Calling Out The New BlacKKK Panthers

The New BlacKKK Panther Party is the militant arm of the Community Organizer in Chief’s administration. It’s just that simple.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are Obama’s liaisons to the New BlacKKK Panther Party.

The above names, from the Congressional Black Caucus comprise the New BlacKKK Panther Party’s legislative wing. Missing from that list is Allen West. West has been the ONLY Member of the Congressional Black Caucus to speak out stating, “To openly solicit for the death of an American citizen, with reward, is not in keeping with the laws of due process which governs this Constitutional Republic,” West wrote. “However, this is to be expected when irrational voices dominate our public dialogue and are fueled by an ideological driven media.”

Congressman West rose to the use of common sense to, “vehemently condemn” the actions of the Panthers and call those actions, “reprehensible.”

The rest of the Congressional Black Caucus has either remained silent or have chosen to actively participate in the New BlacKKK Panther Party’s racial pre-judgment.

The New BlacKKK Panthers also have their own legal services on retainer.

Eric Holder.

The New BlacKKK Panthers are the same group of racists who tried and convicted the Members of the Duke Lacrosse team a few years ago without the benefit of a trial and with the benefit of false evidence bolstered by the liberal media.

They have done exactly the same without the benefit of evidence or a trial and with the assistance of the liberal media to George Zimmerman.

That would make the propaganda wing of the New BlacKKK Panther Party, the willing and left leaning press.

The New BlacKKK Panther Party believes that black Americans should have their own country. They believe that they should also have their own religion. They are violently opposed to any race but their own. They are violently anti-Semitic.

In these aspects, the New BlacKKK Panther Party has a great deal in common with other groups.

Hamas. The Palestinian Authority. The Muslim Brotherhood. The Taliban. Al Qaeda.

Like the groups above, the New BlacKKK Panther Party has called for war in the streets. They have called for blood to flow. They want the Jews gone. They want anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their ideology attacked.

Race wars…Jihad…the line between the two is as thin as a razor blade and cuts as deeply.

The New BlacKKK Panther Party has issued their version of a Fatwa on Zimmerman and offered a bounty on his head.

Those others listed above are designated as terrorist organizations or at the very least, as groups friendly to terrorist organizations.

The New BlacKKK Panther Party? Well, they’re called “activists.”

If calling for war, blood in the streets, the use of vulgar language in those rants and issuing head bounties are not acts of terror, what are they? They dress as paramilitary, they are armed and they are out for blood and making it publicly known. If they are not trying to terrorize other American citizens what exactly ARE they trying to do?

They have all that other terrorist organizations have…Their own propaganda wing, their own government representatives, arms, legal representation, liaisons with national leadership…

If it walks like a terrorist duck and quacks like a terrorist duck…

It’s a terrorist duck.

They should be listed as a terrorist organization and all their Members should be placed on no-fly lists immediately.

It won’t happen but it damn well should. If they want to take on the roll of terrorists they should receive all the benefits of their desires including, should they perpetrate any act of violence, detainment at Gitmo.

Gitmo? Really? YES. The New BlacKKK Panther Party has clearly stated they have no use for the rule of law or American jurisprudence so, give them exactly what they want. Gitmo…Where other terrorists are detained without the civil liberties of law abiding Americans.

Liberals will say my views are racist. They will call me intolerant.

Why? Because I believe any display of racism is vile? Be it from the KKK or the New BlacKKK Panther Party it is vile and equally so. Strip away the bed sheets, hoods or paramilitary garb, remove the aspect of skin color and what remains?

A vile ideology. The same vile ideology in direct opposition with itself. The ultimate hypocrisy in its most basic and vulgar form.


Those who advocate it through their abject silence or by standing with it are no less racist than those who openly call for blood in the streets based on it.

Silence in the face of a terrorist organizations blatant racism and open calls for violence and their offers to financially compensate murder is not the way to combat this vile behavior. Making your stand against racism and terror IS.

Sign this petition. I did. Send a message that YOU will stand for the rule of law. YOU will stand AGAINST racism. YOU will stand against the call for race wars. YOU will stand for what is RIGHT.

CLICK HERE…sign on…And share the link to this article until it goes VIRAL and by all means…SHARE THIS ARTICLE with the Congressional Black Caucus!!!

5 thoughts on “Calling Out The New BlacKKK Panthers

  1. My question is that if they do not like our laws of the land and do not want to adhere to them, then why do they stay here. Get out of this country that you hate so much. But first, the NBP are domestic terrorists. Our President has taken a oath to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. This group is doing the devils work and is filled with his hate. God says to love one another as you love yourself. I am sickened by people like the NBP and all of those that back and support them. Just like Rev. Wright, they are the ones that cause division and hatred in the races.

  2. Back during Reconstruction, the KKK was the “enforcement arm” of the Democrat Party; bent on keeping Blacks as well as White Republicans from exercising their right to vote. Is the NBPP filling a similar role today? Recall the voter intimidation tactics at precincts in Philadelphia. They were surely not there to intimidate Obama voters. Who then? Just sayin!

  3. Every law abiding citizen that is part of the group that these terriorist are targeting had better be smart enough to be sure their personal and family protection devices are in excellent working condition, easily assessible, and have plenty of spares on hand. This terriorist group can strike anyone, anywhere and is supported by Eric Holder and Odumba.
    If any of this was being done by ANY white person or group, the National Guard, all Federal Marshalls, and every Federal law enforcement agency would be working 24/7 to round up and arrest or execute them on site.
    Since the Federal law agencies will allow this to continue, you had better be prepared to protect yourself and others from this maniac terrorist group.

  4. White people don’t need revenge.. We have left that in GOD’s HANDS, and your ass is in deep shit.

  5. What in the world is going on with this President? He is out of his mind to support such a reprehensible group. What would Martin Luther King, Jr. say? He would definitely condemn this!! Why on earth did the President speak regarding Trayvon Martin’s death but not a word about the white couple that were tortured and murdered by 5 black people? Is he trying to create a race war? It sure looks that way!!

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