Who Will Chaperone the Chaperones?


The most elite law enforcement detail in the nation now has to be treated like children because of their all too adult behavior.

It’s disgusting.

The Secret Service, while on overseas assignments, has been not-so-secretly-serviced. Carousing with foreign hookers, binge drinking and frequenting strip clubs. Those identified, some…Not all…are being allowed to retire or resign. So far, nobody has been fired.

But NOW…new RULES are being employed.

“Alcohol may only be consumed in moderate amounts while off-duty on a TDY (temporary duty) assignment and alcohol use is prohibited within 10 hours of reporting or duty. Foreign nationals, excluding hotel staff and official counterparts, are prohibited in your hotel room.”

Let’s be clear…the behavioral problems are not new, not confined to this current administration and so far, have been traced back over a decade. What is coming to light now, has been going on for a long time.

The issue I have; is how it’s being handled in the here and now.

That too is pathetic.

Those involved should be fired. PERIOD! A clear and succinct message needs to be sent and it needs to be delivered in a Howitzer like fashion.

It should be public with names being named.

It should be abrupt, forceful and done by the Beer Summit Occupier in Chief.


But that’s NOT how it’s going down.

On Friday April 20th, in my Friday Fume, I leveled the following:

Wasn’t it about a year ago that Obama said we would become Columbia’s best customers???


This will, no doubt, lead to yet ANOTHER government agency which will cost the taxpayers MORE money…


I’m fuming.

Well, guess what?

Here is what is NOW being reported: “Embarrassed by a prostitution scandal, the Secret Service will assign chaperones on some trips to enforce new rules of conduct that make clear that excessive drinking, entertaining foreigners in their hotel rooms and cavorting in disreputable establishments are no longer tolerated.”

Isn’t that special?

I find the very idea of spending a single dollar of the taxpayer’s money on CHAPERONES for the Secret Service appalling but in the nanny state in which we have become…not all that surprising.

Here’s a question which I believe deserves an answer: If WE can’t trust an elite detail NOT to drink to excess…NOT to invite foreign nationals to their hotel rooms…NOT to spend time in strip clubs or NOT to engage with HOOKERS…Chaperones or not…HOW CAN THEY BE TRUSTED TO GUARD THE LIVES OF THE PRESIDENT AND THE PRESIDENT’S FAMILY???

Obama has referred to them as “A couple of knuckleheads.”

Knuckleheads are those who play catch in the house and break a lamp. Knuckleheads are those who allocate taxpayer money to study shrimp on treadmills. Knuckleheads are those who burn our flag without first wrapping it around themselves. Kunckleheads tweet pictures of themselves without their pants on to people they have never met.

Knuckleheads pen budgets which get voted down 414-0 in the house.

Those hired to protect the president and the president’s family and get sloppy drunk, go to strip clubs, invite people to their hotel rooms and consort with hookers are NOT knuckleheads. THEY are derelict of duty, reckless, a threat to national security, potentially placing the lives of those they are sworn to protect in danger and unworthy of the positions they hold.

Any who took part in this behavior should be fired. All who KNEW of the behavior and DIDN’T blow the whistle should be fired.

Those who did NOT partake and had no knowledge of it should be PROMOTED.

But no…those involved are allowed to retire or resign and We The People now have to pay for chaperones for the rest of them and implement written rules where common sense should prevail.

Secret Service Director, Mark Sullivan has stated, “consider your conduct through the lens of the past several weeks.”

Sullivan went on to say the rules “cannot address every situation that our employees will face as we execute our dual-missions throughout the world. The absence of a specific, published standard of conduct covering an act or behavior does not mean that the act is condoned, is permissible or will not call for — and result in — corrective or disciplinary action. All employees have a continuing obligation to confront expected abuses or perceived misconduct.”

The first part of that statement, “consider your conduct through the lens of the past several weeks,” indicates that Sullivan’s concern has more to do with getting caught than at least a decade of such behavior. The rest of the statement should have been made so crystal clear upon the hiring of personnel that it would not be necessary to give it voice now.

If that’s Sullivan’s idea of running a tight ship, it’s time for a new Secret Service Director.

The root of the problem does not rest with a few Members of the Secret Service but with the culture of Washington itself. For far too long, people who should know better have engaged in such behavior and we, who elect them, have looked the other way. It’s not confined to support staff or security details but has reached all the way to the top.

Only when or if it becomes a public scandal do we, or anybody, take note and only then, is anything done about it. It was so hushed up in the Kennedy administration that it was barely whispered about. He was a Kennedy after all and that’s what Kennedy’s did. They got away with abhorrent behavior and worse.

The unscrupulous behavior of the Nixon administration resulted in his resignation…not because he did it but because he got caught and tried to cover it up.

Clinton got caught, tried to cover it up, was impeached but remained on the job because, we were told…it was only sex.

Senators, Members of the House…some stay, some go after exhibiting such behavior.

To be fair, it’s gone on since the birth of our nation. Those who were our founders, Jefferson, Franklin and others did things that crossed the lines.

While it’s impossible to eradicate human behavior it should be possible to insist on the highest standards of it from those deemed the best of the best. If we can’t do that, then…Who will chaperone the chaperones???