Obama’s Crusade Against Israel Comes Out in the Wash

Imagine if one of our allies, during WWII, had let the cat out of the bag regarding D-Day…the date and the location or, leaked our information regarding Midway Island or the Doolittle raid. Imagine it, if you can, the damage that would have been done.

For some, WWII is too distant a memory and probably not taught in schools. Trust me, even if you’re not familiar with these important and decisive moments of WWII, such leaks would have been devastating to our efforts, would have cost thousands if not tens of thousands of our soldier’s lives and most likely would have prolonged the war by years.

In fact, such leaks by our allies would have been unforgivable.

Got that?


And yet, this is exactly what the Obama administration and therefore, Obama, is doing to Israel.

It was less than 2 months ago when Leon Panetta sat before a Washington Post reporter and let loose of the “possible” timeline for an Israeli attack against Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities.

According to Panetta, “there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June.”

It’s been no secret whatsoever that Obama doesn’t want Israel to take any action at all. Obama believes there is “time and space” for sanctions to work. Of course the problem with that mindset is that sanctions don’t work and any effect from such sanctions never takes place for years.

The most likely result of sanctions like those placed by Obama against Iran is blackmail.

North Korea has for YEARS been blackmailing the United States in this way. North Korea threatens to act, threatens to fire or test missiles or nukes and what do we do? We send them “aid” food whatever they need at the time and guess what? North Korea backs away…for a while…only to do it all again.

If the earlier WWII reference is buried too far in the past for some to grasp, get a grip on this.

How enraged would Obama have been had an ally caught wind of and leaked that bin Laden was hiding in a compound in Abbottabad Pakistan and that we were preparing an assault on that compound?

Had something like that leaked, the miserable skid mark on the tighty whitey’s of humanity would still be alive today.

Last week, unnamed senior US diplomats and military intelligence officials once again went to bat for Iran and let it leak that, “Israel has recently been granted access to airbases on Iran’s northern border.”

“The Israelis have bought an airfield and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”


This is how we help our allies?

THIS is how we treat one of America’s greatest friends and the only democracy in the Middle East?

Not only is this unforgivable, is shameful.

Israel is a true friend which Iran has vowed to erase from the map. Ahmaninejad leads chants in the streets of “Death to Israel…Death to America,” and for our part, Obama is revealing Israeli plans???

Israel and Netanyahu know they can’t count on any assistance from Obama who would rather see Israel drop back to their indefensible pre 1967 borders and because of the distance, Israeli planes would have to cut back on payload for extra fuel were they to stage any sort of action against Iran.

With a productive alliance…basically Oil for military hardware, Azerbaijan and Israel are friendly. Staging any such action from abandoned Soviet bases in Azerbaijan would accomplish a great deal. More payload less fuel, staging for search and rescue, basing for drone assessment and more.

By leaking such a plan, Obama has not only further endangered Israeli forces but he’s put the already tenuous relationship between Iran and their northern neighbor at risk. Iran would target Azerbaijani oil fields and who knows what else in retaliation and quite possibly, preemptively.

Naturally, an occurrence such as that would further play into Obama’s scheme by raising tensions on the world oil markets and at the same time, causing more problems for any Israeli action against Iran.

By blathering any and all intell regarding Israeli plans, timelines and strategic moves, Obama deepens HIS alliance with our enemies and those of OUR ally, Israel. Such OBAMA allies include the Muslim Brotherhood who has now entered the presidential race in Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and Iran itself.

For his part, Netanyahu, the preeminent statesman, has at least outwardly, remained silent regarding the Azerbaijan leak so as not to lend any more credence to it but, one can easily suspect, the words behind the scenes from him are heated.

One can also believe that any further contact between Israel and the United States will be greatly measured and could well be cut off completely. Israel is in no position to be relaxed regarding the already made threats from Iran or the burgeoning nuclear weapons program there.

It’s not just tensions between two nations dusting up. It’s Israel’s very existence on the line and Obama seems compelled to put that at as much risk as possible.

It’s disgusting.

Obama, it seems, is as determined to eliminate Israel as are Israel’s enemies and if he can’t accomplish that goal through the United Nations via forced acceptance of a Palestinian state who has the elimination of Israel in their charter, he will do it by doing all he can to provide Iran with the time necessary to accomplish THEIR goal of nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu and the people of Israel need to know there are a great number of patriots here who regard November 6th as laundry day. We will set the machine to heavy load, hot, extra soak and do all we can to clean the skid marks from OUR nation’s skivies and reset the relationship between our two great nations.

One thought on “Obama’s Crusade Against Israel Comes Out in the Wash

  1. Israel has done what every nation does and should do…work in it’s own best interests. That said, Israel has been a longtime friend and supporter of America since WWII. What Obama is doing, is exactly what you would expect of someone who sat in a church for 20 years listening to Rev. Wright.

    There is no surprise. Just as there is no surprise at the rest of Obama’s Progressive/Socialistic/Fascists/Communistic actions that have been taught by Sal Alinsky, and others in the path of this lying Communist Muslim.

    The only surprise to me…that you and I have let him stay in office once we knew who he is.

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