Screw Business as Usual…A Fire and Brimstone Strategy

It’s going to be an ugly campaign. We all know it and we’re ready for it but it’s going to the ugliest and nastiest and dirtiest campaign in history.

Regardless of whom the GOP nominee turns out to be, why NOT take the early lead?

If the GOP Nominee takes this advice, it will send a clear message to the Republican establishment that conservatives aren’t going to do business as usual any more. It would shake the establishment and pull together conservative voters.

Even if the establishment candidate, Romney, becomes the nominee and adopts this measure, HE would pull together the conservative vote.

Here is a little something else this would do…It would shake the Obama campaign to its core.

As soon as the 1,144 delegates are in hand, WHOEVER garners them either at the convention or before…put this into motion.

Rather than a leisurely march toward a VP nominee or a surprise VP announcement like we got in 2008, vet the possible VPs NOW and stand ready to announce the running mate in a nationally televised press conference the day after the delegates are in hand.

Make the VP choice…Allen West.

Having Congressman West in the VP slot makes him a TRIPLE THREAT and a VP who WILL redefine the role. Triple threat? As the Vice President he would attend to the regular duties and be a heartbeat away from the presidency. A Vice President West would also act as a second Secretary of State in difficult diplomatic negotiations. AND…A Vice President West would work in concert with the Secretary of Defense to realign our military and redefine its role.

Triple threat.

Oh but this is just the START of the strategy!!!

As soon as the nominee has introduced West as the running mate…THE NOMINEE WOULD THEN INTRODUCE HIS SECRETARY OF STATE NOMINEE…

John Bolton. As a former Ambassador to the United Nations there is nobody with a better handle on the world’s issues or more familiar with the players. John Bolton is tough, straight forward and not likely to appease ANYONE.

Now, you have the nominee on stage, the VP choice and the Secretary of State nominee…Let’s not stop there.

Next to walk onto the stage…

Sarah Palin…Nominee for Secretary of Energy.

Palin’s directive…Set us on the path toward energy independent in 10 years. Can you think of a better choice? Anyone more invested in that goal? Anyone who is more knowledgeable or adept?

I don’t.

Can you feel the ground starting to shake?

Next out of the wings and onto the stage…

The nominee for Secretary of Defense. Enter…General David Petraeus.

As great as he was fighting a PC war…Imagine what he’ll be like once he and West have pressed the reset button on our rules of engagement. In Petraeus we will have a Secretary of Defense whose mission will be to win. PERIOD.

Oh…I’m not done yet…..

Next up…The nominee for Attorney General…Pam Bondi.

Bondi is a no nonsense fighter who has taken on the current administration over Obamacare and WILL clean out the corruption rampant in that office today.

Okay, where are we? Who is now standing on the stage? The nominee…Allen West…John Bolton…Sarah Palin…General Petreaus and Pam Bondi.

How about a Secretary of the Treasury? We would need someone who has worked for YEARS in the tax field who understands the overwhelming burden of tax codes and who has, for years fought to restructure those codes.

Welcome Michele Bachmann to the stage…The nominee for Secretary of the Treasury.

By now, fissures should be opening in the ground, rumbling coming from the sky and the faint odor of brimstone should be in the air.

We will need someone new…someone with new ideas to head up the Fed.

Please welcome Ron Paul. Yes, I realize this, under Paul, will be a temporary position; but somehow, I doubt Ron Paul wants to make a career of running the Fed.

Secretary of the Interior? Governor Bobby Jindal…COME ON DOWN!!!!!

And finally…We need someone to head up the Department of Homeland Security. We must have someone who understands the issues we face. Someone who has worked in federal law enforcement. Someone who won’t take any crap from anybody.

Please…a round of applause for…Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Feel free to substitute names…add your own choices, but these are mine. The picks are only a part of the whole picture however. The impact is as important as the names.

Were the GOP nominee to do this…call a press conference and make such an announcement…It would be unprecedented. Never before has a presidential nominee entered the full on campaign with a fully assembled team.

Can you even IMAGINE the shock-and-awe wave which would be sent through the Obama campaign were the GOP nominee to do this?

Think about it.

From the word GO it would be unlike any previous presidential campaign.

Instead of simply nominee X against Obama we would have Nominee X vs Obama…Congressman Allen West vs Joe Biden…John Bolton vs Hillary Clinton…Sarah Palin vs Stephen Chu…General Petreaus vs Leon Panetta…Pam Bondi vs Eric Holder…Michele Bachmann vs Tim Geitner…Ron Paul vs Ben Bernake…Bobby Jindal vs Ken Salazar and Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs Janet Napolitano.

Think about that…Let that sink in…All campaigning at once. There would be no way out for Obama as each and every key player on his team would be exposed and held to account from the word GO. It would be a full on frontal assault and Obama would have no place to hide.

By adopting this proposal, Obama would be forced into a pot of boiling water or into the fire. If he tried to rid himself of baggage he would be exposed of running from his own record and that of the very people he’s been standing behind for political expediency. If he stays with them, he would be forced to defend them. Boiling water or a raging fire…his choice.

It’s bold, brash and completely against the establishment business as usual strategy.

It’s earth shaking.

An entire assembled team of key cabinet positions…Each one a pitbull on a T-Bone…hammering their liberal counterparts on every issue, every day, from the word GO until November 6th, 2012.

This is the third of my 3-part series this week. Yesterday’s Standing on the Right Principles and Tuesday’s Inaugural Address comprising the other 2 parts.

We will have to play the cards we’re dealt with the GOP nominee, but tell me THIS strategy wouldn’t go a LONG way toward bringing the conservative voters together. Tell me this strategy wouldn’t pull in and appeal to independents.

As voters, using THIS strategy, we would be voting for the whole team rather than just the standard, business-as-usual Presidential 2-person ticket.

Feel free to insert your own cabinet choices and explanations in the comments below – but whatever you do…SHARE THIS ARTICLE LINK FAR AND WIDE!!!

26 thoughts on “Screw Business as Usual…A Fire and Brimstone Strategy

  1. I admire Allen West… but I LOVE Marco Rubio. Not sure Romney’s ‘ego’ could handle Mr. Rubio’s incredible attraction and followers.

  2. This is my letter to Congress. I didn’t lift it from anywhere or copy any part of it. It is from my heart. I am distributing it to the members of Congress one at a time in whatever way is quickest. I wanted to pause for a moment and share it with you. There are two important links included. One is a contact list for Congress and the other is the Voter Requirements map, it’s sickening. And yes, I have shown it to you before.

    Elaine Willingham

    Kirkwood, MO

    American Citizen

    Small Business Owner x 3

    April 29, 2012

    Dear Congress,

    What can one American Citizen sitting at her home computer do to help her country that she sees sinking deeper and deeper into a dark pit every day? I ask myself that question many times a day. I can honestly tell you that I considered writing to all of you and giving you a piece of my mind; I even dictated the narrative in my head (and it isn’t very pleasant let me tell you). However, I have decided to leave out the finger shaking and the stress and the desperation and just beg you to read this and take action. What I am going to suggest will take an Act of Congress, however, it will be the first step necessary to Restore America.

    I consider myself well versed in politics. I watch and listen and read about what you all are doing every day and I think I am on top of things, more than some, less than others and I am very disappointed in most of you. I have my exceptions and the list is very short so I will share it with you. I have faith in the following members of Congress: Allen West, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Jason Chaffetz, and Chuck Grassley — that is my list. I wish I could add Todd Akin, Roy Blunt, and Darrell Issa to that list but I cannot. They seem to be all talk and no action. I ask you, how can six members of Congress restore America and restore our Freedom? They can’t, but those men I listed have tried tirelessly to do their best and God Bless them.

    I don’t think you all know where to start, so I am going to tell you. It all starts in the voting booth. And don’t tell me this is something each state has to enact — because remember, I told you, this is going to take AN ACT OF CONGRESS. You people must show some strength, some backbone show us you care, restore our faith in you —

    that is paramount right now. What we the people want you to do, right now, is make it mandatory that all fifty states require citizens to show a photo ID in order to vote in America. Nothing should come before this. It’s criminal that people can vote in states without needing to show any form of ID. What are you afraid of? Will you just look at this The grey states require no voter ID of any kind. Walk right in and vote. Are you kidding me? I can’t walk right in anywhere and do anything without showing ID. I can’t cash a check, why they not only require photo ID but they even want your finger print to cash a payroll check at most banks.

    Please show us that you people really can do something important and get this fixed, it’s a disgrace that we have such lackadaisical rules about the most important thing we the people can exercise — our vote. I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on and you shouldn’t care what side I am on, this is an American issue. And if you can’t fix this, and please, don’t make excuses, for heaven’s sake, you are the Congress of the United States of America, then if you can’t fix this, I am going to encourage my fellow Americans to vote you out of office. And folks, we’re not sleeping any more! We’re not stupid, despite your POTUS opinion to the contrary.

    Sincerely yours,

    A Fellow American

    Who doesn’t qualify for unemployment, food stamps, free cheese or any other government handouts. I am a small business owner who pays her bills, taxes, employees, and earned one hundred and fifty dollars last week after all the aforementioned were paid. I get email from many of you, asking for my HELP, but your definition of help is donations, contributions, money from my pocket. How much of the one hundred and fifty dollars I made last week do you want?

    Elaine Willingham

    Kirkwood, MO USA

  3. Right-on! I, like some others, might entertain slightly different players in one or two spots, but the overall strategy is brilliant. Sort of like the EPA guy moving into the Turkish village and whacking the first five or six people he comes across just to spread the word that he is in town and ready to control the show. Gingrich and Bolton are definitely key players in my mind. Who’s arms do we twist to get this moving in high gear?

  4. Agree with the choices. Marco Rubio should be considered somewhere. Newt also, although I’d rather he were the nominee. If we have to accept the “establishment” choice of Romney, then do push for the slate above mentioned!

  5. Newt/West would make a formidable foe for Obama; however, it does not look like this is going to happen. Texas here and will vote for Newt in the primary; however, whoever the nominee is, I will support wholeheartedly to get Obama OUT. I like all of your choices, with the exception of Petraeus.

  6. Karen,
    I don’t think that would work, with Newt being the WH Press Secretary. If that
    were the case, Romney would spend half of his time apologizing for or explaining
    away what Newt had said earlier in the morning! (LOL)
    Seriously, I could never believe that the two could be on the same page. Newt, in
    telling the truth, would offend this group or that group every time he opened his mouth . . . and Romney would be trying to appease whichever group Newt had offended the last time he spoke.
    What a circus!
    Still and however, I do believe that Newt should be assigned an important slot in the administration. His talents are too valuable to waste or dismiss.
    Semper Fi!

  7. Hey Craig, if you really want to watch heads explode, how about Newt Gingrich as White House Press Secretary! I would give my right arm and leg to see the reaction to that!

  8. I loved all of the choices..Wouldn’t change a one…..Great lineup….:)

  9. God bless you Craig! This is a great plan! Allen West is a life saver for our country. All the others are very good choices. Joe Arpaio will get results!

  10. I would be happy with that line up. However, Ron Paul ought to be in Treasury. That is where the Constitutional Authority resides. From Secretary of Treasury he can direct a full accounting of the Federal Reserve and develop and enact its removal.
    I noticed RETURN2liberty above: YES on TRUMP!!!! He is still, (STILL!) the only candidate who even once noticed the 800 pound gorilla called “Free Trade” combined with the high cost of compliance with nanny regulators. This is a 1 2 punch. It increases the cost of US Labor and does not penalize the importing of goods made by coolie labor. It is the deliberate evisceration of US Industry.
    HOMELAND SECURITY needs to be abolished. Investigated, indictments made and trials and sentencing carried out.

  11. Craig: this is indeed a bold, shock and awe idea. I agree that it would work and the candidate shouldn’t be afraid to take such an unprecedented approach to the election process. We need to be as bold and straightforward in bringing our country back from the brink of disaster, as Obama has been in taking us there. My only fear is that so many Americans don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of this upcoming presidential election. We are on the brink of losing our beloved country and our way of life and many just don’t see it. I blame our biased, Obama worshiping, mainstream media for this.

  12. Great choices! I’d call this bold, brash strategy “TEAM ROMNEY.” But I wouldn’t stop with his choices for cabinet positions. I would spin it as “We’re sending a new team to the White House. Now YOU need to send a new team to Congress, State and Local offices too.” “TEAM ROMNEY” from the White House right on down to the cities and counties. WHY NOT!?
    I like your choice for VP. I thought of him for Sec of Defense, but Petraeus is acceptable. I was thinking Palin for Sec of Interior, but Energy is great! (My pick for Sec of Energy was Rick Perry) My pick for Atty Gen was Joe Arpaio and Chuck Norris for Sec of Homeland Security. (I might rethink that and suggest Ted Nugent now…LOL). I was thinking Ron Paul for Sec of Treasury. I think it’s important to give him a place in a Romney cabinet, and in my opinion he is well suited for this position.
    Here are a few other choices for the Romney cabinet:
    Press secretary: Bill Whittle
    Chief of Staff: Michael Reagan
    Secretary of Commerce – Donald Trump
    Secretary of Health/Human Services – Herman Cain
    Secretary of Education – Rick Santorum
    Secretary of Veteran Affairs: Oliver North
    United Nations Ambassador – Dennis Prager (or possibly Newt Gingrich)
    Thanks! This is fun! IF Romney and his handlers have the humility to handle it, what “shock and awe” this would be!!!

  13. Love it!! I found myself bobbing my head up and down from beginning to end. What a concept!! Honesty and transparency from the day the convention nominates its candidate for POTUS, or even before. I would love to know who are the top choices for all cabinet positions from each one running for president. Then we could compare each one’s choice to those currently in office, and compare them with other GOP candidates choices. The 2008 election was a joke from start to finish. It didn’t matter that McCain was a good man, or a decorated war hero, or the one the people wanted–he was the GOP choice. I love Sarah Palin, but she was in the wrong place at the wrong time back then. Don’t forget we need to put Paul Ryan’s talents to the best possible use, as well as Marco Rubio’s and Rick Perry’s and Newt Gingrich’s. Don’t forget Herman Cain, and what he would bring to the table.

  14. I see where you were going there. Though you know that the hardest beast to kill is one that is cornered with nothing to lose. Paul will have his work cut out for him.

  15. Craig, you nailed it. This is going to be one of those rare elections where it is the WHOLE card and not just the contender for President. The VP could help balance out the President as well. In fact, I would hazard to say that the right choice for VP will shape the entire administration. The right VP would be more up front with his policy and principles than VPs in the past. He would be more than a figurehead, one heartbeat away from President.

    I would LOVE to see Alan West as VP, but I am not too convinced he is toying with the idea. But there are a good cast of people who would be good for the job. Paul Ryan for one. Marco Rubio for another.

    I do like your list though. However, I would tend to disagree that Ron Paul would only be temporary for the job of heading the Fed. He has had it out for that agency for as long as he has been in politics…probably longer than that. He would see to the Fed’s demise, or at least see to it that the Fed loses so much power as to be largely ineffective and let the charter expire.

    • Shadow,

      Ron Paul ENDING the Fed is EXACTLY what would make it a temporary position!!!


  16. Newt Gingrich would choose those or those much like this group for his cabinet. Get Newt in…and this can happen. Perry should be among that list.

  17. I like it, I like it. Tea Party gives us the Senate and increase in House we may be able to avoid the iceburg.

  18. Took me a second to digest…ya got me though… I can see the logic in it. Im in. Im a believer in Allen west,he should be President one day.

  19. I agree with ScorpyonSting. Newt definitely would do something like this. I’ve had this strategy in mind for a long while. Glad you’ve put it out there.

  20. Only Newt reflects your title in any meaningful way. Romney represents business as usual. He evidences no fire in the belly and does not appear to possess one brimstone bone in his body.

    Only with Newt as the nominee is any of this even remotely possible. I would love to see these people in place to effect the deep change desperately needed if the country is to survive as a free nation.

  21. Aye, ALL…

    …except for Betrayus.
    HELL NO!

    McCrystal (or some man of his stripe-n-spine, Constitutionally).

    Otherwise, excellent write up, per usual.
    -CM Sackett-

  22. OK you done skeered me….I do hear reasonable thought though, so I am not totally bonkers…:)

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