKKK Panthers have also called for blood to run in the streets and for a black army to be raised to “protect” Sanford Florida.

Obama has weighed in stating his imaginary son would have looked like Trayvon.

Can George Zimmerman, against these odds, get a fair trial in Sanford or in Florida?

It seems unlikely and therefore a change of venue could well be called for. This of course will not please the New BlacKKK Panthers or the family of Trayvon Martin but, in reality, should a change of venue be sought, they will have nobody but themselves, Jackson, Sharpton, certain Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Obama himself to blame.

The second part of the fair trial equation is one nearly unheard of but nonetheless necessary to pose.

Can a jury seated in Sanford or in the state of Florida have any assurance of their own safety?

This of course, leads to two other questions which must be asked.

Given the pre-trial publicity, the race baiting and the vile and vulgar threats made by the New BlacKKK Panthers, will the jury be more apt to render a guilty verdict than not? I suggest in such a charged atmosphere, regardless of evidence presented, a jury, being human, WILL feel such pressure to render a guilty verdict.

The other half of the jury issue is clear. If they, upon presented evidence, believe Zimmerman to be NOT guilty, in either the state of Florida or more specifically, in Sanford Florida, are they then made targets as has been Zimmerman?

This could lead the jury to render a guilty verdict even if such a verdict is unwarranted as a matter of self preservation.

Back to Zimmerman…

Bail or no bail? If he is held without bail he should not, for any reason, be placed in the general jail population as there should be a perceived notion that his life would be at risk. If he posts bail, where can he be allowed to go? Sanford and the state of Florida would be nearly as dangerous now as would be the general jail population.

Obviously, he will need to be booked and that will happen in Sanford but great precautions should be taken to protect him.

Whether or not the New BlacKKK Panthers agree, Zimmerman IS innocent until PROVEN guilty by a jury of his peers.

This, of course, raises another question.

In a case as racially charged as this has become…Who exactly ARE George Zimmerman’s peers?

The New York Times and other assorted liberals at large or within the media have labeled Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic.” While we don’t really know what a “White Hispanic” is, a jury of a “White Hispanic” on trial should without question, contain some “White Hispanics.”

Again, those who have already convicted Zimmerman have nobody but themselves to blame if the jury does indeed contain more “White Hispanics” than any other race. When you’re out there, chumming the waters with race bait, you could well end up catching what you don’t want.

Without knowing the evidence, or witness statements or forensics involved and assuming there is more than what we have heard so far, the outcome of this trial is very much, like it or not, up in the air. If it comes down to Zimmerman’s word against a witness a block away and forensics are inconclusive…

Oh boy…it could get ugly fast. A hung jury? A retrial? Dismissal of charges?

Scenarios in this racially charged setting which could well erupt.

Of course, this is cart before the horse but still, viable questions.

Of course, one question so far unanswered and conspicuously so, is whether or not the New BlacKKK Panthers have violated any laws? Inciting riots? Solicitation of murder? So far, nobody has been injured or killed but property HAS been vandalized. An empty cop car in Sanford was shot up just 2 days ago and it could well continue or get worse.

The final question, for now, is regarding when this trial will take place?

Right now, Zimmerman doesn’t have legal representation. It will take time for him to get proper representation and for his attorney’s to put together their case. There will be a need for forensic studies. The prosecution will need time. The defense has the right to see the evidence gathered by the prosecution. Choosing the venue and jury selection will also take time.

Putting this on the fast track could well, if a verdict goes against Zimmerman, result in an appeal on the grounds of a rush to judgment. A slow but steady march to trial allows those elements who have already rushed to judgment to stir the pot into a seething boil.

This case belonged in a court of law from the beginning rather than in the court of public opinion and one would think that some involved in the rush to judgment in the Duke Lacrosse case, who are deeply involved in this case, would have learned something.

They have not.

They should have kept their noses out of it and their mouths shut.

They did neither.

Demanding a thorough investigation would have been one thing but getting there by fanning the flames of racism for their own aggrandizement on the national stage to insure their job security or, in the case of the New BlacKKK Panthers, to further their socialist and racial warfare agenda, is a disgrace, stupid as a stump and shows a complete disregard for the rule of law.


  1. The only reason Zimmerman has been charged is because of Racist Sharpton and they don’t want the Black Panthers tearing down the street.

    Zimmerman already has a ‘guilty’ sign around his neck unless he get’s Dream Team Council to represent him.

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