Allen West a Top 10 CREDO Target

Well, we all knew the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates would be the direct targets of liberal/socialists after the 2010 midterm shellacking didn’t we? As election season 2012 heats up, those liberal/socialist organizations are starting to shift into a higher gear.

There is an organization called CREDO Super PAC out there with a Top 10 list and they are actively targeting Tea Party candidates.

A quick look at their website via their efforts against Congressman Allen West provided a wealth of information.

At first blush, this looked quite like a union-based group. Many of their “protests” against West are set to take place at unionesque venues. They have even opened an office at 100 Village Square Crossing, Suite 104, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.

Naturally, CREDO and the Take Down liberal/socialists have a broader scope than just Congressman West. They have a national Top 10.

Dan Lungren ,Mike Fitzpatrick, Joe Walsh, Frank Guinta, Sean Duffy, Steve King, Chip Cravaak, Allen West.

Yes…I can count…That’s only 8 but, the CREDO Take Down list has 2 “To Be Announced” slots on their top 10 list.

Now then, feel free to make donations to any or all of the top 8 of the CREDO Top 10 and by all means, if you’re in the neighborhood…visit their Palm Beach Gardens office to express YOUR support for Congressman Allen West!!

Okay…it’s always good to know where the money goes and from where it comes with liberal/socialist outfits like CREDO and Take Down.

Those who make donations will find ActBlue on their credit card receipts rather than CREDO.

ActBlue is the CREDO financial arm. Again, at first blush, it looked like another unionesque pipeline.

It is.

A few minutes and a few keystrokes later…Presto…

ActBlue is deeply involved in the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. DEEPLY INVOLVED.

By all means, also feel free to make a donation to Governor Walker.

A few more keystrokes and much, much more is revealed. Look who has, over the last few years, been pouring money INTO ActBlue…the financial arm of CREDO and the Take Down the Tea Party Top 10…of which at this point, there are only 8.

Human Events reports: The real question for ActBlue is whether it is honestly what it professes to be: A mouthpiece for Democratic favorites, an aggregator of public opinion that legitimately reflects the decisions of Dems as a whole.

But contributions from mega-rich liberals, like George Soros, undermine this populist façade. Soros directly donated $6,900 to ActBlue on May 11, 2008, and Andy and Debby Rappaport gave $70,000.

A closer look at non-federal 527 contributions yields similar results. Adam Freed, a Director at Google, donated $18,000.

The American Association for Justice, a civil justice activist group, donated $20,000.
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, one of the largest labor unions in the U.S., gave $100,000. The Democratic National Committee gave $40,000.

The AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education gave $100,000 as well. The AFL-CIO is a national trade union center, the largest collection of unions in the U.S. representing 11 million members. The AFL-CIO is consistently against charter schools and voucher programs and has a fluctuating and unclear stance on No Child Left Behind.

Yep…George Soros gave them a boost in 2008…the year which brought us an Obamanation in the White House.

Adam Freed from Google…The American Assoc. for Justice (civil activists)…and of course, just as suspected…UNIONS…The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and of course…The AFL-CIO…2 of the nation’s biggest labor unions.

So…Why This particular Top 8 out of 10?

Liberal/socialists are scared of them. Scared spitless. And most of all, scared of Allen West.

While some in the Tea Party, a small faction, have gone against West primarily because of his vote on NDAA, one thing that seems to escape THEIR notice is that the part or parts of NDAA which are the most disagreeable are not contained in NDAA but in the Patriot Act which West voted against. Those are parts which can ONLY be struck down IN the Patriot Act and voting against NDAA would have had no impact on them.

Those who call West a traitor or turncoat need to be aware that, in doing so, they are aligning themselves with the liberal/socialists who fear West and fear him for good reason.

Congressman West is outspoken, says what he means, means what he says, is undeterred from taking on socialism, the Muslim manifesto, and is a frequent guest on national television and radio programs. Congressman West and his consistent telling of the truth is more than a thorn in the side of liberal/socialism…He and his hard-line defense of liberty and truth HAMMER at them daily, from the floor of the House and in his many public appearances.

Overall, liberal/socialist groups like CREDO and ActBlue and scared of the Tea Party because the principles and clout of those who provided the 2010 shellacking stand in direct opposition to the march of socialism.

If you wonder for whom you should be voting this November or to whom you should donate now…Look no further than the Take Down Top 10…or…8 as the case might be.

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  1. I hope Allen West runs for President someday. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

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