Trayvon Martin: The Race to Division


We’re better than this. Much better. You may not know it by watching your social media threads, but trust me…

We ARE better than this.

Has it now come to the point, that while trying to MAKE a point, we are going to make the exact point liberals…OBAMA…wants us to make?

Are there discrepancies in the Trayvon Martin story? Yep. Was it racially motivated? Maybe…maybe not. Does it matter?

Well, that depends.

It doesn’t depend on what color YOUR skin might be…It DOES depend on whether or not you WANT it to matter.


And judging by what is floating about out there on social media…way, WAY too many conservatives seem to THINK it should matter.

Bull crap.

Obama, his administration and liberal/socialists have just been waiting for something like this. A killing they could spin. The shooter isn’t white but he’s white enough and the victim was most clearly black. It was senseless. It happened in an upscale neighborhood. It’s exactly what liberals…Obama…has been looking for.

Was this 17 year old kid as pure as the driven snow? That depends on whether or not you want him to be. There are the photos of the kid smiling  and happy-go-lucky and there are photos of him flashing gang signs. Which Trayvon Martin is the REAL Trayvon Martin? That depends on what YOU want Trayvon Martin to be. For that matter…Who is the real George Zimmerman? Again, whomever you want HIM to be.

Was this neighborhood watch, wannabe cop fearing for his life? Was he a dyed-in-the-wool racist? Was he standing his ground? Was Trayvon fighting with him? That too, all depends on what YOU want to have happened.

Here’s the real bottom line on what happened.

It was an isolated incident. It was stupid. It need not have happened.

It was the match that got struck.

I’m seeing a great deal of fuel being splashed about on social media.

Lots of posts trying to point out inequality in how the media is reporting, or not reporting, stories of violence between blacks and whites. Lots of posts regarding “the real” truth about Zimmerman or Martin.

Fuel to the fire.

Trust me when I tell you this is EXACTLY what this administration is hoping for. They found a situation…a match…it was struck…and here we go.

For liberal/socialists who will claim the administration has nothing to do with this…BULL CRAP…again.

Obama stood at a podium and evoked a mystical son…of HIS…whom he imagined would look like Trayvon Martin. Obama put the PERSONAL spin on the story. Am I being racist for pointing this out? Nope. I’m being observant. Obama is black…that’s a fact. Trayvon Martin was black. That’s a fact. Obama wouldn’t say, when he looks at a white kid, he imagines his own son…would he?

The fact is, Obama NEEDS division to assist him in his campaign. Sharpton and Jackson need division to make them somehow relevant. The NAACP needs division to be in any way viable.

If we, as conservatives, continue to point out divisive entities such as the media or other acts of violence…we, as conservatives are ADDING to the division.

If you don’t think that’s exactly what Obama and his administration are hoping for…Think again.

Guess what else is sure to be coming due to this?

More calls for gun control…and this time, it’s going to be race based.

Chuck Schumer has already called for the removal of the “Stand Your Ground” laws and that will be just the beginning. Liberals, as they do every time there is a high profile case involving guns, will seize the moment to parade their anti 2nd Amendment agenda through the media.

Don’t be at all surprised if the liberals attempt to put regulations on neighborhood watch groups either.

The only coincidence in this Trayvon Martin case is when it happened and that quickly became exploited by liberals. The shooting occurred a month ago but…

As gas prices continue to climb, the Fast and Furious investigation and Solyndra investigation heating up, with the uproar over the Keystone Pipeline back in the mix and…The 2nd anniversary of the passing of Obamacare coupled with it’s arrival at the Supreme Court, starting TODAY, publicizing a diversion…A RACIAL diversion such as the Trayvon Martin case could NOT have come at a better time for liberals.

Know that, nothing is making liberal/socialists happier than to see the last 4 or 5 days of conservative social media posts devoted to this kid in Florida and…POINTING OUT RACIAL INEQUITY IN THE PRESS.

Pointing out the race aspects of this incident only serves the liberal agenda. Take race out of it and with what are you left?

An over zealous neighborhood watch guy who appointed himself the community security guard who wanted to be seen as some sort of judge, jury and executioner. This guy was a habitual 911 dialer and was already on the police radar as a guy who hollered wolf over and over.

He, George Zimmerman, may well have felt HE wasn’t taken seriously by the police.

Zimmerman, in his vehicle, followed this kid, talked himself into the idea that this kid was some sort of threat, convinced himself that this kid was nothing but trouble and out to do bodily harm to him or others.

The kid, Trayvon Martin was armed only with a box of Skittles and an iced tea.

Zimmerman, according to reports, at some point, left his vehicle and physically confronted Martin.

In the end, though completely unwarranted, Zimmerman shoots and kills Martin.

1 guy. A lone entity, Zimmerman, decided for whatever reason, he needed to kill this kid. The “Stand Your Ground” law has nothing to do with it. Zimmerman wasn’t standing his ground…He pursued the kid.

The ONLY reason Obama personalized this, the ONLY reason Holder is getting involved, the ONLY reason Sharpton and Jackson have involved THEMSELVES is because the kid, Martin, was black and Zimmerman was…white enough to spin.

Zimmerman, it seems, may have been a time bomb and somebody, anybody, regardless of color, if the time bomb analogy is correct, was going to become his target and his victim.

The press has, for a very long time, virtually ignored black on black crime and in a great deal of cases, done the same with black on white crime. It’s nothing new and the reason those crimes are not the spotlight focus of the media is because they don’t further the liberal agenda.

While pointing out the liberal bias of the media highlights the media bias, liberals don’t see it that way. They see it, as furthering their agenda of creating racial division and THAT is exactly what THEY want. Pointing out opposite crimes, black on white, ALSO plays into the liberal hands of creating racial division.

One Nation Under God and Justice for Just ONE person?

What happened to Justice for ALL?

The liberal agenda.

Those conservatives who continue along these lines are furthering the liberal cause.

It’s time that we focus the spotlight on the crimes and leave the racial aspects out of it. Are some crimes racially motivated? Of course. On both sides? Of course. Was the killing of Trayvon Martin racially motivated? Maybe. If we put the focus on the race rather than the crime, we promote division which will, at some point, become explosive. There are idiots of all colors who will commit crimes and acts of violence.

Just keep in mind that liberals would like nothing more than the racial aspects of ANY crime to galvanize the nation as THAT would serve THEIR purpose.

19 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin: The Race to Division

  1. i am of hispanic descent and i find this article and some of you comments highly offensive. there is no justification for murdering any child regardless of race! you people should be ashamed of yourselves! your a bunch of hate and fear mongers. my race deals w bigots and racist everyday. mr zimmmerman doesn’t represent all hispanic people. i’m ashamed to call him hispanic. wrong is wrong , people! if mr. zimmerman had killed a 17 year old white child he would have been charged. if treyvon martin was caucasian and your child , you would be outraged. So to all my fellow hispanics out there please don’t fall for this. what zimmerman did was wrong, and believe me when i say this………………..we are affected as much by racism as african americans are….we need to unite all races in this country we are all americans

  2. Obama’s scheme???? You guys are clueless and obviously you ALL are the problem with racial division. This case is important for EVERY COLOR and issue. If a WHITE child had a hate crime committed to him and nothing was done, it is what it is SENSELESSS……. Whether your child is blue, yellow green whatever….. The point is if this has happened to your child and justice was not served, then this should be the beginning to create a law that will NOT allow this type of behavior to happen again for ANY child. The point here is this was a CHILD that was killed and nothing was done to investigate the matter. The more that this case is being brought to light there are other stories that are surfacing that have the same plot from ALL RACES. SO if anything fight for this case and the many other cases out there for this to NOT happen ever again!!!!! This is NOT about Obama, Romney, Sharpton, Jackson, Santorum…….. This is about a senseless murder that occurred to not only this child, but other children of all colors, this is just the straw that broke the camels back. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  3. OK OK.. let’s look at a bigger fact sheet then “D.” Right about the same time as This case happened a child in Kansas city was attacked on his front porch with a can of gasoline and a bic lighter. The 13 year old child was white and the 16 year old boys who attacked him were black. Things were said about how he deserved it for being white. Thankfully his mother was able to get to the child before the flames completely engulfed him and he was rushed to the hospital. The gasoline can and the lighter were left at the scene when the local news got there several days later. The cops never even took them into evidence. What does that say to you? Do you see his family splashed all over the news? I believe the point this writer is trying to make isn’t whether or not the situation was racially motivated but how it’s been a viral media blitz to shore up the current liberal agenda.

    • @Kim,

      Actually, your comment is 100% contrary to the point. The point is, that by highlighting examples such as you provide, you are playing directly into Obama’s scheme of causing more racial division. The greater the divide, the more people who become angry on either side, the closer the nation comes to racial strife and a racial war.


  4. When you say “food stamp president” you are assuming this is a racial statement. Are Black people the only one’s on food stamps? The “representatives” of the black communities need to step up to the plate. Oh wait, Bill Cosby did and they all slammed him. “Rev.”Jackson and Sharpton (et al), all they are interested in is fame and fortune and BTW: do all their good church going followers believe in abortion? Now there’s some “blindness” for ya. The truth hurts…
    America was build on the sacrifices and hard work of good people and yes slavery was a huge injustice but we can not continue with half the population living off the other half.

  5. This season of selecting the republican candidate has been nothing BUT racial. The comments from GIngrich “Spanish is language of the Ghetto”, calling Obama “best food stamp president in American history”. The comments from Santorm are as follows: “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money”. Clearly these comments are racial and a slam against minorities. Statics show :
    White, not Hispanic ………………. 6,555 35.7 %
    African American, not Hispanic …….. 4,038 22.0 %
    Hispanic, Any Race ……………….. 1,833 10.0 %
    Asian, not Hispanic ………………. 448 2.4 %
    But Obama states that he can see Treyvon as being his son and looking like him and now the liberals are playing the race card to win votes? Really? Not Hardly. Everyone needs to stop playing the race card EVERYWHERE!!!! Not just here, but in everything we do. Look at the facts, and simply just arrest the man.

  6. This country was built on racism. It is the factor that decides everything. A country that is divided by RACISM will ROT within. Think about it. Have you noticed we are on a collision course? Believe me, all the other countries in the world know about our obsession with the color of a man’s skin. Therefore they have no respect for the United States. It will definately be the downfall of America. And Barack Obama will become President for another four years and Zimmermann will pay for the death of Trayvon Martin. He’s already lost his home. Do you think he could live thre after this?

  7. I agreed with everything you said up to “Take race out of it and with what are you left?” After that, YOU became part of the problem because YOU took on the roll of judging Zimmerman & Martin. It is up to a Judge & Jury to decide the guilt or innocence of EITHER of them. I was going to follow you on Twitter but I will re-evaluate that decision now.

    • Jo,

      I present the evidence as we know it at this time. You may not like that evidence but it is out there in the public domain. In pointing out the evidence I have judged neither of these people. It is my opinion that there is no reason to shoot and kill someone who is unarmed and not posing a threat.

  8. Let’s look at the facts here…… Since everyone wants to say race was not the issue. A kid, 17 visits his father in a gated community where basically all houses look the same. He goes to the store with a hooded shirt on in the rain. A man thinks he look suspicious? Why? because he has a hood on? Zimmerman calls the police, this is great!!!! Let them handle the matter. But NO…….. he starts chasing this kid clearly in the 911 call. Why? The kid did not go to his car, zimmerman did not state that he was going in anyone’s home, the kid was just simply standing there. Next thing you know, zimmerman is chasing the kid and the dispatcher clearly asks him NOT to. Why did he continue his pursuit? WHY? Next, there is a woman calling about a disturbance in her yard. The kid is screaming for help in the background!!!!! That is a kid’s voice on that 911 call. Zimmerman is a heavy set man, twice the weight of this 17 yr old kid. There is NO way he could have overpowered this man, clearly!!!! Plus him being a man and as big as he is, his voice would have been at least a little deeper. Next thing I hear is a gun shot, and nothing. The police arrive to the scene of the crime. They DID NOT call this kids parents. He was labeled as a JOHN DOE. The parents found out about thier child the next day when they filed a police report. WHY? Why didn’t they look through this kids phone? Find someone in it to notify? This was cold murder. No arrests were made. Everyone is missing the point here!!! The parents are simply asking for this man to be ARRESTED, INTERIGATED, and brought to TRIAL. Why wasn’t he? If anyone has made this a racial issue, it has been the police force of florida, and the way that this case was handled. No one thought that at first. Before the call were released, before the facts were released, everyone was fine. NOW it has become that the more information that we are informed about. the 911 calls clearly give that evidence. These assholes always get away????? What does that mean? No, the difference in the stories that I have heard about other situations and cases with black kids killing white kids, hispanics, whatever is that those kids were arrested, and brought to trial. They are not even comparable to this case. And as for Obama, what other race can his child be? I mean come on people? what difference does it make?

  9. That kid was nothing but trouble . He was headed for trouble, he was looking for trouble, and he got it. My neighborhood is full of people like George Zimmermans , good. Maybe I will be safe. Won’t be no hoods walking around causing trouble in my neighborhood.

  10. I agree 100%. We need to stop demonizing the kid. I am not interested in what this guy did, or what kind of a kid Martin was. It is now irrelevant, the cops will get it worked out.

    What is relevant is that this case is being exploited — for media attention, monetary gain and to fan the flames of hate. All of which are huge parts of the agenda of the left.


    • @MSMITH,

      Who exactly here is trying to justify what this guy did? Read the article again and you just might discover it is the racial aspect and USE of the racial aspect of what happened that is disturbing. Those who want to cause racial division because of what this one guy did are the ones who should feel shame and possibly those who falsely accuse others, whose comments appear here, of attempting to justify what Zimmerman did. It is up to a Jury to decide his guilt or innocence.

  12. Divide & Conquer the first rule of conquest. It’s sad that Blacks & Feminist can’t see how they are being used.

  13. spot on, as usual, craig… this morning i watched a video of an abc reporter interviewing zimmerman’s lawyer; apparently, the kid attacked zimmerman:

    however this video (also from abc) is disturbing on what supporters of the teen are planning:

    what IS good is that a lot of outside investigation is going on while things are being scrubbed on the internet. i’ve stumbled across a couple of interesting websites re this today:

  14. What about the white Univ. of Mississippi student murdered yesterday? 3 young black men seen leaving. What about the 13 year old white boy set on fire by 3-4 black males?

  15. I agree with just about everything you have to say. This is political. My nephew Hispanic/Caucasian was murdered; shot in the back by a black man. The grand jury no billed the black man and he had a celebration barbeque party in the area my nephew was murdered. It was reported by his live in girlfriend that the black man came into the house and said, ” I got me a Mexican”. The blogs praised the black man saying it was a good thing because he killed an illegal immigrant. Little David was not an illegal; he was born an American. Lots of young people make mistakes – out too late; in experienced drinkers, some steal car radios, they make gang signs trying to fit in or be accepted; they do all kinds of relatively innocent stupid things compared to murder. To make this a racial issue absolutely reduces this young mans death to a political maneuver and nothing about who he was as an individual. I think anyone’s life is more valuable than what is being demonstrated. Murder is murder period. The whole idea of a hate crime is silly; it is designed to create division. When some white men dragged a black man by a car back and forth in a horrible cruel death George Bush had them executed. People were mad because he didn’t declare it a hate crime. George Bush said, ” I executed the man he can'[t get any deader than that, it was murder period”. George Bush would not allow them make it a racial issue. We received no justice – maybe with Trayvon’s death people will start looking at the issue and instead of having these provocateurs cause more divide. Someone is planning on making money here.

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