Obama’s Eligibility…Not One Shred of Authentic Verifiable Evidence

In the wake of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference regarding his Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s documents, we are left with some questions.

These questions are NOT new questions but they bear asking again and now, since an official law enforcement agency has finally investigated and issued a report, perhaps these questions gain in validity.

Yes, many others have raised these questions and rightfully so. The questions began nearly 4 years ago but, for the sake of sticking to the documents in question, we will confine our points to questions raised within the last year.

On April 25th 2011, Obama “released” his “official certificate of live birth” in a press conference from the white house briefing room. Nearly immediately, those who knew of such things as computers, graphics, layering and such, called into question the process employed in creating this birth certificate.

Not for a minute should their efforts be discounted in questioning the validity of it. Indeed, they set the stage for this official law enforcement investigation and without doubt, they deserve credit for their work. The difference is, while they did indeed know their stuff, they were not affiliated with an official law enforcement investigation and therefore, were ripe for ridicule, ripe for what we now KNOW was UNWARRANTED ridicule.

Now, to the questions regarding the long form birth certificate which MUST be asked, AGAIN, because of the OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION, conducted by the office of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County Arizona.

1)     If a REAL and AUTHENTIC certificate of live birth exists, showing Barack Obama to have been born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961, why then produce a forgery?

Answer 1) He wasn’t born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961.

Answer 2) He was born in a foreign country.

Answer 3) Barack Obama Sr. is not his real father.

All of these are possibilities in and of themselves or perhaps a combination of them are true. Whatever the real truth might be, one truth is clear; there would be no reason whatsoever to manufacture a forged certificate of live birth if an authentic document exists.

2)     Since the document in question IS a forgery, WHO forged it?

Answer) Sheriff Arpaio clearly stated neither he nor his Cold Case Posse is accusing Obama himself of creating the forgery but he also made clear, they HAVE identified a “Person of Interest” in the creation of the forgery.

3)     Did Obama know that he was presenting a forged certificate of live birth on April 25th 2011?

Answer 1) Yes he did.

Answer 2) No, he was duped.

To believe he was duped, one would have to believe that Obama believed everything which was on that forged certificate was true. He would have to believe he was indeed born in Hawaii, on August 4th 1961, that Obama Sr. was his father etc when in fact either some of it or all of it was a lie told to him, we can only suspect, by his mother and his family and throughout the years, no one related to him or no one who was a close family friend who knew the truth ever imparted that truth or alluded to it, to Obama.

If Obama DID know the document was forged, he perpetrated a fraud upon the American public from the white house briefing room on April 25th 2011.

4)     When was the forged document created?

Answer 1) In 1961

Answer 2) In 2008

Answer 3) In 2011

As the technology employed to create this forgery didn’t exist in 1961, it could not have been forged at that time. Had the forgery been created in 2008 or there about, when Obama decided to run for president, why not release it at THAT time rather than wait more than 2 more years? It seems most likely that the forgery was created shortly before its release in April of 2011 in direct response to Trump’s vow to investigate the matter.

Now, let’s look at the other document in question with regard to the Arpaio investigation…The Obama Selective Service Registration card.

Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse was able to confirm, just as they did with the long form birth certificate, that the Selective Service Registration card, with 100% certainty, is a forgery.

Here are the questions:

1)     Why forge a Selective Service Registration card?

Answer 1) The authentic card could not be found.

Answer 2) Obama never registered for Selective Service.

As other cards can easily be found including cards from those who registered for Selective Service in the same United States Post Office as the forged card indicates Obama registered, it would appear to be HIGHLY improbable that Obama’s card has gone missing. It seems much MORE likely that Obama never registered, as was required by law, for Selective Service.

2)     When was the forged Obama Selective Service Card created?

Answer 1) In 1980

Answer 2) In 2008

Answer 3) in 2011

Here again, if an authentic Selective Service Registration card was ever filled out by Obama in 1980, it would exist today and no forgery would be needed. It is doubtful that the forgery was created in 2011. Most likely, the forgery was created in 2008 as Obama was approaching the nomination. The Cold Case Posse showed how it was most likely created with the focus being the pica date stamp. Since a 1980 (note the 4 digit year number) did not remain in existence in 2008, a 2008 pica date insert was cut in half and the 08 (note the 2 digit year number) was inverted (turned upside down) to record as 80 (again, note the 2 digit year number) which is not at all in accordance with a real pica date stamp used by the United States Post Office.

3)     Who forged the Obama Selective Service Registration card?

If, as it seems most likely to be, that the Obama Selective Service card forgery was created in 2008, it would appear most likely that it was created by someone within the DNC. This, if it is indeed the case, would be because in the vetting process, at some point, when it became apparent that Obama would be the nominee, certain documents which should exist relating to him, simply didn’t exist and to cover for these missing documents, i.e. the Selective Service Registration, forgeries were then created.

4)     Did Obama know his Selective Service Registration card was forged?

Answer 1) No, he was duped.

Answer 2) Yes he did.

Only Obama himself would know for sure whether or not he ever registered for Selective Service. If he did, an authentic Selective Service Card would be in existence today. If he did not, he would know it and the forged Selective Service Registration card in his name, would be known by him, to be a forgery and as that card has been displayed for years, as his, he would have known for years that a forged Selective Service Registration card was being purported as authentic in his name.

Finally, the microfilm issue highlighted in the Sheriff Arpaio press conference.

One of the questions investigated by the Cold Case Posse revolved around possible entry into the U.S. by Obama’s mother. Anyone entering the United States, citizen or foreigner, is required to fill out an official card through INS.

It is thought that, sometime within the first week of August 1961, Stanley Ann Dunham may have entered the United States from overseas bringing with her, a baby. Suspiciously missing from the INS records thus far investigated  was that very week. Microfilm reel #184 shows only a couple of cards before that reel goes blank. Reel #185 picks up with August 8th 1961. Missing completely are August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, 1961.

1)     When did that week’s record go missing?

2)     Who removed that week’s record?

3)     Why is it missing?

At this point, we have no idea when that single week’s portion of the INS microfilm record went missing. As to who was responsible, we can only guess it rises to a higher level than the DNC. While it would be relatively simple for the DNC to create forged documents to stand in for nonexistent documents, the INS is a federal bureau and missing records are far different from records which never existed.

It seems necessary for someone within the INS to have removed any portion of the INS records. This would mean that someone else would have had to facilitated in the call for that portion of the record to have been removed.

Did money change hands in this process? Did someone high up in the government instruct someone at INS to remove that portion of the record?

Those are questions which now need to be asked and answered.

As to WHY that week’s microfilm record is missing, we can only guess that it showed something which would not be conducive to Obama and his election to the office of president. That portion of the INS record could have shown Stanley Ann Dunham and baby arriving in the United States.

While this portion of the microfilm record pertains to entries through or across the pacific, the records pertaining to Atlantic entries has not yet been provided but, considering Stanley Ann Dunham then lived in Hawaii, the Pacific entries would be most important.

This of course would indicate that the Barack Obama who was elected to the office of President in 2008, may well have been born on foreign soil and regardless of his father’s citizenship status, is FAR, FAR away from being constitutionally eligible to serve as either the President or Vice President of the United States.

Connecting the Dots

It must be pointed out that connecting these dots is my doing and was not part of the Sheriff Arpaio press conference nor has it been eluded to by the Cold Case Posse.

The dots can indeed be connected given the results made known from the Cold Case Posse as a result of the Arpaio investigation and to do so, we must go back to the top of this article.

The long form birth certificate displayed by Obama on April 25th 2011 has been shown, via this investigation, to be a forgery. If Obama was born outside the country, which may well be indicated by the missing week’s record of microfilm provided by INS, Obama would be a foreigner. As a foreigner, he would not have filed a Selective Service Registration necessitating the need for a forged Selective Service Registration card to be created and if a foreigner, an authentic certificate of live birth simply would not exist in Hawaii which would then have to be provided, in April of 2011, as a forged document.

The idea that Obama is a foreigner is also bolstered by another piece of information garnered by the Cold Case Posse.

It was clearly stated that the Posse is in possession of a legal sworn affidavit stating that when introduced to Bill Ayers, Obama was introduced as a FOREIGN STUDENT looking for financial aid in regard to his education.

From this, only 2 conclusions can be made.

1)      Obama WAS indeed a foreign student which would mean he was NOT a United States citizen.

2)      Obama was masquerading as a foreign student in which case he was perpetrating a fraud.

Given the forged birth certificate, the forged Selective Service Registration and the week’s worth of missing INS microfilm records, and his introduction to Ayers as a foreign student,  it becomes more probable in connecting the dots, that Obama was indeed foreign born.

Anyone, regardless of party affiliation, who is aware of this information and either dismisses it as bull, ignores it or does not, for any reason, believe a full congressional investigation is warranted is actively assisting in the perpetration of fraud and is, in fact, actively engaged in the dismantling of our Constitution.

This includes sitting Members of Congress, the media, the RNC, the DNC and citizens at large.

Combine what we have been presented via an official law enforcement agency’s investigation with other evidence acquired via investigations such as the apparent fraud regarding Obama’s Social Security number and the only credible conclusion can be that we have no idea who the man occupying our oval office really is.

Any state or private entities pursuing the removal of Obama’s name from 2012 ballots must use this evidence, acquired through the Arpaio Cold Case Posse in there legal challenges.

The Inescapable Conclusion

Forget the valid arguments regarding Obama being ineligible due to the “Natural Born Citizen” clause contained in the Constitution resulting from his father’s lack of citizenship status.

At this point, now more than 3 years into his term…

Not one single shred of authentic evidence has been presented to prove Barack Obama is even a United States CITIZEN. We have a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service Registration, what by all accounts is a fraudulent Social Security number, missing INS records, sworn legal affidavits indicating he was a foreign student…But not one single verified, authentic document proving Obama to be even a United States citizen.

Not one.

The National Patriot encourages you to obtain and read Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” by clicking here.

The National Patriot also encourages you to read the summary of Sheriff Arpaio’s report and watch the videos showing exactly how the birth certificate and the Selective Service Registration card were forged by clicking here.

For those who believe this to be purely partisan, think again. If all that is requires for a liberal to serve as President is a handful of forged and fraudulent documents than so too would a conservative be able to point to forgeries and fraud as “proof” of citizenship.

If a foreign citizen, of any political party is allowed to serve either as a Member of congress or as President or Vice President, our republic is finished.

If, upon such 100% certainty of forgery as exists with Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service Registration, as shown by a law enforcement entity and verified by forensic document experts is allowed to be considered nothing but a distraction or not worthy of a full and immediate intensive congressional investigation, as it regards our Constitution, national security and the Presidency, duplicity on the part of the Members of congress in allowing the possibility of a foreign national to serve as President today or in the future will be precedent setting.

61 thoughts on “Obama’s Eligibility…Not One Shred of Authentic Verifiable Evidence

  1. So we have the mother of all conundrums on our hands.
    Supreme court should issue probbable cause warrant for Obamafrauds arrest. and appoint someone not in Holders Justice department to serv it or Sherrif Joe should get a court order from SCOTUS to have the Secret service stand down long enough for sherrif joe to slap his soddy knickers but in irons and haul him to jail.
    I truely believe that probable cause exists that, felony fraud, misrepresentation by fraudulent means and conspiracy to committ fraud exist and criminal charges must be levied and Warrants for the entire DNC, all democrates int the senate and house be issued. But wait Hillary Clinton sucked all the testosterone out of DC before she left.

  2. No need to take up arms, put in reserves’ 2mo.s of rations for your families. shut off cable t.v,turn down your thermostats,lighting to a minimum,no vacations, no new cars.pull your money from banks, and stocks. park non-vital cars(cancel insurance). no daycare, basically conserve! It won’t put anyone in harms way! If you take the booze(money), from the drunks(politicians) they’ll sober up.
    Hence; families become closer, “We the people” are heard loud and clear, after all they are supposed to uphold and live by the American constitution not prophet or change it for “themselves”.
    Now to address the U.S money pits:
    Death row: empty it (let our lord sort them out)

    Illegals’:Hunt them (no shooting them in the back if they’re are headed south or to the airport)!

    Welfare Hammock: (a net is needed for the truly needy)

    SSI:(I’m to fat or an addict) Oh Pa-a-lease hunger is a great motivator).

    Political pensions: (never Knew a poor man who got into office).

  3. If any group of patriots decide to start a second American Revolution, then I, at the age of 73, will gladly take up arms with my fellow patriots and kick those jack asses in Washington out of office—-aaaaaand, anyone else who decides to defend the corrupt government—-how do we allow such a few ding dongs to rule the rest of us millions—-when are we finally going to say, “enough is enough”!!!!!!!

  4. Ret. Marine, give me a break. You are nothing more than a keyboard warrior. If a government official came to your door, you would run, hide, and cry like the girl you are. The only penned up frustration you will release is when you soil yourself in fear. Honestly, some of you folks should do stand-up comedy.

    • Paul…RESPECT is something Marines INSIST upon. SHOW some to one who fought for YOUR freedom to make an ASS of yourself!!!

  5. The people who believe all this conspiracy crap must be seriously mentally ill. Or maybe they are just blind racial bigots. It’s probable they could be talked into believing that the Earth is flat like a pancake, rather than round like a ball.

    Did they ever wonder how Obama’s birth got announced in a Hawaii newspaper soon after his birth in Hawaii? Do they believe one of the so-called conspirators use a time-travel machine and go back in time to change the Hawaii newspaper?

  6. OK, so now what do we do besides comment on blogs, chat rooms and sites like this? Will we mobilize and make some changes here and take back our country from the snakes that seek to destroy it. And from the liars who run it?

    Also, I too think it was odd how Trump all of a sudden was gone from the political scene. I wonder how many threats he got for pressuring the Admin to provide a bc? I think he may have HAD to leave it alone. Who knows? Because frankly, I think the Donald would have loved the title, President Trump. LOL

  7. And what happened to Donald Trump? He was all fired up about finding out the truth about Obama’s birth certificate and saying how he had people working on it. So how come we haven’t heard from him? Maybe he’s too busy with his TV show and this is on the back burner now or maybe even off his table.

  8. I believe we will find out what the agenda that guided the O’s administration only after we get him out of office (11-12 hopefuly) The main problem is that the X generation put him in office and he continues to bribe them, while trying to take the things the “baby boomers” have built in this country and destroy them. Jobs, wealth, security,family values, our right to worship and make our own decisions. IF this jackass gets re-elected mabe the MAYAN calendar of the end of time may true, the end of our great country may be here. As someone also indicated O and his hinchmen will turn to the UN to support his doctrines, totally disregarding the US Constitution by having his courts declaring it void.

  9. As I have said before now it is official We The People have a fraud sitting in the White House going by the name of Barack Hussein Obama using a stolen social security number . Thank God for the people that did not buy the BS that the lame stream media put out about this fraud obama . The US Constitution is the law of this land and it must be obeyed in order for We The People to remain free .

  10. It’s up to the people to get America back under control.The people in Washington, will not step up, republicans and democrats for some reason has denied the true facts,it’s their job to make sure things work right,They should have made Obama prove the alligations aganist him,which should be a simple thing if he is indeed a American citzen,but he has spend millions to keep from getting the proof.In a court of law he would be hung, he has no proof except fake documents(certified by experts)yet they remain silent why?The only way America can get back to being the country of Honor and the land of the free is get rid of all the people in Washington.All of congress and other office holders who took the oath to protect our country needs to be stripped of all benifits and pensons.We the people may have to do this with force, I hope not but it may be the only way.It seems like they think we will set back and let them take us over, but I for one will not do it, I fought for my country one time and I will do it again……So get ready to fight for our country so our kids can live the life of freedom ……….thank you ….God bless America.

  11. I am so glad to see so many so informed, damn I almost feel like crying the amount of Patriotism this site has shown for responding to this disaster, calling himself, someone’s pResident, makes me feel once agains proud to have served so many who actually “get it”. Thank you fellow Patriots. I look forward to having a responsible adult enter the house in 2013. In the mean time, hold on to your dry powder, something tells me this fraud is not going to take a woop’n very well, even after having his legion come out to remind us of his committment of that “fundamental transformation”, and may in fact gather up his forces to remind us of his TREASONIST ATTITUDE. Yeah go ahead, you fricken dipstick fother mucker, go ahead.. looking forward to getting this penned up frustration released.

  12. The 5th Ammendment is for Grand Juries, the Ammendment has been deemed to be not a part of the Constitution but stands alone. The ammendment says by Indictment or presentment, an indictment is one in which the court convienes the jury, a presentment is when the people conviene a Grand Jury. The sheriff could very well ask several people in his county to get together and form a Grand Jury, I am suggesting 24 people, Statues say there can be fewer but I like to follow common law. When the True bill is created the Jury Forman must endorse it. (Endorse means on the back like a check) I am suggesting that all members sign the True Bill. Those dissenting should not sign. You need a simple majority to create a True bill but a “say one, say all” vote would be the best. Once the True bill has been created it can be presented to the court of proper jurisdiction for enforcement. May not get him out of the Federal election but may disallow him from being placed on the ballot in the county or the state. This is what I think needs to be done. Put the people back in the position of the king.

  13. Blair,
    We all wish you were right but there’s a point at which playing the ostrich game stops working.
    In this man’s opinion Joe Arpaio is a man of substance, willing to look for the truth without turning away, no matter the consequences, in a world of squishy evaders.
    Obama is a communist, a viral anti-American, in league with our enemies, intent on advancing those conditions that will lead to Revolution, which IS his god and his truth.
    I’m afraid it won’t be long before you too are forced to pull your head out of the sand and take an accounting of the facts that anyone with courage can plainly see.

  14. It’s one man’s opinion. I think Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s drunk one too many
    glasses of Kool-Aid. There’s only one person who claims Obama was
    born in Mombasa, Kenya, and that’s one of his grandmothers. Maybe
    the Mombasa “birth certificate” is the forgery.


  16. Time to vote Obama out in November. What else do the American people need to realize this is not the HOPE and CHANGE the majority of us want? Those of you who voted for Obama can make it right by voting him out. Where is that lady that was so glad that Obama was going to insure that she did not have to pay her mortgage and all the other things she thought he would give her? Did she get what she wanted? Think not!

    A very weak economy; HUGE National Debt; total dependence on foreign oil when we could be energy independent by tapping into our own natural resources; government subsidizing green energy companies like Solyndra; Fast and Furious; high energy costs; Obamacare that most Americans do not want; mortgage foreclosures higher than I can remember; a weakened military; trampling over our Constitution. Any president, Democrat or Republican with this kind of track record would not have been re-elected in the past. Why are we so afraid to vote him out?

  17. we can start by not paying any taxes, telling the world to not loan any money to the U.S because we the people will not recognize any loans to this country will not be paid back from the people, we need to vote not for a dnc, rnc, candidates, we have to vote and get the states to impose term limits and make the scotus a citizen backed courts, that adheir to the Federal papers,The Dec. of Ind, the Constitution as it was in 1890, get rid of the patriot act ndaa, and all other laws this administration and its menions have put on the backs of the working people of this country. we need every citizen to march on washington dc on 4/16/12, if the independent truckers, small business people, we together can change the future for our generations to come.

  18. John Mac, and all the rest of you:
    The politicians are not spineless, they’re either saboteurs (like Obama), traitors or they’ve been threatened by very powerful individuals. Forget Soros, think Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg and the list goes on and on. For those of you who believe Obama is brilliant and created this fraud all by himself, think again. This guy can screw up a lemonade stand. He’s definitely not a business man and without his teleprompter he’s not much of a politician. It’s obvious, at least to me, he’s a saboteur. I can’t state this emphatically enough, you don’t impeach saboteurs, you either hang them or let them face a firing squad without a blindfold. I’m not close minded, I’ll listen to anyone who can offer a reasonable explanation as to why all of his records are sealed. Someone out there must know and in order to quell the supposed nonsense that information should be made public.

  19. The culmination of fraud, scams and bad law is going to make for one heck of a election, the MSM, the congress the political parties and law enforcement have all failed to follow up on their Constitutional obligations, we seem to be a ship of state unmoored with a inept, uncredentialed fraud at the helm, ready to sail us to the brink of hell……time to throw out the anchor and speed up the repair and maintenance before we lose this ship of state.

  20. Rotor, the revolution will begin in December, 2012! ALL of his ROACHES who have been accumulatins in the walls, will come out of the woodwork and then the WORLD will see the magnitude that have “taken over” our Country! It will be unbelievable at the magnitude of them! Look around you! How many Americans own businesses in your community? They have “bought” our Nation, SEEMINGLY with our approval! It was silently, secretively, and quietly done so as not to disturb the smooth, and calm waters above! Our ONLY hope of rescue from complete anihilation, iis by GOD Almighty! He has been pushed into the background so long, he thinks we don’t WANT him anymore! We NEED to take him OUT of the Liberal mothballed storage building and give him his RIGHTFUL place in our lives! When we fervently and humbly PRAY, he will hear our cries and HEAL our LAND! The Old Testament is FULL of stories proving his power! Woe to those who seek to harm his CHILDREN! They will be pleading for the rocks to fall on them and HIDE the face of our Redeemer! He is our ONLY HOPE!

  21. His SS# belonged to a man from Conn. who also had a home in Hawaii. I forgot what his name was! He passed away in Hawaii around the same time that 0’Bama lived there. 0’s indoctrination, creation, and preparations to ready him for the White House was ALREADY in full swing! He had been “training for the job” since he was ten years old!

  22. dutchessangela, You are spot on, and yes it will take a revolution to unseat this power hungry monster of a government. You are also correct, that we need to mobilize, and make a run on D.C.. It will be getting more difficult than you can imagine, to mobilize, as that is what they are watching for,and of course we will be branded terrorists, because of the new law that was just passed.

    We at least need to try and mobilize, and take to the streets in protest, and maybe they will listen, but it is very doubtful. It would then need to move to the next phase, with a full on “gorilla war”, like never before seen. It would also be interesting to see whos side the military is on when it all comes down. I hope not the governments side, because the government will bring in thousands of NATO troups.

  23. No matter how much evidence is produced, the spineless Republicans in congress will not do anything. This qustioning of Obama’s qualifications has been going on for 3 years and not one Congressman Democrat or Republican has attempted to investigate. My only conclusion they are all in on the scam or they really are spineless. Once Obama is voted out of office (hopefully he will be) this issue wil be dropped and never hear of again. The only positive thing about that will be he is gone but illegally living on our taxpayer money when receiving his benefits.

  24. All of these documents should have been examined before “HE” became president.
    The government cannot be trusted! I believe it will take a revolution to get him & his cronies out! To hope all good americans will vote him out may be a dream because the BAD out weigh the good. I hope & pray I am wrong about this, if obama gets another term we are doomed!!! Can we mobolize to let washington know “were’re not taking HIS crap anymore?”

  25. The US law requires that all males upon attainment of their 18th birthday (according to rumor and the forged BC0 obam should have registered in August 1979. Why 1980, anyway? On his SS registration, it looks like the “0” in 08 has simply been moved from it’s original position to the left of the 8 to the right of the 8 and is no long where it normally would have been. I have made hundreds of date stamps and never seen one with the numbers offset as thos “80” date location. It is obviously “doctored”.

  26. Such things as the name “Kenya, East Africa”, as the father’s origin, have been disputed as the incorrect name of the country to be used at the time if the certificate was authentic. Several sites, yes, including bastion of incorrect information, Snopes, have claimed, though not the “Official” name of the country, that such designation was used at the time. Snopes claims other birth documents of the time us the same “country” designation.

    There are also claims that the hospital name was “commonly referred to as “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” before it became official when the hospitals merged a few years later.” From a legal stand point, it does not seem likely that the “commonly called name” would be substituted for the “official” name in a document used in legal actions the world over.

    There are several other points of dispute, including that the scanning method would “create layers” in the PDF document which would be detectable in Adobe Photoshop. This is dubious, but it does happen in older scanners (like mine).

    A most intriguing point is that the original birth certificate that was posted on Obama’s official web site during, the campaign, does not resemble this certificate at all. That “copy of his birth certificate” was yanked from the web site when it was pointed out that it contained several glaring mistakes in the data, and that the appearance of both the marking stamps and the “safety paper” background was misaligned along with other printed features and fonts not used, or even available, at the time of the birth.

    Overall the likelihood of a forgery is high, evidenced by previous attempts to supply “official” documentation. But even the Right as succumbed and writes it all off as just “wacko-birthers.”

    I am surprised that with the assets available to the President of the United States, that a “Perfect” document wasn’t created. But, I also believe that there are those in the administration whose sole intent is to muddy the waters, possibly because there is some validity to claims of ineligibility.

  27. I don’t believe that the federal government, with the SCOTUS, AGUSA congressman, senators, and the whitehouse ever concluded any investigation would ever go this far because for now over 5 years they have continued to ridicule the birthers as crazy insane people and thus keeping them at bay, but they have failed to fully shut them up and look at and those who know that obama is a traitor to this nation and very well might be the brother of the man he claims to have asassinated Osama Bin Laden and the nation sleeps waiting for the wolves!

  28. its hard to believe what is happening in this once great country.so mch corruption and freeloaders.sometimes i wonder how we lost our way?greed sex and mesium have replaced honest and trust. then i realize this country has turn its back on GOD and when it happened GOD turn his back on us. get ready for things to happen that you would never expect. my hope is with GOD i pray for you and this country daily please join with me. let us be faithful and honest towards all brothers and sisters.
    we can make this country great again.

  29. i hope someone who has the authority to get o diqualified as our president, will take action and get that job done. fraud, forgery are felonies in every state in America and Wash DC. congress must demand o produce the actual birth certificate. this should have been done before o was allowed to have his name entered in any primary. were nancy and harry working in colusion with o, to overlook his ineligibility ? they must go too.
    was Andrew Breitbart’s sudden death a message from o’s minions, this will happen to you if you continue to attack o ?

  30. The impeachment song: (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go”

    Please impeach me, let me go

    I can’t usurp it any more

    Make decisions is a chore

    and bargain, it is to me a bore.

    I believed in change and hope.

    It changed for worse, I cannot cope

    I began to sulk and mope

    I am at the end of my short rope.

    I have had all I can take

    Dethrone me now for goodness sake

    Lest a bigger mess I make

    So check my credentials, I’m a fake.

    I was made in U.S.A.,

    but born in Kenya, so they say.

    ineligible to play

    commander, defrock me, don’t delay.

    Nothing I did was a hit.

    I acted more like a nit-wit.

    Dad was just a drunken Brit.

    Depose me, I’m not allowed to quit.

    Please, I am but one lame duck

    The grizzly moms have too much pluck

    I am scared they’ll go amok

    So boot me, your country starts to suck.

    Sacrificed the SEAL team six

    I heaved them all the old deep-six

    Add Grand Treason to the mix

    Disbar me! This dog has no more tricks.

  31. It is immaterial where he was born, he is not legally qualified:
    Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
    “the original common law definition of an Article II ‘natural born Citizen’ . . . is a child born in the country to a United States citizen mother and father’ . .

  32. Another thing how could he visit countries that were not allowed by US citizens. What countries passport did he use?? There should be records of them somewhere. Where did he get the money to travel to around the world, he did not have a job?

  33. I’ve been saying this since 911 and all I get is laughed at. “911 was terible and something worse is going to happen!” It happened in 2008! The Muslems got one of their people in as President of the United States of America! They exist in every state and a lot of government positions throughout. Every day since the 2008 election, something new, whether evidence or acts of people, my statement looks truer and truer. The reason nothing gets done is because, for the most part, people are brain washed in the US into thinking nothing can go wrong. Most have been living pretty good and don’t even think about government. It’s easier for them to look the other way and say; “It will fix itself, it always does somehow. What ever happens, we won’t be in it alone. Our government won’t let that happen”. WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE! WHAT IF IT’S NOT OUR GOVERNMENT ANY MORE??????

  34. Oldgringo: You summed it up very nicely. We have a problem of backbone in this country, No one in the media, congress or high end law enforcement has the courage to pursue this issue. They are fearful the questions surrounding Obama my turn out not to bear merit and they would look stupid. They will look even more stupid when the truth does finally comes out. Additionally, they are even more fearful of what the exposure of Obama’s fraud would do to the country. Another old man’s opinion.

  35. A few other things about failure to register for the Draft:

    Failure to register is a violation of Federal Law. Conviction for such a violation may result in imprisonment for up to five years and/or a fine of not more than $250,000.

    You can expect to be denied a driver’s license in the following states/territories:
    Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia;

    You may become ineligible for federal benefits for life:

    DISQUALIFICATION FOR STUDENT FINANCIAL AID Men, born after December 31, 1959, who aren’t registered for the draft won’t qualify for Federal student loans or grant programs. This includes Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), Direct Stafford Loans/Plus Loans, National Direct Student Loans, and College Work Study.

    DISQUALIFICATION FOR CITIZENSHIP The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes registration for the draft a condition for U.S. citizenship if the man first arrived in the U.S. before his 26th birthday.

    DISQUALIFICATION FOR FEDERAL JOB TRAINING The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) offers programs that can train young men seeking vocational employment or enhancing their career. This program is only open to those men who register for the draft. Only men born after December 31, 1959, are required to show proof of registration.

    DISQUALIFICATION FOR FEDERAL JOBS A man must be registered for the draft to be eligible for jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government and the U.S. Postal Service. Proof of registration is required only for men born after December 31, 1959.

  36. It would appear to me that most of those who have posted here have the same sentiment… that is; if this is indeed a forgery or fake, why is it that no one is doing anything about it? WHO can do something about it? What are we (nationally speaking) doing to prevent this from recurring in 2012 and everyone here I’m sure will share the same sentiment on this topic; how are we going to ensure that the votes in this election are authentic?

  37. One other Major thing about the forged Selective Service Registration:

    If Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii, and if he registered for the draft in 1980, be committed a crime because he would have been 19 years of age. The law says, if you are a citizen, you must register between the age of 17 years and 3 months, and 18 years and 1 month.
    It is easy to turn over a “2008” stamp and cut the 08 off of the right end, then turn the 08 over to make an 80. It makes the registration of the 80 off so it is too far to the right of the stamp. However, 80 is the wrong year for him to register, it should have been 1979. Here’s the rub, what stamp can you cut up and turn over to make a 79? NONE! Hence the “80” made from a 2008 stamp. I think that if you can’t find a 1980 stamp, you probably can’t find a 1979 or an 1879 one either.

    The other scenario is that foreign residents of the US have until their 25th birthday to register so Obama’s real Draft Registration probably says Alien on it somewhere.

    It’s interesting to read the government page that says if you don’t register for the draft:

    The penalty for not registering is a $250,000 fine and/or imprisonment for up to five years.
    Also, a male citizen must be registered for Selective Service in order to qualify for federal student aid.
    Can’t get federal job training programs.
    No Federal employment such as the Post Office.

    If in fact there is no real Draft Registration, I wonder what the Statute of Limitations is for this crime.

  38. Why don’t you simply delete my comments, as they will never appear to the general audience. The truth scares the hell out of you.

  39. It can only be surmised that Congress is in league with this sham.

    Their Oath of Office requires them to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic ………. what part of that do they not understand. WE ALL HAVE TO RISE UP, SPEAK UP AND DEMAND Congress do something about this immediately.

  40. Obama was never proven elgible to be president, and a majority of elected and appointed officials in government view themselves above the law and the majority of elected officials talk about democracy, freedom etc, but they focus their efforts post election to uniting forces against the public that elected them, conducting business to enrich themselves while the public foots the bill. What explains why the senators from 26 states consistently vote the communist-socialsit liberal bloc resulting in debt, loss of freedoms and blocking the public from the pursuit of freedom and happiness? Are the citizens in 26 states in favor of marxism and loss of freedom? Do they applaud amoral behaviors and think they are entitled to everything without earning anything? It seems so as mainstream TV intertainment now has to have focus on people with amoral behaviors to secure ratings. What is the truth about all the aquisations regarding Obamas elgibility? Is the constitution a document to be used only to control the population and not pretain to the rulers? Remember where there is no fear of God their is never any utterance of truth.

  41. You have also lost most of your freedom of speech, and it will get worse in the coming months. Look at Rush, who called a spade a spade, and is in hot water over it. Yes he could have been more gentle, but this girl does not intend to be gentle, and is building a future for herself now. You will hear more from her in the future. You will not like it either.

  42. We do have a recourse to all this,but none of you will stand and fight like true patriots. You also need to believe in what you are doing, and fighting for to prevail. I think the majority of you still trust the government.

  43. I also believe Obama will get re elected for another term. It is inevitable, given the idiology of the majority of voters. If you study communism, and how they take over a country, you will probably understand what is happening around you on a daily basis.

  44. Mary, you’re absolutely right! That will have to take place before anyone in Washington will pay attention. Preferably, the coup should take place at the Capitol of the U.S. That should get their attention! I’m afraid there would be much “colleteral damage”. The people MUST TAKE CHARGE! Or else Washington will continue to IGNORE OUR CRIES! It’s time for REVOLUTION!

  45. I believe the reason that no one is doing anything to stop this, is because of a huge conspiracy to take down the U.S. constitution,and bill of rights, for the purpose of gaining total control of every living citizen in the U. S. They are all in on it together, republicans, and democrats. THis total take over has been in the works for about 25 years, and is now coming to a climax.

    This is probably the biggest scam ever perpetrated on any country in human history. No one,not even you will not do anything to save this country. Shame on all of you. It will not be long, and U.N. troops will be knocking down doors to confiscate weapons and who knows what will happen to you if you resist. My guess is you will either get a bullet, or be thrown into a fema camp until you die. More than likely your entire family.

    With all the concrete burial vaults mysteriously store everywhere, I think there may even be mass exterminations. Crazy??? NOT! Look around you, and educate your self today, not tomorrow. There are some really strange (to America) things going on now.

    In addition, I do not believe that a small group of people could get a scam like this to fly. C’mon, put an illegal person in the presidency, and not be a plan of a large group of people? I have never believed in any of the conspiracy theories, but now, I am rethinking it all.

  46. Lets not forget to add to the list of fraud, his Social Security card as well.
    How could Obama obtain a Social Security number from the state of Conn. To my knowledge, Obama never lived in Conn. Too many things wrong with ALL of Obama’s paperwork. Who authorized his credentials to run for president, who was in on this? We’ve been duped. In my personal opinion this is treason to the people of the U.S. If proved this man is a fraud, all the bills that he’s signed into law should be null and void, starting with Obamacare. Then he should be tried in a court of law for high treason. The average person wishing to obtain a conceal weapon permit must submit to a background check and figer prints from state and the FBI. WHO checked Obama’s background. He has the codes to the nuclear arsenal with him at all times and commander in chief of the most powerful military on the face of he earth.

  47. I have a couple of questions that I have noticed that no one has asked or answered. Where was Obama’s father when his mother came to Hawaii, did she come alone? Also I understand his mother was from Oklahoma, why don’t they look up her family and question them.

  48. I’m an old man…..Never ever have I witnessed with so much confusion of any Presidents qualifications to become Commander In Chief of the US….Never ever have I heard of any of our past Presidents refusing to release any public records about themselves, their education, and or general history concerning themselves…..Our History Books will have a blank page when it comes to the life and times of Barack Obama…..I say the vality of this President considering all things known and unknown stinks to high heaven….No other Conclusion can be reached!

  49. Too bad for America obama and his gang of communists own the DOJ, the Courts, the media, and the Senate. We can only hope obama loses the election despite certain voter fraud and (un)civil disruption. The progressive have a firm grip on the throat of Lady Liberty. They’ve been working many years for such a strategic grip on her throat, they’ll not release her without attempting to snap her neck.

  50. Let me conclude with this:
    WHY does my BLACK doctor say that obamacare WILL BE the WORST THING to hit America if it’s passed?????!!!
    I deliver medicine and NOT ONE DOCTOR I KNOW SUPPORTS obamacare-NOT ONE!!!!!
    WHY are there MORE BLACKS than EVER out of work????!!! Who was it that said, “MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IS TO GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK????!!!”

    obama IS an American FRAUD AND TRAITOR UNTIL his documents ARE SHOWN!!

  51. How long can the charade of this Manchurian Candidate go on? He is a Liar, Thief and Enemy of We the People. He is not trustworthy nor worthy to bear the title of Mr. President. The evidence is clear. His actions are those of a confirmed Marxist who seeks the destruction of America, Capitalism and the Free World.



  53. The birth certificate that the White House released lists
    Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein
    Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s
    birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that
    Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya , East Africa “.

    This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963,
    two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth.
    How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist?
    Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known then as the ” British East Africa Protectorate”.


    And another thing… On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed
    place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”.
    This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were
    called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity
    Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani
    Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two
    hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital
    be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been
    applied to it until 1978?


  54. Right now Georgia is appealing the decision that was rendered to keep Obama on the Georgia ballot. This will most assuredly wind up in SCOTUS’ lap. As with the Georgia situation…should Sheriff Joe Arpaio issue an arrest warrant, the secret service would not allow access to Obama….the case would wind up in SCOTUS’ lap and the election will take place before SCOTUS will act (if they ever do). Congress must find other grounds to impeach and act swiftly!!


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