Are you part of the 42%?

Are you part of the 42%?  If you are, then you are rightly upset by all the rhetoric coming out of the incumbent’s administration and the talking heads on media.  If you are not part of the 42%, then consider yourself lucky.  For the all of you who are wondering what I am talking about, grab a beer, some popcorn and your calculator and read on…

Oh, and I refuse to use the man’s name when referring to the person occupying the seat of President.  I respect the office of the President, as one should.  I do not respect the man or his ideology.

Ok… So… Unemployment is at 8.2%. However, 88 MILLION people are not in the work force. Let’s compile some numbers here (according to the CIA World Factbook)…

  • US Population: 313.8 million (2012 abstract based on 2010 census and data derived comparing previous census data)
  • Population of working age (15-64): 209.2 million
  • Population NOT working: 88 million

And what is the “official” unemployment percentage? 8.2%.  That means that officially, ONLY 17.2 million people are not working.  Hmmmm  Does not add up.  What is the real percentage based on the numbers above?  Well, using the numbers above, you get a percentage of…wait for it…42%. Yes. 42% of people are not in the work force, according to those numbers. And I TRIED to use round numbers of the extrapolated numbers to be as generous as possible, but I am not willing to spin numbers for any reason.  I deal in fact, and the fact is our country is a LOT worse off than our government handlers are letting on.

However, I am willing to concede that the 88 million figure may be high, but if that represents the upper limit, and 8.2% represents the lower limit, you can bet your next paycheck (be it a welfare check or an actual paycheck) that the true number is MUCH MUCH higher than what is reported.

Do the math.  And if you still doubt me, go ahead and look up my numbers.  Verify data with the Census Bureau.  You may get numbers slightly different but they will never come close to what the US Government reports for unemployment.  Even the CIA World Factbook reports youth unemployment (15-24 years of age) as 17.6%.

So, do you still think we are at 8.2% unemployment? You do know how these numbers are calculated, right? They are calculated based on the numbers that can be tracked. Such as those actively on the unemployment rolls or are receiving some sort of government assistance. Because those are the only numbers that can be tracked.

Now, I am not placing ALL the blame on the incumbent. While he is largely responsible, and as President owns the economy (regardless of what he inherited), he has done nothing but spin his way around the numbers. The root of all of our problems begins with the beginning of the Progressive Era, and has been boosted by Presidents such as FDR, Wilson, etc. Even Bush is to blame for what we have now. Reagan was one of the few who tried to turn the ship, and succeeded in some measure, but not enough to provide momentum to keep the ship on a good course.

So, who are you going to vote for in the General Election? The incumbent or someone who will slow the nose dive to socialism? Are you going to sit at home and NOT vote because your candidate did not get the nomination or are you going to vote for the nominee because America cannot afford 4 more years? Are you simply going to write in your choice? I can tell you that any vote that is not for the nominee is a vote for the incumbent. That is a fact as voting that way does nothing to cancel out a vote for the incumbent.

Here is my breakdown on the current race:

  • Romney: Pretty much has the nomination (sorry, folks, but the delegate count and trend do not lie), unless some act of God changes the minds of the voters in the remaining states.
  • Santorum: Is going to need an act of God to get the nomination, but here is to hoping he gets enough delegates to force a brokered convention.
  • Gingrich: Not a snowball’s chance of winning the nomination through the primary process.  He should stay in the fight to help ensure a brokered convention, but the chances of him helping, in my opinion, are slim.
  • Paul: No chance in hell of winning the nomination through the primary process. He just hopes for a brokered convention, and that his backers can somehow convince the delegates that Paul is the cure for everything that ails us. I know that is going to upset a few RP supporters, but truth hurts.

Oh, and lets not forget that Congress has some seats coming open…those need to be filled by Republicans.

If you are wondering who Shadow Patriot is going to support, I can tell you I will support the nominee.  Currently, I do not care who he is, because for me the fight for the country does not stop with the 2012 election.  For me, it has only just begun.  I am looking 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 30 years down the road.  I am thinking STRATEGIC.  I cannot, and will not, sit on my ass and say, “Well, I did the best I could, and this is good enough.”  I do not care how much our country recovers, the fight against Tyranny is one that lasts a lifetime.  Not just my lifetime, but yours, your parents, your children’s, and your grand-children’s.  It is a continual battle, with no end in sight.  However, there is a simple objective that should be passed down to our children, one that should be acted upon and will go far in helping this country.  The objective sums up everything that we have been talking about on The National Patriot.  It is: “Hand our children a country just a little bit better than the one we were handed.”  That is it.  It really is that simple.

November 6, 2012 is just the beginning.


PS.  I trust the CIA World Factbook’s numbers…I reference it for my own work.


2 thoughts on “Are you part of the 42%?

  1. So am I. It is a great place for me to post my thoughts and analysis. Craig deserves much credit for this.

    Santorum should stay in, and fight to the end. Even Reagan didn’t become President first time out…

  2. Gingrich has said that he will probably eventually support Romney. Why? Why not Santorum? If Gingrich urged his supporters to vote for Santorum, would that give Santorum a chance at beating Romney for the nomination? This is all very confusing to me. I am glad the national patriot blog is here to help sort things out.

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