Standing on the Right Principles More Important than Ever

Yesterday, I wrote the inauguration speech I believe we must hear and inserted Mitt Romney’s name into it. The reaction was pretty much exactly what I expected and, over the last several months, predicted.

I have been referred to as a Nazi, a turncoat and a piece of shit. I have been accused of abandoning my principles, becoming a RINO, buying into the media bullshit and goose stepping.

This is because I, back on October 21st, endorsed Newt Gingrich and have, since that time, promoted his candidacy.

Let me make this really, really clear. Newt Gingrich is my personal choice and who I personally believe would be the best choice in 2012.

I am also a realist.

Doing the math, the chance of Newt winning the nomination is nearly impossible. He is simply too far behind at this point in the delegate count, he’s out of money, he has reduced his staff and he has all but conceded saying he will stay in until the end to garner as many delegates as possible to have some sway in the convention agenda. This doesn’t mean I don’t WANT him to win…It just means I can’t see a clear path to that end through the math of it all.

So…By writing an inauguration address for Mitt Romney have I abandoned my principles? Am I a turncoat? A Nazi or any of the other things I have now been accused of?

Allow me to provide some insight into MY principles.

I have and always WILL adhere to the ideals and the principles which I believe will restore this nation to greatness before I will adhere to an individual candidate.

When I pledge Allegiance, I Pledge Allegiance to my FLAG and not my CANDIDATE.

Had I inserted Newt’s name rather than Romney’s, the very people making me the villain now would have regarded me a hero. All it would have taken was the substitution of two words. Newt Gingrich for Mitt Romney. The rest of the address would have remained exactly the same.

What bothers me as much as our current failed socialist administration are conservatives who will raise an individual candidate above their nation for both are recipes for disaster.

Saska Mare

Hey Guys! Another MittWitt SH!T turncoat: Craig Andresen, he writes a blog, and is NOW writing MR’s inauguration speech for him (figuratively speaking)!! I gave him sh!t for it, please let him know how you feel, too!!

This was an all too typical response from several, not all, Newt Supporters. This has also, for several months now, been the exact same tone I have received from liberals and Ron Paul followers.

I wonder how supporters and followers of candidates other then whoever becomes the GOP nominee will vote in November? Will they write in their chosen candidate? Will they bother to vote at all?

I wonder how, or if, Saska will vote?

Joan Gerrerth

Craig Andresen, it breaks my heart when I see Newt supporters give up before the race is won. Newt is a candidate still in this race. CRA is a strong group of supporters for Newt and ONLY Newt. If he is not the candidate you are backing then this group is no longer for you.

One comment by a Newt supporter was echoed by Joan Gerrerth: Maybe, just maybe.. the Rino club might want to take notes on their behavior, being much less cattle like, than they predicted.. We’ve got one shot left folks.. and it ain’t Mitt Romney. Wake Up.

I ask that you not be harsh with Joan or Saska or any others who at this point feel as THEY do for, in part, they are correct…In part.

It ain’t Mitt Romney. I offer it ain’t Santorum, or Paul, or Cain, or Bachmann or even Newt Gingrich either.

Our one shot is us.

As a Member of the Tea Party, I believe our founders and framers were men of great vision and that vision was that the PEOPLE would lead the way. The PEOPLE would have the power.

We The People.

Not the government and not…an individual, candidate or elected but We The People.

A year ago, my choice and the one I still believe most qualified to become the President, Allen West, offered some sage and sound advice to those, who felt as I did, he was “the one.” Congressman West told us he would not run and did not want to become the object of a cult of personality.

It took some time for that to sink in but, he was right.

He wanted us to raise up the principles which made and would make this nation great rather than pin all our hopes on one man. As a man of principle, Congressman did not throw HIS hat into the ring as a Presidential candidate.

Last October, looking at the available field, I endorsed Newt as I believed and still do, that his principles most closely matched my own. His principles are those which I believed then, and now, would make America great again.

If by supporting the principles which many believe make Newt Gingrich the best candidate make me unfit for a social media group supporting Newt, then by all means, pitch me from the group; but I believe Newt Gingrich will eventually support whichever candidate becomes the nominee – because in the end, the principles of American greatness mean more to him than the candidate’s name.

If that is not the case, then how could he possibly be the best choice to begin with?

If we believe that we only have one shot left and that shot is ANY individual candidate, then all is lost already.

I do not believe the republic can survive 4 more years of Obama. Another 4 years on the steady and what will become a breakneck march to socialism is something from which we cannot recover.

What will happen when a someone’s chosen candidate endorses another and encourages their supporters to vote for the other guy? Will they do it? Hold their noses and do it? Or will they write in their candidate knowing that if everybody writes in their individual candidate the vote would be so fractured that, whoever the GOP nominee IS, they will lose?

In 2008, I felt that Fred Thompson was a much better choice than McCain but I did NOT write in Thompson. This year, I feel Newt is the better choice, but, should he not get the nomination, I will not write him in either.

In 2008 I felt that Obama was a socialist who would destroy our nation. This year, I am certain that given another 4 years, he’ll complete that task.

Mitt Romney might not be all we could hope for, but he’d be a damn sight better than what we’ve got; and while he might not turn the ship all the way around, he will start the process of doing so.

The ship we are on now, the S.S. Obama, is set for self destruct and I have no desire to remain on board. The S.S. Gingrich may well be the most agile ship in the fleet, but it’s too far away and not steaming fast enough to affect the rescue. Her Captain is a good man but there’s just not enough coal in the boiler to bring him in.

The S.S. Nominee is closing in and, while we may not have complete trust in her Captain…

WE are the navigators…

And the principles which were entrusted to US by our founders and framers are the STARS by which WE will plot OUR course through dangerous waters.

The FACT of the matter is, Tea Party Conservatives are sick and tired of being misled by the Republican establishment; and regardless of what people think of me for inserting Mitt Romney into yesterday’s article, I have no love for that establishment.

Tomorrow, I will propose a scenario by which whoever the GOP nominee turns out to be, the establishment can be sent a clear message that things are going to change. Following my proposal would even allow someone like Romney to send a message to conservatives that even HE is ready to break from establishment tradition, and I believe my proposal would rock the Obama campaign to its core.

I am sailing on the United States of America and I will do all I can to steer her toward freedom and away from the rocks of socialism; but the idea of drowning because I can’t have the captain I want is the rail of a sinking ship I choose not to grasp.

28 thoughts on “Standing on the Right Principles More Important than Ever

  1. I will vote for Romney. I am not a Mormon, and I am not a fanatic who loves only my Coptic Orthodox religion and has no respect for other religions, except for a religion that teaches hatred toward other religions and swears death to them. If you guys do not vote for Romney or do not cast a vote, you’ll be moving in the Obama camp and he will lead you by the nose, like it or not. I will vote for an American who has lived most of his life in the United States, an American whose U.S. citizenship has not been suspected, and who knows that the people of the United States want freedom and not subjugation. If you like Socialist Obama, vote for him. Don’t you see what he has done so far, and that’s not all of it yet. If you don’t like his way of leading the Country, then vote for whoever runs as a Republican. If you don’t vote at all, you would be like you don’t exist, you don’t care if Obama rides you and whips you until you obey him blindly. Confucius (551-478 B.C) said: “ONE MISTAKE CAN CAUSE A LIFELONG REGRET”.
    Think about it.

  2. A good friend, and fellow hard-core conservative, just sent me Craig’s proposal for the prospective GOP presidential nominee’s pre-election strategy of choosing key choices for various important positions in his sought-after administration. I liked the idea so much that I tracked back to the website it came from and looked through some of the previous writings of Craig’s that I found there. Like at least one of the other commenters to this particular piece, I also believe that we must stick to our principles in all that we do! However, to do so in the face of the reality of the political and electoral process, by ignoring the fact that we must still be aware of what and how others that differ with us in our principles, will think and do, can only serve to effectively make our votes for non-nominees become votes for Obama! So, to me, following my principles also means writing to try to inform others of the weakness in their pursuit of principle without considering the impact of such adherence to principle that it instead becomes a vote for the one we oppose. With the added insight gained by my having read Craig’s current article, I feel even more strongly that he is absolutely right AND that this is the best way to do all that we can to ensure that Obama is “out’a here” come Nov. 7, 2012. Please think about it and decide if that isn’t a more complete (and effective) way of maintaining our principles.

  3. Get real folks. A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Barak Hussein Obama.
    Vote for Ron Paul = 1 vote FOR Barak Hussein Obama
    Vote for Newt Gingrich (my preferred candidate) = 1 vote FOR Barak Hussein Obama
    Vote for Mitt Romney = 1 vote AGAINST Barak Hussein Obama.
    Do you want to help this country or hurt this country? Cast a vote that counts!

  4. I’m new to this blog. A friend emailed to me the “select the Romney Administration appointees NOW!” concept. It’s a fantastic idea that I will do my best to promote. I tracked its authorship back to this blog and its author, Craig Andresen. Then I read Romney’s Inaugural Address by Craig. Fantastic!! Then I read more. Wonderful! Craig, I have not read more logical, non-profane, concise, pragmatic, conservative writings anywhere else. You should be selected by Romney as his chief presidental speechwriter.

    But enough of the accolades. For your readers, Romney has a lot going for him. He’s smart, determined, cool under pressure, savvy, successful on a variety of fronts, pretty conservative, knows how to get things done, and most importantly, can win. He wasn’t my initial choice, but I think he holds the promise of becoming a great president. We can’t always get exactly what we want. We have to press our ideas and then coalese on something and someone and get it done. Being stubborn, like a child who didn’t get his toy, is never a successful strategy. If everyone acted this way, nothing would ever happen.

    A couple of years ago, I heard Mitt interviewed on Hannity’s radio show and when Hannity asked him “How in the world did you ever get elected as governor of Massachusetts, the most left-leaning, democrat-controlled State in the union?” Romney answered that “the people knew that things just had to change in the state, liked what I had to offer, held their nose, and voted me in.” I hope your ultra-conservative critics of Mitt will do the same in the upcoming election.

    By the way, I’m originally from Michigan and had the chance to meet his dad, George, when he was governor. I was part of a boy scout honor guard at the Michigan governor’s summer home on Mackinac Island. He, like Mitt, was very approachable and was a popular governor.

    • Tommiek,

      LOL!!! I appreciate the job recommendation but, I believe I am too politically “Direct” for Mitt Romney.

  5. I too was a supporter of Gingrich but I’m also a realist and believe that we must think first of the Nation and not the person. This Nation needs new leadership and the Republican party offers the best option available. Vote to restore our Nation.

  6. Laura,

    Nope. Have not forgotten that. But have you forgotten that there are just over 1139 delegates left? (

    What do you suppose the odds are that Gingrich will get 1008 delegates before Romney gets his 459 delegates? Or Paul gets his 1081? In fact, there are only TWO delegates promised to Gingrich in the upcoming primaries. Two. Romney has 14. The trend is favoring Romney. I think you have a better chance of winning the lottery.

    Also, you may be underestimating the national fury against the incumbent.

  7. Have you forgotten that 19 states have yet to voice their opinions, or that Romney only has about half the necessary hard delegates to secure the nomination? People are really angry about the RNC shilling for yet another RINO…and RINOs typically do not win against hard Lefties.

  8. Enigmaticaluna, I appreciate your passion, as I am sure Craig does…but you have to know that the in order for Mr. Dummett to get the nomination, he has to be on the state ballots for the primaries. Then, he has to get pretty much every single delegate left in order to be the nominee for the Republican party. No third party person has ever won a general election. No one has ever won a write-in campaign for President. The ONLY hope is to change the Republican Party, and get someone in line for President that more closely reflects the principles of constitutionalism. We know Mitt is not that guy, but we cannot afford another 4 of O. Any vote for anyone other than the Republican nominee (and yes, anyone abstaining from voting) is, effectively, a vote for O.

  9. I too am a supporter of Newt, and I will remain so until the 1144 delegates are reached. Will I support Mitt being the nominee? I haven’t decided that yet. I find it really hard to support someone who has LIED and bought this election. It just goes against everything I believe in.

    I will most likely leave the Republican party after this election. I’ve had it with their “moderate” candidates who NEVER win and that’s how we have Barack Obama now. I don’t want to be “forced” to accept a candidate because the establishment says that’s the way it is.

    Newt has had a tremendous reaction from people of late. The crowd loves him and respond to him much more than they do Romney. I admire his tenacity and determination to stay out there for the conservative cause. I am however disappointed in the American electorate for turning their back on Newt. He is far and away the best candidate we have and extremely intelligent and would work for the people and NOT the establishment.

    I’m angry and upset that people are just so STUPID to accept whatever the GOP throws at us. They don’t have our best interests in mind. Newt would change that mind set. But I know I’m preaching to the choir who’s asleep.

    How can anyone elect a person whose father George Romney who was in favor of abortion and was friends with Saul Alinsky himself. Son, Mitt, used the Alinsky tactics in campaigning against Newt and Santorum. It was deplorable and I don’t think I can support that kind of man.

    I hope you will notice Mr. Andresen that I did not attack you. You are entitled to your opinion/decision. Who I am attacking is the stupid, uneducated electorate who only vote for a person who “looks Presidential.” Just wait and see, Mitt Romney will be a “severe” disappointment.

    • Pam,
      I believe if Romney becomes our president we will be looking more toward a conservative congress for the restoration of the nation than to the President. If, therefore, Romney DOES become the nominee, I will vote for him. Newt is my choice but I will not go to the bottom on the S.S. Obama if there is any way at all to prevent it.


  10. You all want to do the right thing by principle and integrity? I will help you with the information. Talking is not enough. John not only is running for president, he’s a patriot, a constitutionalists and very conservative, who has take upon himself to do the right thing for this Nation, many people is fighting to make sure Obama is not in the ballot on 2012, we can’t stop the fight and accept anything they giving to us, it’s not acceptable, giving up is to said that we lost this Country and we didn’t do all we need it to do. Please, I live dictatorship, if we don’t do the right thing, is coming here, I fight to avoid that, follow your heart, your principles and values, the hard thing is not to accept something we don’t like, but to fight for the right thing, even if alone, take courage and honor, responsibility and duty, principles, values and FAITH.. here for all of you, the battle just started, I let you know there is some info from John, he’s being attack and threat, but he keep on in the fight, I been follow him for over a year… no give up, because others are fighting for all of us. THANKS!

    Senate Republicans have hired a lawyer to file legal arguments in a case challenging the constitutionality of recess appointments made by President Barack Obama. The case was brought by a Washington state businessman challenging a ruling by National Labor Relations Board, which had three recess appointments, The Washington Post’s 2 Chambers blog reported.
    GOP Taking Legal Action Against Obama Recess Appointments

    UPDATE: Obama Lawyers Want the Video of the NJ Obama Ballot
    Access Challenge Public Hearing Pulled and Suppressed
    by Commander Charles Kerchner

    Obama lawyers are trying to suppress the videos of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge public hearing. So I called and spoke with Attorney Mario Apuzzo and he confirmed that Obama’s lawyers have called him and told him they are planning to take legal action to get the videos of the NJ Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing pulled and suppressed. What is the Obama side ashamed of and doesn’t want the world to see. Could it be that their Obama “emperor has no clothing on”, i.e., has no known conclusively proven true legal identity clothing/papers to show the world which Attorney Mario Apuzzo forced them to admit to and stipulate to in the NJ public hearing? Obama’s side obviously does not want people to see this video. Watch it yourself at the below links and learn why.

    John Albert Dummett Jr
    The cat is already out of the bag and every statement is related to the case that I filed. All these courts are saying is a Presidential candidate with standing can raise the issue. This is the precedence set by the Ninth Circut Court of Appeals and now my strategy is getting to all the people who have been stonewalling us. All they were waiting for was my case to be filed. It was in three places. California, Arizona and in Tennessee. New Jersey and Alabama are just parroting the Ninth. We have a crack in the dam folks. More holes than the Little Dutch Boy can plug with his fingers. This is the beginning of the end for the Usurper.
    The Tennessee court where I filed an eligibility case against everyone running for President said this “The Constitutional issue is an important and substantive issue and that we have standing to raise it” We is me. My attorney wrote to me giving me the status of the cases we filed all the way back in December of 2011.
    I was informed by Brian Hole that in Missouri the state representatives have passed a law requiring candidates to prove they are eligible to be on the ballot. The Senate needs to pass it and the Governor needs to sign it but it looks good in Missouri.

    John Albert Dummett Jr
    If any of my friends are truly my friends and supporters make sure that everyone you know realizes that I am the architect of the ballot challenges and what everyone else is doing is copying what I did. I pray to God anyone is successful but I need the electorate to know that I am the only Republican candidate to come up with this strategy and it will be my State case in Tennessee, California, Arizona or Alabama that is going to be the final nail in the fraudulent election of 2008.

    New Birther lawsuit filed in Florida
    The Florida Election Code allows any voter or taxpayer to challenge any candidate who is ineligible for public office in the Leon County courts. If the secretary of state cannot confirm Obama’s eligibility, then Klayman is demanding the court grant an injunction preventing Obama’s name from appearing on the Florida General Election Ballot in 2012.

  11. A truly sadness me, what I been reading, because if we talking principles, I believe here has been twist.
    Principles is to fight for our values, to fight for the one who is close for those values and not give up until the person “We know” is the best to protect this Country decide to step down.
    Greg, I not going to call you names, you make decisions on your own, but each of us who has the ability to write and bring information to others have very big responsibility on how we present our points of views.
    Maybe I’m wrong in the way I understand “principles” by my own principles, I can’t support Mitt because he’s “against” everything I believe. As conservatives, we should unite for the person we know is the best for the Nation, to restore and bring this Country to a vision in the future. Mitt not only has use dirty campaign, lies and deception, the GOP has use corruption to steal the people’s votes and give to him, because they choose for us. Under “my principles” I have to fight the corruption.
    Newt still on the campaign, fighting for all of us, a came in mind the words of Samuel Adams:
    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House on August 1, 1776.”
    How can Mitt be better, how can people look the other side and give up, knowing that Mitt has lie about everything? that is caving, that is accept and consent to be tramped on more rights take from each of us. No one seems to understand the damage that he has cost to his constituents in MA, nor the little regard he has through time in destroy American families, living them in misery while he get richer.
    He said with pride that he has the best Olympics and save it from a disaster with out using tax dollars… was a lie in fact he use so much that was a call for investigation in Congress.
    He said that he’s in NRA supporter, but I know by fact that he banned pistols in MA, as well make difficult for people to acquire guns, remove people’s licenses. He was pro-abortion and pro-life, against gay marriage and in favor, when he got elected overriding everyone, he make a executive order to make gay marriage law in MA, today MA is one of the words states, when we refer to the abuse from the gay agenda, implementing in schools against parents, their agendas of immorality. But let me bring you few of them… and if you believe that by “principle” you have to follow someone because everyone is pushing via corruption the guy that WE THE PEOPLE don’t elect, I don’t know anymore what principle is about. I don’t argue in this case for Newt defense, but I argue about your words of “principality” because for Country, one must vote with integrity and values, one must stand up and fight back.
    I was like you going for Allen West, but he decide not to go for, and after he step down from that possibility we move forward, not before we still insisting for months after we knew he will not go for it, we was not giving up, so why giving up for the only conservative candidate left? it’s because principle? I had to disagree in that, I don’t see no principles when you accept and consent on someone with this in his record.:

    Was 47th out of 50 in job creation of all Governors. If Katrina had not hit he would have been lower.
    State spending ended $5.2 billion dollars higher when he began office.
    He left a $3 billion deficit. Edit: $2 billion deficit via RomneyCare in unfunded liability. (Romney also claimed he turned $3 Billion deficit into $1 Billion surplus. Truth is it was only a $1.2 Billion deficit cut with gutting education and raising taxes. The “rainy day” fund ended up only being $77 Million surplus NOT a $1 Billion surplus.)
    He spent millions on pork projects such as buying new cars for welfare recipients.
    Initiated most liberal progressive socialized health care of any state in history. 50% (2010 poll) dislike it, and costs are higher than other states.
    Allowed Planned Parenthood to be incorporated into MA law by name as part of the oversight of parts of the program.
    Used executive orders to implement gay marriage
    Romney spent millions of state money pursuing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and although they dumped it, then created the Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan
    Romney dramatically limited emissions on six power plants, even going so far as to claim – with radical environmentalists at his side – that one power plant had killed 59 people.
    He continued to grant state aid to four “sanctuary cities” in Massachusetts with no effort made to restrict this assistance. Contrary to his campaign propaganda there was no bill or effort to give drivers licenses to illegals that he “fought.”
    One of his own endorsers (Powerline) admit, “…there is no question that Governor Romney’s initial fiscal discipline slacked off in the second half of his term…” Note: Said another way, he couldn’t even be fiscally responsible for more than 2 years.

    This is only part, but bad enough for no conservative vote for him, most especially when we’re being tramped by the GOP and the media.
    I’m supporting someone else, John Albert Dummett Jr http://www.johndummett/us because he’s the ONLY one that is running for President to prosecute the DNC in 7 states right now, to remove the fraud in chief from the ballot on 2012, as long that obama stay in the ballot for election day, if the American people decide to vote against him, it’s the AMERICAN PEOPLE, who knows that he’s illegible, who will commit crime against the Constitution, call treason. The people will make him legit. If you talk about principle and those that follow you blog do as well, think about this. Mitt has no change in the world to beat the media machine, it’s not obama who he need to beat, but the media, no change at all.
    As a person who love challenge, I will stick with my two candidates, out of principle, one because he’s doing the right thing, but no one support him, because people are cowards, lazy and pity, the other one because he has a great vision for the future of America, has courage and is bold and this is exactly what we need. Put with him Allen West and you have the bomb. Mitt will not do it, start dreaming, with his record and constant flip flopping, is no way to know what he would do with this Country, we know how he got elected as governor, how many lies in campaign, lies because he didn’t fulfill any of his promises. Should we allow him to screw the life of 312 million people? Not even Mitt knows where he stand today, how can we trust him?

    Please when talk about principles, use the Country in the right context, because voting against your values is not about principles, most especially because once again American believe they have to vote for the less of two evils, NO! we must go together for the best of the best. PERIOD…

    God bless you, looking the platform of how people is acting and cave, I have take the decision to get out, and let God handle it, people in this Country is too brainwash and I can’t take that any longer.

    God bless the USA and Her true patriots, and restore Her of Her ills.

  12. William, none of us have forgotten that. But the only ways to get him out of office are to elect someone else or impeachment. And the latter is not going to happen while the Dems control the Senate. So, we vote him out and work to put someone better in office four years from now.

  13. The party elites want Newt OUT. I just saw Tucker Carlson on FOX News saying that Gingrich doesn’t have a chance, and is now costing the taxpayers thousands in secret service. They are trying to pressure him to get out.

  14. Are my fellow conservative Patriots forgetting that Mr. Obama is ineligible to run for re-election, as well as currently remaining in office? Has anyone read the precedent ruling of the US Supreme Court, Minor vs. Happersett (1875) regarding what defines a natural-born citizen? Have you read recently that Obama’s attorney acknowledged in open court in New Jersey that his April 27th “birth certificate” is a forgery confirming the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse professionals? WHY, then, are we talking about “re-election” when we should be smoking the wires on getting this SOB fraud out of the Oval Office and into prison??

    William Homolka, Editor & CEO,
    P.S. We STILL support and endorse Newt for President.

    • William Homolka,

      I too support Newt or perhaps you missed that part of the article and as for “forgetting” the eligibility issue…

      Now the fact that he IS currently serving means as his eligibility is unchecked by the current courts, he must be defeated if he is not unseated. To stand on the principle that he is ineligible and therefore there is no need to defeat him is to place ones head deep into the sand.

  15. Liike you Craig, my choice was Newt. I have no doubt, he will get behind Mitt once the nomination takes place. I also have no doubt, he will be a big influence and advisor in a Romney presidency. Key is, we must all get behind and support the eventual nominee no matter who it is. Our very survival as a free country and society is at stake. All we have to do is get out the vote. That is easy compared to what so many have sacraficed to pave the way for us.

  16. It is realistically impossible for Newt or Paul to win. There are 1139 delegates left, and not all of them are going to go to Paul or Newt. Some may, but that won’t be enough to give either the nomination. Santorum may have been able to force the brokered convention, but with him suspending his campaign, that is very unlikely to happen. Mitt only needs 459, and he is likely to get them before all the primaries have ended.

    I know there are die-hard supporters for both, and Newt is my choice as well but like Craig, I am a realist. Reality does not always mirror desire. If the supporters of Newt, Paul or Santorum folks want to start healing this nation, then we need to vote the incumbent out of office and start stumping for the next person in four years time who will do more to heal the nation.

    But there is another part to this that rarely gets mentioned as we are so focused on the President. That is Congress. We need to push to get more conservatives in Congress, because Congress can reign in a President’s powers for the President is not all powerful. The checks and balances system was put in place to tame a tyrannical president. That is the part that is broken in our system.

    Vote to get O out of office, and start the fight to put the next person in office who will do more. It is a constant struggle, one you will fight till the day you die.

  17. I can not agree with you on this. I don’t need to go into all the underhanded ways the party elites have tried to shove their candidate down our throats. Even now he is unpalatable to the main portion of the conservative base. The Party Elites want to say I have no choice but to vote for their RHINO liberal candidate. They could go with an Obama/Romney ticket for all the difference is between the two. . I believe we are in the end times and the Rapture near. I am not going to violate my morals or integrity so the party elites can get to the feeding trough. If they actually believed in the good of the county they would be backing Newt. In cutting government some would have to go work for a living. That is why they hate and fear Newt.

  18. Craig,
    You are absolutely ON POINT! Newt, Paul, and Santorum know it too.
    We MUST get behind Mitt regardless of our differences or our Republic is DOOMED! We as a country cannot take 4 more years of Obama. He was tame these past 4 years…the next 4 is all out war on America where HE is concerned. If we think we’ve seen the worst of this Socialist/Marxist/Anti-Colonialist, you’ve got another thing coming!
    It’s time to stop wasting time with the backbiting and backstabbing of Mitt (and shut up) and begin to VET OBAMA and ALL the FAILURES OF HIS ADMINISTRATION! Can we count them all?

  19. I agree Mitt may not be my choice but reality says he will be the nominee so regardless of the wants of the supporters of Ron Paul and Newt or Santorum we need to vote out the man that holds the office now and the people in Congress and Senate that need to be fired also

  20. This isn’t about my candidate vs. that of the establishment. Learning about GEORGE Romney’s Alinsky ties is a deal-breaker for me. It’s no longer about holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. This is the same evil in a different guise and I refuse to feel guilty about not voting for Romney if he’s the nominee.

  21. Craig, I agree with you. Mitt was not my choice either, but if that’s who is running against Obama, then I will vote for him. For all the people that are criticizing Craig, just remember that if you love this country, and hate was it has been turned into, that on Nov 6 if you write in a candidate, or just do not vote because you do not like Mitt, then you cast a vote for Obama.

  22. This is really all that needs to be said…
    “Try getting behind the only candidate that has an unmatched record in Congress for voting using the Constitution as to whether the legislation is legal… Dr. Ron Paul!”

  23. I agree 100% with you Craig. We can not allow the Captain/nominee to prevent us from voting or endorsing who ever the candidate maybe. This country will not last another 4 years of Obama, if in fact its only 4 years. I feel he has things in place where he could remain in power longer and all our rights will be lost.

  24. Try getting behind the only candidate that has an unmatched record in Congress for voting using the Constitution as to whether the legislation is legal… Dr. Ron Paul!

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